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  1. Sticky Dashboard?

    Hi Max City Toyota in Northbridge did mine without any fuss. I had a 07 Presara and the dash as deteriorating just along the edges, to be honest I would have been fine with it since it was a 10 years old car but the dealership decided it was damaged enough to be replaceable.
  2. Head unit & Maps

    Hi, just my 2 cents worth on this subject. I have a 2007 Presara so my unit may be different to the more recent models. Removing the map dvd is a straight forward matter. On-screen there is a 'map eject' button which ejects the dvd from a slot from behind the screen. There are 2 slots behind the screen on the 2007 model, the top one is for loading up to 4 cd's and there is a dedicated slot below for the map dvd. My car came with the map V17 so the disc is quite old. The latest version is V23 however $350 for a dvd does seem a bit expensive.....The solution to this is to download and burn a more recent version of the map dvd. OF COURSE, it should be only used for evaluation purposes and one should buy an original copy. In saying that, it is possible to use a copied version of the map dvd. I have been 'evaluating' map V20 and apparently there is V22 floating about on the net. Hope this helps.
  3. 98 Octane Fuel

    Have you checked the FAQ's, already a lot of posts and opinions on this matter...
  4. High petrol consumption

    The last service was the 180,000km one and it cost about $400, it was during that service that replaced the dodgy hose. I only service my car once a year and will replace the oil myself at the 6 month mark. I'm interested to know as I have no idea, how much would does a similar service cost at a local mechanics? About half?? At Northbridge Toyota generally when I get my car serviced there that's what they do, they service my car and give me back my keys. A long time ago when I had a non-toyota car and serviced it a franchise car servicing place, they would also find issues with the car to fix along with the servicing, it was never just a service.
  5. High petrol consumption

    Where are you based Krigeroz? I'm in Perth and I would recommend City Toyota in Northbridge. I've had my Aurion serviced there for the last 6 years and haven't had any issues with them. I'm sure it can be more expensive serving a car at dealership but these are the reasons I take mine to one: - The crew at Northbridge give great customer service and care about you and your car. I mentioned about replacing the hose on my car at the last service, first it was free and since it was on a Friday arvo, they gave me a loan car for the weekend. - They have the latest news, updates and manuals on their Toyota cars. Again, I'm sure I can service my car cheaper elsewhere but it's the peace of mind I get knowing it's getting done right. I'm not sure how many aurions a local mechanic would service a day/week but I know it's no where as many as a Toyota mechanic. - Finally as mentioned before, Toyota dealers are aware of recalls and fix them for you even if your car is out of warranty. My car is 9 year old and the cost of shipping the metal hose from Sydney head office and replacing the recall rubber hose (which wass prone to bursting) didn't cost me anything. I reckon if you asked your local mechanic ' Do you think change of the oil and transmission fluid to full synthetic will help??? ' They would probably answer 'Well it's not going to do any harm, would you like me to do it??' $$$$$
  6. High petrol consumption

    Are you going to a Toyota dealers to have it checked out? If so, you wouldn't need to ask so many questions but instead just tell them what your issues are and they should be able to tell you what's going on. If you take your car to a local mechanic, your chances of getting your answers may be lower. A Toyota mechanic only deals with Toyota cars and a local mechanic deals with ALL cars, that's a lot of homework to do to keep up to date on your car. The other advantage of taking it to a dealership is that they can check all the recalls and perhaps/will fix them free of charge. This happened in my case at my last service where a rubber hose was replaced with a metal hose as part of a recall despite my car being 9 years old.
  7. High petrol consumption

    Here's my 5 cents worth, I don't have eco mode on my 2007 aurion but I have been driving mine for about 6 years and this is what I've found out. If I'm mainly urban/city driving all week, I will average 13-14L per 100km. If I'm mainly freeway commuting Monday to Friday and urban/city driving on the weekends, I will average around 10L per 100km. If I go a long highway drive with 98ron petrol, I can usually get the consumption down to 7.8L per 100km. I have experimented a lot with tyre pressures but the one I like the most is 32PSI at the back and 34-36PSI at the front. I like to use 98ron but damn the price has been high recently. ---- During the winter months, I used to let the let the car idle for at least a minute every morning before setting off for work, it was during those months that most of my driving was urban/city with little freeway driving, I was averaging 13-14L per 100km. 22L does seem a bit high but then again, our aurions are not the same. Hope this helps and I hope you get some answers too.
  8. What pressure do you have on your tyres Tony? I've been reading another forum on pressures and started experimenting on mine since they will need to be replaced in the next 6 months anyways. Usually I have 32psi at the back and 34psi at the front, which I've always found to be most comfortable. I read someone swears by 34psi at the back and 38psi at the front which I've been trying for a while. I find the car a little twitchy at this firmness so I might try 34/36 for the next week or so. I am aware the higher pressures would affect tyre longevity and road handling/grip and am only experimenting as the tyres will need to be changed anyway and the road conditions are generally dry.
  9. Major Oil Leak Problem

