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  1. TRD calipers into 09 Aurion GTX?

    Yes the TRD Aurion front calipers are twin-piston, on a 325mm disc
  2. Maybe the mechanic was getting confused and was thinking about the actual switching for the lights, ie power-switching rather than ground-switching
  3. Has there even been a positive earth car since EFI was introduced?
  4. 1) I4, not V4 2) ES350, not LS350
  5. Slotted rotors aren't meant to offer any significant benefit in daily driving, they're a performance product. If you're only driving this thing to work or down to the shops then slotted rotors are complete overkill. Got any photos to explain what you mean by the ridging? Any rust that forms on the actual friction surface will be wiped away in seconds by the pads at the first stop sign/traffic lights, and anything not on the friction surface is irrelevant
  6. The grooves aren't designed to be cleaned by the pads, they are there to help remove gasses generated under repeated heavy braking events and to also act as a knife-edge to clean the pad. The bottom of the groove will never be touched by the pad until the rotors are worn down to that level, at which point they will almost certainly be past their wear limits and need to be replaced. Personally I'm more concerned with performance than looks. If the DBAs stop the car well, then a little surface rust (which is all it is, if you really wanted to you could scuff it back and then paint those areas with high-temp brake paint yourself, making sure to mask off any area touched by the pads) is nothing to worry about.
  7. The grooves aren't being constantly cleaned by the pads, thats why they are rusty. Remember that rotors are cast-iron, unless they are specifically treated/painted then they will always rust.
  8. Hiro's AE102

    Had a go at trial-fitting the ST204 pad carrier brackets today in conjunction with the twinpot calipers, unfortunately I've got the 54mm SS AE101 discs rather than the 55mm SS AE111 discs so I couldn't quite get everything to sit snug, looks like I'll either need to machine the pad carrier a couple of mm on the mounting face or get a spacer for the rotor (which I'd prefer not to do as aftermarket rotors are all 55mm). Brand new seal kit and 4x cylinder pistons from Toyota, grand total of $130 +p/h through Amayama Showing the 54-to-55mm step on the AE102 hub - disc needs to be 55mm, wheels need to be 54mm. ST204 caliper bracket on the stock 255mm disc, the rotor just skims the inner face but there's too much room on the other side, wouldn't want a pad falling out... How the 275mm disc sits inside the carrier - since the rotor doesn't want to sit all the way in on the hub (due to the step) it actually lines up almost perfectly in the carrier, however the rotor can rock around a bit and would be dangerous to attach a wheel in this configuration No need to trim the factory heat shield, fits perfect SS pads fit snug in the ST204 carrier and line up millimetre-perfect with the edge of the disc No machining of the pad carrer where it bolts to the hub either (unlike the SS carrier) - perfect fit How it looks all assembled - if it wasn't for the mis-matched paint you'd swear it was a factory fitment Diameter comparison of the AE102 to SS AE101 discs Since the 14" spare wheel will no longer fit over the SS caliper (Superstrut models came with 15" wheels as standard) I decided to get a set of what I believe are facelift ZZE122 15x6" steelies.......that also happened to come with Advan A048 R-comp semi-slicks :D Might just keep those in the back pocket for Toyota Nationals next year... Even with the bigger wheels, clearance was pretty tight. Back side of the caliper was fine, but the clearance between the face of the rim and the front of the caliper is as about as tight as I'd be comfortable with And just for laughs I fitted the ST204 pad carrier and an SS pad to the stock AE102 disc.....yeah, these brakes are going to be heaps better :D
  9. TRD calipers into 09 Aurion GTX?

    Basically no OEM-fitment brakes short of a Porsche or Ferrari will run dimples or cross-drillings (and then you're starting to look at ceramics anyway).
  10. Bilby

    Might be easier if you post a topic in the relevant car-specific sub-forum, as well as mentioning exactly which V8 and which car you're talking about...
  11. Hiro's AE102

    Step 1 of Project Twinpot - test fit of AE101 SS calipers on to ST202/204 pad carriers complete. SS pad carrier shown in centre for reference. This should allow me to bolt on the SS twinpots whilst still retaining the 275mm rotor diameter. Next step will be a trial fit to the car (hopefully this weekend) to see how much the rotor will need to be spaced or the pad carrier ground down, followed by a clean and paint (and probably a rebuild, no reason not to). This post also marks my first test of Flickr as an alternate hosting site to Photobucket. Here's hoping it lasts...
  12. 1996 Camry Poor Acceleration / Rough Idle

    MAF? The 5SFE is MAP-sensored, do you mean that or the IAT (intake air temperature sensor probe which plugs in to the airbox)?
  13. 255 should be the standard size, 275 were the Sportivo brakes but I know some of the catalogues list the 275mm as an option for the ZZE122 for some reason (maybe as part of a towing kit or something? Facelift? Jap vs South African built?)
  14. 95 Vienta Auto to Manual Conversion

    The difference isn't as bad for the V6 though, but the manuals for those are even rarer.
  15. New shocks = higher ride height

    You said yourself that after 3 days things are basically back to normal - that points directly to parts settling or bedding-in after installation. Gas-charged shocks apply the same pressure to both sides of the shock piston (due to the valving - the gas is there to pressurise the oil to stop it from foaming or cavitating), so the only force acting to extend the shock is the CSA of the rod (which is the difference in acting area between piston- and ring-side of the cylinder). Take an average 1/2" piston rod, that has a CSA of 0.19in^2. Even with 360psi high-pressure gas-charge, that equates to a force of 32kg. Apply that to a 6kg/mm spring, and you get a ride-height change of 5mm (assuming you had absolutely no gas pressure in the old shock). 5mm ride-height change is not noticeable in anything short of a Formula 1 car - you'll affect the ride height more by filling the petrol tank.