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    Just wanted to say hello and explain why I have joined TOC proud new owner of 1974 Toyota Corona Mk II sedan needs a bit of tlc but is working and on the road in fact has travelled from Tassie to Northern NSW in the last week ! Going to be embarking on a full restore inside and out so happy to photograph progress and also feel sure I will be seeking advice and info along the way. Mark.
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    Good to see you got it all sorted Darren. Good work. I just shudder a little at the cost of those discs. Man alive ! I wonder if that 40 series TRD brake set up will also bolt up to the 50 series cars... Trent ? Hiro ?
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    I've not even begun investigating a replacement head unit for mine. My cd player shat itself not long after I bought the car. My wife put a disc in and it got stuck. Had to open it up to get the disc out. It still doesn't work and I don't really care anyway. I don't use CDs in cars, I like the radio better. I enjoy my music proper on a home HiFI system. If you need to, just hook up and MP3 player.
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    RE trim protectant, there are millions of people recommending millions of the brands they trust, but in the end, we drive quite regular cars. I would say get ANYTHING (within reason i.e. not too cheap and not too expensive) when your auto retailers have 30%+ off sale. i tried Mothers back to black, and because that's more of a liquid form, it was nowhere as durable as Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant (not to be confused with the regular Meguiar's classic and natural shine protectants). If Meg's UP is at 30% off, it's the best bang for buck. Thick durable cream and lasts in the aussie sun when it's 35+ degrees. The trick is to let the cream dissolve overnight into the plastics. Works great on your unpainted plastics like mud-flaps, front windscreen bottom plastic guard, rear wipers, top antenna and all the plastics in your engine bay. Using a paintbrush is the best as it's not wasteful while creating uniform coats. Have fun!
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    They came with a factory defect though where the steering wheel is mounted on the wrong side of the car. Toyota refuse to fix it too.
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    Nice to meet NiNi..Welcome to the forum..Nice colour too... And yes Commodore owners do look at us and drool, and so they should! KAA
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    I have to say that your choice of model is truly exemplary. I'd have the Presara over a Sportivo in a heart beat. I totally agree with you on the body styling. It looks rubbish. Toyota made a big mistake there. As for the paddle shift. I'm not quite sure, but it wouldn't be impossible. I imagine some wiring loom addition to the ECU and mounting the hardware. In my honest opinion. I wouldn't bother with it. The sequential shift in these cars is over rated, especially the down shift. This transmission/engine combo has appalling engine braking and so I don't ever bother up shifting or downshifting manually. Stick it in auto and enjoy the beautiful ride of the Presara
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    NOTE from DJKOR: Due to the constant stream of questions regarding this modification both on and off the forum, I will no longer be answering any questions about this modification regardless of the question content. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, this is my first post so ill try to make it useful as possible. Ive been trawling through this site for a while getting some ideas and heres the first one that has eventuated. It seems that the factory CD/MP3 player on the aurions (and probably the camry's) have provisions for AUX input and that toyota has been too cheap to bothger utilizing it. All they needed to fork out was a few dollars for some shielded cable, ONE resistor and a headphone jack. Anyway, down to the point. If you pick up where toyota decided to not leave from, this is what you need to do to get AUX input. (Please refer to the Audio_Visual section of the manual avaliable here). - Refer to page AV-16 to AV-19. P.S mine is the "Standard Model" 1) Connect F8-19(AUXI) to F6-7(GND) through a 1K resistor, DO NOT GROUND DIRECTLY -> AUX will not work if you do this and the original AUX module DOES have an internal resistor (Thanks DJKOR) 2) Test to see that you now have the AUX option by using either the "Mode" button on the steering wheel or the "Disc" button on the HU. If AUX does not appear, then you have failed with step #1. 3) Using a SHIELDED cable, connect the signal inputs for the AUX as follows: F8-15(ARI) = Right Channel, F8-16(ASGN) = Signal Ground / Shield (NOT Chassis ground), F8-17(ALI) = Left Channel Have a look here for a 3.5mm headphone jack pinout. (Obviously there is more work if your going to install a socket rather than a direct lead.) 4) Thats all actuall, enjoy your non FM GAYMITTER tunes. All the stuff you need can be purchased from jaycar for about $5 The hardest part about completing this mod is finding appropriate connections to put into the F8 plug. Because toyota did not put AUX in there, the above-mentioned connections are blank in the plug and do not have ANY wires or clips in these positions. Have a look here for pics of my install.
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    How loud is the sound, and do you feel anything, anything at all, through any point of contact (steering wheel, pedals you're in contact with, the seat)
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    What do you mean by strut tower plates? Cv joints are a prime suspect, as Campbeam said. However if the car has been lowered, shocks replaced... there are a bunch of things that could be too loosely done up. Sway bar links, strut mounts (top). Im assuming the sound is from the front?
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    Clicking sounds I usually associate with the CV joint on the drive shaft. Best to also check the wheel bearing.
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    Cheers Yep for sure, not gonna go stepping on peoples toes :)
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    Well I've gone and done it, placed my order with Ryda dot com. They are running a 20% off promo code via eBay. Getting the Kenwood DDX917WS and also splashed on the Dash Cam DRV-N520. Funnily enough you can't get this offer in their physical location in St Peters, you have to go via eBay and must pay with PayPal. I also now need to source the adapters which can be had for much cheaper overseas, plus raid/borrow some tools off the folks. Pretty excited, a little daunted, but happy I pulled the trigger after much debate.
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    Awesome. Can I send you some money. You saved me 40 bucks.
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    Poderoso Coche del Negro Which translated means "Mighty car of black"