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  1. Oh nice! Also, how does the new sway bar feel?
  2. Nice stuff mate! How does the CES catback sound? Ported headers are definitely one of the best
  3. Spring and shock combos are always going to be the cheaper option. It's probably best not to use the standard worn shocks with lowered springs as they'll likely wear down, from what I've heard. King Springs are great, a lot of Corolla's I've seen from 2003-2006/7 run them. Koni shocks seem to have great feedback too. It may end up been close to the cost of 'cheaper' coilovers but, it won't have any of the discomfort of coilovers.
  4. I got some Focal speakers in my car in all doors. Had to make spacers for the rears to fit but they're awesome quality and I got them for a good price at the time too. I got a Clarion 12" subwoofer (dual voice core) which I've had for years and it sounds great too. I have a Option Audio mono-amp only powering the subwoofer.
  5. Sorry for the late updated - Another busy week for me! Finally have the chance to upload some photos of the gearbox parts. My mechanic was kind enough to take some photos of the gear sets for me too as I was quite curious what condition mine were in. So, as mentioned I had the synchros from 2nd - 4th replaced as they were giving me the most grief. 2nd - Definitely my main concern for a long time. Crunched on downshift anytime above 20km/h and became hard to shift up on some occasions. 3rd - Started becoming an issue when downshifting on some occasions and cruching when cold. Doesn't look all to bad though. 4th - Getting blocked out sometimes when downshifting and also crunching when cold. Looks a little worse than 3rd. So far I've done roughly 500 or so kilometers with the new synchros and it's definitely feeling a lot nicer now then when I first got the car back. Taking it very easy and shifting gently to get them worn in nicely. Great to have no more leaks from the gearbox anymore either! Anyway, I'll keep this updated as much as I can!
  6. I would say engine mounts like above. Does feel like the engine moves when changing gears at all as well? Usually a sign of worn engine mounts.
  7. Appears the thread pitch for Toyota wheels nuts is M12x1.5. Any good wheel and tyre shop should be able to help you out with a set of lug nuts and a key for them. I got a set of 5 with a key for less than $30.
  8. Little Update Just thought I'd add a little update here. No photos just yet, have been really busy recently to upload them or take them but I'll definitely be adding them here next week. I have photos of the complete gear sets and also I have the synchros that were replaced to take photos of. Not long after getting the car back, all is going well. Car feels a lot nicer to drive, gears were quite notchy at first but there getting better now. Really do miss getting into lift but patience is key. On Monday, 6th gear began to pop out and became unusable. Luckily all other gears were all good. I took it back to the shop and it turned out the C clip for 6th had too much play causing it pop out of gear. Car is back on the road again and running great, having to take it very easy on the gears at the moment but enjoying the driving experience now. Will update soon!
  9. UPDATE TIME Great news, just this week the gearbox has been rebuilt as I mentioned by one of local mechanical shops. He did it for an awesome price and the end result is amazing. It definitely feels like a different car when changing gears now. I have some photos from the mechanic and also some additional photos to be added to the thread later. So, what was done: - 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear synchros replaced - All seals replaced - Input shaft bearing replaced - Speed Source extended push rod installs - Penrite gearbox fluid used to top off the rebuild I've only been for a quick drive so far but it feels great driving it again after almost a week. It will now last a long time with the main gear synchros replaced. Pictures will hopefully come in the next few days or so, stay tuned!
  10. Hahaha. I love the look but, I've recently scraped the side skirts and a mechanic scraped the side of my front lip (Don't really now how but yeah)
  11. Small Update! After a long time waiting for some quotes, the gearbox is finally getting a rebuild next week! Got a local shop doing the work which also comes with a 1 year/20000 km warranty. Other then that, I think the car is slowly coming back together again although the list seems to keep to growing and growing. Keep you all updated
  12. Was awesome to see the car running! Was great getting to chat with you as well!
  13. Update time! So in the last month or so, nothing much has really changed. I've been really busy recently due to a new position at work and not really having enough time to work on the car on weekends. I still haven't had any shops give me a quote for a rebuild as of yet so I'm still really pushing my luck. I recently gave the leather seats a nice clean with a leather cleaning kit. It's not to noticeable in photos but the leather looks a lot cleaner and feels a lot nicer too. I'll need to re-do it as I did miss a few spots. One thing I did recently was give the cluster a nice polish. Since I bought the car, the cluster was fairly dirty and scratched and I was had the idea of cleaning it up. I did so with Meguiars Plastx and ended starting a trend with some friends who later cleaned theirs. Safe to say I'm happy with the results. Needs a few little spots cleaned a little more but overall it's a great improvement. Sadly the list still remains the same as last time, with it probably growing ever so slightly to: - Raising the car to a more suitable height - Hiding the Dash Cam cabling - Installing engine mount inserts + getting custom washers made to hold them in. Will keep updated!
  14. May not help but maybe an ECU reset set? Other then that I'd probably take it to a mechanic to diagnose.