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  1. See attached. Thats discrimination right?
  2. Should be simple plug and play. I can check the manual and get back to you tomorrow. sorry for delay as I haven't been using this site since 22nd December lol. I was checking the forum before I leave for home
  3. You and me have the same black car except I bought mine in 2012 for 0 kms on clock. It's nearing 50,000 kms now Cheers Dave
  4. I did test drive the V6 accord 6 years ago before I settled on Aurion cos of capped service price. Power wise... V6 Accord (the current one) is 206kw with 339Nm where Aurion (also current one) 200kw with 336Nm so not much difference in between them but Honda V6 does have the deactivation cyclinder for fuel economy reason when pressing cruise button where Aurion doesn't have that option. I haven't seen what fuel economy is like but I am happy with my Aurion when on a long drive as its best was 7.1 litres per 100km and city/urban I am impressed. Ride quality: yes Honda Accord V6 was smooth and so comfortable when I test drove it but Aurion is also the same but a tad more firmer than Honda's but still liveable with daily traffic. If you want something different then by the means go for Honda V6 but there are other V6's you haven't thought about but yes the reliability is a must. To give you content: read up on this one: (ain't a member but a valuable research tool)
  5. That article mentions a V6 but i wouldn't hold my breath if they actually did boost from normal 200kw.
  6. I had all but forgotten about Subaru Liberty! It is cos they don't do much sales lately (the POS facelift 2-3 models back before the current facelift did hurt the sales). Yes the servicing costs are a big factor in why Liberty sales are so down. KIA however while improving, still lags behind Camry in sales for medium category. But that will all be over soon if the rumours about the KIA GT is true. Come to think of it, I have noticed a bit of downtread when it comes to medium to large category cos everyone has jumped aboard the SUV bandwagon. Example is this link: I have to admit while I am not surprised by Holden Commodore still the leader of large car sales, the biggest surprise is the number of Aurions vs Falcons. There are people out there choosing to buy Aurions over Falcons. Traditionally it's usually Commodore, Falcon and Aurion last. This time it is different and yes it is just for November. I haven't got the faintest what the year to date is yet!
  7. Alright as far as I recall... Now yes Holden's SV6 and Ford's XR6 are in similar specs but their category were large where Toyota Aurion and Honda Accord both were medium large category Honda Accord with its V6 and FWD is the Toyota Aurion's direct competitor. Both have different levels of specs but the main difference was Honda only had 2 specs (can't remember what they were called) where Aurion had: ATX, Touring, Sportivo SX6, Prodigy, Sportivo ZR6 and Presara. That's 6 specs compared to Honda's 2. Price wise: on different levels. The ATX, Touring, Sportivo SX6 were aimed for budget where Prodigy, Sportivo ZR6 and Presara were aimed for people with money to burn! Honda's 2 specs were not aimed at budget at all. Both were priced above in the Sportivo ZR6 and Presara area. As for other V6's in same size wise as Honda Accord and Toyota Aurion, it was actually VW Passat and Chrysler 200C. I also remember another V6 and it was Mitsubishi 380 before its demise (to this day I still lament the loss of it as it allows more choices to pick. Ex owned Magna). Although I had to laugh a few years back when Ford Mondeo came out and annouced the competition was against Aurion until they realized the error and changed it to Camry. As OP mentioned, the Mazda 6 and Honda Accord Euro (which is no longer on sale here) both are 4 cyl engines but are direct competition to Toyota Camry. Camry's direct competitors are actually: Ford Mondeo (now with new engines, one of them a potent 177kw. Have yet to test drive this one. One of the 3 to have wagon form) Mazda 6 (now with SkyActiv engines. Have yet to test drive those. One of the 3 to have wagon form) Honda Accord (the 4 cyl engine one that effectively replaces the Euro) Skoda Octovia (the RS version could give Aurion a run for its money. One of the 3 to have wagon form) VW Jetta Holden Malibu (although I know it is discontinued but there is another one coming soon) Suzuki Kizashi (recently got a turbo engine but still isn't powerful enough) KIA Optima (non turbo ones. Turbo ones would be closer to Aurion area) Hyundai Sonata (known as i40) Um i think that's it.
