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    Got to test drive again, but on my own, for about 90 mins today. I rang and said you've already sold me one but I'd really like another drive. They said all good, come in. Then when I went in the sales manager said do you mind taking it by yourself, we're short-staffed. Take it for as long as you want, just return by 5pm. BONUS!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻 Was enough time to really test a range of things that the regular half hour with salesman usually isn't. Merging speed/power (plenty), back seat room (fine if not behind me), comfort of driver's seat (really good lumbar support), braking (stops on a dime), voice control for phone calls (needs work), Bluetooth connection with my iphone (music doesn't go very loud), all round vision (back and sides for me were fine, front with mirror a little restricted, but I got used to it), cruise control (will need to get used to stalk instead of steering wheel control, and I think the lowest speed might be 45kph), LDA (love when it turns the wheel to put you back on track). I even wondered about the size difference in comparison to my current car. It's a bit taller, wider and longer. And it has better clearance for driveways. It dwarves my car slightly. I do like the driving seat height which is higher. And I checked that it definitely had artist and song with music through Bluetooth. Still in love!
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    I got quoted just under $1000 for the black wheels which is a lot but just couldn't say no.
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    Hi all, New to the forum, thought id share some photos of my new ZR corolla hatch. Only owned car for two weeks. Mods as follows; - Tinted Windows (15%) - De Badged - King Springs (35mm drop) - 19 inch wheels (+45 offset front/rear) with 235 tyres (front and rear). Finding it very difficult to source aftermarket parts for this vehicle online. So any recommendations of sites/ suppliers would be much appreciated. Cheers Jay
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    There's a reason why there's a Facebook page called "When Camrys Attack" As Trent said though there are tonnes of stereotypes out there when it comes to cars - if you drive a Falcodore you must be a VB-drinking bogan, if you drive a Euro you're an elitist snob (even if it's a Skoda or Seat, the bargain-basement Euros), Toyotas are whitegoods on wheels, everything out of China is made of tin-foil and folds up at the merest hint of an accident, anything Japanese is a rice-burner, Volvos are giant bricks driven 10k under the speed limit on the way to lawn bowls every Sunday (although "bloody Volvo driver!" has started to fall out of the lingo these days as they've had a bit of a coolness resurgence) etc etc.
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    Yep. Head unit displays both artist and song on the home screen and more info on the dedicated audio screen.
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    I'd say there is a high chance it does. My 2013 Hilux SR has it and that is a very basic headunit.
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    Installed the kits and the badge after HSC but was just too lazy to upload pics...well here they are. Also got a muffler tip, 2 small TRD badges on the sideskirt plus 2 LED DRL strips which I've cut and fitted into the plastic surrounds at the front as finishing touches. I'll try and get some better pics soon with a proper camera but for now, iPhone will have to do xD Happy holidays peeps!
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    Yay!!!, the Day has arrived, picked up Today 27.04.2017 I will take better pics when we have better weather, wanted to get home before it bucketed down
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    They are different part numbers.
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    Always replace the clutch as a kit. If you don't want a mainstream clutch, contact NPC or Direct Clutch. They make very good clutch kits and can cater to your needs.
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    I purchased an additional Central locking remote for a ZZE122R Corolla (Approx 2003-2007) and thought id paste the programming instructions here just in case anyone needs it. This Instruction is for the One Button Genuine Toyota Remote. Step 1 - Open Drivers side door (all other doors need to be closed) Step 2- On the existing remote, press the "Lock/Unlock" button twice. Step 3 - Insert the key in the ignition Step 4- Turn the key from "OFF" to "ON" 20 times Finishing it at "OFF", the Hazard lights should flash 20 times if successful i - The key needs to be turned 20 times really quickly (in approximately10-12 Seconds) ii - Do not start the engine or remove the key from the ignition when performing step 4 or else you will need to start from step 1 again. iii - If the Hazard lights do not flash up to 20 times after you have turned the key 20 times, start again from step 1. Otherwise continue with Step 5. Step 5 - After the Hazard lights stop flashing (upto 20 times) press and hold the "Unlock/Lock" button on the NEW remote for two seconds then do the same on the existing remote. Step 6 - To save the above, turn Key from "OFF" to "ON", then Back to "OFF", then remove key, close the driver door and test the buttons on the remote. Hope this helps.
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    well guys i headed out to roll racing again for the Apr round which turned out to be the roll racing state of origin with NSW vs QLD going on. I have posted all my clips up to youtube on my page ( .... 11 runs in total ...... the highlight of the night for me was running a Ferrari 488 ..... Enjoy guys.
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    A filter strap around the housing to hold it while undoing the drain plug worked for me. It's tricky but it can be done.
