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    My baby has arrived. Great fun to drive. Very happy with my purchase. <3
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    Picked up the red devil haha. So happy - pretty nervous on the short drive home. Turned a few heads. Just waiting on side garnishes which they said were on back order (e.g someone forgot)...looks ok without them. So smooth and zippy.
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    It finally happened!!!!! Goodbye Minibeast, Hello Diamond!! 😍
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    This is why I am trying to push you guys/girls to create more topics and build threads. And the Facebook groups are great and all, but they are damaging to the traditional forums.
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    Wahoo!!! Finally!! Does she have a name? There are some great Facebook groups if you're interested. The Victoria group has some knowledgeable peeps. I've found out about messaging, and dimming the mini screen.
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    Not an accessory for the car per se but a nice little gift from the dealer. Very handy indeed if you lose keys or phone.
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    I think it also has a speed limiter so you can set it to 60k and no matter how hard you press the accelerator it won't go over 60k. Better option for around town. Can't find it in the book. BTW how cool are the puddle lamps!
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    Hooray! Sunday pick up for me (Friday stuck at work and Saturday they were booked out!) but excited none the less.
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    Hi, have just arrived back . All sorted, picking up the beast tomorrow! Now for some GOT goodness. And Westworld is back too. Can barely contain myself.
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    Your baby is on land!!!!!
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    Cool, have fun, you will get used to people looking at the car at lights or as they drive past and look now you gotta go through "new car syndrome" all over again, worrying about where you park and who parks next to you etc Cheers Eric
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    I have a number plate and I pick up at lunchtime tomorrow. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎉🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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    Just waiting on tinting, protection and tow bar now. Dealer rang today and said he'd call with rego details tomorrow. Hopefully I can pick up Wednesday.
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    Well went in had coilovers fitted pedders extreme xa's looks really good dropped about 2 inches but will have to raise it up about 2cm i think just a fraction to low heres a before and after photos the first 2 are before last 2 after fitting
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    EEEK! I'm on a boat now. Not sure which one though since I thought my window was the 3rd or 10th. So maybe it made the 3rd and only updated today, as I understand it should be going from Yokohama via a K Line boat?
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    Hi Ellie My carrier docked Port Melbourne a day ahead of schedule on 30th May Dealer arranged it for 8th June - I pushed it to Friday 9th and took Friday off
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    Hi Ellie, great to see your car is not far away in regard to the auto window up/down function by vehicle remote operation not being available is not true, I had my cars remote window up/down feature switched on (enabled) by the dealer on day of pickup all I have to do is press and hold down the unlock button on remote and hey presto all four windows wind down & for up .. press and hold lock button ....... see vid i thought this function would be handy in summer so you can release the hot air inside before entering, and because you can't get a sunroof The Toyota technician found this function when I asked about Auto door locking (all doors lock) when you start your drive and go over 25kph and unlock when you shift to Park, this feature I had in my last Camry Hybrids, but alas is non existent with the C-HR All they do is plug their laptop into the communication port under the dashboard and go through the options you have and would like to change to on
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    I saw that window option in the manual Ellie but decided not to ask for it ti be coded - its a dealer thing Big deal about the mirrors - They will put the mirror rocker switch on your door cluster to the middle position You are right - The dealers really don't know enough about the cars I'm trying to find out why we cant have road sign assist. Everything seems to be in place for it
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    So far it seems consistent that Toyota Sales Staff are not well versed in the features of the C-HR. I would have thought they would have improved since I received mine. At least then they had the excuse that it was a new, new model. You will love the car when you eventually get it see it in real life.
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    Feedback to Toyota Australia will be available after delivery. In fact between the dealer and Toyota telephone calls and emails, you get plenty of opportunities to express opportunities for improvment.
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    Looking at the K Line site and taking a guess I may be on a ship on either the 3rd or 10th. Fingers crossed it's the earlier!
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    I've now done just over 5000km on my Pilot Sport 4 Michelins and have carefully measured the tread depth again. Front Left is 5.5mm all across evenly. Front Right is 5.5 - 6mm. Rear Left is 6mm even. Rear Right is 6 - 6.5mm. This is after fitment at 75930km until today at 80988km, travelling Tassie roads, ( yes they are sealed), and driven 'normally' with the odd Targa Tassie fun route thrown in! Maybe a little faster wear than expected but will probably slow down, (the wear not me), as the rubber hardens up. Going by the tyre wall DOT, all 4 tyres were produced in the 41st week of 2016 in Thailand Michelin factory. Still very happy with the grip and overall performance of these tyres, I will be rotating them soon to try and even up the wear.
