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  3. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    Update: after letting it sit all night with the battery connected, I checked the codes this morning, and I got the continual flashing that indicates a lack of codes. Then I tried to start it and, unsurprisingly, it started then crapped out again. I checked the codes again, and as expected, code 99 is back. I'm guessing that is a pretty clear sign that it is the immobilizer, but I'd appreciate second opinions. Also, is there anything that I can do except wait for my wife to return and hope that her key works (indicating that my key is bad, rather than the ecu being bad)? Thanks again everyone.
  4. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    That makes sense I suppose, but what does this mean as far as what is actually wrong with my car?
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  6. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    The higher RPMs are probably due to the ECU recalibrating.
  7. Front Rotors/pads

    Yes, this is also possible in certain circumstances. I have been lucky like that in the past. Using a compression tool is much easier though.
  8. Front Rotors/pads

    Thanks Peter. For pushing the piston back a medium sized G clamp found in most sheds will be fine. I placed a thin block of timber over the piston prior to pushing. Also don't forget to remove the master cylinder cap and watch the fluid level as you squeeze. The old fluid (and should be low due to the worn pads and pistons almost reaching their full range) may come up and spill out. You can just put a clean cloth in to soak up the excess or a syringe.
  9. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    This is the "magic" to reset error codes relating to the electronic engine management system.
  10. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    I let the car sit for a few hours with the battery unhooked, then tried starting it, and it started right up. I shut it down and tried again, and it was still starting 5 tries later (I stopped after 5 tries). I imagine that it isn't fixed, but what would magically start working again after leaving the battery unhooked for an afternoon? Also, while it was running, it sounded absolutely terrible. The engine was making all sorts of terrifying clunking sounds, and the idle RMPs very gradually increased while it was on (I only ran it for about 60 seconds before shutting it back down). I'm guessing that I screwed something else up in my attempts to fix the main problem, but I thought I'd share in case that info is somehow useful (my first guess is that I messed something up when cleaning the IAC).
  11. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    Not much longer before the launch date. Just happened to come across this YouTube review for the USA model so it will be interesting what is available in Australia. Sure that we will be getting the updated V6 engine but the 4 cylinder engine remains the same. Driving dynamics with the new chassis design could be enticing.
  12. Front Rotors/pads

    Last time I did the pads, which was on my TRD may she rest in peace, I found I could compress the pistons by hand/finger strength alone.
  13. Do you mean ‘stickers’ -little signs that go on the window?
  14. Hi guys, I need help with 2004 Toyota Estima 3.0 litre engine 1MZFE. I need to fix/replace the rear differential. Does anyone know who got one for my estima??? Or someone who can fix it??? Thank you kindly for all the help.
  15. what size Muddies?

    Spent some time playing with lifts on my KZN165R. Ended up back at standard height as lifting it ruined its ride, handling and flex off road. I found it very difficult to find what standard height is but finally got measurements direct from Toyota (attached). At least it will give you a starting point as most Hilux’s have been played with but as I said best ride and handling is standard. Standard diameter tyre is 738mm diameter (29.1 inches). You can legally increase diameter by 50mm so 31s (788mm) are the largest legal tyre you can fit. Bigger than that and there is no point insuring it as they can knock back your claim due to your vehicle being unroadworthy. That includes comprehensive and third party. I do believe 31s fit with no issues. No lift required although legally the speedo has to be recalibrated.
  16. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    I could definitely be immobiliser related, given the cut to the power at the ignition switch. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes and then try again. See if you have the same issue/code.
  17. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    I should also mention that I read that the car should be at normal operating temperature for this test, but since I can't get it to run, I obviously couldn't do that (it is about a million degrees where I live so the engine isn't truly cold, it's just not at operating temps). Is that a problem?
  18. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    Sorry for the confusion, I misunderstood what you were saying (I've never worked with Toyota electric systems before). I checked the code, and the only one I get is 99, which as far as I can tell, means that the immobilizer is not talking to the computer (I didn't know this car had an immobilizer). I'm a bit confused by that though, because I was under the impression that when the immobilizer wasn't communicating, the car simply wouldn't fire, whereas mine fires then dies. Is it possible that this code is irrelevant to the actual problem? My wife has a second key for this car, but she is away for several days, so once she gets back I will try her key and see if the car will start with that key.
  19. Hey y'all new to the club

    Welcome aboard, got some pics?
  20. Remove the door trims yourself again, and I inspect all connectors and wires. Report back to us
  21. Front Rotors/pads

    Ok, thank you, I'll get this kit then.
  22. Last week
  23. Front Rotors/pads

    A lot of Euros now run the sprial style pistons. Thankfully, you won't need that specifically for the Aurion.
  24. Front Rotors/pads

    I bought this kit mainly because the rear brake pistons on a Honda Accord had to be wound in rather than pushed in. Also as Trent mentioned on 17.10.2017,
  25. Front Rotors/pads

    Buy a large G-clamp from Bunnings or similar. You will then have a multi use tool rather than a spreader that you can only use for brakes. But yes, you will need some form of device to compress the piston.
  26. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    If you read my post again, the information is all there. You do not need a code reader. This is an ignitor.
  27. Front Rotors/pads

    Excellent workl! For changing brake pads is necessary to use a disc pad spreader?
  28. Fuel economy

    I have a 2005. KZN165R 3.0TD. It uses 12l/100. Around town and highway up to 110km/h are about the same. It is standard, well serviced, has done a bit over 300000kms and has always had the same fuel economy. It has very similar acceleration to the later D4D KUN26, but has a lower top speed of 145kph. I think this is due to a narrower torque curve. (Runs out of torque over 3000rpm) Still very respectable performance though. Excellent choice, love mine, still looks and drives like new. Only ever had to change consumables and yes it does go bush. The last of the unbreakable Hilux’s Welcome to the forum and please post some pics
  29. 1998 Rav4 starts then immediately shuts off

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I don't have a code reader so I haven't been able to check it's codes. Is there any other way to diagnose it? (the stores in my town really gouge you on things like that, but I don't want to wait a week or more to get one from online). Also, the igniter is the same thing as an ignition module, right? I had one of those go out in a previous car I owned, but when that happened, it would crank all day, but never generate any spark. I suppose they probably don't all die in exactly the same way though. For yours, was it the igniter itself that was a problem or a relay or something else in between it and the computer? Thanks again.
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