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    2GR-FE engine is well known for engine sludge so needs to properly serviced with regular oil changes and quality oil. Remember to check/clean/replace the PCV valve. Because I have purchased my Aurions used with the known problem of white smoke on start up [build up of sludge in the valve gear and covers resulting in oil being sucked up via the PCV valve into the intake] I also remove and clean the camshaft sensors and VVTi oil control valves on the valve covers. Positive Crankcase Understanding.doc Don't forget about servicing your "sealed for life" automatic transmission. After 160,000 km, I have replaced the transmission filter and ATF. U660E Info 2010_8_36.pdf U660E AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE FLUID ADJUSTMENT.doc
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    @ZZT86 but thank you! I appreciate the compliment. It comes from when I was a small girl and used to crawl under my dad's car with him and pass him his tools. I thought about becoming a mechanic's apprentice as a teenager but my mum had other ideas, unfortunately... i'd be able to fix my own cars now and wouldn't have these dramas with cowboys.
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    I changed my struts all around recently and put KYBs on the Camry. Same year as above. The kybs come from the USA. The Touring has stiffer struts all around. I also changed my timing belt 4 years ago. I have the V6 auto, 2001 Touring. Never came close to taking the radiator out. But the water pump I left out, it required removing cam sprockets to remove the pump. I ordered a timing belt kit from California for $250 delivered to my door, all parts made by reputable manufacturers. The kit has 11 parts. Priced locally the parts were $600 and I would have had to go to 4 stores around Melbourne to get the parts. Sounds like V63 ran into a slouchy mechanic.
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    The Azura in the MCV20R was the top of the range although it doesn't look it, but to it's credit it is a 16 year old design. The car is in very good condition, great engine. It doesn't have the two-tone or sunroof extras. Interior has climate control, part leather electric seats yada yada but doesn't have a mist function on wipers ! I purchased it recently after my godfather passed away, he had it since new & hardly used it. It's now my daily. Did Toyota say it was definitely a hydraulic mount ? The biggest difference I'm guessing is improved insulation from engine vibes. The solid one would be harsher. The cars springs & dampers overall are still too soft imho but that's how it is unless changed. I know a few ppl @ Toyota Tech Div who could possibly help if I asked. Let me know. I'll post a pic of my Azura later.
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    Wow - hasn't this thread taken off ! @virginia63 It's the update 2001 Azura supposedly with the same firmer suspension setup as the Touring model but it's auto. It's only just ticked over 85K genuine kms. Just took another look at my car, the mount looks identical to yours covered by a soft rubber boot, no locating lug, held in place @ head by a bolt & 3 at foot & indeed has the soft rubber cup/boot at the bottom - hydraulic right ? Odd they say the Touring suspension being sporty/firm as I find it floaty, easily bothered by strong crosswinds & somewhat unsafe for my liking, it's usually OK I guess. Certainly not as firm as my dads ACV36 Sportivo & my 86 is go-cart in comparison. The manual V6 Touring was supposedly quite the "sleeper" in the range with a 5speed manual gearbox was definitely quite handy in a str8 line - it's quick! Not sure how many were sold. You need to be almost 100% certain the part # you have is indeed the correct one before purchasing from the States. The Yanks prefer softer suspension whereas us Aussies like the firmer Euro setup so there may be variations in part, often our cars are typically setup for us only & done locally, I wouldn't be surprised if those mounts were made here. Personally if the car feels similar I would just leave it & call it a day.
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    lol yeah and i had to pay. as for my radiator $198 cause the top plastic plate had a crack in it where one of the screws go in. even though it's old and probably due to crack i wonder had it been another mechanic if i may hove gotten a few more months out of it before it went. fixed now. got a call today from a bloke at mackay consolidated in melbourne who i'd contacted last week. he echoes what's said here in terms of the touring probably originating with a solid mount. however he thinks the auto and manual mounts may have size differences in the base, accounting for the recess in my cradle that doesn't rightly fit the mount i put in there now. he also tells me that of all the 50k registered v6 touring camrys in australia, 5% of them (that's 1000 only) are manual. he's going to try and source original part numbers for all my engine mounts in case i run into trouble in the future. very helpful man, i didn't even ask him to do that :)
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    Dealer called yesterday to advise ETA was < 31 July 2017. Been researching the overseas models - seems various infotainment systems deployed around the globe...Europe get Toyota Touch 2 (8" with DAB+ radio), Canada get some other version (7" analog radio) while Australia get a 6.1" unit with idea what it's called. Shame the USB hangs out of it. Sounds great though from my demo but forgot to notice if Bluetooth Audio shows artist/album info. Anyone know?
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    Correct. Toyota use this pitch for almost every(if not all) vehicles.
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    Appears the thread pitch for Toyota wheels nuts is M12x1.5. Any good wheel and tyre shop should be able to help you out with a set of lug nuts and a key for them. I got a set of 5 with a key for less than $30.
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    Congrats Justin. Maybe our cars will be siblings. Lol. It's nice to read a guy (assumption from your name) say that the car has enough power. 👍🏻👍🏻
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    Leaving a few things aside until I get some time off over Easter, but did a trial fit of my genuine JDM Toyota weathershields the other weekend - still need to get the window frames painted black (and the power folding mirrors too) and some new 3M tape run but the preliminary results look nice and neat. These are the good ones too that actually have clips that go under the window seal as well as the double-sided tape so much less chance of them flying off at 100 on the freeway. Figured I should go back and update the original post with the current car state too
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    If you can't find one locally, I have had good luck with the 3S platform on Rockauto in the US. So that may be worth a try.
