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  2. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    so i should remove the pcv valve from the top manifold and fix a small piece of chux in the opening to avoid any dust/outside particle in the engine. and should i drive it for a while or keep it idle?? and what do you mean by replacing the engine cover? you mean the rocker cover? could you please explain again. thanks
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  4. Garden Ornament now needs starting

    Different garden ornament but the same issue of the starter motor not engaging and turning over. At least mine did initially start engaging the starter then stopped. Next step is to probably crank the engine by hand then maybe give the starter motor a thump. In your case I would be inclined to get fresh batteries for your remotes and a fully charged car battery. Using the remotes, open and lock the doors a few times, then try to start the car.
  5. Hi folks, I have a 2008 Toyota Aurion that I bought for my wife in 2009 and it has not been moved or been started since 2016 since my wife developed her disability. She is doing much better now and I plan on getting it back on the road for her in the coming weeks so she can get herself around. Other than the standard oil and fuel changes is there anything else I need to consider before starting the car up. Both remotes are dead flat as is the crank battery, I have managed to start charging (Alarm works LOL) and used the remotes to push the button to get the ignition to power up but car is not taking the next step of engaging the starter motor and turning over. Does any one know if the ECU needs a hammer or other assistance to get the next process working
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  7. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    The temporary measure is essentially to disconnect the PCV valve from the valve cover so it can no longer draw oil into the intake. The piece of Chux is to plug the hole in the valve cover to keep dirt, foreign objects, etc out. The PCV valve remains connected to the vaccum hose and it will now be able to only draw air, as required. Then place/wedge the PCV valve on top of the valve cover and replace the engine cover. Smoke should now quickly go away once the oil in the intake and vacuum hose has been sucked into the engine. Is so, this confirms the cause as being the sludged up oil channels in the valve cover. If the engine is still smoking , then oil is being drawn in by some other means.
  8. CH-R recall

    It looks like this recall will also involve the fitment of a plastic cover to be placed over or under the fingerwell of the EPB switch on the centre console. I've been informed this is to prevent people from placing an object in this fingerwell possibly causing the EPB switch lever to engage when the CVT transmission lever is moved downwards.
  9. "EPB Malfunction" message

    Does anyone else get the "EPB Malfunction" message pop up on the dashboard display for about half a second when you start the engine ? I've noticed that my C-HR Koba displays this message. It only flashes up for about half a second and it doesn't do it all the time, only about 10% of the time when I start the engine. My EPB works fine though. I presume this error message will go away after I perform the ECU software update for the current recall.
  10. Cyclone

    Without testing them yourself it will be very hard to say which is the best for your ears. Tridon are quite audible from my experience, but not excessive.
  11. 18x8 Alloys on a 2010 Camry Altese

    This makes me quite nervous as AliExpress can be rather hit and miss.
  12. It may pay to check back a little more often. The previous post was made in June.
  13. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    @campbeamis inspected the PCV valve today and screwed it back in with the piece of Chux, the smoke was still there. i have cleaned the existing PCV valve and to me it looks fine as its rattling/making that click noise when i shake it. @Codename47 with the oil flush, ive carried out the flush twice with a gap of 200kms. first with the liqui moly engine flush and then with diesel fuel. im plan on running this oil for atleast 1000kms now. and then go for a third flush. so by removing the rocker covers, do i also remove the sump pan as well?
  14. Newbie

    I ended up spending $100 to get a replacement remote for mine. Ouch. One of my keys started to wear down and couldn’t turn ignition on one side. I’d say cheapest is just using the key cutters in centre aisle at shopping malls.
  15. Yes still for sale and no non facelift. prices reduced..
  16. Cyclone

    Toyota Corolla Hatch 2010 ZRE152R While driving, indicators on l or R, the indicator relay cannot be heard, i.e: I cannot hear it which lets me know it is on etc, Is there any way it can be made to sound a lot / lot louder - be it a genuine item or generic I have been getting into strife as I cannot hear it & at times, the lights on the dash are very hard to read I look forward to your response Cyclone
  17. Any Cruises happening in Perth?

