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  1. Belt tensioner

    You're not kidding. You'd think he'd check his post before posting. Wow ! That's a whole lot of cut and paste fluff !
  2. Belt tensioner

    What the ???? What's all this got to do with the thread title ?? Campbeam, how did you derive your response from the above fluff ??
  3. Aurion floor mats

    Update : The good people at Tru Fit Carpets sent me the correct mats this time. Just need to get it vacuumed up and fitted.
  4. Muffler delete

    Sounds real deep throaty
  5. Need help locating this grill

    Is the grille for the same 07 SX6 Sportivo that has the sludge problem ? If so, I wouldn't worry about modifications until the engine is sorted by the dealer.
  6. White Smoke from exhaust?

    Oh boy, yet another sludged up 2GR-FE from lack of regular oil changes. These engines are susceptible to sludging as most know, if regular servicing isn't attended to. Use a high quality fully synthetic oil once you've had the engine desludged to prevent this from occurring again. Go back to the dealer and explain the problem. Mention that you did some "research" on some reputable Toyota Forums... This should get them morivated to help rectify the issue. Keep is posted.
  7. Wheel arch paint chips

    Sure as heck looks like it was hit maliciously. Stones don't leave witness marks like that, especially that notable ding on the edge of the arch. As stated above, shopping trolley or a parked car. While we're on the subject of stone chips. Does Toyota still provide those little touch up paint cans anymore ? I'd like a tin to touch up a few tiny spots on my 2012 premium silver Aurion.
  8. Flat battery

    Hi Krigeroz, it's been a while. I agree with your suggestion. I have a fancy excide battery in my BMW M3 and it still continues to serve me well. I can't recall the exact specs on it at the moment. I do remember that it wasn't cheap being quite a large battery too.
  9. Aurion floor mats

    A little update. As you guys know, I recently placed an order for the same 3D mats Krigeros got. Had them arrive and I hadn't bothered to either inspect them or install them since receiving them mid April... They just sat in my spare room untill last weekend. I was determined to get them in after a thorough vacuum job. I go to install the drivers side 1st and it turns out they sent me the wrong set !!! You can guess the words that came out of my mouth lol !! So I pack them back up and refit the original mats. Made contact with the ebay seller and they were good enough to correct the mistake even after the 3 month buyer protection had lapsed. So I take some photos and attach them to my email to illustrate the issue. Turns out they sent me a set for a Ford Ranger of all things I'll be re packaging them and they will send a courier to pick up and hopefully have the correct set delivered in the near future. No extra cost on my part either. Hopefully then I'll be able to post some pics as promised. trufitcarpets are a decent mob.
  10. Flat battery

    Thanks for the kind words mate. Its done almost 80k. I try and keep it as best I can.
  11. Flat battery

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Got the battery. Got an excellent deal too. Cleaned and prepped the clamps. Sprayed some terminal protection too. Happy days ! Speaking of C tek chargers, I have 3 of them. One for a garage Queen M3, a motorcycle and one for general use. They are excellent units and I recommend one to everyone.
  12. Flat battery

    Funny you should mention 55D23L MF by Century. I have managed to track one down for an excellent price here in Sydney Metro and will be picking it up on the way home from work. Thanks for your message Ashley.. Help is always appreciated
  13. Flat battery

    As luck would have it, the battery died this morning. My wife uses our Aurion as I have a company vehicle. I get to work at 7am and then I get a phone call just now... "it wont start"... She has a day off luckily and was planning to take our boy to the GP for a check up. Now I have to try and find a suitable replacement whilst at work and hopefully pick one up on the way home. Can anyone offer advice on a battery for the 50 ? Thanks Tony
  14. Front Rotors/pads

    Ok cool. Thanks Trent.
  15. Front Rotors/pads

    Hi Gents, After washing my Aurion yesterday noticed some scoring on the right front disc. No big deal as I am planning to replace the pads and flush the brake fluid. I am wanting to replace the rotors too as I don't believe in having them machined. Are the genuine Toyota issue rotors expensive ? What recommendations would you make on rotors and pads ? Should I just stick with Genuine parts ? Are the 40 series the same as the 50 series ?