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    Nice ! I don't have the skill for that but i did pick up this tip from aspec and trimmed my dash $5 and 5 mins sorry about the pic quality
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    Australian Specification (2017) CH-R's do not have a Toyota Original USB Charger Port option and the aftermarket USB Ports do not fit in the blank in front of the gear shift, which is the logical place for the port to be located. I have developed a Plug and Play option that any handy person can do to give your C-HR the missing option. NOTE: This is a USB charger only and does not connect into the entertainment system. STEP 1: Buy a suitable aftermarket USB Charging Port. I purchased one that has 2x 2.1 amp USB ports and a Blue LED Volt Meter. Buy a Twin mini blade fuse holder. These are a piggyback double adapter with a length of wire, usually with a crimp fitting on the end STEP2: Prepare the USB Port Unit that you purchased. This is the scary part and done incorrectly will quickly destroy your USB Port. Cut the back off the USB Port flush with the back plate of the USB Port. I used a small high-speed hobby cutting tool with a less than 1mm thickness cutting disk. You may choose to use a fine hand saw. Take care to only just cut through the plastic and not cut into the circuit board or components below. You will also need to cut around the connection pins on the back. Take your time and plan your cuts carefully. Always wear suitable Safety Glasses or goggles and Cut Proof Gloves. Mount the USB Accessory in a vice or clamp as in-hand cutting is dangerous and your blood will damage the circuit board. Depending on the design of your accessory you should now have an exposed circuit board attached to the plate as per the picture below. I would highly recommend that you use an epoxy glue to glue the circuit board to the front plate as most designs only have a small tab either side that the board sits in. Apply voltage to the power pins on the circuit board to ensure correct alignment if using the voltage meter option. Ensure the circuit board is correctly located in the tabs on the body. Ensure the glue you use does not flow into the USB ports or again you have wasted your money. Wait for the glue to completely set. Wrap the circuit board in good quality heat resistant electrical insulation tape to prevent dust settling on the board causing short circuits. Congratulations, you now have an ugly circuit board attached to the front plate ready for installation. STEP3: Remove the Accessory blanking plate from in front of the gear shift. You have two options to do this: Use a sharp tool between the edge of the blanking plate and the trim panel (Not Recommended) Remove 3 trim panels from your car. This sounds the hardest but in fact, Toyota have made this very easy to do and it exposes some fantastic engineering and opens your eyes to how little wiring is visible in these cars. I found the European Spec Hotspot Installation Manual (RHD) - AIM 003 833-0 provides details for removing the trim panels that match the Australian Spec C-HR. You should remove: the passenger central dash cover, the passenger side trim panel on the front of the center console and the trim panel that holds the blanking plate from the back press the blanking plate out of the trim panel. Remove the fuse panel access cover under the dash on the passenger side. The instructions for this are in your manual and the clips are difficult to locate, take your time and you will have no problems with this cover. Removing the large plastic cover gives you access to the interior fuse panel which is located on the left side under the dash. STEP4: Connect the wiring. Cut a suitable length of wire to reach from the internal fuse panel and the USB accessory port. Connect a female spade connector on one end and Connect the wire from the fuse double adapter to the other end. Cut another suitable length of wire to reach from the accessory port to a grounded bolt. There is a bolt located on the transmission tunnel that is well located and easily accessible. Crimp or solder a suitable terminal ring onto one end of this earth wire and a female spade connector on the other. Remove the bolt and place the ring terminal over the bolt retorque appropriately. Identify the correct positive and negative lugs on the circuit board Connect the positive and negative spade connectors onto the correct lugs Use good quality insulation tape or shrink wrap tube to ensure no shorting across the terminals. Tie the positive and negative wires together with tape or shrink wrap near the terminals to support each other. STEP5: Remove the fuse cover Locate the 15amp accessory fuse (Blue) in the fuse box and remove it. Attach a new 15amp fuse into the direct line of the piggyback plug and a suitable (5amp) fuse into the takeoff port. Note the genuine Toyota fuses do not fit into the piggyback adapter. Keep the fuse for future reference and the blanking plate for if you change your mind. Connect the piggyback adapter into the place where the original accessory fuse was located. Stick cable-tie bases at various locations between the fuse box and the USB Port. Attach the cable to the bases with cable ties. Apply some cloth tape from one side of the fuse box across the piggyback connector to the other side of the fuse box for added security STEP6: Replace the trim panel through which the USB Panel and wiring are located. Use automotive trim double sided tape to stick the USB ports to the trim panel. Wipe the area where the tape will stick with suitable cleaning fluid to remove any wax or product that may affect the tape from sticking. Sit back and admire your work. but not for too long. You did put the fuse cover into the glove box for potential future reference, didn't you? Refit all the other trim panels. Walk around the vehicle to the driver's side. Don't forget to let your eyes drift over the great lines of the C-HR as you walk around. Seat yourself in the driving position and smile, because you have the coolest car Toyota ever designed. Turn the ignition to the accessory position. (Keyless vehicles, press the start switch without depressing the brake pedal. CONGRATULATIONS If you bought the USB with Volt Meter you will have a lovely new display on your dash. Connect a USB lead into one or both ports and plug it into your phone or other USB accessory and check that the device is charging. NOTE: Do Not Connect a cable between this USB charger port and the entertainment system. EVER! Standard Rider: Do this project at your own risk. I accept no liability for the work of others who follow these instructions.