    Perth feels dead Ian Was hoping to find some meet ups in our little town. The Camry/Aurion community feels a lot leaner than the Commodore/Falcon/86 followings.
  18. 98 GTP 17" wheels

    I was quite interested in them myself. Tried to search for a lot online but ended up finding this manual screenshot on eBay...
  19. 18x8 Alloys on a 2010 Camry Altese

    This tyre size calculator should be handy. 235/45/18 is close to the circumfrance of thr original tyres 215/60/16 Also if you increase the tyre pressure on your standard size tyres to say 38psi, you will find this makes the tyre side walls stiffer and it improves the handling a bit. Recently I bought a set of 4 camber adjustment bolts on but have yet to fit them. Just something to consider if required for a better wheel alignment and tyre wear.
  20. 18x8 Alloys on a 2010 Camry Altese

    The TRD Aurion of the same generation has 19x8 wheels and uses 245/35 R19 tyres. With 18x8 you should should still be able to put 245 width on theoretically? I've seem some Camrys with huge wheels on. Tyre shop say anything?
  21. 2004 land cruiser reverse camera

    And who can do the job for me or can I update the gps and at what cost the unit is great just missing a few extras any hints on this would be appreciated thanks Norm the unit isMAC-A551 Toyota satellite navigation system
  22. 2001 100 series turbo whistling?

    It happened to my cruiser and it was broken manifold bolts replaced and all fine a common problem with cruisers
  23. Hello

    Welcome back.
  24. Hello

    I'm back Had to create a new account as my old one above was linked to my now deleted Twitter.
  25. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    Hi Mate, I have had same experience with my Aurion (poorly maintained). It has same engine 2GR-FE 3.5 V6. This is a known problem toyota wide. These engine do build up a lot of sludge in the engine due to not servicing them properly. I would say @campbeam has been dealing with this issue longer than me. I would go by his advise. Open up both the rocker covers , buy replacement rocker cover gaskets from Toyota and clean them both nicely. Drain the oils, do a ATF/Diesel flush and practise this for next 3-4 weeks. You will have blue/white smoke during startup due to the oil sitting in the intake manifold, thanks to your stuck open PCV valve. I rang Toyota Australia to get the PCV valve, they had none in stock Australia wide. I have ordered one PCV valve from US, message me if you want it as I've traded my Aurion already. You are right, it is very embarrassing to see the cars behind you stop because they cannot see anything.
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  27. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    As a temporary measure, undo the PCV valve from the cover but leave it attached to the hose. Fold up a small piece of Chux or similar material and screw into the valve cover opening. The engine may smoke upon start up. Go for a test drive and do a few accelerations. Ideally, there should be no smoke. This will confirm that the issue is oil sludge in the engine and valve cover. If you are still not convinced then fit the new PCV valve. Monitor for the next week or so and expect that the smoke will reappear.
  28. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    my mechanic is reluctant in opening the valve cover as he thinks its pointless. i know what you mean with that but im gonna find someone else to do it for me coz he’s a bit up himself and doesnt like to be told what to do. like today when i got the engine flush done for the second time i told him to take th sump pan off so that we could inpect it as i have my doubts that its going to be pretty sludgy but then he was like it will be sludgy, but that wont cure the problem. take off the sump pan of any used car 5-6 years old, you’d be surprised by the amount of sludge in there. about that noise from the engine when i rev up from idle and smoke comes out of the exhaust, the sound is more like an engine knocking sound but the i doubt it from the engine itself as the car is accelerating beautifully. and i just release the throttle out of caution when i can see the car behind me covered in a smoke cloud. its embarassing though. im really confused here, not sure if should even keep the car. but it would be really upsetting to let it go. any recommendations/ master mechanics in melbourne ??
  29. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    If you want to resolve this issue quickly, get your mechanic to remove the front valve cover and give it a thorough clean. This will give you definite proof of how badly sludged up the valve gear and cover is. Another engine flush will also be necessary. Then replace the PCV valve.
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