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  1. Today

    I just came across a transmission schematic diagram with all the part numbers for GSV50R, hope it will be helpful to someone....

    My ultimate plan is to remove the pan drain and scrap all ATF then measure and hope it will be around 2.5L - 2.7L, replace with a new filter. Then pour back around 2.7L or the same amount I got in the drain bucket. Take the car for a drive and make sure i don't exceed 2.8L of ATF. Hope that it will do the job.

    What exactly are you planning to do? Whether you are removing the transmission pan and replacing the filter or just changing the ATF held in the transmission pan, you need to understand what is involved, plan and prepare. One basic approach is to accurately measure the volume of ATF drained from the transmission and replace with a similar amount. This assumes that the transmission has the correct fill level. Far better to correctly perform the oil level check procedure.

    Thank you. I will scrap as much ATF from pan as I can :) As far as I can understand, the basic rule of thumb is to stay within the limit and do not exceed 2.8 liters.
  6. Radiators

    I would expect that a new radiator will have 12 months warranty. Local guy should be prepared and able to get a replacement from the supplier.

    Suggest you have a look at the documents I attached on 9th January [Page 1 of this thread]. You need to loosen an engine mount etc to then raise the engine to give you room to access that 10mm bolt. I ended up using a variety of small/compact 10mm ring and open end spanners to loosen and then undo this bolt. Quite frustrating because you can only rotate the head of the bolt a small amount at a time. If that blessed sub-frame member had been better designed, then it would be all so easy to undo and remove the transmission oil pan in minutes not hours.
  8. 09 Camry headlamp socket

    try a wreckers?
  9. Newbie asking about 2005 Camry Altise Alternators

    Seems to be the time for new alternators on the camry's, 3 others i know with 03-05 camry's (and me) have had them replaced in the past 12 months. I got mine on ebay, and is perfect. they're easy to replace with common hand tools too
  10. 2005 Kluger CVX

    I have since discovered the real reason for the transmission hunting for the correct gear. "It's the Fuel Filter" My brother-in-law owns his own ford workshop. I was driving with him in the car several times and mentioned the problem. He immediately said, the most common fault with transmissions that rely on the ECU for the correct gear etc, is the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is too low, the torque of the engine will be too low, so the computer hunts for the gear which matches the torque being created. This is why is happens at low speeds or when braking hard and turning into a corner. I drove home, booked the car in to have the fuel filter (which is in the fuel pump in the fuel tank) changed. I discovered, to my amusement, the car I bought (2nd Hand) had a full service history, but the fuel filter had never been changed. It was still the original factory fitted filter. The cost was $360. I disconnected the battery overnight to get rid of all the computer adjustments it has made over the years to compensate for the poor fuel delivery, and then went for a 200km drive over some hilly roads and around town. WOW..... Hope others find this useful. I now have a car that hits the right gear shift every time. It has a heap more torque and the fuel economy is even better. The engine is also as smooth as silk, and I can hear it evenly climb the revs, not hesitate a while under power then find its mojo... Amazing that fuel pressure can affect your transmission.

    What do you do for that, do you use a special wrench?

    You need to be able to accurately measure the amount of fluid that is being drained/replaced. The new filter is going to absorb some ATF. As a workaround, you could add an extra 50-100mls to compensate for any measurement discrepancies. Recommend changing the oil pan fluid and doing the proper oil level check procedure after a week or so. As for the new pan gasket, I am sure that I coated it in ATF Hope you have done your research for removing the oil pan. There is one bolt that is covered by the sub-frame and it is a real challenge to access and undo.

