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  1. These modern cars are so tekky.. Unlike the old school days. Like driving an ipad on wheels.
  2. Well given that information, the O.P. must have a faulty park brake switch then. Probably a coincidence it played up just after having the brake fluid flushed. I dont see how the fluid sensor has anything to do with the park brake system. As mentioned by that dodgy mechanic. "Sensor got blocked", wow ! This should be independant of the hydraulics. The fluid sensor should only warn you if your brake fluid is low. Correct ?
  3. I thought all handbrakes are mechanical, hence a micro switch on the foot lever/hand brake. Are they hydraulically actuated then with electronic sensors signalling the dash cluster ? I don't know for sure as I've never sussed it out. Interesting though.
  4. I'm with Krig on this one. Get the newer and improved version for few extra bills.
  5. Those mats are a good idea Krigeroz. Me personally, I prefer the carpet mats mainly for the appearance but I can see where you are coming from with these. The maintenance is easier and they can contain liquid spillage, ( if you have kids in the car). Good for if you are planning long trip too. I also like how the drivers mat has the original type fixtures too. Nice one there mate !
  6. Yep. Oil threads are like waving a red rag to a bull. I never participate in oil threads. You'll just be asking for trouble
  7. He purchased it second hand so dealer related invoices etc he wouldn't have. If he has the original log books, the service booklets will have what he wants. Guaranteed.
  8. I'm pretty sure there's more to it than just swapping out the head unit. I have a non GPS model 2012 and have seen on ebay the gps conversion kit. The setup for my car included several other bits plus the head unit. The price the seller was asking didn't turn me on so I Left it. I just use google maps and I reckon it's better than the car sat nav. Don't waste your money.
  9. I use the 98 sometimes when it's not at RIP OFF levels. It does make a difference to standard 91 (Fly Spray) And there's nothing wrong with E10 either. The car is optimised for E10 so don't let the scare mongers scare you off E10. I think E10 is better than the rubbish 91 offers.
  10. Open your warranty and service booklet. You will see a paper stuck on the inside of the front cover. All service booklets will have this unless someone has torn it out. If you do, look at the very bottom the left. You will see "Batch No". Next to this is "Key No"
  11. I can't see the 300K service should warrant some wildly expensive over the top servicing. If the car has been maintained correctly thus far, and it shows having clocked 300K kays, just follow the usual items that one would normally check. Regular oil and filter service is crucial.
  12. For sounds like dodgy pin connections. If someone has been in there and had unplugged anything, You can easily force a single pin out slightly so it makes minimal contact. This would explain the fan turning off when cornering. Like Trent said, vibration and inertia can affect this. Make sure when you unplug and re plug any of those sockets that all pins mate correctly.
  13. Is the 40 keyless system the same as the 50 ? Or, has Toyota upgraded it ?
  14. I recall the replacement fuel filter is around $200. (parts only) Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Hahaha.. Whoever "they" are must not like mother in law too much.. Like Trent mentioned, I'd never do that. Give it a spirited run but not hard rev to 6 grand for a whole 60 seconds !! Wow !