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  1. NEW POST! Has been a little too long since my last update but I've been really busy recently with life really. So, the parts that were ordered from Japan were a set of Bride RO type rails for both drive and passenger seats. I ordered them through RHDJapan when the AUD to Yen wasn't too bad and ended up getting the best deal compared to Nengun, PerfectRun and a few other sites. Would highly recommend them and happy to answer any questions about ordering through them if anyone is curious. In other news, I've been getting a lot better fuel economy as of recently. Used to run Vortex 98 but for nearly a year now have switched to BP Ultimate 98 which gets better kms for me and runs a bit nicer. I drive it a lot more these days and I haven't seen kms this high for well over 9 months. For about a 2-3 weeks, I also had an air bag light come on. While on a drive with some mates down to Wollongong, we parked and an hour later we returned and when I started my car it randomly came on. Luckily enough it was fixed when the car went in for it's passenger air bag recall. The guys at my local Toyota were very keen to see a Sportivo with one of the older team members falling in love with it! He said "We rarely see cars like this come in to the shop" While it was in, I also got a new key cut and programmed for an amazing deal as I only had one car when I got the car. The older team member told me it would be over $3000 if I was to lose my key!! When my engine mounts were changed, an oil leak was also fixed but sadly a week later oil was continuing to leak. The car went back to my local mechanic where it was discovered to be the valve cover. It has since not left any leaks so fingers crossed it stays like that While in the shop, they were also able to raise the car just enough so it doesn't scrape everywhere I go. Safe to say it's much nicer to drive day to day now. My local mechanics are absolute legends to say the least, even managing to get a photo of the engine while the valve cover was off. Anyone want to play a game of guess the kms? Now for reference, here was the old height which I managed to daily for over a year and a half. I definitely know it probably wasn't legal. Took these when I decided to give it some TLC at the car wash. Safe to say it was cleanest it had been for a long time! Here's how it currently sits at the new height, haven't done the coke can test just yet so I will compare for the next post. Height all round is now much more daily friendly without looking too high. To be honest, I don't really notice a major difference in the way it looks anyway! The most recent work done was last Saturday when I decided to address something hard to see in my shots. The windows and mirrors had water marks all over them when I purchased the car. I thought the car was just dirty at the time but after the first wash I realised it was an issue. I used the Rain-X Xtreme Clean on all windows and mirrors along with Rain-X water repellent once all the marks were removed. I also thought it would be a good time to replace the window visors with some ordered late last year so that was done after all the windows were done. It took me about 6 hours all up and turned out amazing! It feels a lot cleaner and visibility is a lot better now too. A massive shout out to my mate Jacob for letting me borrow his buffer and tape to use for the job. Definitely couldn't do it by hand alone. Here's some before and after pictures, a little hard to get the marks on camera but in person they were very noticeable. Imagine those marks, on every window and mirror! Progress shot: Final results: Other then that, that's how the car sits today. I recently got a knock off TRD duracon gear knob from eBay pretty cheap and it's actually a really nice gear knob. Still in the process of finding seats for the rails and have looked at about 5-6 different sets with none been just right for me yet. Oh well, better waiting for something anyway. Still have a lot to do before I can finally say it's done, then again project cars are never done! Will keep this updated!
  2. Photobucket sucks! Re-posting again
  3. Failing internal lights

    This may have some information as the issue seems similar. Apparently it's common on the earlier ZRE models also, possible a connector issue.
  4. Depends what you are after. Are you after a single or double din head unit? A good bang for buck option is getting a used newer model double din OEM Toyota unit which generally has AUX, Bluetooth and sometimes even GPS and USB. I run a Clarion VX404au head unit which I got really cheap at the time about 1.5 years ago. Has all nice options like AUX, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI etc and has the ability to play movies, have GPS and also came with a reverse camera to wire up (never used it as it's quite bulky) At the time I got it for roughly $300 or so but you'll also need the surrounds for the head unit that only cover sides instead of all around the headunit (Heard people call them ears?). You'll also need to make sure you get the wiring adapter harness which isn't too pricey and makes installation a breeze. Best to check on reviews for some headunits and see if it's what you are after.
  5. It is possible to put lowering springs on the standard shocks but, I've heard some rumors that it can also wear the shocks out quicker (not sure if that's true though) If you do it yourself each time, the only thing you'd need to put money on is getting a wheel alignment. The job is roughly 2-3 hours at the most but I'd say it's definitely best to wait until all the parts are gathered.
  6. A great combo I've seen is the Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks along with King Springs. Not too expensive from what I've seen but you can get a nice lower stance along with improved handling. Also having the ability to stiffen the shocks is a bonus.
  7. No lift #2

