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  2. Belt tensioner

    You're not kidding. You'd think he'd check his post before posting. Wow ! That's a whole lot of cut and paste fluff !
  3. Belt tensioner

    My response was based upon the original posting relating to replacing the tensioner on his Dad's vehicle. Looks like a bad cut and paste job and got his Forums mixed up.
  4. 2004 ACV36R Camry clock unit change to MCV36R

    Not a super helpful reply 07Prodigy... In any case, I believe the MCV has a (slightly?) different ECU, along with the different clock unit, so that may be a proble, but I could be wrong. Not answering your question here, but I use a $15 ebay OBD2 bluetooth adapter and Torque app on my android phone which gives L/100 and a whole bunch of other stuff, I log it to a csv then upload it to google drive and do some extraction from there into graphs etc
  5. Hi Everyone, Has anyone had a steering problem on their Toyota Kluger? My Kluger Grande AWD nearly killed me the other night when the steering completely failed. I could not turn left or right. The steering wheel just kept turning continuously and unable to control the car. The incident did not result in death or injury to other drivers or myself but it was the most frightening experience I have ever had driving a Toyota. Watch the video. 20170811_195341.mp4
  6. Belt tensioner

    What the ???? What's all this got to do with the thread title ?? Campbeam, how did you derive your response from the above fluff ??
  7. Aurion floor mats

    Update : The good people at Tru Fit Carpets sent me the correct mats this time. Just need to get it vacuumed up and fitted.
  8. Muffler delete

    Sounds real deep throaty
  9. Need help locating this grill

    Is the grille for the same 07 SX6 Sportivo that has the sludge problem ? If so, I wouldn't worry about modifications until the engine is sorted by the dealer.
  10. White Smoke from exhaust?

    Oh boy, yet another sludged up 2GR-FE from lack of regular oil changes. These engines are susceptible to sludging as most know, if regular servicing isn't attended to. Use a high quality fully synthetic oil once you've had the engine desludged to prevent this from occurring again. Go back to the dealer and explain the problem. Mention that you did some "research" on some reputable Toyota Forums... This should get them morivated to help rectify the issue. Keep is posted.
  11. Wheel arch paint chips

    Sure as heck looks like it was hit maliciously. Stones don't leave witness marks like that, especially that notable ding on the edge of the arch. As stated above, shopping trolley or a parked car. While we're on the subject of stone chips. Does Toyota still provide those little touch up paint cans anymore ? I'd like a tin to touch up a few tiny spots on my 2012 premium silver Aurion.
  12. Yesterday
  13. For anyone who needs a copy of the files, feel free to send an email addressed to the account below and a wizard might be lucky enough to reply to you... ! Cheers :)
  14. Would it be possible for you to post the rest of this wiring diagram? I can't seem to find it anywhere! Thanks
  15. Definitely a hand pump is needed for a DIY gearbox oil change. You can get pumps with specially made filler spouts that can get into the tight spaces surrounding the refill hole. Another very good reason for removing the refill plug first is that you are letting incoming air displace the oil coming out the drain hole. If people do not think that this matters, try emptying the gearbox with the filler bolt intact. It will splatter and "glug" all over the place and make a mess on the floor. With the refill plug removed first, the oil will come out smoothly and won't splatter everywhere.
  16. Considering Toyota Corolla sport hatch 2017

    Positives (from my viewpoint) are tried and proven port injection technology and normal aspiration. This avoids any potential issues down the track with upper engine carbon deposits and expensive cleaning (assuming you follow the oil change requirements). Car is probably the best ever Corolla in terms of smoothness, refinement and ride and performance is pretty decent too - infact a tiny bit better than the high performance original twin cams from the late 1980s. Bad points are that (if you want an auto), the CVT might not be your cup of tea, as it tends to make the engine run at maximum torque RPM (so somewhat "drony") rather than go through distinct automatic gears (though the Corolla has 7 "virtual" ratios but they are nothing more than pre-programmed relative positions for the respective drive pulleys) - it is still a CVT. perhaps given the age of your existing Corolla, you might be happier in a 1.5 Yaris if you are on a budget and wanted something a bit closer in size and weight to what you have now. Plus you get a traditional auto (albeit only 4 speed - what you probably have now anyway).
  17. toyota corolla asscent Radio locked

    You don't mention what model year but for mine (2014) it has a PIN code (6 digits from memory). And that was set by me manually soon after purchase. I have it noted down in my owner's manual so when I have to disconnect or replace the battery, I know what numbers to key in. I think most work like this. If yours is new the PIN may just be a default of something like all zeroes. But otherwise if someone set the code previously, you may need to have it reset at the dealer. This incidentally is one reason why some mobile battery places will temporarily supply power when the battery is physically being replaced, since people often lose these codes.
  18. Ashley186s RA28 Project

  19. 2004 Camry Side mirror glass replacement

    Tried to remove the glass from the mirror, it came off but I broke it so it won't go back on. Yep I'll have to buy the whole mirror assembly now.
  20. C-HR Head Unit

    Yep, from Amazon. $25 Australian versus the $75 you'd pay locally!
  21. 2004 Estima suspension parts

    Tarago spring should be the same. Lowering the car with coilover seems like a norm in Japan especially for this estima/tarago model. I own 2008 estima so i undestand what you mean. Replacing the suspension would be very costly.. i would suggest to consider first adjusting the coilover height to max and see if that gives enough clearance. And if not enough, check tarago spec for the same year.
  22. Thanks Prodigy, I've done that a few times. My biggest worry is if it will cause any damage or problem with that size spider inside the a/c ducts.
  23. KZN165 - No CEL Light or Glow Plug Light

    It could be frying a cable all the time. Make sure all starter and alternator cables are connected ok and no short circuit somewhere around the ignition. Better take it to electrician maybe. Good luck Noel
  24. 12" Navigation screen for Toyota Aurion

    Direct link: the website you bought this from? EBAY or direct link to the specific ebay page?
  25. They same here after disconnecting the battery it says program loading is necessary plase inser sd card can someone send me the files thanks thank you
  26. Hello From Bendigo, VIc

    Welcome to the forum Ashley KAA
  27. Wheel arch paint chips

    Looks to me like it is from a shopping trolley
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