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    A 1JZ-GTE swap has been done quite a few times. Usually cheap-ish to buy and produces a good whack of power. It's never cheap once labour is factored in though. Slightly newer model, but same principle:
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    I've only heard of it once on these forums, but there are multiple instances reported on the New Hilux forums.
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    Car ramps should give you more clearance.
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    As you can see, aftermarket has varying levels of quality. OEM body panels almost always fit better.
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    Hi, I used this spoiler from in Villawood NSW. Part Number: TOYCAM12OEMRW. It is low and fitted well to my 2014 Camry Atara SL. I did have a problem with some of the LED's failing, so I swapped out the original ones and replaced them with some from Jaycar. Carmate shows several rear spoilers for your 2010 40 series Camry
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    No some Russian dude from US. however I did use scanguageii to check transmission temperature, dont need to fiddle with the wires. watch his second video on the Lexus he did, shows how he checks the TFT (Tranmission fluid temperature). Actually I just completed the job today, needed 7 quarts of oil to do 2 x (DRAIN & FILL). Changed the trans oil filter and gasket (from sparesbox), used Toyota WS oil from gllubriants(ebay). Car is now shifting smoothly I am impressed. I did see some metal shavings in the pan. Ill post his other video below. Oh and BTW i ordered the scanguageii from fueleconomysolutions. com .au
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    Hi guys you can buy Toyota Genuine ATF WS fluid from gllubricants(they sell on ebay). Im going to do drain & ATF filter change, then additional drain this Saturday.
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    Welcome Nick..You will find some very sweet Aurion Mod's on here..enjoy the forum KAA
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    Cool Thread! My Uncle started willow bank dragway. The quarter mile is even named after him. Dennis Syrmis was his name, He had the first gas rolla into ten seconds.
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    Hey, can you confirm it's the passenger side? If so the oil in the hose between the intercooler and turbo is from the pcv pipe. I have the same. I added a provent 200 to remove the oil. Ray
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    Possibly an issue with the detent spring, that holds the detent ball against the shift fork shaft.
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    19x9.5 +42 on 235/35 tyres :)
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    +45 on the front and +40 on the rear. Yeah they look much larger in the flesh but also because ATM it's still on std springs they look puny.
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    Hi Mine is doing the same. How did you go with getting it fixed?
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    Picked up the car today, the people at LPGAS Lilyday are really good. Nice and tidy install they also threw in a puncture repair kit consisting of green slim and a small compressor. The donut tank does not sit up as high as I thought it would, sits 2cm maybe 3cm higher than the spare tyre would so there is almost no noticeable loss of boot space. However I was informed the Injection system uses higher pressure than the older systems and I would only get about 48lt usable gas out of the 60lt tank not the 52lt I used to get in my older Camry. The system starts on petrol and switches seamlessly over to gas once the engine is warm and the revs are on a decrease, it will also automatically switch over to petrol if the gas runs out. At idle I can manual switch from gas to petrol and you can not pick the switch, no change in revs or engine noise absolutely seamless change. Can also manually switch fuels while driving just best done while the revs are decreasing. I can pick no change in engine power from gas to petrol, the car is still a rocket when I want it to be. Only catch so far is when I first went to fill the tank, the tank was only about a quarter full and I need it full to start working out the mileage, any way went to fill the talk and it would not accept any more gas. I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to try another pump, about an hour later and 50km down the road I had time to try and fill again, this time it filled no problems taking 32lt and costing $17.00. I called LPGAS Lilyday about it not filling and was told if it continued to be a problem bring it back when it suited me. I hope it was just the stations gas pump and not the tank cut off valve sticking. I know some ppl remove the 80% cut off valve so they can fill the tank to 100% and make sure they drive for a decent distance before stoping. The 80% cut off is to allow for gas heat expansion. Don’t think it’s a good idea to remove this safety feature I’m also sure it would make it unroad worthy but I sure wish it would fill to 90%. Will know my first gas usage in a day or two and will submit my claim form for government rebait of $1250.00 on Monday. Once I have time will upload some photos of gas cylinder and engine bay.
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    Hey everyone, Got it done now have working foglights =) For future reference, the purple with silver flecks and white with flecks wires were what was the switch wiring for the foglights underneath the steering column. Where the wire is will hook up to the connector to the right stork, but if you look closely there is no connector on the stork side.
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    Did you try this fix?
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    Funny guys...That's a greek tuner. How did u come up with this web site?
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    If you want to know what happens when water is sucked into the intake - think reduced displacement but sudden & super increase compression ratio and high pressure steam. If enough is sucked in, say goodbye to piston rings, con-rods and head gasket at the very least.