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    Just a short update on my Sportivo tyre Situation. Michelin has been offering $100 cash back on 4 x 17" tyres at some dealers, so as the std MX-V8s have nearly reached 76,000km and STILL have between 3-4mm left, now seemed like the right time to buy a set! Primacy 3Ts or even LC were my first choice due to the great feedback from forum users. Then I noticed the new Pilot Sport 4 was available in the Sportivos std 215/55ZR17-98W size priced right in between the two Primacy tyres. So that's what I decided upon, the Pilot Sport 4. First impressions are quite amazing! The slightly dead steering now feels alive with good feel and feedback,(similar to an Accord Euro I have driven). Just driving normally at highway speeds the turn in is way better like the steering ratio has now been changed for a quicker one,(all very nice). Tyre pressures are set the same as my previous MX-V8s and noise levels seem to be about the same as well,(I was expecting a slightly noisier ride). I was hoping for a 'bit' of an improvement over my old tyres but not to this level! Wet weather grip and tyre wear will need to be checked before an all over view is available. I'm not expecting 76k out of them but European tests show 45-55k no worries! Have noticed mine are made in Thailand not Germany like the tested tyres so hope that doesn't go against them. Another unexpected plus is that the tyre is definitely a wider fitting than the old MX-V8 in the same size. The old tyres exposed the rims to the curbs, but the Pilot Sport 4 comes out wider protecting the rim to a certain extent without there being a ridge type rim-protector moulded into the sidewalls like some Continentals and Pirellis have. Very pleased so far but early days yet ....Time will Tell.
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    I've got a set of Lovells springs for ZZE which will be available in a couple of weeks if you're interested? Also got KYB Excel-G shock absorbers for ZZE123 Sportivo (I think the only difference is the brake line mount). Less than 10,000kms on the lot. Flick me a message if you're interested and I'm sure we can work something out.
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    So got time to tint the Foglights today. Not the best but first time I have tinted anything before. And I finally found the mounting kit for the replacement TRD badge for the front bumper, I thought the screws were lost during the move but luckily I found them!
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    I ordered a 2WD Koba in crystal pearl with a black roof on March 11. I liked the car from the ads and I LOVED it after the test drive. Signed my contract the same day. But a 3 month wait? 😕 Told today by my dealer that production on my car starts May 1st. Anyone know how long after that? Are the ones for Oz made in Japan or Turkey? I'm dreaming about a darn car. 😜🙄
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    Hehe. I've always wanted to own a brightly coloured car. My previous one was black and a complete PITA to keep clean! (Looked great for a day after a wash).
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    I like the name, although you'd have to keep an eye out for evil impulses (a la Stephen King). 😜 This is a great forum, my original and first.
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    Just in relation to the Toyota link app, Toyota have replied to a few people on their Facebook page, who have questioned the fact that pandora is about to be rendered useless and the lack of app update/s. Have seen Toyota's social rep respond with : "We are aware of Pandora's® plans to leave the Australian market and unfortunately as a result, the Pandora in-vehicle functionality via Toyota Link will cease to operate from July 31st, 2017. Toyota Australia will make an update available to remove the Pandora app from vehicles that have this app installed. This update will be available through the Apple® App Store® and Google Play™ by the 31st of July. We are dedicated to providing guests with the latest technology and experiences when owning a Toyota vehicle. Our team is working to ensure an alternative music streaming service can be introduced to replace Pandora®, we will advise all guests as soon as this has been completed. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. If you'd like to talk to a member of our Guest Experience Team further about this update you can reach them on 1800 869 682 (Mon to Fri 8.30am - 5:30pm AEST). Thanks, Toyota Australia." So a potential app/maybe in car software update to come in the next few weeks.. But at this point it only seems to be in purpose of removing the Pandora app from the link services which is again a bit disappointing as it now means the "Entertainment" part of the unit is now all but gone.