    Hi everyone Just an update to this topic, my 2007 Presara has just had this hose issue and I would highly recommend everyone with an older model car have theirs checked out. I've just had my car booked for a regular service at a Toyota dealers and everything was going according to plan. The people looking after the car called Head Office regarding the hose fitting and whether it could be replaced. Head office advised 'no' as it as it was still intact and had no issues. Anyway the car was serviced and taken on it's test drive and you guessed it, the hose gave out and started leaking oil. It is still at the dealers waiting for a metal hose replacement from Head Office. Luckily, mine gave out during a servicing and was already at the dealership, I would hate for this to happen at any other time. My advice to anyone with an older Toyota would be to have it checked out a dealers so if there's anything that can be repaired within the 10 year warranty period, it can be done so. I believe there's quite a few items that fall under this category such as the sticky dashboard, electric windows...and others I'm not aware of.
  10. I've been using Michelin Primacy LC for the last 6 years and would definitely recommend them for quietness. At 60kph with the windows up and aircon and music off, the loudest sound I hear from the car is wind noise and a hum from the engine.
  11. How many KM's have you done?

    12000—15000 km per year. You recommend the minor service mid year?
  12. How many KM's have you done?

    2007 Presara with 186 000kms on the clock. It gets serviced once a year at Toyota and has been mechanically rock solid. Just took it for a 900km cruise over the weekend with Shell V-power in the tank. The car averaged 8.2L per 100km for the entire trip and was whisper quiet at the end of the journey. At 60 kph the only noise I could hear was road noise and wind, the engine was purring.
  13. 2009 Aurion blowing smoke on acceleration

    I agree with that statement. In the past when I had a non-Toyota car serviced at a place like Ultra Tune (I don't want to name names), they would generally find something that needed to be fixed or replaced on top of the servicing. It never seemed to be just a servicing. For the past 6 years, I've had my Aurion serviced at City Toyota - Northbridge WA and generally that's all they do, they service the car and return the keys.
  14. Engine Carbon Clean

    Cheers for that trentmeyer23, if this is the product then I definitely do not have the confidence or know-how to do that. Did you use this product? Without sounding like a virgin, which hole did you insert the nozzle into on the aurion? I poured a bottle on Wynn Fuel System cleaner into the tank the other day and I think I can feel a slight difference. I'm putting it down to the placebo effect but I'm taking the car out for a 5 hour drive this weekend on the highways and giving the engine a good old work out and seeing what overall effect it has made.
  15. Engine Carbon Clean

    I've seen the same videos too regarding spraying water into the car to engine and even tried it with a mate one lazy weekend. The next morning when I started the car, the engine light lit up for the first minute or so and that ended my days of Youtube experimenting on my car. That Seafoam product also looks interesting but I don't think we can get it in Australia. In regards to using 98 ron (my preferred petrol now that's cheaper) there's 2 equally strong arguments as to whether there's any additional benefit to it. I saw this video for the 'Pro' side I spoke to a technician at Toyota today and enquired about the carbon clean and found out that they do it there too so I will ask them to possibly do it when I next take my car in for a service in a couple of month's time. He mentioned some interesting points: - He only recommended a carbon clean if the car really needed it (i.e running like s..t) otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this as I thought all mechanics would push a carbon clean for up-selling purposes. - He recommended running the car on 98 ron and using a fuel injector cleaner if I felt the car the idling a bit rough first thing on cold mornings. Anyway I will have the car serviced in October and will update this forum again with the results if the engine is carbon cleaned. (Special mention goes to City Toyota in Northbridge Perth where I have been get my 2007 Presara serviced for the last 5 years, they do a great job and do not find 'faults or things that need fixing or replacing' to make an extra buck. Generally I take my car there once a year to get it serviced and that's all they do. As mentioned, the car is now pushing 180,000+ kms and is still mechanically solid)