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  1. Are you able to post any real-life pics of the ones you've fitted to your Aurion?
  2. Wrapped the centre console and engine cover in glossy 4D carbon fibre wrap. Cost was only about $12 and a few hours of my time.
  3. Hard throttle is my stage name . But yes, hydrographic printing is a wonderful thing. I wrapped my console in a glossy carbon fibre vinyl, but hydrographic printing would have been even better. You just have to be sure the person doing it is experienced enough not to stuff it up.
  4. Haha, that's the spirit!! :D Well, it's been a week so far and the splitter is still there, without any real damage. I've scraped it on a bunch of entrances etc, despite being extremely careful and taking extreme angles wherever possible, but so far so good. The goal of making it to at least a month could well be achievable, but time will tell ;) Obligatory victory shot:
  5. Washed it and then chucked this front splitter on today. I bought it from the US 7-months ago, and it has sat in the garage while I've been deciding whether to put it on as the front bumper already scrapes on a daily basis. I decided to throw caution to the wind however and this is the result. The EZ Lip I had already fitted is still there (except now sits flat), which provides a decent contrast between the bumper and splitter. I can't see this thing lasting more than a month before getting destroyed by a driveway or speed bump to be honest, but it beats sitting there collecting dust.
  6. Mmm, liquid metal - Almost sounds as good as it looks . Welcome to the forums mate