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    I'm sure if they were looking for a sale you could swing it. Not really much different for asking for other inclusions. I don't know the real price of this part number (86271-0E173 if you are interested) but can be found on ebay new for around $200 I found my wife's Mazda card on ebay for this price also - The dealer wanted $800 - for a SD card ! Anyway - I think it's poor form by Toyota - I don't want to have to pay again for maps when they do come out again Likewise - in my old car - I would put a new head unit in in a minute - I did. But my car is so shiny new - I don't want - and should not have to replace the Head unit I want that 8" from the Europe Models - Toyota Europe provides free map updates
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    Well as usual I have been slack updating this, I blame the fact that I got distracted and got another project car for a bit. I got a little carried away as usual so have a look and then I will carry on with the corolla project. I did have an MR2 years ago and felt like getting another so that's what I did. It was completely standard bar an air filter and loud exhaust. Then I got stuck into it and replaced all the suspension and bushes, new exhaust, link g4 plus, Rotrex super charger, Subaru water to air intercooler, TE37 wheels. Removed some rust from the windscreen . removed the motor Got the new shiney bits Put together the jigsaw puzzle And got this really smooth power curve So this is a really fun car to drive, not too much power and so linear you can throw it around without getting into too much trouble . I would say more but I will be selling this soon to further the corolla and I will be shipping the corolla across the ditch within a year, an expensive at the least so there won't be much more done to the MR2. So because the corolla will be coming over with me I have decided to convert it to be e85 ready, this should also help with the emission testing for compliance and gain a bit more power too... can't complain about that. One of the next things will to confirm what is legal in the way of modifications in VIC compared to NZ as there are a few differences and I want to try and minimize any work required once I get there because I will have enough stuff to worry about without car problems when all my tools are still packed away. Anyway there will be another update once I get some progress done.
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    Got some sidesteps on there . They look good
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    Hi Connan I found the Customer Service persons at Taren Point, absolutely useless. I suggest that you follow it up at a Toyota Service Centre. Speak to the Service Manager and mention TNF 06/13 Unfortunately, I can't post it up as I was threatened legal action by a 'clown' at Taren Point. I assume they had a bit of 'clout' with this forum and had it taken down. Print your previous post and take it with you. If they get 'narky' and want to charge you, tell them Toyota have fixed numerous Klunkers under the TNF 06/13 Proof of them being fixed at no charge is all over this forum. The evidence suggests that Toyota manufactured a car with a known fault and waited for customers to complain before fixing it. It should have been a General Recall. I certainly DO NOT TRUST the person who wrote me the email, saying "the car was safe to drive". How would he know? My car ended up having 3 replacement arms before they got it right. All before it traveled 10,000 klicks. Best of luck, do not give up and DO NOT pay anything. You can also say you will follow it up with Fair Trading. John
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    Forgot to mentions - no engine check light is coming on thanks
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    For future reference it is in the Buyers and Sellers Corner. I have moved this post to the correct section.
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    I just realised - saw a dud torrent . Such a long wait. Not long now for the delivery - shouldn't be long once the dealer has it.
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    A great combo I've seen is the Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks along with King Springs. Not too expensive from what I've seen but you can get a nice lower stance along with improved handling. Also having the ability to stiffen the shocks is a bonus.
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    With a limited budget [very much like myself] you are best to concentrate on the basics of having good shock absorbers/struts, brake rotors and brake pads etc.before proceeding further. Makes sense not to spend limited funds on modifications when your tyres or shocks need to be replaced. Having said that, I have found eBay prices for King Springs to be quite competetive. It can pay off to wait and keep looking and saving. Just in case you find someone who is selling their coilovers because they are returning their vehicle back to stock for reselling purposes. Personally, I have not seen any '"ättractively priced" used coilovers.
