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  1. Congrats on your Purchase, I was very tempted the order the same colour combo you have, it's just that my previous 2 Camry hybrids have been in Crystal pearl, love the colour but time to change I am lucky to have my Son as an Assistant Sales Manager at the Toyota dealership, as he has explained to me, if you have been told production starts in May on your order, you will get June delivery, probably end of June. Aussie C-HR is made in Japan
  2. Lucky man, to have have it the garage now I've still got over a month to go, eta is now been put to first week in May 😟 The first of the dealerships pre-orders only came in yesterday, and next pre-order comes in on the 28th March mine should be the one after that!
  3. Looks good Michael You've certainly made it yours. I like a car to look different to the standard issue, The side steps look better on it than i thought they would The wheels your fitting will give it a more aggresive look too Cheers Eric
  4. You certainly are personalising it, should look pretty neat, now I,am waiting to see your pics iam also getting Tint, mud flaps and the protection pack, (paint & Upholstery) I am keeping with the original 18" wheels it comes with, I've spent too much on wheels on previous cars of mine, cheers Eric
  5. Congrats to you too mate👍 You must have pre-ordered to get yours so soon! I have ordered the front, rear and side under runs Yes the test drive was the game changer for me , did you give it a squirt in "Sport" mode? I couldn't believe the difference it made Look forward to seeing your pics
  6. I had the same thoughts of most, 1.2 turbo 85kw, not gonna cut the mustard, UNTIL i took it for test drive, not just around the block, but up & down Old Belair road, then back up the Belair road past windy point. This thing held its head high with brilliant response and very flat handling, not once did the acc-pedal hit the floor the car was in "Normal Mode" and was the AWD version, very impressed 3 days later when the dealer got in a 2wd demo i took it out along the same roads as before, 1st run in "Normal" mode, the 2nd run Up Belair road past Windy Point in "Sport Mode", man there was a huge difference in Response from the engine, if i didn't know it was a 1.2 liter, i would have said it was 2.0l, it was that different. Also 2WD felt as grippy as the AWD, still handled flat around the corners I have also read in some reviews that the CVT drones inside the Cabin.....Not True at all,,, it was very quiet in there, until of co**** you push it uphill like i was, but Normal everyday use when driving at speed limit around the Suburbs, it's very Quiet Couple of little criticisms: 1.High window sill for Driver, not comfortable to rest my elbow on when driving, but will probably adapt, 2. No Digital radio, Sat-Nav Screen size smaller than what i'am used to in the Camry, but they tell me Toyota Aust. opted for smaller Screen as the larger size has 2 Knobs, and they wanted all touch controls 3. I am used to Electric Seat Adjustment with 2 memory settings, C-HR has manual seat adjustment with Electric Lumbar adjust. (But has Heated seats) My Advice...take one for a spin, it will change your mind
  7. OK will do I have pics from the launch day, the test drive car is the same to what i have on order I'm adding some extras to it though, to make it mine Stay
  8. Sorry mate, typo on my behalf i have signed up for the KOBA 2WD eta 28th April We have chosen Shadow Platinum with black roof Cheers Eric
  9. On Order, expected Eta 28th April....can't wait!!
  10. Hi Guys, Picked this up Wednesday 10th June Very Happy with it, drives so much Better than My 2012 Hybrid H2.bmp H2_1.bmp Eric
  11. good looking cars there guys, good to see
  12. Sorry, won't be able to make this one
  13. Made some Cosmetic Mods to Mr H, fitted new Vertini 19x8.5 Wheels and had some Black Gloss Vinyal Wrap applied to the Roof & Rear Bumper
  14. Hi Ron, luckily theres no Microsoft O.S. lol Cheers Eric
  15. Hi Ron, yes you can bring up the "Hybrid Display" on the Sat Nav Screen along with lots of other Configuration Settings for Lights, Door Unock / Lock options and More Not Much of a Salesman if he didn't Know the answer to That, basic product knowledge! Had My HL for 1yr now and more than happy with it, you will be surprised how fast it reaches normal running temp & the Heater will come up to temp just as quick, Don't forget you will have Dual Zone Temp Controls, so just dial in the Temp you want Good Luck with your Purchase Cheers Eric