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  1. Yesterday
  2. DIY Cabin Filter ACV36R Camry

    Hi guys just an update on ACV36R cabin filter, I have been reading forums and watch YouTube videos and found out that earlier model Hiluxes didn't have a cabin filter from the factory but it was possible to cut open and install one. So this got me thinking maybe we can do the same in our ACV36R Camry's. So I went to the wreckers and found a ACV36R Camry and start cutting open the slot behind the glove box where the cabin filter should be installed, and yes we can install a cabin filter. The cut isn't perfect as I wasn't used a good knife but the space is there. I found a early model Corolla and grabbed the cabin filter tray on it, surprisingly the Corolla had a cabin filter from the factory and slid the tray into the slot on the Camry and it is almost a perfect fit. Strange why Toyota wouldnt install a cabin filter from the factory as the ACV36R was once Toyota's flagship car. Even the Toyota Echo has a factory cabin filter slot.
  3. XV70

    if you peek in the specs only the SX has sports suspension as standard fitment and not optional for SL. I am disappointed the red leather seats are not optional in my choice of the SL grade.
  4. You could check, does the fan come on when the ac is turned on, it should. There could be a fault there
  5. Kluger 2009 - reverse camera stopped working today

    I would start by checking the fuse box located underneath the dashboard. Not sure but there may be another fuse box located in the boot area.
  6. Looking for info on 1980 special edition

    You'll probably need to provide some more information (photos help a lot too). Chances are it is just a dealer-special or run-out model to clear stock, typical stickers-and-mags job.
  7. Last week
  8. Also a good idea to clean the throttle body and the idle air control valve. YouTube has some good videos about cleaning the Toyota IAC valve.
  9. Redline MT90 vs Motul Gear 300

    It's a free fix really, just have to be careful on how much you adjust because if it is over adjusted, it can be just as bad as under adjusted really so it makes the clutch ride out a lot more. If it's the standard clutch, my one had a tendency to slip a little on hills especially when I found out it was quite worn down too. Most just get the OEM flywheel machined, including myself which will work perfect anyway. Feel free to PM if you need some ideas for exhausts, I got that all covered!
  10. Coolant

    Amazon will be opening very soon here in Oz, it would be very good competition to SCA and Repco. Once they start selling good range of auto products like in US, why not it would be an easy choice for everyone.
  11. Cabin air filter - which one?

    All good fellas. I will talk to our service guy and get it sorted. Cheers.
  12. 'Screech' When Turning

    Michelin Energy XM2 ? My original 2010 XM2 tyres liked to squeal on turns, when they got a bit low. Even with 4-5 mm left on the thread. They lasted a fair while, but were quite hard.
  13. cleaning windscreen

    I not fussed with Windex and I use ArmorAll Glass Cleaner.
  14. Clive

    I want to fit a dual diaphragm brake booster to my 2013 79 series V8 Ute, can anyone suggest the best option and also if braised lines should be fitted at the same time?
  15. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    It makes no difference unfortunately. I had already been using it in my TRD when the dash started breaking down, and it didn't cover the stickiness either. Think of it like sunscreen - it'll stop you from getting burnt skin, but it won't stop you from dying inside :)
  16. 75 Series no power

    Its a 75 series diesel, non computerised. No ignition that i am aware of
  17. 2GR-FE Oil Capacity

    Judging from looking at photos all fwd 2gr look to have the same sump. Which is typical of toyota to build 1 engine and share it across all platforms with minimal changes. Makes sense from a business perspective too. It looks like the is350 with a rwd setup has a different sump. Car has 500km on it since oil change and still going nicely.oil level hasnt changed. What went in originally is whats still there at the same amount. I bought 2x 6L nulin SN full synths 5w-30 in anticipation of 6L oil change so got 100ml left over!!
  18. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6 The price is out.
  19. Sticky Dashboard?

    Yes. If it becomes increasingly oily or sticky, look into getting it replaced.
  20. Toyota Vienta aftermarket

    Yep. I went with the 4 cylinder 5S-FE(there's some of it left). Be prepared to drop $10,000-$15,000 minimum just for a turbo and all of the associated bits. The engine side of things will set you back far more. To give an indication, my turbo is worth nearly 4x what most of these cars are worth.
  21. Weird stickers

    Thanks boys
  22. Hello all, I am the happy new owner of a nicely maintained 2004 Hiace (last of the series 4) with 406,000 km. The van feels very good, engine is tidy, and being a private sale it had not been steam cleaned so it is an "honest" version of tidy. I have four items needing attention, and I would appreciate your thoughts on each of them: (For the record, I am a reasonably competent home mechanic, having restored a number of vintage vehicles from scratch and having put a Nissan RB30 engine in a Toyota Coaster. Not much mechanical work scares me, though maybe it should.) The van has a noisy thrust bearing in the clutch. That looks like a simple enough job, and I think the clutch itself is in good enough condition to just replace the bearings and leave the rest alone. The van (mostly) won't be working hard, mainly I bought it to run a local home handyman business, part time. Traffic is very light where I live and I expect no more than half an hour of driving every other day in light suburban traffic. The steering feels vague. I don't know what is normal for this model, but I am guessing it has worn tie rod ends. I need to get it up on the ramps to have a proper look at these, but are there any other areas that could create a vague feeling in the steering after this sort of mileage that should be considered? (Tyres are brand new supercats, so I assume they are not the problem.) The diff is noisey. It has a real hiss to it above 40 km/h. I don't know what is normal for these diffs and how much warning you get of a failure. I am tempted to put some Nulon in it and see what happens, but I would appreciate advice on the probable behavior of a diff showing those systems. (To complicate things, the van has to do a trip to Melbourne in January, followed by a couple of weeks as a camper van travelling around Tasmania, so there will be a brief period of high speed work for the diff to cope with.) These first three items were clear to me when I bought the van, but the fourth problem has appeared since I bought it, on about the second day of driving it. When I turn the ignition on, the left hand indicator comes on, regardless of the position of the indicator stalk. It flashes just slightly slower than normal speed, and while it is flashing you can actually operate the indicators on either side of the van in the normal way and the flashes of the normal operation are superimposed over the slow left flash. The problem goes away after the ignition has been on for about a minute. Advice on any of these issues greatly appreciated, Matt
  23. I have recently been to AUZ Auto Wreckers at 1462-1466 Ipswich Road Rocklea. Their phone number is 07 3148 9534 They appear to mainly have Japanese vehicles so best to give them a call to save a wasted trip. Suggest that you check out Gumtree
  24. After market head unit

    Cheers, a good reason for a new one. Haha
  25. Great car

    Thanks PengNZ. Yes over 10 years old (March this year) and I did know about the problem with this model when I bought it so was rolling the dice and hoping I had a good one. Have a dash mat coming which will hide the issue and if I hate the problem enough I will look to source a secondhand dash next year.
  26. 2GR-FE VVT-i Oil Line Replacement

    It's a 10 year old hose, granted there were issues, but I highly doubt any dealer will offer a warranty on it due to age.
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