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    hey guys, this service manual is sitting in my computer for a long time,, maybe you can make use of it. 18 - Ignition.pdf 10 - Engine Control System.pdf 16 - Cooling.pdf 17 - Lubrication.pdf
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    so i havent hit the strip but i have been roll racing .... and i have videos .... have gone in Jan & Feb and am running about 50% win rate ..... some folks have some real monsters & there i am in my little granny stroller some of the vids below and others on my youtube channel.
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    Hi Warren, This is how I keep on top of my situation: WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID I mix my own windscreen washer fluid, with: • Water. • Bar’s Bugs. • Morning Fresh. And, I mix it in 5-litre batches (quality control). FILLING WAS SLOW Filling my windscreen washer reservoir was slow, because of foaming. SO I MODIFIED MY RESERVOIR I pushed some PVC tubing (16-mm ID, thin-walled) to the bottom of my reservoir (permanently). And, I discarded the filler cap’s Sight Tube. FILLING IS NOW FAST I now fill my reservoir very quickly, through the PVC tube (this “Fill From The Bottom” method, eliminates foaming). DE-WAXING When necessary, I de-wax the outside of my windscreen with a face flannel soaked in White Spirits (Dry Cleaning Fluid). POLISHING I polish the outside of my windscreen, with Sonax Glass Polish. Method: • Wet my windscreen. • Allow excess to water drain away (too wet, is not good). • Apply glass polish to a damp applicator pad. • Polish my windscreen (with the same pad). • Wash the polish from the windscreen (assisted, by rubbing the entire windscreen with a face flannel). • Stand back, and wet my windscreen again. • Watch for areas that dry immediately (they need further polishing). I never wash my applicator pad; I simply stow it in a clean container, ready for next time (saves on polish). INSIDE MY CAR I clean my inner windscreen, with: • Rubbing Alcohol. • Face Flannels (2). Method: • Work in the shade (on cold glass). • Clean an area of glass, with an alcohol-soaked, face flannel. • Polish dry, the wet area (with the other face flannel), to prevent dried water marks from staining the glass. • Repeat, on the rest of the glass. Photographs appear below… mick2222 Applicator Pad (Supercheap Auto, "163187") Face Flannels
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    Picked up yesterday. Had it just over 24 hours and still in love with it. Will post some better pictures soon.
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    For those not in the know, tuning company Blitz got their hands on a C-HR and made a few tweaks. It was on show at Tokyo Autosalon. The wheels fitted are: ENKEI RS05RR. Pics are from various websites.
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    Yep My thoughts exactly. All the reviews i read said it was a brilliant car but always complained about two things mainly - the cvt and engine size. Had me a little worried. But during the test drive the engine was great. Responsive and quiet. Was very, very nice. And the cvt was very quiet. Exceeded all my exceptions and i am coming from a car with a 5 cylinder 2.5 turbo engine in it. Cant wait to get mine.
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    Congrats I'm getting the same model - koba shadow platinum with a black roof except with the AWD. Mine is due on the 20th of March. Dealer already has it and is just installing the accessories i ordered. Test drive was amazing. Seriously good car. Will send pictures once i get it.
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    Please keep us updated as to the is a FOR SURE issue as so many have had it Good Luck KAA
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    Providing it is less than 10 years since the built date/month. Do not pay a cent. There is definitely an issue.
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    Congratulations, you are our first C-HR member! You get a free...actually we don't have anything to give you...😂 Which trim model did you get?
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    The USDM vehicles had almost all of the same issues.
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    Hi Chris Welcome to the club, I have restored a few of the early RA60's and RA65's over the years, more recently was a RA60 Sunchaser convertible. Not sure what research your doing? but feel free to pm me or ask away on forum if you need any info. cheers
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    Welcome Chris..Nice to have a fellow Central Coastie onboard KAA
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    Welcome. OzCelica and Toymods(Facebook) are also handy to join.
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    Hi Guys new to the forum and thought id share a simple modification i managed to do in my spare time this weekend - Spoiler Removal and Installation 05 SPORTIVO. Its quite simple. Kings Spares In Fairfield managed to hook me up with just the right colour at the right price. Ive attached pictures for convenience. Steps: 1- Remove Boot Lining from top of boot when opened (Access to middle nut) 2- Remove both end nuts 3- from left hand side of spoiler run fingers along undernearth spoiler to pop clips out - may take some force .. Tools Required: 10mm Socket
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    Thanks for posting the guide, I have now converted it to a tutorial on your behalf.
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    The actuator is probably worn out, but has not yet failed completely.
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    Front = DB2243 Rear = DB1475 Bendix Brakes issued a News Bulletin comparing DB1474 to DB2243. DB1474 will fit the front calipers but have a smaller surface area compared to the DB2243 pads. Previously, the Bendix Catalogue had DB1474 for the Aurion Front but has [finally] been updated to show DB2243. Just to confuse the issue, eBay sellers are still listing DB1474 as front brake pads for the Aurion GSV40. Bendix Brakes.xlsx
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    Let's pretend this never happened. 🙄 Welcome.
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    Thought i would share my current efforts on making my new/old rolla look a little better. Has low kms but the price was good because of the paint and dings. It's never going to be perfect but it will look a little more tidy, It had really bad paint peeling on the bonnet and roof. Before After. Not perfect but i will be the only one who will notice. Next week maybe some paint.
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    Well that exceeded my expectation. I will cut it back and polish it in a week or two but overall its made a tired looking car great again.
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    I can see a lot of you a really interested in this. HA! **** it i will finish the thread now i started it. For the record i had the colour matched in acrylic lacquer, The match wasn't 100% perfect but it will be better than a dermatitis bonnet, ding and roof.. Bonnet and Guard are painted and have one coat of clear on them. Next i will oil it back with kero and apply another few coats and call it done.
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    Sweet, thanks heaps trentmeyer23! I rang up Mike Carny where I bought the car and told them the problem and what I need, quoting that genuine part number. They put it in for me and it only cost me $13.Thanks so much, again. Cheers.
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    I would say that would be the pedal stop rubber, which also presses on the switch. The brake pedal in the untouched position sits against it keeping the lights off. With this gone, there is nothing for the switch to rest against, causing the lights to illuminate. The cruise control thinks that the brakes are applied, which explains why it will not work. This should be the genuine part number for it: CUSHION(FOR STOP LAMP SWITCH) 90541-06036.
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    Hi Maybe sombody knows where find wiring diagrams for Corolla Verso 2003 Thanks Hi, Anyone who can find the owners manual / service manual for corolla year 2000? i will be glad if anyone can find it for me. Thanks.
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    I'm thinking that too. The engine misfires to control rpm at cutout right? what happens if you downshift just below cutout? won't that put you way past redline? will the synchros give you a hard time at that rpm for downshifting?
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    Hey guys.....I just got the gear selector cable fixed and is free from rattles!!! Yay!! Just got it back yesterday and all seems good. The down thing is that they stuffed up the paint job on my door. It was suppose to be resprayed because there is a patch on the door which is from a bad paint job from the factory. They said that they will respray the whole door! When it came back it was only sprayed over the patch. ***** me off!. The old patch is gone and now there is a different patch!! They said that they will have to do it again coz they actually send it off to a panel beater to do it. Now i'll have to take it in again. What a *****! I'm concerned that when they respray it the look will be different to the factory paint job. There should be ripples in the paint. Can they get that affect if they respray the door? Does anyone know if this is possible?