    Ok, thank you, that's a good point to know. I just been thinking, if I drain approximately 2.6l to 2.8l with removed pan and new filter and then I put back the exact same amount of ATF. Do I still have to go through the ATF oil level check by changing the gears and adding 200ml at the end? I thought that all that procedures can be avoided by replacing the same amount you take from the ATF pan. Am I missing something? What do you do with the new ATF pan gasket, is it necessary to grease it with oil or something else as you do for the engine oil filter? ---- I also have question for the engine oil change :) I came across that engine oil has has a density of ~850g/L and it is more accurate to use 0-10kg scale and do measuring by weight instead. With that assumption my last oil change was 5.2 liters, (I did with a measuring cup and pour 6.1L) but if take into account the oil density then I would need add an extra 900ml to get to 6.1 liters.
  14. A few people have told me that, back in the day, a common conversion for my 1984 Hiace (3y engine), would be to swap in the electronic distributor from a certain Tarago and do away with the old points system. Now that I'm keen to go ahead on this, I can't for the life of me figure out which Tarago dizzy to get!?! Any help on this would be super appreciated! Danny

    I replaced approx. 2.5 litres of ATF when I removed the transmission pan and replaced the filter. When just draining and changing the ATF in the pan only, I replace approx. 1.0 to 1.8 litres of ATF depending upon whether the plastic oil level straw is also removed. I don't have the temperature scan tool so I do the oil level check procedure initially with a cold engine. Start engine and change through each of the gears at 10-15 second intervals. With engine still running and transmission in PARK, then check oil level [as per procedure]. Final step is to add another 200ml of ATF. Fully comprehend and do the oil level check procedure totally correctly and you will not have any issues. Personally, I had some not so smooth gear changes due to the ATF oil level being low but sorted it out after re-reading the procedures. Last ATF change was in August 2016 and the gear changes have been very smooth. Been procrastinating for the last few weekends so will most likely do an ATF change this weekend and again next weekend.
  16. Yesterday

    I just wanted to ask you a few questions about the transmission fluid change. - you change 2.8 liters of transmission fluid is it including the new filter change as well? - when you take 2.8 liters do you go through 45 degrees process of heating the transmission first? - what if I add 100ml less or more, will it do much harm to the transmission?
  18. 09 Camry headlamp socket

    Hi all, i was driving along tonight and noticed my driver side headlight was not on, figuring it was blown I decided to get a new bulb and try to put it in, on further inspection I have discovered that the socket the globe plugs into has partially melted and needs to be replaced, I've tirelessly searched google to find a replacement source but can't seem to find one anywhere. Where should I go to get a replacement socket? its an 09 Camry and takes standard h7 gloves(it's the normal headlight beam)
  19. I will definitely. I have a few Sportivo friends coming along so it should be good. I ordered them through a site called RHDJapan. They were the cheapest to order from by a long shot and were awesome to deal with. Highly recommend ordering items through them. The rails are also made to order too and should fit most SR type Recaros and also Brides (If you get the RO type that is). Definitely worth it if you can get a set nice and cheap (Evo 7 and Evo 8 GSR seats go fairly cheap these days).
  20. very nice, have fun at the toyotafest. I went to the Melbourne one, great collection of classics, but I only saw one rolla sportivo there. Can I ask where you got your Bride RO Rails from? standard auto stores? hehehehehe i need to get myself some bucketseats just for fun. though I don't think I would be getting recaros unless it is relatively cheap (my car has done 275,000kms)
  21. Roo Cuss or Ruckus?

    If this is the toughest thing in life you have to deal with, you are doing pretty well. 😊
  22. Roo Cuss or Ruckus?

    hahaha ;-) for some strange reason i always thought a hatch back was 3 doors. A guy that I used to work with would always tease me & he knew how to get me going. I guess i will just have to come to terms with it being called a Roo Cuss Hatchback......... God Help Me......................................
  23. Installing driving lights

    Do you have a test light or multimeter?
  24. Last week
  25. Ln106r tensioner bolt sheared timing belt - mechanics error?

