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  1. Today
  2. trentmeyer23 that's fair enough
  3. Did anyone manage to resolve the issue? I am stuck here with a PZQ60-00525 for Corolla 2004.
  4. Hi guys, does anyone have a sat nav owner manual for a 2005 Camry? Cheers, Carl
  5. Looked at my contract over the weekend, delivery date was also blank. I will wait until they tell me it's started this week, then ask for the tracking details. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻 for this week.
  6. Hi All, New to the forum. Can't find any info. I am looking to replace the stock speaks in the front with a new aftermarket set. The Corolla currently has a component setup, but was wondering if I can just swap out the 6.5 speakers in the door with a 3-way coaxial speaker? If not, do I need to install a component setup, and where will the stock crossover be? Any link to guides would be appreciated.
  7. Spent all of Saturday afternoon and half of Saturday night on my back under the rear end installing my Ultra Racing rear swaybar, and what a pain in the ***** that turned out to be. Fortunately didn't have to drop the tank, but both straps, filler pipe, breather pipe and the exhaust from the cat back had to come out, and even then it needed some wiggling to get it out past the jack stands on the cross-member and holding up the tank. Stock 14mm vs UR 19mm (both solid) Fortunately managed to work out how to get my sensor light to stay on permanently, otherwise I would have had to call it quits as soon as it got dark and pick it up in the morning. Garage is too full of crap to get a car in these days, and chances are the light wouldn't have been much better in there since all underneath would have been in shadow. As it was I still didn't get everything back in and buttoned up until after 9pm.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have picked up a granny spec 1 owner 76 corona , Im only putting a set of wheels on it . nothing else. would anybody know the wheel offset for the 76 model coronas . thanks in advance
  10. Have you got the correct regulator for the alternator? Pics of those may help.
  11. Will fit and shouldn't have any negative effects. You would probably be better off staying with the 215/60R16 and going with something like a Bridgestone RE003. I don't think they have an offering in 225/55R16 though.
  12. hey guys new member here, a few A couple of questions im looking at building a stout, i want to do a chassis conversion but torn up trying to pick a chassis also could i use a sedan chassis for the ute cabin? any info on stout builds would be AWesome too hope to see some replys!
  13. Last week
  14. ok thanks for helping people, it was due to a loose oil filter.
  15. what is the purpose of the charcoal filter in the 3f land cruisers. i understand the purpose when they are connected to the tank to relieve the pressure but in the 3f (assuming mine is standard) the top of the carbon filter is connected to the carby and the bottom goes to a piece on the fiewall about an inch and a half diameter that appears to disperse air out of 3 sides
  16. Did you replace the battery ot just recharged it? SuperCheap have a 30% discount on Century 4WD and truck batteries. After a bit of online research, went for overkill and got the NS70LX MF [720 CCA and 85 Ah] instead of the NS70L MF [650 CCA] Both of these batteries are the same dimensions as the 55D23L for the Camry/Aurion. The existing 15 mth old extra heavy duty battery [only 420CCA] will be recycled into my 1998 4 cyl Camry. Just checked again but i could not notice any difference in ease of starting car with the new battery and extra CCA compared to the replaced battery.
  17. Item: XV30 Camry Sportivo Steering wheel Location: South Eastern suburbs, Melbourne, Vic Website: N/A Item Condition: Flawless Reason for Selling: Cleaning out spare room, surplus to needs Price and Payment conditions: $50, cash on pick up or pay pal Any additional information: Flawless condition, never got around to using it Shipping: local Pick up or Postage at buyers expense Pictures: See attached pics Contact Details: PM on here *********************************** Item: XV40 Aurion King SL springs Location: South Eastern suburbs, Melbourne, Vic Website: Item Condition: Used condition Reason for Selling: Cleaning out spare room, surplus to needs Price and Payment conditions: $200 cash on pick up Any additional information: No longer needed, returning to stock, getting ready to sell Shipping: local Pick up Pictures: See ebay link Contact Details: PM on here or contact via ebay
  18. Keep a spare keyfob battery in the car.
  19. Same with the C-HR - ultra modern looking with a low-tech infotainment system. Mind you, Asia and Europe get much better looking head units with Toyota Touch 2 with DAB+. I read that Toyota Aus persist with these head units due to compatibility with the aforementioned crap Toyota Link app which I have no intention of using. Not a deal breaker for me as I also read you can easily swap out the head unti for a decent Kenwood model with car play.
  20. I have a 2008 sr hikix and am looking at lifting it. I have been told if I do a 3 inch lift I will have to do upper control arms and even with a diff drop the cv,s wouldn't like it I was advised to do a 2 inch suspension lift and then 2 inch body lift thoughts guys ?
  21. Yes they are tiny, luckily he had some of those bulbs at his shop, but he said these bulbs can be only found at Toyota.
  22. Sweet, thanks, I'll look into it. Any ideas on where I could get a proper grille?
  23. I just bought a 10/04 Corolla Conquest Sedan ZZE122. It only came with a valet key. Whats the best method forward to getting a spare key made. Ideally would like to get a master key made. But I am not sure what keys came with the car. The owners manual lists two possibilities, one with the 2 button remote+key and one without(only transponder key). Not sure which ones came with my car. Ebay has a wide selection so not sure which one to go for. Thanks in advance.
  24. I need some information regarding car keys. When i bought the car it came with only 1 key which i found out is the valet key. Is there anyway or rather cheap way to get a spare key made and programmed. What kind of key would i need.I saw some keys online with some specific rage frequencies. How do I know what frequency does my car keys use. Is there any way to find out? Also, is there a way to tell if my car is equipped with central locking. Thanks
  25. Can someone help me find where to get one for an aurion
  26. Headers - Ported Stock (Best for performance gains, not much change to sound) There are also Hurricane and Wildcat headers which give the Sportivo a deeper tone but a prone to cracking. If you plan on going crazy, PPE headers. Cat - 100 or 200 cell high flow catalytic converter. Catback - 2.5" piping with mandrel bends is best, a decent resonator or even 2 smaller ones, a decent rear muffler (Magnaflow, x-Force Varex, Remus etc). The larger piping will mean it can be a bit more droney on highways, hence why most people including me went with the Varex. Has the ability to be loud when you want and as quiet as stock. See my signature for my exhaust setup which I've been running for the last on the stock ECU with no issues. I went with mild steel as it is doesn't sound as raspy as stainless. In saying that, stainless will always out last mild steel.
  27. Highly unlikey. Do you still have red coolant or has it been changed to green? Auto trans fluid should be check in neutral with the engine running.
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