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  1. Update time! It's been really busy for me in the last month or so, and one of the busiest weeks was the week for Toyotafest. I was in a big rush to get a lot work done and finished on the car in preparation. The day before, I attempted to swap over the black housing lights for a polish and in preparation for the car wash that night. Sadly, I wasn't able to remove the lights. The main harness plug is quite literally stuck and will not budge. My mate and I tried screw drivers, grips, pliers, parts cleaner, you name it and they just would not budge. I think the only way I will be able to fit them is the cut the plug connected, and reconnect a new plug. I was left with the car looking like this for some time. In the afternoon, after taking Wixy's advise I had purchased Meguiars Ultimate Protect and applied it to all window trims, roof trims, and other plastics excluding the front bar. It came out great and is still looking after almost a month. That night I went to the car wash to give it a nice solid clean both inside and out. The tri-colour foam I specifically wanted to make the car really pop wasn't working. It really wasn't my day trying to get the car ready. Other than that, the car came out nice and clean. I was up nice and early the following morning so I could meet up with a group of friends I've met before at other meets. We then cruised up the motorway where we saw a few of the other attendee's. It was nice cruise up and no one got lost on the way which was nice bonus. I met up with my mate in his 04 Sportivo and met his friends driving a nice ZRE182 and also a supercharged Toyota Echo which was one of the most unique cars of the event. Upon arriving and parking on the 2nd floor of Castle Hill Toyota, I found out I managed to get a stomach bug which in turn ruined the day for me really. I managed to get some photos of the cars around the parking area and a few of the group I cruised up with. Other than having the stomach, it was great day and seeing so many different Toyota's. I ended up having to get a parents to drive my car home as I had no energy from not eating all day. Since Toyotafest, not too many new things have happened but I have much planned for the end of this year and early next year so I'll keep this updated.
  2. Thanks Blacksheep, got to bring around again soon! That's the look I was going for and it turned out exactly how I wanted. I just used a heat gun we've had laying around for years to get them apart. Isn't too hard with gun, just need to make sure all the screws are out beforehand and make sure you don't hold it around the same spot for a long time. Only needs to be enough to melt the glue really.
  3. Thanks a lot Marcus, really appreciate it. It's taken a while to get it where I want it. In regards to camera, as much as I hate to say 99% of the photos are just taken on either my old Samsung Galaxy S5 or my newer Galaxy S7.
  4. Alrighty, with Toyotafest fast approaching and heaps of things I wanted to do before hand, it's been a few weekends and week nights getting everything ready before hand. Some of the things should have been done a long time ago but with other more important things happening in life, I've had to put them on hold. I finally had the chance to do the headlight inserts on another set of lights I purchased. I originally purchased a set from members on the forum but they were in pretty bad condition. It only took about 10-20 minutes to pull apart the lights and get the insert out. I prepped them with wax and grease remover and used a plastic primer and filler before applying the paint. After 3 coats of black I decided it was more than enough and put them back together along with using automotive Sikaflex to seal them as best as possible. They're currently not on the car as I'm making sure that the sealant has filled any and all of the gaps. I'll be putting them in this weekend and my good mate will give them a wet sand and buff as the lens isn't in the best condition at the moment. As of last night, I've finally put the passenger side seat in completing the interior. Safe to say I'm extremely happy with how it turned out. Other than that, it's going to be another busy week for me with prepping the car. Will keep the thread updated!
  5. I will definitely. I have a few Sportivo friends coming along so it should be good. I ordered them through a site called RHDJapan. They were the cheapest to order from by a long shot and were awesome to deal with. Highly recommend ordering items through them. The rails are also made to order too and should fit most SR type Recaros and also Brides (If you get the RO type that is). Definitely worth it if you can get a set nice and cheap (Evo 7 and Evo 8 GSR seats go fairly cheap these days).
  6. Update time. So today marks 2 years of ownership of the Sportivo. Safe to say it has been an awesome car since then racking up nearly 50000 kilometers since I purchased it. It's definitely safe to say I drive it a lot other than to and from work. Despite some of the annoying issues I've had like the oil leaks that don't seem to stop and especially having to rebuild the gearbox, I have still enjoyed the car every step of the way. It may not be the fastest car in the world but, it's enough to put a smile on my face hearing the unique note of the 2ZZ, been able to keep up with quicker cars in the twisties and also having complete practicality and amazing fuel economy. I bought the car stock standard from a gentleman in his mid to early 30's who purchased from the first owner, a female based not to far away from my home suburb. