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  1. Hi Mate, You could have the trust bearing in the gearbox not engaging fully or syncro on 1st and reverse getting worn out.
  2. Hi there, It happened to me one day when they gave me the wrong globes. So you could have one globe with the wrong resistance that macks up the rest when they operate. Check if you have replaced a globe recently and try replace it again. Regards Noel
  3. Hi there, Check if you have bent any lines or you got dirt or mud somewhere between in the brake calipers and the pads. The brake pistons might have been stuck if rubber boots are teared off, so you will not get vacuum in the system. Noel
  4. Hi mate, You have to fill up the fuel filter first before you get fuel to the injector pump. You should find a little bleeder screw on the filter housing and maybe also on the pump.
  5. Ok just another thing to check. Have a look around the wheels maybe something suspicious. Guess what I found one day. Brand new tyres with a long thin rubber from the factory that hits the guard while I'm driving. Actually you could hear it more on low speeds. It has to be a simple thing where you do not expect to find it. Look around the engine bay for something loose. I would take the wheels off too. Maybe some little creature!! Noel
  6. Hi mate, It sounds the same issue I had earlier this year. Can you notice that the speedo is jumping up and down? If yes it is about to stop working. So it is getting twisted inside itself until it snaps. And try to notice when it is moving does it do the noise also. Just try to take notice of it. Good Luck Noel
  7. Hi there, I suggest you to find out if it is leaking from the bottom or from the top. Get someone to spray water with the hose around the car where possibly you think it is leaking. You stay in the car and look where the water has been put. Noel
  8. Hi there, I think 300ks you will have to look for a new air cleaner pollen filter if fitted new sparks fuel filter you have to look for the servicable items like you do on a service interval. Also look at the brake discs and pads, and possibly flush the brake fluid ****Noel*****
  9. Hi there, Try to change fuel filter if you didn't maybe is blocked. Also check if you may have dirty fuel tank. Regards Noel
  10. Hi there, I know someone might help; BORGIES in Reserve rd, in Melton. Toyota wreckers and Toyota sales B.I.P. Toyota 65 Westwood dr. Deer Park. Ph 8361 8141
  11. You probably need an aftermarket one. If that's the case you need a complete kit mate.
  12. Just try to change the trans fluid, just put the right one bro! Cheers!
  13. Hi there, see if the holders are swapped by mistake so you maybe don't have the right lights in position. Also check some globes maybe faulty start changing one by one. Is that helps!
  14. I got my hilux 99 keep blowing the fuse up. Can someone send me a shematic wiring diagram for all parker lights, including tails, cluster, dash, dimmer, shifter included they all with the same switch. thanks everyone Appreciated
  15. Hi friend, A gas conversion on my hilux 99 saved me lots. It's a 2.7L and the gas tank fitted under tray was good choice. It's a 50Ltr tank and i do around 300kms per tank which is $32 to $35 each time quite effecient. Only one trick mate because it runs dry you need to run some petrol sometimes to clean the system, also in winter i find it start harder when cold. So run it for 3-4mins before on petrol before you switch it off to leave it overnight i found it starts better in the morning. was that helpful!!