    Hey thanks for your reply Manxman. Yeah trying to do the DIY thing for that exact reason.. unfortunately not for this job though 😭 Cheers mate.
  26. Update time. So today marks 2 years of ownership of the Sportivo. Safe to say it has been an awesome car since then racking up nearly 50000 kilometers since I purchased it. It's definitely safe to say I drive it a lot other than to and from work. Despite some of the annoying issues I've had like the oil leaks that don't seem to stop and especially having to rebuild the gearbox, I have still enjoyed the car every step of the way. It may not be the fastest car in the world but, it's enough to put a smile on my face hearing the unique note of the 2ZZ, been able to keep up with quicker cars in the twisties and also having complete practicality and amazing fuel economy. I bought the car stock standard from a gentleman in his mid to early 30's who purchased from the first owner, a female based not to far away from my home suburb. Since purchasing, I saw plenty of potential to make it more enjoyable and practical for my needs. I've done all the basics which can be seen in my signature but, since I'll be keeping the beast for sometime I thought I'd go a few steps further with the type of modifications to be done. Here is the latest update. Recently I ordered some new DBA T2 brake discs to go in soon as mine are on the worn side along the QFM HPX brake pads. These will be going in later this year and I'll more than likely paint the brake calipers while doing so. Just need to decide on the colour I'd like really. So, as an early birthday present for myself I wanted to get some Recaro seats as I had purchased Bride RO type rails in late June. I've been interested in changing the seats since I purchased the car 2 years ago but never thought I'd ever get the chance too. I was primarily looking into black SR3 and SR4 Recaros along with Lancer Evolution Recaros for the last 3 months, found some good ones which I was too late to get or found some very worn ones. I finally got my hands on these. Lancer Evolution 8 MR Recaros. They have some usual wear and tear but were the best ones I found after months of searching. They are quite dirty as you can see which is where I returned back to my Honda roots for assistance. After a bit of research I decided to hire a steam cleaner from Bunnings and also perform the "Softly Method" (Basic mixing 6 parts water to 1 part softly, spraying on the seat, massaging in by hand, clean it out with a wet cloth/towel the using a vacuum to get the seats a bit dryer). It definitely worked a treat as it got most of the stains out and cleared out a lot the dirt and as MCM would say, "human slime". This is just after the first seat was completed. I only used warm water with the steam cleaner as I didn't want to risk damaging the seat material. Here's the first seat cleaned with just the steam cleaner. This was the end result on both seats after a steam and softly clean. They're still wet here so I had to let them dry over night. Also note the steam cleaning water after both seats were cleaned and also when the vacuum was used to get some so water out of the seats. Here's the results the next day after they dried out over night. The pictures don't show it all to well but they really did get a good clean with the methods used. Now the most annoying task was to remove the old rails and place the new Bride rails. The old rails had hex bolts which were nearly impossible to remove as my mates and I later found loctite was used to keep them in. After a few hours of working, researching, scratching our heads and using a few choice words we managed to get the old rails off. After we had the chance to mount the drivers seat, I removed the old leather seat, removed the seat belt and attached it to the new rails before moving it into the car. Without the help of my close mates and also my mates partners Dad, this wouldn't have been done as quickly as possible so a massive shout out to them. I definitely owe a few cases for this one that's for sure. Here's the drivers side seat installed. Passenger seat will be in later this week. Currently, I'm the only ZZE12# chassis I know of running Evolution 8 MR Recaro's in the world! The driving feel is amazing. The seats really hold you in and gives the car such a different feel from the leather seats. If you're interested in pushing the Sportivo through it's paces in twisties or on circuits, I highly recommend getting any sort of racing seat. It honestly feels like a different car to be in now. Other than that, just have a few little mods to get done and a bit of maintenance coming up. Also preparing the car for Toyotafest in the coming weeks so I'm fairly excited as it's my first year going and I've got my ticket for my car to be on show. Will keep this updated!
  27. Here is a link to the event on facebook Here is a link to a general entry pass Just seeing if any fellow Toyota enthusiast will be there!
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