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  1. Front Rotors/pads

    Yes, this is also possible in certain circumstances. I have been lucky like that in the past. Using a compression tool is much easier though.
  2. Front Rotors/pads

    Thanks Peter. For pushing the piston back a medium sized G clamp found in most sheds will be fine. I placed a thin block of timber over the piston prior to pushing. Also don't forget to remove the master cylinder cap and watch the fluid level as you squeeze. The old fluid (and should be low due to the worn pads and pistons almost reaching their full range) may come up and spill out. You can just put a clean cloth in to soak up the excess or a syringe.
  3. Front Rotors/pads

    For what is worth, get yourself at least 2 500ml bottles of new Dot 4 and use them up.
  4. Front Rotors/pads

    Exactly Ash. I was extremely careful during the bleed process not to introduce air by monitoring the master cylinder cup. I went through roughly 800mls of new Dot 4 to be satisfied.
  5. Front Rotors/pads

    +1 on that
  6. Front Rotors/pads

    At any rate, I will perform another periodic flush in a few months time. My wife helped me bleed the brakes. I prefer the foot on the pedal push application rather than the power bleeder, which is unreliable. I will have to ask her nicely again in a few months.
  7. Front Rotors/pads

    Ahh yes !! Good advice Trent. I never thought to do that. Thank you
  8. Front Rotors/pads

    So my idea of the flush in the coming months may alleviate the case of stale fluid ?
  9. Front Rotors/pads

    I also wonder when you do the fluid flush by purging all four calipers.... What about the fluid in the ABS unit ?? Does this also get a purge as we purge the calipers ??
  10. Front Rotors/pads

    I am planning on another fluid flush in around 6 months just for the hell of it to see the difference in clarity of the spent fluid. The flush I recently did was the factory fill fluid and it was way past due. The fluid looked clean in the reservoir, but what actually comes out will surprise.
  11. Front Rotors/pads

    Thanks Ash. I prepared well in advance and took my time to do it properly. Very happy with the results, even though I used near stock parts.The car brakes far better than it ever has.
  12. Stolen Aurion

    The hell with the car mate. Some Iced up to the ball scum piece of crud scum, let them have it. The cops will get them. CCTV is everywhere now. No where to run, no where to hide. Glad the grub didn't do anything too stupid. That Mongrel needs immediate detox.
  13. How many KM's have you done?

    Wow ! That's an achievement and testament to the build quality of Toyota. Well done
  14. Front Rotors/pads

    I got around to replacing my front rotors and pads if anyone's interested. I also flushed the fluid from all for corners. Note the Glass jar and the condition of the fluid. I was shocked. Flushed with 2 bottles of castrol dot 4. Brake feel is excellent after a brief bedding in. I also wired brushed all the studs and the centre stubb and applied some Moly Grease to the threads and the mating surfaces of the wheels to the rotor.