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  1. Hi, I used this spoiler from in Villawood NSW. Part Number: TOYCAM12OEMRW. It is low and fitted well to my 2014 Camry Atara SL. I did have a problem with some of the LED's failing, so I swapped out the original ones and replaced them with some from Jaycar. Carmate shows several rear spoilers for your 2010 40 series Camry
  2. Hi, are you able to display the missing photos re your guide  to

    Footwell easy guide   from 2010 ? ?

  3. I have been so slack and not done mine yet. However there are some excellent youtube demos to be viewed. And after reading the instructions carefully Philips do have very, very good guides in the box. And remember high beam only is a legal conversion in Victoria but not low beam.
  4. I am sure you will be most pleased with the performance and durability of the Hankooks.
  5. I would like to throw in a suggestion of Hankook Optimo K415. Very affordable. comfortable riding, quiet, excellent in the wet and last forever.
  6. Good on you. i look forward to seeing your results. Which vendor did you buy from ?
  7. Your friendly local panel / repair workshop would be able to help by installing lights front or rear
  8. Nope, no wiring. I have a 2014 SL & a 2015 SL no courtesy lights supplied. I questioned Mr. Toyota and there is no satisfactory answer as to why there are none but, they did point out the red fitting does have a built in reflector to warn approaching traffic the door is open ! I intend to purchase some of the LED units from Ebay to fit in and wiring up to both my SL's. I think the lack of working courtesy lighting may be a cost saving issue.
  9. will one of these links help you ??
  10. I assume all your doors lock when you reach a certain speed ? You can disable this via the via the information touch screen if you have smart entry or by door lock procedure if you have a key start switch. See your owners handbook find vehicle specifications, then sub heading customisation this section tells the story. Please read the entire customisation section for how to do it. Or just get your friendly Toyota dealer to do it.
  11. I also found on my 2014 Sl & 2015 Sl the globe holders were so tight I was afraid of doing damage. I got my Toyota dealer to change my stock globes to Philips White Vision. I asked if they were tight or hard to remove, nope, was the answer. But I know, as you do, you feel like something will crack or break as you turn and they just feel so tight.
  12. Anything you can do or have done is listed in your owners handbook section Vehicle Specifications, sub heading Customisation. But don't be disappointed to find all your needs are not possible.
  13. I too want my Atara Sl to do the one touch / 3 blinks for lane changing. The owners manual says it is a dealer operation. So for my first service I will get my Toyota dealer to activate this function. There are several other functions that can be activated only by the Toyota dealer. My 2015 SL has around 10,000kms up and performs perfectly as does my 2014 SL. Perhaps as you say yours is brand new the engine is still running in and needs a few more kms to improve the performance. Regardless modifying anything at this stage on the vehicle may void your warranty. If your issues concern you, I suggest to go straight back to your dealer for advice.
  14. Shortly my local dealer is fitting F & R mudflaps, body side moulding & a strobing device to the rear window stop light. I have not yet asked them to fit the Philips White Vision globes, perhaps this can be done at the same time. My 2014 SL has most satisfactory night lighting with Philips White Vision globes. This car does a lot of regional night trips and has good white lights with reasonable long distance vision.
  15. I upgraded my 2014 Atara SL lights to Philips White Vision. Beaut clear white lighting with approximately 40% more light than standard and a noticible longer beam of light. These are still legal for road use. I have also just purchased a new 2015 Atara SL and will soon upgrade to the same Philips globes. They have been a most satisfactory upgrade for me.