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    Finally got around to checking the manual. Apparently there are 3 drain cocks. Attached document may be of some further assistance Toyota and Lexus 35l V6 2GRFE coolant bleeding trick.doc
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    I’ve been using Redline MT90 with Nulon G70 additive in my gearbox for the pass 10,000kms and decided to try the Motul Gear 300 transmission fluid as I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from it especially from 86 enthusiasts. It’s a GL-4/GL-5 rated fully synthetic oil and boasts Ester technology found in Motul’s top of the line 300v motorsport engine lubricants. Before I go into a brief review I should probably should give a rundown of my Sportivo. It currently has 168,000kms on it with a heavy duty stage 1 Exedy clutch setup and lightweight chromoly flywheel. When I bought it 2 years ago from a mature driver it was bone stock. The condition of the gearbox was good but as we are all aware it’s a major weakness in the Sportivo and will crunch if you don’t get the shifts on point. If your timing was off, 2nd and 3rd would sometimes refuse to go in and at high rpm I would experience a slight crunch in 2nd or 3rd. On cold mornings shifting felt a little notchy until the car warmed up. Upgrading the clutch helped immensely along with changing the transmission fluid to Redline MT90 with the Nulon G70 additive. All these issues were addressed with the modifications and only on the very rare occasion I would experience a slight crunch going into 2nd at high rpm. The filler spout that comes with Motul bottle means there's no need for a separate pump when refilling transmission fluid. I went ahead and changed the drain plug to a magnetic piece off a Toyota Landcruiser. Should capture any metal shavings floating around the gearbox. Part no. 9034118057. I didn’t expect to feel much or any difference switching to Motul Gear 300 but I was pleasantly surprised after a week’s driving through twisty roads and through traffic. Gear shifting felt noticeably smoother and quieter. I’m not sure what’s in the Motul lubricant but the mechanical noise from the gearbox when shifting hard seems to be a lot quieter. Not that it was loud at all to begin with but the change was noticeable. No signs of any crunching or notchy shifting either on cold mornings. I didn’t add Nulon G70 to it just so I could test Motul Gear 300 on its own. Driving the car now is a lot more pleasurable with smooth shifts especially when pushing it as it instills confidence in the gearbox resulting in a better overall driving experience. I will review it again at a later stage once I’ve clocked more mileage on the car but so far Motul Gear 300 gets a thumbs up from me.
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    Get this one instead:
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    The reason your headlights are narrow and the reverse lights are miserable, is because you have illegal tint fitted. Of course you won't be able to see anything!