    Any Toyota dealer will have the bolts in stock. Some of them may not refer to them as lift bolts so they'll get confused. If you give Toyota there part number (9010506293) they will be able to supply it to you. Both bolts are the same size and should be easily replaceable unless, one has broken.
  8. UPDATES! Has been quite a bit of time since my last update and glad to say that more work has been done to the car in recent times. So not long after my last post, I placed an order for some new OEM parts from Toyota purely on the maintenance side of things. A massive shout out to forum member Blacksheep for his help in getting the parts for me! The parts ordered include new lift bolts, center console spring, new spark plugs (since given to a mate for his service), OCV filters, front and rear engine mounts. Leaving the lift bolts and OCV filters until my major service later this year or earlier next year. Once I had the parts, I firstly attempted to fix the center console as guided by another member on social media. The trick was to bend the 90 degree angle till it was almost straight and place it into the bigger hole on the center console flap to allow it to work. See below for what I mean for the spring. This is definitely a nice little fix to make the storage usable and works quite well. I finally got the chance to get in contact with my local mechanic, who also did my gearbox rebuild. They installed the new engine mounts with inserts, fixed the oil leak from the sump area and also did an oil change. I've been extremely happy with their work and prices since going to them mid this year. So happy to finally not leave oil drops where I park anymore. Here are the engine mounts with Energy Suspension inserts. I was able to just fit my arm from the top to measure the rear engine mount with insert to make sure it would fit within the bracket. Front, also note the extended pushord. Rear Now, after driving with them for almost a week, here is a nicer in depth review on them. The inserts are definitely a must have for anyone looking for less engine movement, reduced axle tramp/hop and also been able to put power down efficiently. When cold idling, the vibration is not noticeable other than when starting the engine initially. Once at warm idle, it is quite noticeable and you'll generally feel it through the steering wheel along with hearing the dash area vibrate. If you don't like vibrations, I wouldn't recommend them although they will ease down over time. The vibration is also more noticeable between 3000-4000 RPM and along with that there is a more noticeable growl from the intake compared to my previous mounts. While driving it's a lot more nicer to change up and down gears (also seems to feel more direct) and it also seems to be able to put down power a lot easier too. On some lower RPMs and the occasional shift, it can be a little rocky which doesn't really bother me. For the money, I'd definitely say it's worth while but, if you have a pre-facelift you will need custom made washers to keep the inserts from popping out. I may get these later if I have issues but none so far! I've still got an on-going list of things to do and fix on the car. I will soon need to get some new tyres and I'm leaning towards Michelin Pilot Sport 4's. The car still needs to be raised and a few other parts need to be installed or modified to reach my end goal. I've got some more updates which I will keep for another post as they're in progress and also have some goodies arriving soon from Japan. Here are some of the latest clean photo's I've taken. Due to all the dew in the cold mornings, it makes it hard to keep the car clean. My blue engine cover has broken so I now don't have one covering the valve cover for now. The most recent photo's from a Toymods meet and cruise last week, was great to meet some new people and have a nice drive through the Old Pacific Highway. I've never had so much attention on my car from other people before which something new for me. I definitely think Toyota out did Honda with the moon landing vehicle styled FN2 Type R Also parked next to a nice AE92 SX before the cruise, complete with a turbo 4AGE 16V making well over 200KW ATW. That's all from me for now, stay tuned for new updates!
  9. Michelin PS4

    Thanks campbeam! Seems like I may be getting the PS4's.
  10. Michelin PS4

    Hey TOCA, Just wondering if anyone has any feedback about the Michelin Pilot Sport 4's? I'm currently on RE002's which will soon need to be replaced later this year and I'm currently looking into getting the PS4's as a replacement. I have a friend who has them on his 300KW Skyline which they work very well on, especially in the wet but I wanted to find anyone who's got them on a FWD just so I can get an idea. I'm able to get the PS4 in the size I need R16 205/50, which is one profile up from my current tyres as I believe the 45's look a little to small. I'm also considering the RE003 as my backup in case I can't get the PS4 but any feedback from the PS4 is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Oooooo what's the surprise? I'd be keen to see the double Halo Angel eyes in action, that sounds so mad! Loving all these new pics man.
  12. I have recently purchased the Energy Suspension engine mount inserts from Monkey Wrench Racing. I've heard many success stories but also many complaints about the vibration caused from them. I've heard of people using Sikaflex in the past as campbeam has stated above but haven't seen any in person. I'll be adding a decent review of them once I have them installed. Parts numbers for engine mounts, courtesy of forum member Blacksheep. Front engine mount 1236122080Rear engine mount 1237122170 EDIT: Link for inserts -

    If you have Facebook, there is a Melbourne Sportivo group and there are a few other Sportivo related groups where someone may have the front lip and also side skirts.

    Best is to probably check Gumtree and eBay first, probably the easiest thing to do. If you have no luck, you may need to search for specific Toyota wreckers in Melbourne such Toyrolla Spares based in Epping.
  15. ZZE Exhaust System

    Headers - Ported Stock (Best for performance gains, not much change to sound) There are also Hurricane and Wildcat headers which give the Sportivo a deeper tone but a prone to cracking. If you plan on going crazy, PPE headers. Cat - 100 or 200 cell high flow catalytic converter. Catback - 2.5" piping with mandrel bends is best, a decent resonator or even 2 smaller ones, a decent rear muffler (Magnaflow, x-Force Varex, Remus etc). The larger piping will mean it can be a bit more droney on highways, hence why most people including me went with the Varex. Has the ability to be loud when you want and as quiet as stock. See my signature for my exhaust setup which I've been running for the last on the stock ECU with no issues. I went with mild steel as it is doesn't sound as raspy as stainless. In saying that, stainless will always out last mild steel.