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  2. Hi Krigeroz, it's been a while. I agree with your suggestion. I have a fancy excide battery in my BMW M3 and it still continues to serve me well. I can't recall the exact specs on it at the moment. I do remember that it wasn't cheap being quite a large battery too.
  3. After much deliberation I went with RDA rears and DBA fronts. RDA rears are solid discs and the DBA fronts are slotted. Will be testing them out with Toyota Original pads, front and rear. Now to get them fitted to the car.
  4. Hello All, Can you please recommend me some good local mechanics for Toyota Camry car in and around Castle Hill/Pennant Hills area of NSW? Thank you
  5. Thank you for the advice guy's, I'm guessing I'm booking a roadworthy tomorrow and see if it's worth it, I was on the bench about the gold being 50/50 shot I guess, its going to go one of 2 ways I wont have spend anything or I could spend a lot I will keep all posted, wish my luck :)
  6. hey guys thanks for the advice I started new topic link below, would very like your input :)
  7. was just covering brake and idling into car park 2 times , and 1 time just started ,put into gear and it did it. all 3 times the brake stopped it and was ok . the 3 times have happened in approx. evenly spaced intervals between January and now. before this all happened only changes were- new wind screen and park brake adjust, and oil and filter change and new air filter fitted. am really careful doing air filter not to get any debris into, prolly over cautious
  8. Read through this as well.
  9. A little update. As you guys know, I recently placed an order for the same 3D mats Krigeros got. Had them arrive and I hadn't bothered to either inspect them or install them since receiving them mid April... They just sat in my spare room untill last weekend. I was determined to get them in after a thorough vacuum job. I go to install the drivers side 1st and it turns out they sent me the wrong set !!! You can guess the words that came out of my mouth lol !! So I pack them back up and refit the original mats. Made contact with the ebay seller and they were good enough to correct the mistake even after the 3 month buyer protection had lapsed. So I take some photos and attach them to my email to illustrate the issue. Turns out they sent me a set for a Ford Ranger of all things I'll be re packaging them and they will send a courier to pick up and hopefully have the correct set delivered in the near future. No extra cost on my part either. Hopefully then I'll be able to post some pics as promised. trufitcarpets are a decent mob.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Assuming that you have an eBay account, message both of these eBay sellers with your VIN.
  12. Yes I understand all of the dangers and cautions I must take. I already have a few friends that work on cars in which they own corolla ae92s and the other drives a 4age Corolla sx. They have great experience with suspension set ups and wheel alignments as they both work in workshops. However I'm using this forum as a guide for me to know exactly what would be good/bad for my current Rolla. Im probably going to get springs first and install them in with my current shock absorbers, save enough until I can get another set of aftermarket shock absorbers/struts. Depending on how much I may be able to save I might just go for coilovers in the end. Appreciate the feedback guys!
  13. Yes that YouTube Video eventually supported my thoughts that if you drive/tow/brake hard to potentially overheat / warp the original rotors then you need to have higher specification quality rotors. After reading this URL including the comments, don't even think about buying budget rotors.
  14. i am taking mine, for my peeling steering wheel and stickiness my dash is ok. worth the shot
  15. Copied from the following URL This could be many things, there is not one simple answer. First thing is figure out if the vibration is wheel/rim based, or suspension based. The easiest thing to do would be to rotate your tires (front to back) one at a time, then take a highway drive. Tire/rim damage becomes far less pronounced when the wheel is in the rear. If the problem clears up, you know the problem is wheel/rim based, and which wheel it is as well. You either have a bad tire, a bent rim, or need your wheel balanced. If the problem does not clear up, things get more complex. While you have your car jacked up, but your hands at 12 and 6 on the tire and rock back and forth. If the tire rocks, you need new wheel bearings asap. If you car clicks when you make sharp turns, it is the CV joint, but you could still get a vibration from a bad joint before you hear clicks. It could be a bent hub. A mechanic will have to do the hub or bearing job, as it requires special tools on your car. It's also expensive (several hundred). Check the front wheel alignment. From there on out, suspension components such as control arms and rods, or pehaps drive axles may be damaged. Your car may have previously been in an accident and time made the damage more pronounced.
  16. Depends what you are after. Are you after a single or double din head unit? A good bang for buck option is getting a used newer model double din OEM Toyota unit which generally has AUX, Bluetooth and sometimes even GPS and USB. I run a Clarion VX404au head unit which I got really cheap at the time about 1.5 years ago. Has all nice options like AUX, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI etc and has the ability to play movies, have GPS and also came with a reverse camera to wire up (never used it as it's quite bulky) At the time I got it for roughly $300 or so but you'll also need the surrounds for the head unit that only cover sides instead of all around the headunit (Heard people call them ears?). You'll also need to make sure you get the wiring adapter harness which isn't too pricey and makes installation a breeze. Best to check on reviews for some headunits and see if it's what you are after.
  17. Buy V8, install V8 in [insert vehicle here]. Simple.
  18. Anyone else noticing really long location times? Coming out of the Lane Cove tunnel it wasn't till I was past Macquarie Park until it started to correctly plot me.
  19. so i ended up driving it home yesterday , was in the car for 1hr 1/2 and no warning lights, all good oh and there are no error codes present i have had this startup rattle for ages too, but it seems to have dissapeared now hmmmm....
  20. Last week
  21. So got time to tint the Foglights today. Not the best but first time I have tinted anything before. And I finally found the mounting kit for the replacement TRD badge for the front bumper, I thought the screws were lost during the move but luckily I found them!
  22. i had it done - It was free - why not ? - I organised it for first appointment at 8:30 and was over by 9:30
  23. c-hr

    Fair enough. You could ask your bank for a chargeback if you don't want to deal with Toyota over it. A small amount of money but think of the principle! :)
  24. This thread is temporarily closed to make the moderation process easier.
  25. I sorted my leak years ago.
  26. He really should have found the ball joint, it is a mechanic's bread and butter.
  27. Just took a run to Ballarat on Saturday to see the Doctor Blake exhibition The car pulled brilliantly up the hills with the wife and I aboard I was Hovering around 7.0 / 7.1 all week But car is on 6.7 today after that trip And Tradie's day off today made for a smoother run to work 5.9 Loving this economy
  28. I recently built a battery box for the back of my 2012 Kluger kxr. It has a projecta Dc-Dc charger which needs an ignition signal to tell it when the car is running for the best charging. Does anyone know the best (easiest) place to pull an ignition signal from?
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