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  3. DIY Cabin Filter ACV36R Camry

    Hi guys just an update on ACV36R cabin filter, I have been reading forums and watch YouTube videos and found out that earlier model Hiluxes didn't have a cabin filter from the factory but it was possible to cut open and install one. So this got me thinking maybe we can do the same in our ACV36R Camry's. So I went to the wreckers and found a ACV36R Camry and start cutting open the slot behind the glove box where the cabin filter should be installed, and yes we can install a cabin filter. The cut isn't perfect as I wasn't used a good knife but the space is there. I found a early model Corolla and grabbed the cabin filter tray on it, surprisingly the Corolla had a cabin filter from the factory and slid the tray into the slot on the Camry and it is almost a perfect fit. Strange why Toyota wouldnt install a cabin filter from the factory as the ACV36R was once Toyota's flagship car. Even the Toyota Echo has a factory cabin filter slot.
  4. XV70

    if you peek in the specs only the SX has sports suspension as standard fitment and not optional for SL. I am disappointed the red leather seats are not optional in my choice of the SL grade.
  5. XV70

    I hope you're right! The brochure blurb is rather vague with 'in addition to or replaces' that of the wld assume the SL does indeed have the stiffer suspension whilst the 18 inch wheels replaces the 19s. I went to my local dealer and they said that sales won't really be available until Feb... Speaking of which, the website also shows a built in dashcam in the accessories! That is so awesome! Apparently it's always on even when parked. I've had so many accidents when parked unfortunately...5 I'm 5 years. Not to mention the countless door marks from inconsiderate patients. Anyway back to the xv 70, it kinda sucks we miss out on the better speaker system. 50grand drive away is rather steep for 6 speakers...but at least we have memory seats that the Americans miss out on. And 'ventilated seats'. Does that mean it's cooled and warmed? Americans only get warmed seats...
  6. You could check, does the fan come on when the ac is turned on, it should. There could be a fault there
  7. Kluger 2009 - reverse camera stopped working today

    I would start by checking the fuse box located underneath the dashboard. Not sure but there may be another fuse box located in the boot area.
  8. Our reverse camera on the Kluger (2009) stopped working today. It now just shows a black screen. I assume it's a wiring or fuse issue? Is there an easy DIY way to check without having to take it into a Toyota service centre?
  9. Looking for info on 1980 special edition

    You'll probably need to provide some more information (photos help a lot too). Chances are it is just a dealer-special or run-out model to clear stock, typical stickers-and-mags job.
  10. Last week
  11. Also a good idea to clean the throttle body and the idle air control valve. YouTube has some good videos about cleaning the Toyota IAC valve.
  12. Ok. Tks for your help. Will post with result when known.
  13. 2001 Camry Tourer 1MZFE V6 engine Australian assembled

    Have a look on Youtube. There are plenty of helpful "How to clean MAF sensor" videos. There are specialist products for MAF cleaning.
  14. Redline MT90 vs Motul Gear 300

    It's a free fix really, just have to be careful on how much you adjust because if it is over adjusted, it can be just as bad as under adjusted really so it makes the clutch ride out a lot more. If it's the standard clutch, my one had a tendency to slip a little on hills especially when I found out it was quite worn down too. Most just get the OEM flywheel machined, including myself which will work perfect anyway. Feel free to PM if you need some ideas for exhausts, I got that all covered!
  15. Thanks for your prompt reply trentmeyer23. No, I have not and what would be your recommended cleaner and procedure for this? BTW, I am not a motor mechanic just a do it yourselfer. But I can follow easy instructions.
  16. Hi there We have a 2008 ZR6, 135000 gentle kms, driven in country by mature aged lady driver, mainly on short trips to work, about 6kms one way. For the last few months, intermittently, the information light comes on along with engine malfunction light, and VSC warning message on dash and VSC/traction light on as well. Sometimes it clears itself, and usually comes on when making a turn after stopping at an intersection, or can come on going around a bend, It may come on when you start the car and then not come back on next time we start the car. My son has equipment to read the code and looked up the error code and it says it is the engine fan warning. The engine fan appears to work as expected, comes on when engine hot and shuts off as expected. No unusual readings on temperature guage. Any suggestions as what to do now? Have a good day Cheers Kevin
  17. Coolant

    Amazon will be opening very soon here in Oz, it would be very good competition to SCA and Repco. Once they start selling good range of auto products like in US, why not it would be an easy choice for everyone.
  18. Coolant

    Ooh excellent, thank you...
  19. Coolant

    Did you you know about the orange 10 years Nulon coolant? Just now I saw it on Nulon website. I've never seen it at SCA before. It could be a direct replacement with Toyota's long life coolant . Toyota also made an ad just for their coolant, it is actually very good ad, especially the end part:
  20. When completing a one hour or more drive open road motoring when stopped the motor does not idle at normal revs but around 1500 RPM up and down in the rev range regularly and sometimes sounds like it wants to choke out. Water temperature is normal. Turning off the motor for a few mins and restarting sees the idle normal at normal revs. This never happens for city driving always idle normal at traffic lights etc. Anyone with some ideas of what maybe causing this annoying problem? Thanks.
  21. I have a 1980 special edition celica in the shed but can't find any info just wondering are they common.
  22. XV70

    Yes, very much a soft launch. I think that Toyota is focussing upon disposing of the 2017 model while building up stocks of the 2018 model. Looks like the SX and SL versions get the sportier suspension settings. Good excuse to go for a test drive in the different versions.
  23. Cabin air filter - which one?

    All good fellas. I will talk to our service guy and get it sorted. Cheers.
  24. Coolant

    This is a video for the 2GR-FE coolant drain.
  25. Coolant

    Thank you, the reason I asked about additional drain plugs, after I saw this video: Then I was like... Ooh there is more drain plugs....
  26. Redline MT90 vs Motul Gear 300

    Thanks you blokes, some great info here! I've ordered the magnetic gearbox plug and I'll get the Motul 300 oil aswell. I'll get it serviced and get the mechanic to change the gearbox oil for me I reckon. Might do the clutch play adjustment myself first, the article on that is excellent! Squalled there's no real issue with the clutch, the first week I had the car I went for a drive that ended up in heavy traffic incuding hillstarts and I was worried I burnt the thing. Now I'm super paranoid about not riding it and I've gotten much more comfortable driving the car. Must admit I'm not totally sold on the idea of lightened flywheel and the benefits, so I'll be leaving that for now and just play around. Probably do headers/exhaust soon. Thanks boys.
  27. XV70

    The XV70 got a soft launch yesterday fellas/lasses! So excited! It looks like such a good deal! I am concerned about 2 things though...firstly the SL grade has only a 6 speaker system...secondly...would anyone know if it gets the same suspension setup as the Sx or is it the softer regular version?
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