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  2. Replacing Aurion wipers

    Aunger aren't strictly Big W. They have been around for many years(1971) making aftermarket accessories.
  3. Pinouts for early kzn165r

    Hi Neil, I don't think ecu goes to turbo timer. ECU only monitors the engine. You can check though. You mean turbo boost indicator clock. They will have a vacuum rubber pipe operation connected. Hope this might help? Noel
  4. Pinouts for early kzn165r

    Thanks Noel yeah ... I know about the speedo cable. I am just after a wire that indicates the vehicle is moving or not, so I can attach it to a turbo timer. I think as I have a mechanical speedo this maynot be possible, but I would still appreciate any help, particularly if someone has the pinouts for an 'M/T' 1kz ecu. Cheers, Neil
  5. Front Rotors/pads

    Well I hope the seller can clarify this. Like I said, there are 3 rotor options. All seem to be the same product, but priced differently. This is the question .
  6. Front Rotors/pads

    Just guessing but appears that DBA2705 intended for US market. I don't need rotors for a while but I have added the DBA2705 to my eBay watch list.
  7. Front Rotors/pads

    I just received my Bendix brake pad delivery. I settled on the GCT series Bendix. The HD series is a little overkill for what I require. We don't drive our Aurion hard to warrant higher spec rotors or pads. Wow ! Ordered yesterday afternoon from nolan-australia off Ebay and accepted delivery about 10 minutes ago. How's that for service. All I need is the front rotors and I'll be in business for the full job. I'll also be flushing the fluid while I'm at it too.
  8. Hi, I am in the process of fitting a two function immobiliser to my 1992 hiace commuter. It has the 1kz-te 3.0L diesel. I have linked the ignition onto the first control circuit of the immobiliser. But I can't figure out what to link the second one to. This beast doesn't seem to have: 1) a starter relay 2) a fuel cutoff solenoid I am stumped where to run the cables to and what to control. Any ideas gratefully received. Cheers Paul
  9. Front Rotors/pads

    Thanks Ash. I actually have been scouring Ebay and saw the one you've linked. That one appears to be the most expensive of the street series direct replacement rotor. I also found these. The specs are near identical, are from the same series, with the exception of a slight height difference. You have this one. Then this. If they are almost identical, why the huge price difference ? I have messaged the seller about this, and they haven't responded yet. You think it's just a marketing gimmick ?
  10. Front Rotors/pads

    Hopefully, these URLs will be of some assistance.
  11. Pinouts for early kzn165r

    Hi there, You can track the speedo cable from the firewall to the tranny. My RZN149 didn't have electronic one. Good luck Noel
  12. Front Rotors/pads

    I'm trying to research the correct replacement rotors. Does anyone have the dimensions of the factory stock item so I can compare heights ? I'm getting a consistent diameter of 296mm, but some vary on the height. What can the height difference affect ? Also, there are rotors for Aurions with Advics and PBR brakes...??? How do I know which one I have ? I'm at work atm and my wife drives the Aurion.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Replacing the speakers?

    Hi there Really ? I have not even looked at these, so sorry I can't really answer your question but I find the sound adequate There is a graphic equaliser in the head unit which should let you tweak some But this is what i will be looking to replace will be number one on the hit list see separate thread Sure your wife will love it !
  15. Replacing Aurion wipers

    Nice find Krig. I've been looking online for some refils. All the one's I've found have either been too expensive or too crap. I'll have to swing by Big W and take a look. Thanks mate
  16. Replacing Aurion wipers

    I can recommend silicon wiper refills from BigW made in South Korea, priced at $12 The best wipers you can get are the ones made in Japan then Korea, Mexico and China at the end.
  17. cressida mx83

    My info is that the GL has 14" wheels (as evinced by the one I currently have custody of) so therefore the GLX would have had 15" wheels.
  18. Pinouts for early kzn165r

    Hi I recently bought a 2000 kzn165r and I have been scouring the 'net for the pinouts for the ecu with no success. All the info I find is for the 'A/T' (3 plug) ecu. Mine is an ''M/T' with four plugs. Specifically I would like to know if the ecu has a speed signal wire (I think it may not because the speedo on mine is mechanical) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

    I wouldn't know - mines a 6 speed manual ;) Have swapped out fluid several times already - a cinch.
  20. Replacing the speakers?

    Hi All, My wife is probably going to be the lucky owner of one of these beauties real soon I just wanted to ask you guys a question about the speakers... Are they easily replaced or is there a lot of work in it? I didn't really like the sound it was putting out... Cheers and congrats to all who own one already....
  21. Last week
  22. Aurion Workshop Manual

    I don't know why I haven't got one yet. I am looking around for a decent workshop manual that covers the 50 series. I realise that the Camry/Aurion variants share a lot of common parts, but I'm unsure what differences actually exist between the 40 and the 50 series cars. What manuals are you guys using ? This one covers Aurion from 2006-2011 Then there's this Pricey one And this Haynes manual (from the U.K.), and half the price of a locally sourced one, go figure..
  23. Front Rotors/pads

    I will definitely be replacing as a pair. I was somewhat surprised at the excessive wear of the inner side of the drivers rotor. I plan to get two new rotors and pads. Hopefully the right caplier doesn't give me too much grief. I might just remove the driver's caliper first and see if there is something sticking before I proceed with the new parts. If so, I can correct or replace the caliper if need be.
  24. LN111 Hilux 1993 model steering column

    I have had my hilux for 2 years now and whilst using the vehicle today, my steering column has shat itself. Wishing the steering column once partially pulled apart it was found that there was two plastic knuckle looking objects within the tilting mechanism. One of which is broken and the other about to split down the middle. Does anyone know what they are called or what they are for. Really panicked about gettin my girl back on the road. Any help is good help please and thank you. P.s. There was a spring that fell out as well. Below are the pictures of the things I found.
  25. Front Rotors/pads

    Take a look at the caliper that is worn heavily on the inside. The slides or piston may be sticking. The rotor 100% needs replacing. Replace as a pair. Verniers can give a false result if the lip on the rotor is larger than the recess in the vernier caliper. A micrometer is a better option, but it may be cost prohibitive.
  26. Rocker Cover Gasket replacement - what else?

    Excellent product; however, I would not advise using it for this application, as it will harden the rubber. It is better suited for things like water and oil jointing, where a paper or metal gasket is not available.

    I have mixed in the Penrite LV in my 2aurions, by now they mainly have the Penrite fluid in them or at least half after 3 drains of 2.8 litres each. Both cars have over 20 000 km since the first Penrite refil, both drive very well

    Last night, parked my 2006 ATX Aurion in position ready for the ATF change first thing this morning. Engine was not started, just jacked up the front passenger side to remove the wheel and access the fill plug bolt. Surprisingly, the drain bolt was hard to undo even with my long 6mm allen key. Could be because the engine and transmission was cold. I was also a bit more precise in measuring the amount of fluid being drained [using a 2 litre plastic measuring jug]. Undoing the pan drain bolt resulted in approx. 1300ml of ATF. Removing the internal plastic straw drained a further 650ml of ATF. Ended up putting exactly 2 litres of ATF back into the transmission. I also put some anti-seize on the drain bolt, Fill bolt also got some too more by mistake than intent. Intention is to redo this oil pan ATF change again in a week or so.
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