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  1. BTW Repco pads are generic Federal-Mogul OEM (ie Ferodo but not the expensive race stuff) pads. I've run them a couple of times when I just wanted a cheap pad to throw in (front and rear of the Corolla, front of the Camry) and I've always re-used the stock Toyota anti-squeal shim (fairly sure the pads still have the notches for the shims to grip on to anyway)
  2. Latest acquisition - AE102 Sprinter 3-dial dash cluster. Unlike the JDM BZ Touring and FXGT 3-dial clusters, this one has the correct tacho for the 7AFE (8000rpm vs 9000rpm) AND retains the Aus-spec 200km/h speedo (vs 180 for JDM). Also doesn't have the superfluous dash lights for cat temperature, rear light failure module etc (although since the ADM Sprinters were all pre-facelift, there is no seatbelt warning light fitted). Still requires a bit of wiring magic but I'll most likely palm that off to someone who likes electrons more than I do in exchange for some beer or something.
  3. To try and stop the rebirthing industry NSW introduced some pretty harsh laws back in 2011 in regards to writing off vehicles, now there's basically no such thing as a repairable write-off that hasn't bought back by the original owner so basically anything that ends up at the wreckers or Pickles etc is statutory.
  4. Throwing out the old Holden boat-anchor is a very wise thing to do.
  5. Eaton TVS1320 for those playing overseas
  6. Yes we have junkyards here, but remember that there were only ~600 TRD Aurions ever sold, so they're not exactly common
  7. Spent all of Saturday afternoon and half of Saturday night on my back under the rear end installing my Ultra Racing rear swaybar, and what a pain in the ***** that turned out to be. Fortunately didn't have to drop the tank, but both straps, filler pipe, breather pipe and the exhaust from the cat back had to come out, and even then it needed some wiggling to get it out past the jack stands on the cross-member and holding up the tank. Stock 14mm vs UR 19mm (both solid) Fortunately managed to work out how to get my sensor light to stay on permanently, otherwise I would have had to call it quits as soon as it got dark and pick it up in the morning. Garage is too full of crap to get a car in these days, and chances are the light wouldn't have been much better in there since all underneath would have been in shadow. As it was I still didn't get everything back in and buttoned up until after 9pm.
  8. Scott needs to stop having so many kids, they're driving him away from all the cool cars.
  9. It depends on how the remote interfaces with the central locking. In the case of my '99 Camry the remote ONLY handled central locking, the immobiliser chip was in the key fob so pairing up a new remote was easy-as (probably due to remote central locking not being standard on all models or something). On my '97 and '98 Corollas however the immobiliser was part of the remote, so you needed an already functioning remote in order to program new ones yourself, or you had to take it to a dealership. Post up a photo of what your key and remote looks like and we might be able to tell which one it is (or if it's a newer system which is different again)
  10. Not just the linkages, the boxes themselves are different - Sportivo is C64, Celica is C60 (Celica has a taller 6th)
  11. This is completely normal, oil pressure lights etc stay on during cranking and only go off after the engine is running and the oil pump is generating pressure.
  12. Overdrive won't turn on in certain conditions, such as the car not being warm enough. I'd also consider doing a full flush and filter clean/change of the transmission.
  13. Have a browse through this thread, lots of info there
  14. That'll be because Amazon (as an American company) would be looking at the US-spec 2010 Rav4 which runs the 2.5L 2AR engine, not the Australian-spec which still had the 2.4L 2AZ
  15. Fun on a bun. I was planning to do the rear swaybar at the same time (as that requires dropping the fuel tank and the muffler) but after all that hassle I don't want to disturb the exhaust at all so might just bite the bullet and pay a shop to do it on a I wish I had a hoist.