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    Good for you loving your little friend so much..I would recommend you aim for one that will offer the best most comfortable fit..most harness systems operate in the same way..we travelled quite a lot with a Toy Poodle enjoying the back seat..small dogs seem to be the hardest to fit maybe a trip to local vet's I am sure a trial fit would be no issue for them..or a pet supply store also tend to have a good selection..buying online for that item could save a few dollars for same product least you know it fits well and secured safely.. Enjoy the trip and stay safe KAA
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    Shocks do not affect ride height. The vehicle's weight is born solely by the springs (hence the term "sprung weight") - they deflect a certain amount for a specific applied FORCE. A 10kg/mm spring will compress 10mm when you apply 100kg of force to it, regardless of how fast you apply it. Shock absorbers on the other hand are dampeners, which resist MOTION - they apply a resistance in proportion to the SPEED that the spring is compressing. No speed = no resistance. Apply a 100kg force to a spring backed up by a shock absorber and it will still compress 10mm, but it will take longer to do so than if the shock wasn't there. The main purpose of a shock absorber is to dampen the motion of the spring and stop it bouncing around. Note that you can move the rod of a brand new shock up and down by hand with very little force (compared to the weight of a car), just slowly. A blown shock you'll be able to pump it up and down quickly with relative ease. This is a graph of the step response of an undamped, underdamped, critically (perfectly) damped and overdamped system, analogous to a car spring/shock combo suddenly having the mass of the car applied to it (you've literally dropped it off the jack-stands). Note that the end result is the same regardless of how damped the system is, just the underdamped system (ie a blown shock) will pogo around before finally settling - hence the "bounce test" to determine if your shocks are blown. Push down hard on each corner of your car and release - if the car bounces up and down a bit then the shock is blown, if it quickly and smoothly returns to level then it is fine. Thus, a car sitting "static" (a step-response system after an infinite time) will always sit at a ride height determined by the spring rate (all other things being equal) - springs do have some slight dampening built in to them due to friction, energy loss, inertia etc. Apart from static vehicle weight all the forces a car's suspension sees are impulse-loads, ie off-on-off rather than off-on step loads, which is where the performance of a shock absorber becomes relevant What people see as a change in ride height after installing new shocks is most likely either a placebo affect (because they expect it to ride higher, especially after seeing a blown shock side-by-side with a new one), the suspension hasn't re-settled after installation, or the spring hasn't been re-installed in to the seat properly (most springs sit in a pocket which can easily be 10mm deep compared to the rest of the seat). Additonally, new shocks means new spring seats/top hats/eye-bushes etc, all of which will have worn over the years and causing a "sag" in ride height. Even Monroe (ie one of the largest automotive shock absorber companies) states that blown shocks do not directly affect ride height, however they are often symptomatic of a suspension system that is worn and
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    Read that URL more thoroughly right to the end. Good idea to check your fuses. At least it is something you should be able to easily check before going to an auto electrician.
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    Hi Eric, warranty voiding by using these or any other OBD-II devices! Maybe if you were using an engine tuning chip device, however as usual read the fine print. If it is not specifically forbidden then as far as I am concerned it is fair game. Terry
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    Mine did that too. It'll come back into range.
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    If you are desperate to have this feature Mr H There is an after market feature you can purchase as below link that I read about on the UK forum
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    I reckon it'll dock today. Toyota app says it's already in storage yard, so the ship just has to catch up. I'm still on school holidays at the moment, so if it arrives with in the week or next week I'll be right.
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    OMC! You're a GoT fan too. 👍🏻👍🏻 I'm watching Foxtel catch up for the 2nd time in June/July. Readying myself for the 17th.
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    Working the component's bit by bit. Anyway mod list goes: Suspension KYB Excel G struts custom wound/rate/made KMAC springs Whiteline adjustable sway bars F/R stock front 3 point strut brace GAB front brace Brakes RDA slotted rotos front braided brake lines front QFM A1RM front pads QFM HP-X rear pads Penrite SIN fluid Cusco BMC brace Wheels/Tyres 949 Racing 6UL V.2 wheels 15 x 8 +36 front 15 x 7 +35 rear Engine Ported head big-port camshafts TODA 1.0mm head gasket GREDDY timing belt RS*R headers and collector 2.5inch exhaust w/ high flow cat Fujitsubo FGK 85mm muffler 3A Racing pod with heat-shield and Cold Air Feed Earthing kit Alloy Radiator Gearbox JDM C52 'box Exedy H/D clutch Extreme Chromoly 4.0kg flywheel ARP flywheel bolts Royal Purple fluid shifter bearings short shifter Skunk2 gearknob Interior TOM'S 330mm Steering wheel Momo TOYOTA horn button Replica BRIDE fixed back bucket seat - driver SSCUS fixed back bucket seat - passenger JDM Wisteria seat rails Apex'i RSM custom centre console box 1kg Fire Extinguisher Exterior Black housing headlight mod Euro spec rear lights Clear front indicators JDM Toyota windshields Mazda 626 lower lip Tinted windows hit and run dent mod Thanks for looking, will update as i go