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  1. Best time to check oil level?

    Hi Guys, I have also been using NULON 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil for a while now and couldn't be happier with it. I buy the 6Lt container and find it fills the motor to just on 4mm over the full mark on the dipstick, (that includes using a new filter of course). I almost always check when 'COLD' from overnight in the garage, although when checking 'HOT' it still seems the same 4mm overfull. Also the oil level never seems to vary during the service period and the colour still remains 'honey' like even after 7000km of use!
  2. TRD calipers into 09 Aurion GTX?

    Hi Darren, welcome along to the Forum mate ! Seems like you will need to buy the TRD rotors to match your calipers, (upgrades never seem to be as easy as you first think). Trent's advice is good, he sure knows his stuff but can be a little err...blunt at times,( sorry Trent !) Please don't be put off with the Forum as there's a wealth of information and help to found here that you wont find anywhere else. Good luck with your brakes and remember to make sure they are safe when installed.
  3. New Tyres for Sportivo.

    I've now done just over 5000km on my Pilot Sport 4 Michelins and have carefully measured the tread depth again. Front Left is 5.5mm all across evenly. Front Right is 5.5 - 6mm. Rear Left is 6mm even. Rear Right is 6 - 6.5mm. This is after fitment at 75930km until today at 80988km, travelling Tassie roads, ( yes they are sealed), and driven 'normally' with the odd Targa Tassie fun route thrown in! Maybe a little faster wear than expected but will probably slow down, (the wear not me), as the rubber hardens up. Going by the tyre wall DOT, all 4 tyres were produced in the 41st week of 2016 in Thailand Michelin factory. Still very happy with the grip and overall performance of these tyres, I will be rotating them soon to try and even up the wear.
  4. Aurion Fuel Filters.

    Thankyou both so much for your helpful information on the Fuel Filter problem. Would be so much easier if Toyota told you say,...2006 - 2009 had 'X' type filter and 2010 - 2012 had 'Y' type. But of course that would be much too easy wouldn't it MR TOYOTA !!! Thanks again for your help guys, it's what makes these forums so valuable.
  5. I'm looking at replacing my 2010 SX6 fuel filter and have noticed 'Ryco' makes two different types, Z646 and Z708, and lists BOTH for 2006 - 2011 models? Some sellers warn to check against OE number, (which I guess is fine if you already have the filter removed). Of course I would like to know the correct filter number for my AURION, so I can purchase it before I start the job. Would anyone know how you go about selecting the correct one?
  6. Shattered Rear Windscreen

    Many years ago I suffered a shattered rear screen on my Mitsubishi Galant. The previous day to this happening I had fitted an 'Aunger' brand external rear window louver, and have always blamed my heavy handed fitting of it to the otherwise unexplained shattering of the window. I had never heard of 'sympathetic thermal stress' back then but I guess it would make sense now in hindsight.
  7. New Tyres for Sportivo.

    Just a quick update on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres fitted to my 2010 SX Sportivo. I have now just clocked 2000km on the PS4 tyres and after carefully measuring and remeasuring the tread depth,(with the depth probe on my Vernier caliper ), I can report they have all worn down between 0 - 0.5mm, except the rear left that seems not to have worn at all?! I checked them when fitted and the tread depth new was 7mm, now it is between 6.5 - 7mm. Wet Weather handling and control seems almost as good as when driving in the dry! Where as you normally back off in the wet, the temptation now is to press on like you are driving on a dry road! Road Noise is the same as my previous MX-V8 Michelins wet or dry, except for some types of badly broken bitumen which causes a harsh chattering that was never present with the old tyres. This was a little annoying at first but now I just expect it and would say it's the PS4s only downside with the Sportivo. Isn't it disappointing that when you first get your new tyres you marvel at the sharp handling ,totally appreciate the extra grip and feel, but after several weeks you just take it all for granted. After 2000km on PS4s I really couldn't be happier and my comments made in my last Post as 'First impressions' still stand but, yes, I now just take them for granted!
  8. Yes I agree with the two Tony's, stock up on your favourite oil when they come on special and if it comes in the 'Aurion handy' 6 litre bottle then all the better. Also thanks goes to Tony Prodigy for his photo of the 6 litre NULON bottle as I was too lazy to go out to my garage and take a pic' of mine! I've noticed some other Oils doing 6 litre packs but not many, and not all year around like its just a special promotion, (and not the norm like it should be).
  9. I 've been using NULON Full Synthetic 5W-30 in my SX6 and have been very happy with it. For one thing it's full synthetic and comes in a handy 6 litre container that suits the Aurions' 6.1 litre capacity perfectly, (that includes a new filter of course). Always seems that the 6 litres fills to just overfull by 3-4mm on the dipstick and stays that way until it's time for the next change! Also SuperCheap regularly runs specials on it at around $45 for the large 6 litre container which is good value. I've noticed the engine seems to run smoother than my previous oil,(which was a Valvoline Semi Synthetic).
  10. It's interesting when people talk about the Competitors to the Aurion Sportivo that it usually ends up being the Commodore SV6 and the Falcon XR6. Interesting because before I bought my 2010 SX6 I never really considered either of those cars, but was looking more to the Honda Accord Euro / Mazda 6 and wishing they had a little more power to exploit their great chassis dynamics. I wanted Quality, Reliability with an injection of Sporty and Affordability thrown in for free! Not too Big, not too Small - just Right....the SX6 fitted the bill for me perfectly. I'm interested to know what your 2 Competitor Cars to the Aurion Sportivo would be?
  11. New Tyres for Sportivo.

    Just a short update on my Sportivo tyre Situation. Michelin has been offering $100 cash back on 4 x 17" tyres at some dealers, so as the std MX-V8s have nearly reached 76,000km and STILL have between 3-4mm left, now seemed like the right time to buy a set! Primacy 3Ts or even LC were my first choice due to the great feedback from forum users. Then I noticed the new Pilot Sport 4 was available in the Sportivos std 215/55ZR17-98W size priced right in between the two Primacy tyres. So that's what I decided upon, the Pilot Sport 4. First impressions are quite amazing! The slightly dead steering now feels alive with good feel and feedback,(similar to an Accord Euro I have driven). Just driving normally at highway speeds the turn in is way better like the steering ratio has now been changed for a quicker one,(all very nice). Tyre pressures are set the same as my previous MX-V8s and noise levels seem to be about the same as well,(I was expecting a slightly noisier ride). I was hoping for a 'bit' of an improvement over my old tyres but not to this level! Wet weather grip and tyre wear will need to be checked before an all over view is available. I'm not expecting 76k out of them but European tests show 45-55k no worries! Have noticed mine are made in Thailand not Germany like the tested tyres so hope that doesn't go against them. Another unexpected plus is that the tyre is definitely a wider fitting than the old MX-V8 in the same size. The old tyres exposed the rims to the curbs, but the Pilot Sport 4 comes out wider protecting the rim to a certain extent without there being a ridge type rim-protector moulded into the sidewalls like some Continentals and Pirellis have. Very pleased so far but early days yet ....Time will Tell.
  12. Floor mats

    Hi krigeroz, I have the genuine TOYOTA ones fitted and they are great! They have the eyelets in the drivers mat that hooks onto the carpet and stops them sneaking forward,( fantastic idea.) Mine also say "AURION" on them so that has to be good! Seem to be lasting well but are NOT self cleaning which is a big pain. Naturally being TOYOTA they won't be cheap but at least they are quality made.
  13. New Tyres for Sportivo.

    Thanks so much for your feed back guys. Yes LordBug, I'm very impressed with the way my Michelins have worn and the Primacy 3 STs that Auri 7 has fitted sound like a good replacement for them. I've noticed my local BobJane store often has 4 for 3 offers going, so will keep an eye out for that pattern Michelin. Thanks again for your replies, it's always good to know what product suits our particular cars and your opinions are always helpful.
  14. Hi Guys, looking at getting a set of new tyres for the Sportivo soon. Have had a fantastic run out of the standard Michelin MX-V8 Energy tyres, 71,000 km and still 3-4mm left ! Been thinking Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 , Pirelli P7 or Michelin Primacy LC in the standard 215/55/R17" size. Any thoughts on these brands in regard to wear and grip compared to my long lasting Michies?