  8. Actually i never follow Choice. Each to their own anyway
  9. My car is a 2011 Touring SE bought new with 0kms in odo and had stock Bridgestone tyres. That was 2012. That didn't last long and was already worn out at 30,000 kms this year. Those tyres were Bridgestone Ecopia something. I ended up switching to Michelin tyre Primacy LC as my previous silver Aurion prior to its write off had Michelin Energy XM2 tyres and was the most quietest I ever had. Best in fuel economy as well. The reason I picked Michelin Primacy LC for my current car was because I wanted quiet and comfort with the benefits of fuel economy for good measure. So far it has been so good that I end up filling my car once a month! I really wanted to get Energy XM2 but Michelin stopped making them. So if you wanted a Michelin tyre, Special Edition/6Sp Auto 3__5L V6.html I am not sure on other brands but these are the ones I would go for: Pirelli - had Pirelli tyres on my old Magna prior to its write off with new rims on it. Great tyres! Kumho KU22 - have this on the family's Toyota Spacia van. Good grip in wet weather and was comfortable on roads no matter where you are at.
  10. Further update to this thread... my car has hit just under 47,000 kms (probably will happen this weekend) so that means in the time during 14th December to now, I had done only just under 7,000 kms. Yes it had 45,000kms service just done recently 2 months ago. Before you go off, yes I did follow the log book when i had my car under warranty but that has since finished on January 2015 (15,000, 30,000, 45,000 each year since new). The new service centre I went to refused to follow the log book saying my car has too low kms in order to have the 60,000 kms and above and can't justify the cost for doing it when the car has too low kms. They will follow the kms on the odo instead of the log book. What do you think? It will continue to have serviced at the same place as well as brake checking at the same place. Cos they have capped servicing there. I wouldn't go for ultra tune as I heard horror stories about them.
  11. Yup I like the guys at City Toyota in Northbridge perth too. They are good people and respect my deafness and explains what's what. And it is a good 20 mins walk from there to my work so having an exercise instead of using taxi or their courtesy is a bonus! They fixed the oil leak issue I had late last year which turned out to be the cheap service centre's own fault. They refunded the money back to me which I used to pay for City Toyota to fix.
  12. You guys got lucky in cheap prices. In perth average price is $1.30 on any given days with cheapest on Mondays and Wednesdays at very far away spots which renders having cheap petrol point moot! You drive all the way just for cheap petrol and waste that petrol going home in traffic.
  13. Hmm interested in this...let me know how that goes after installation. You should be able to plug and play most of it?
  14. While Hyundai Genesis is V6 with about what 27kw and 61Nm more than Aurions and is a rear wheel drive, i wonder whats its fuel usage is like around town before taking it on a good freeway/highway run. And yes, like phandrew I have also been eyeing KIA Optima GT with 180kw turbocharged engine but I want to see how reliable their turbo is first. My next car will not be a Toyota. I have been tossing up between KIA/Hyundai or Mitsubishi as they offer good long warranty and capped servicing.
  15. Not sure how you will sell for a profit, but yes you may fetch a bit extra $$ for the lower kms. provided oil has been changed regularly..... I have seen people change oil by kms and not time before. not good!. i bought my 2011 Touring in May this year for 13k with 134k kms on it. i think its more important to look for a good maintenance record than kms. i test drove a sportivo with 50,000km and it was worse to drive honestly. my advice would be to get out and drive your car, its just an aurion. just my 2 cents. Actually, I have been driving the Aurion far north and far south this year in effect to get more kms out of it And the darts winter season finished up for me 2 months ago, (tuesday night for south, thursday night for north) so the car won't be driven as much and there's Adelaide next month which I am flying over. It will be driven once i get back. Yes it has been serviced by toyota scarborough until the warranty finished in January this year (i still can't fathom why when it was supposed to be expired in June this year but i did follow log book servicing anyway). I went to a cheap service centre in late August before I went up to far north. I will not go back cos they over tightened the oil filter, damaging the seal and causing engine oil loss. I had to get it fixed but lucky only cost be just $100 ($20 for part and $80 for oil refill). Cheers! Have a nice day!