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  1. Emergence of the barn find

    Have you attempted to back off the brake shoes via the adjusting slot on the backing plate ?
  2. Newbie asking about 2005 Camry Altise Alternators

    New Town Toyota are selling new genuine alternators for $235. check with them to ensure those units will fit. I would think an auto electrician would have non genuine alternators cheaper than $235. How about a good 2nd hand unit from a motor recycler (wreckers) ?
  3. 1995 Camry hitch receiver

    Regardless of the style (tongue or hitch) Hayman Reece list 2 totally different part numbers for sedan & wagon. And remember the series will also make a difference. My parts interpreter experience says no the wagon bar will not fit the sedan.
  4. LED Spot Lights

    Great job ! Very clear presentation of the mounting position, wiring and results showing improved lighting. Thank you for inspiring me.
  5. LED Spot Lights

    Thanks for the info. I never thought of the number plate light mount bracket. Unfortunately your video is not visible to me. Did you bolt the bracket to the bumber bar using nuts from behind the bar or just use self tappers same as the original number plates were screwed on.
  6. LED Spot Lights

    rad000, may I ask where / how you mounted the light bar ? I have a 2014 asv50 Atara SL and don't know exactly where to install a light bar. Maybe a 600mm double row would be the ideal one for me. I also have a 2016 Atara SL which has the adaptive radar behind the toyota logo emblem and I think a light bar would interfere with the radar function.
  7. 2010 Toyota Camry Altise Modifications

    Hi, I used this spoiler from in Villawood NSW. Part Number: TOYCAM12OEMRW. It is low and fitted well to my 2014 Camry Atara SL. I did have a problem with some of the LED's failing, so I swapped out the original ones and replaced them with some from Jaycar. Carmate shows several rear spoilers for your 2010 40 series Camry
  8. Hi, are you able to display the missing photos re your guide  to

    Footwell easy guide   from 2010 ? ?

    1. czaja74


      Hi, Sorry sold the car and bought Honda. Just bought another Toyota. Unfortunately I don't have these photos anymore.Insert other media

  9. HID's

    I have been so slack and not done mine yet. However there are some excellent youtube demos to be viewed. And after reading the instructions carefully Philips do have very, very good guides in the box. And remember high beam only is a legal conversion in Victoria but not low beam.
  10. I am sure you will be most pleased with the performance and durability of the Hankooks.
  11. I would like to throw in a suggestion of Hankook Optimo K415. Very affordable. comfortable riding, quiet, excellent in the wet and last forever.
  12. 2016 Camry Ugly Tail Light

    Good on you. i look forward to seeing your results. Which vendor did you buy from ?
  13. 2016 Camry Ugly Tail Light

    Your friendly local panel / repair workshop would be able to help by installing lights front or rear
  14. 2015 Camry Door Curtesy Lights Are Blank ???

    Nope, no wiring. I have a 2014 SL & a 2015 SL no courtesy lights supplied. I questioned Mr. Toyota and there is no satisfactory answer as to why there are none but, they did point out the red fitting does have a built in reflector to warn approaching traffic the door is open ! I intend to purchase some of the LED units from Ebay to fit in and wiring up to both my SL's. I think the lack of working courtesy lighting may be a cost saving issue.
  15. Utomatic Door Lock Disable?

    will one of these links help you ??