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  3. That's hugely disappointing - 2 years is a long time,especially in the outer suburban areas. We really got jibbed on that head unit. Why don't they just whack Apple / Android Car Play that everyone is doing? Before handing over my money, will be getting an assurance from the dealer that when an update comes out, it will be free.
  4. My wife dutifully reminded me that if a product is supplied and not fit for purpose: I have not yet contacted my Dealer here in WA but I will sometime this coming week, surely if they have updates there must be a policy/process...
  5. Yeh going to keep mufflers just in case as cops dont have a sense of humour now days but read when you delete mufflers make it 2 1/2 inch pipes may all so look at straight through mufflers to will keep you posted. Hoping for coilovers fitted this week
  6. I will be interested in hearing the good, bad and ugly about the rear muffler delete. Be a good idea to retain the mufflers just in case the Police think your vehicle is too noisy.
  7. I've now done just over 5000km on my Pilot Sport 4 Michelins and have carefully measured the tread depth again. Front Left is 5.5mm all across evenly. Front Right is 5.5 - 6mm. Rear Left is 6mm even. Rear Right is 6 - 6.5mm. This is after fitment at 75930km until today at 80988km, travelling Tassie roads, ( yes they are sealed), and driven 'normally' with the odd Targa Tassie fun route thrown in! Maybe a little faster wear than expected but will probably slow down, (the wear not me), as the rubber hardens up. Going by the tyre wall DOT, all 4 tyres were produced in the 41st week of 2016 in Thailand Michelin factory. Still very happy with the grip and overall performance of these tyres, I will be rotating them soon to try and even up the wear.
  8. Welcome to the forum David..yes still looks sweet..well done on keeping it so..keep us updated when work is done KAA
  9. Safer option to have your vehicle towed to the mechanic. Interested to know the final outcome especially the repair time. I think your mechanic will earn the $$$. The other thought that I have had is to consider changing the engine oil depending upon how much extra "heat stress" it endured. I drive sedately most of the time [2-3000 rpm] and very rarely above 4,000 rpm. Certainly hoping for less stress and longer lifetime of the engine components and accessories.
  10. Thanks campbeam for the document
  11. Car has done about 115 000 Km I ended up having the car towed to my mechanic and he'll have a go at it today. He reckons 4hr labour plus pump cost and he's done it before... We'll see, maybe this car still has some legs!
  12. Thankyou
  13. Welcome.
  14. Hi there just joined here i am on the gold coast queensland and own a 07 aurion sportivo mica black with 70 000 ks on it going in next week to gave pedders extreme xa coilovers fitted then retinted windows, rear muffler delete and trd honey comb type grille and thinking debadgeing it to i am running 19s on it so should look good with the coilovers here is a photo of it
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  16. Cheers Surfsideminer Dealer came back and said that was the latest avail for the car and they have no control as the cars are delivered to them with SD cards in them Suggested I speak to Toyota Care which I did and they said Three bags full - not our responsibility - you need to speak to the dealer Really upset,,,,,,, I fired this email off to choice below I also tweeted Toyota Aust and Toyota Japan - Not Happy Jan Hi - I Purchased a New Toyota CHR Koba from a Melbourne Toyota sealer - These cars are so new. They have been available for only a few months and supply is scarce. I noticed my maps in my sat nav were directing me around roundabouts removed 18 months ago - When I checked my maps - My car - delivered in June 2017 - Has maps dated June 2015!... I contacted my dealer who investigated and told me the SD cards are placed in cars before delivery to the dealers - he checked and said this was the latest version for my car. I find this totally unacceptable - I followed up with Toyota Australia's customer service who took my comments "very seriously" and will "pass this on" but at the end of the call it was evident that nothing was really going to happen... but maybe the dealer could discount a new map SD card when it came out when I ask them nicely at servicing time. I never really checked on their policy - thinking - TOYOTA - I knew Hyundai gave free map updates (2 free updates in three years when servicing) and Mazda also (2 free updates each year for three years) - Toyota - Thanks for your money - Here's you brand new car with two year old maps
  17. Naviextras Response. Dear Terence, Thank you for your interest in our products! I understand that you have Toyota C-HR that has our navigation software installed as the default navigation system and you want to update the map to the most current version.I regret to inform you that your device is not supported at These navigation devices are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) devices. Due to industry practices, the support for OEM devices is provided by the manufacturer of the product. As you bought an OEM device, I would kindly ask you to get in touch with the distributor or manufacturer regarding maps, updates, and support. Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. Based on the information available to us we now consider this ticket closed. However, if you feel that your question remains unanswered, please do not hesitate to reopen it by replying to this email. Should you have other inquiries regarding another issue, please open a new ticket through or through Naviextras Toolbox.We would ask that you take a few minutes of your time to fill out our customer satisfaction survey, helping us to improve the Naviextras® Customer Care experience.Thank you for your cooperation.Best regards,RyanNaviextras® Support
  18. Took me 5 hours to replace both lower control arms and this was with the bolts pre-loosened. Crowbar and a flashlight were handy extras. Crowbar to help lever out the rear bushing and the flashlight to see for aligning the retaining bolt for the rear bushing. Initially, I did the driver's side and this went easily. No problems with the rear bushing must have been sheer luck. Passenger side was more time-consuming. Eventually got the retaining nut aligned with the bolt for the rear bushing. Then more time aligning the other bolts. Checked the original control arms and the rear bushings were damaged. Passenger side was in worse condition.
  19. Last week
  20. Hey, I found instructions on how to fix this. Thought I'd post in case someone finds this post and it's useful. You can open the housing for the centre brake lamp from the back seat. Slide the housing to the right then pull the housing towards you and then you can lift it up. There's not a lot of length on the wiring to work with and as usual the clip is a pain to undo but it can be done. I guess the lights on the lamp in question went out at some point and whoever replaced it didn't clip the light back into the housing properly -_-
  21. After thinking about the lack of love for the Fortuner, does anyone think it's the name?
  22. Haha yes, am tracking via an app. Looks like she's on the way :) ...and no I do not want a sugar mommy :/
  23. Thanks mate
  24. New Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch (TYK-7334) fitted to the car. Extra soft clutch engagement Also changed the rear main oil oil seal, genuine Toyota part used
  25. Is it possible to install the Toyota Genuine Tow Bar and side steps from my MY13 Kluger to the new MY17 Kluger ?
  26. Is it possible to install the Toyota Genuine Tow Bar and side steps from my 2013 Kluger to the new 2017 Kluger ?
  27. Look's so good mate ..totally agree with the boycott..what a rip off for all who wish to just enjoy the freedom of a track day..looking forward to the big surprise too Keep well KAA
  28. Wahoo!!!! justin's and mine were only like that for a short period of time before it was on a ship.
  29. Finally some progress. In production!
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