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  1. 2005 Vitz 1.3 with ABS light

    I didn't mean I was going to, I'm just looking for somewhere to start. Might take the maf sensor off and give it a clean
  2. The ABS light is constantly coming on shortly after driving a few hundred meters, I plugged in my code reader and it throws up three codes: P1100, P0000 and P0000. A quick google shows P1100 is the barometric pressure sensor acting up, should I replace the ECM? Has anyone had experience with this issue? Thanks
  3. 10 inches of water?? That seems pretty high
  4. I believe it refers to the rubber seals around the bottom of the window that keep the weather out when closed
  5. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Might want to be careful, I've heard carmate have a pretty patchy reputation for quality
  6. Buying TRD Aurion

    I've seen your car a few times around, very nice man :)
  7. Does your local dealer not have them?
  8. Sorry if the title is a bit wordy, wasn't sure how else to put it. Anyway, is it possible to fit the facelifted XV40 sportivo front bumper, headlights and tail lights to the pre facelift sportivos?
  9. Damn, I had no idea this thread was still going haha
  10. Also I just went to my dealer for the bulbs. They were only a couple of bucks each, so you may as well buy all 5 and replace the lot. Here's the part number you need: 831198Y008. Don't know if its the same for the Sportivo though.
  11. I've just done it, but not without using some of the choicest swear words known to man :) You will need to remove the upper radio/vents fascia, and the radio itself. Unclip the electrical connectors (theres one on top and one at the bottom), and then release the red and blue clips on the air circulation control and the thermostat by squeezing the top and sliding it off. Then remove the steel wires underneath the panel, by squeezing the stubs holding them on. You cant remove that white plastic housing on the back, however you can unclip the fascia from the rest of the unit. This will allow you access to the other side of the circuit board, which will make it that little bit easier to guide the bulbs into the sockets (especially the ones with awkward access in the middle). I also managed to break a clip or two (I don't think the bulbs have been changed since the car was new - the old bulbs were blackened as hell, and the middle two were entirely missing).
  12. Any idea what type of bulbs they are? I'd imagine jaycar will be about the only place that sells them. They're pretty tiny if I remember right
  13. Just wondering if its possible to remove the bulbs out of the Air con control panel like the US camrys? There doesn't seem to be much information on the net about the Australian camrys. I've had it out but I can't see anywhere to remove the bulbs, and a wrecker has quoted $80 for a new panel. Don't really want to do that unless the bulbs are not replaceable. Would be great if anyone knows. Thanks
  14. No, exhaust system is stock. Nothing done to it. Thanks