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  1. The originals are ok but not really ideal when the car is used constantly. The mats don't cover all the way to the edges they way these 3D mats do and the debris just collects around the outsides. The 3D mats basically trap ALL the dirt inside the mat due to the design and so all you need to do is just lift it out, give it a shake and if you're keen, a quick rinse and put back in. This way you'll probably only pull the vacuum maybe twice yearly.
  2. After finally getting around to cleaning my Aurion over the weekend post all the rain we've been getting, the carpets took me ages to vacuum nicely, even WITH the original car mats in place. How the grass and dirt gets under the mat is another mystery. So after spending nearly 3 hours on the full detail I went online and ordered those 3D car mats like one's Krigeros brought to our attention. Thanks again Krig. I hope these will save me at least 30 minutes of vacuuming time. A task I really hate but reluctantly do. I'll post some pics when they arrive. BTW. The original Toyota mats are rubbish. The thin foam liner underneath just falls apart in no time. So if anyone is considering getting another set to replace the originals, don't waste your money. Put it towards these 3D mats. I'm sure I will be happy I did. Cheers fellas
  3. My thoughts exactly.
  4. Ok Cool.
  5. Did you install the strut brace first, then later, the sway bar ? Did you really notice any difference with the strut brace alone ? I would be more inclined to do the sway bar that the strut brace. But, if the combination actually works, then why not ?? How much did the rear sway bar cost ?
  6. 2k to do this job is a rip off. Pure and simple. If others are doing it for 1/4 of that then you have to wonder. I understand it's a fiddly process and would gladly pay someone to do it for me, but not 2k. Now Way ! Another point worth mentioning would be to have the serpentine belt and tensioners replaced too as this has to be removed anyway. Especially those higher mileage 40 series cars.
  7. Don't waste your money mate. Put it towards some new suspension bits. Money better spent.
  8. Wow, campbeam, I would have never thought this possible. Glass should never 'just shatter' on its own. I wonder if this also happens on other models. Shame on O'brien glass for that ridiculously over priced quote too. It does pay to shop around. Good luck with everything. Found this online:
  9. You mentioned that you recently purchased the car. I'm guessing a private purchase yes ? Otherwise you could take it back to the dealer for a warranty repair. When I mentioned someone could have been fiddling around behind the console, I didn't suggest it was you. Could have been already fiddled with before you purchased. Was the A/C tested by you prior to buying the car ?
  10. I'm pretty sure it is electro servo controlled. The climate control is touch button so, I think you are correct there Trent. Could be a loose wire on the controller or what I mentioned previously. I can't imagine the damper motor could be faulty, more than likely the signal isn't reaching it. If someone has been frigging around in that center dash area, may have not coupled the molex plugs properly. All it takes is for one pin to not make contact and all hell breaks loose.. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get my drift.
  11. Could be a control damper in that line of ductwork. Seems like it's bleeding air off the heater coil. You need to get under the dash and trace out that line of ductwork and check .
  12. These modern cars are so tekky.. Unlike the old school days. Like driving an ipad on wheels.
  13. Well given that information, the O.P. must have a faulty park brake switch then. Probably a coincidence it played up just after having the brake fluid flushed. I dont see how the fluid sensor has anything to do with the park brake system. As mentioned by that dodgy mechanic. "Sensor got blocked", wow ! This should be independant of the hydraulics. The fluid sensor should only warn you if your brake fluid is low. Correct ?
  14. I thought all handbrakes are mechanical, hence a micro switch on the foot lever/hand brake. Are they hydraulically actuated then with electronic sensors signalling the dash cluster ? I don't know for sure as I've never sussed it out. Interesting though.
  15. I'm with Krig on this one. Get the newer and improved version for few extra bills.