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  1. Today

    I just came across a transmission schematic diagram with all the part numbers for GSV50R, hope it will be helpful to someone....
  3. Radiators

    I would expect that a new radiator will have 12 months warranty. Local guy should be prepared and able to get a replacement from the supplier.
  4. 09 Camry headlamp socket

    try a wreckers?
  5. Newbie asking about 2005 Camry Altise Alternators

    Seems to be the time for new alternators on the camry's, 3 others i know with 03-05 camry's (and me) have had them replaced in the past 12 months. I got mine on ebay, and is perfect. they're easy to replace with common hand tools too
  6. 2005 Kluger CVX

    I have since discovered the real reason for the transmission hunting for the correct gear. "It's the Fuel Filter" My brother-in-law owns his own ford workshop. I was driving with him in the car several times and mentioned the problem. He immediately said, the most common fault with transmissions that rely on the ECU for the correct gear etc, is the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is too low, the torque of the engine will be too low, so the computer hunts for the gear which matches the torque being created. This is why is happens at low speeds or when braking hard and turning into a corner. I drove home, booked the car in to have the fuel filter (which is in the fuel pump in the fuel tank) changed. I discovered, to my amusement, the car I bought (2nd Hand) had a full service history, but the fuel filter had never been changed. It was still the original factory fitted filter. The cost was $360. I disconnected the battery overnight to get rid of all the computer adjustments it has made over the years to compensate for the poor fuel delivery, and then went for a 200km drive over some hilly roads and around town. WOW..... Hope others find this useful. I now have a car that hits the right gear shift every time. It has a heap more torque and the fuel economy is even better. The engine is also as smooth as silk, and I can hear it evenly climb the revs, not hesitate a while under power then find its mojo... Amazing that fuel pressure can affect your transmission.
  7. A few people have told me that, back in the day, a common conversion for my 1984 Hiace (3y engine), would be to swap in the electronic distributor from a certain Tarago and do away with the old points system. Now that I'm keen to go ahead on this, I can't for the life of me figure out which Tarago dizzy to get!?! Any help on this would be super appreciated! Danny
  8. Yesterday
  9. I will definitely. I have a few Sportivo friends coming along so it should be good. I ordered them through a site called RHDJapan. They were the cheapest to order from by a long shot and were awesome to deal with. Highly recommend ordering items through them. The rails are also made to order too and should fit most SR type Recaros and also Brides (If you get the RO type that is). Definitely worth it if you can get a set nice and cheap (Evo 7 and Evo 8 GSR seats go fairly cheap these days).
  10. Roo Cuss or Ruckus?

    If this is the toughest thing in life you have to deal with, you are doing pretty well. 😊
  11. Installing driving lights

    Do you have a test light or multimeter?
  12. Last week
  13. Ln106r tensioner bolt sheared timing belt - mechanics error?

    Hey thanks for your reply Manxman. Yeah trying to do the DIY thing for that exact reason.. unfortunately not for this job though 😭 Cheers mate.
  14. Here is a link to the event on facebook Here is a link to a general entry pass Just seeing if any fellow Toyota enthusiast will be there!
  15. Tail lights

    Keen to know I have 07camry and like the look of the hybrid but don't know if the later models fit in 07 without too much mucking around
  16. Hey Guys Looking to replace my cd/tape deck on a 2005 cv kluger and was curious how to get it out. Would like to do it my self and save some $$$$ and replace it with a gps/cd unit not sure what one yet. I saw the instructions for the new model kluger on here but it dosnt apply in my case. Any help would be great thanks
  17. ZRE152r Electrical Issues

    Voltage should be around 14V when running. It would suggest the alternator is not functioning. This may be due to a wiring issue or a faulty alternator. You could have potentially unplugged or damage in the process.
  18. Skuxx's 07 SX6 Sportivo "NiNi"

    Might use this as a diary for my car! I haven't had the chance to update you all, but I recently purchased new rims for NiNi!! The rims I bought were PDW Oasis XT (Link for anyone interested) They're a glossy black, however the paint has metal flakes in them which makes them glitter when exposed to direct light I do apologize for the shoddy photos, the weather here in Geelong hasn't been great for photos
  19. Hello Everyone ! I've started to do some upgrades to my slightly old Toyota Camry. I replaced the headunit in favour of getting something with Android Auto, so I bought and installed a Sony XAV-AX100. Works well, sound quality is good on the stock speakers (I think I had an upgrade from the factory 4 speakers + 2 tweeters in the front doors). Problem starts when I turn up the volume. Anything that is slightly on the louder side, and my music starts getting gaps in it, as if the headunit is lacking power and cutting out to not damage itself. I've ordered a pioneer amp to potentially fix this issue, can push out 45W RMS at 4 ohms, but I'm not sure what the impedance of the stock speakers is. (Can someone help out?) To be clear, the stock speakers used to go a lot louder on the stock headunit without distortion than what the Sony is cutting out at so therefore I don't believe the speakers are the problem. Stock headunit looks like this: and I think the model is 86100-YC280 by Fujitsu Ten. Could someone shed some light on this and tell me if I am looking at this the right way and if getting an amp added to this will fix the issue? Is this issue due to an impedance mismatch? Cheers :)
  20. Customisation and Accessories

    My next project arrived in the post today :) I can get a start on these while I wait for my depinning tool to arrive.
  21. Hi ToyotaOwnersClub

  22. Nov 2012 Presara GPS update

    Step 1. Buy Toyota. Step 2. Throw head unit in the bin. Step 3. Live happily ever after with a decent headunit.
  23. Front Bumper

    I believe there is an issue with bumpers warping as well.
  24. Newbie

    Hi folks, I am new hear, I have a 1998 camry 2.2 wagon, I have an issue with the door lock, wel a coople of issues. 1 the door remote has stopped working even after I replaced the battery 2 the key no longer opens the door however will start the car. Is there a door lock and key i can get from another model that is not so expensive. That does not have a security key Cheers mark
  25. C-HR Head Unit

    Cheers! Videos are coming together. Hope to have the process up soon. :)
  26. 1998 hilux noise

    You should look into having a cylinder leakdown test conducted.
  27. what size Muddies?

    Hey guys, what size tyres do you have? I have hilux RZN 174 (extra cab 2002) about to have a 2 inch lift and wondering is 33's will fit?
  28. Fuel Filter Z646

    I agree Krig. As cars become more sophisticated, so too does the service parts pricing structure. I'm not a fan of the intank filter, but we're stuck with it. All Genuine parts suppliers are shamelessly expensive. They don't need to be, but it seems that gouging the consumer has become the order.
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