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  1. 2017 Toyota Aurion - Rough ride?

    Over inflated tyres may contribute to the so called harsh ride scenario. Just my 2 cents
  2. Newbie

    Congratulations to the OP on a nice purchase. How about posting up a few pics for us. I have to agree with jtfoto, leave it stock. You'll start wasting money for diminished returns. Why do you need all that noise for anyway ? It's a nicely refined vehicle that Toyota made right the 1st time. Enjoy it
  3. Nice one Peng. I agree that it should have been made as a storage bin. My Prodigy is the same. Not sure if Presara is too. I suspect Toyota marketing may have targeted the Chinese market for sheer population numbers and possibly the higher smoking rate.. Did you order yours through Toyota China or are they available here ? How much was it ?
  4. New key in NZ

    Another avenue you can explore is the local locksmith. A lot of Locksmiths nowadays also cater for modern car key fobs. Worth checking out before Toyota take you to the cleaners.
  5. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Repco have always been a rip off joint. I never bother..
  6. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    3rd and 4th last page that deals with accessories, it seems that scuff plates are now an "Accessory" ??? Really ??
  7. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    I've been using 303 Aerospace for years, just not on the whole tyre !. Imagine the look on the guys face at the tyre shop when you tell him you want to spray the inside carcass of your new tyres before he puts them on ?? I wonder if spraying the 'WHOLE' tyre would this compromise the grip levels in the wet. If you want more 303 products you can get them here:
  8. Cabin air filter - which one?

    All good fellas. I will talk to our service guy and get it sorted. Cheers.
  9. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Come on Trent. I'm not being tight mate. Low blow there. It's a company car. I don't pay for things to get replaced. I merely cleaned it so the AC works better until I can get it replaced. 20 bucks pfft. Like I care. There's no need for your crudeness.
  10. Cabin air filter - which one?

    It's not paper based actually, rather like a polyester type media. It washed up no problem and dried up like it was never washed. I don't see a problem in re using it if it isn't damaged. It's only dust.
  11. Cabin air filter - which one?

    Just as I suspected the cabin filter in my Hilux was pretty bad. I gave it a vacuum and then cleaned it with the garden spray hose. Hung it to dry and was fine after this. The air off temp improved by 2 degrees Celsius. Was dishing out around 7 before, now a solid 5. So a blocked filter will not only stifle the airflow but affect the air off temperature too.
  12. Great car

    Congratulations on your purchase. You are spot on when you say smooth & powerful. They are great cars alright. Lucky you found the service history too. Looks like it's been well looked after. Regarding the spare wheel, that might have been a 40 series thing to give a stock steel rim, because in the 50 series you do get a 5th alloy for a spare. Keep in mind the ATX in the 40 series had hub caps over steel rims. The 50 series ATX has 16" Alloys. So the placement of steel rims as spares, even in the higher models, seemed the order of the day.
  13. 2GR-FE Oil Capacity

    Where do find part numbers from Trent ?
  14. My Sportivo Dials

    Rattles are very annoying. I feel your frustration. Luckily for me I've no rattles to deal with in mine. I hope you get it all sorted. Let us know what you find, it might be helpful to others.
  15. Poor idle, loss of acceleration

    I'd also check the MAF sensor after inspecting the fuel system. Give the MAF sensor a good clean with some appropriate cleaner.