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  1. Unless you are fanging around a track, its not gunna do jack squat, Syndicates is giving you an honest first hand opinion
  2. That's the word I was lookin for, Thanks Champ
  3. Any thing with a 5x 114.3 PCD Ford stud pattern. Falcon, Territory, Nissan X-Trail, I was running rims off a Kluger on mine 16 x 7 and they exceeded the Load rating required, If you do put rims from a Falcon on even though they are the correct stud pattern beware of the larger centre hole on the ford compared to the hilux, you will need eccentric rings ( readily avail ) to take up the difference otherwise all the weight of your ute will be on the studs not on the hub
  4. Mate you do realise these things ONLY run a 3 bearing crank, save the heartache drop a 3y or 4y straight in, they will most likely exceed the final turbo figure of the 12r any way naturally aspirated.
  5. From what I understand Hilux Surfs are imports and they are stand alone when it comes to interchanging parts with the 4 runners and other hilux,s of the same vintage, to put your mind at ease best bet is ring Toyota spares dept and ask them
  6. This is what those pipes attach to and feed your brake booster Notice the vanes, they are more than likely only made from fibre,so any sh*t that gets drawn in will score the hell out of them, Only a thought to help you pin point the problem, but if you have checked and you have no vacuum from the lines coming from the pump, it points to it needing a once over, easy enough to pull apart and check the internals,but as trentmeyer stated if you are not 100% what the problem is, its all too easy to spend replacing what don't need replacing
  7. If you are pretty switched on with disassembling and putting back together, Id say the vanes that produce the vacuum are full of sh*t and need cleaning out or replacing
  8. Had the same thing happen to a new commodore we once owned all good signs of a air cond in top working order. Conditions must have been ideal for it to happen, high humidity, moist air. Not a thing to worry about
  9. Bit late, but go to the wreckers and get your self a sealed electronic version ( Need one from a Toyota so it is a Plug and Play ) then get your original one and toss it straight in the bin, Problem Solved
  10. Have a look directly below the water pump, for any tell-tale signs of dried coolant ( Red Pinkish colour dries and stands out ), could be losing it thru the seal in the bottom of water pump. If its leaking internally then its obvious its mixing in with the engine oil so that should be a milky mess, and over full on the dip stick With the radiator cap removed and the thermostat has opened, is there bubbles in the coolant, Cheers Conrod
  11. Yes mate run one for years, just stretches the bunji hooks a bit
  12. Hey champ, I got a 2001 model little tray back work mate and mine too was bloody hard to read, what I did was pull the instrument cluster out, removed the fascia and cleaned it all up with a micro fibre cloth, then armour all it, made it better, all the globes are easy to remove from the rear, you might have a couple of blown ones, as for the tacho feed, sorry mate cant help you there, might be a case of plug and play, cheers Conrod
  13. All fixed, called into a wreckers today and they had the same ute there and I took a snapshot and hooked it all up