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  1. TRD calipers into 09 Aurion GTX?

    Are the trd calipers twin piston? Do you know what the disc size is? Just wondering, I have done the Kluger front swap and an wondering if there is much difference between them and the trd setup
  2. Poly control arm bushes?

    Anyone?Or any experiences with poly bushes generally
  3. Throttle issues

    Can you describe what happened at the time? Was your foot on brake or acc? Flat ground? Was the acceleration like fully flattening the accelerator? Was car warmed up? Were any of these things the same each time it happened?
  4. Front Rotors/pads

    I have RDA rotors on the rear. You could take the opportunity to find kluger calipers from a wrecker - I paid $160 for a set off a 2011 kluger, bought discs from ebay - rda also and its all a direct fit. No cutting, forcing... it all just fits exactly. The only catch is wheel size. I have 18 inch, I think they fit in 17s too. 2 piston calipers, larger discs.
  5. New shocks = higher ride height

    After approx 300km and 2 weeks the ride height is 5-8mm higher than with the very old shocks, From measuring both tyre to guard and ground to guard its 8mm higher in front and 5mm rear. I also dont get the front lip scraping on a driveway I go into almost every day and it used to scrape every time even when going super slow. So the shocks (or a magic unicorn) has made the car a little higher even after its all had a chance to settle in.
  6. Has anyone fitted poly control arm bushes? Just wondering if anyone has experience with these. Do they change the feel? Directness of steering? Other changes...? Nolethane sell control arms with their bushes fitted, just wondering if there is any benefit - Im sure mine are original 220 000 km old.
  7. New shocks = higher ride height

    So your theory... as posted has to be right? Im just looking at what has actually happened. Saying its not possible does not change the reality that my car sits higher. I was a mechanic, the parts are all seated properly... it drives nicely. The shaft on shocks will extend because of the gas pressure inside. On the old ones the force of this was quite small but on the new shocks the shafts only pushed up slowly but quite a lot of force was needed to push them back in. That is where I thing the extra height comes from - that is my guess, that the car is higher is definitely real.
  8. New shocks = higher ride height

    Im not concerned about the height, it was just an unexpected change. After 3 days the rear seems to be back roughly whaer it was and the front is almost there too. There is no bottoming out, the ride is good, no noises etc. Main reason for sharing originally was just that it was not a change that I expected - and others may encounter the same thing.
  9. New shocks = higher ride height

    kyb Excell G shocks. Via Ebay, $290 for front pair, same price for rear. Shipped. I think the shocks I replaced were the original ones, they had Toyota - made in Thailand - stamped in the metal. Some rust... So a 222 000km life. They may have been replaced with OEM ones but I dont think many people would pay for original shocks.
  10. I didnt expect this, when I googled the issue, lots of people on other forums say it is not possible but.... I replaced the original shocks on my 2007 V6, 222 000km. The car now sits an inch higher than it did with the old shocks. The car has been on lowered springs for a year and I kept these same springs. I did this today so I guess it might drop back down over a few days, I dont know. The only reason I can think of is that I could easily push the rod back down into the old shocks but on the new kyb shocks, that was much harder. Odd.
  11. Tyre Suggestions for 2013 ATX?

    Have you looked at the tread yourself? Or had a slightly knowledgeable friend look at them? Many shops will tell people they need new tyres when its just not true. I ask because of the small distance you've driven on them and that you say that you have been told they need replacing.
  12. 2010 Aurion vs Alise Interior rear seat

    Essentially the same..... or exactly the same. In all other markets its a 4 or 6 cylinder camry. Its like when Toyota tried to tell us that the Avalon was a large car - really a camry with different bolt on body panels.
  13. Fuel comsuption

    tyre pressure significantly effects fuel use. Higher pressure gives less rolling resistance and lower fuel use. Its the exact reason cyclists run 100-120psi on road bicycles. This may account for some of your decrease in milage.
  14. My 2007 with 219 000km runs nicely. It had not been maintained too well and it made the horrible vvt noise on startup. After a year and 3 oil changes with synthetic oil the noises became intermittent and then non existant. I think this problem was an oil problem like yours seems to be. I have a 2009 with 115 000km which Mrs has had from new and the 2007 that I have had for 3 years. Apart from service items, neither one has had any problems or parts needing to be replaced
  15. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    I have a 2007 and a 2009 post facelift model and the sear is lower in the 2007 than the 09.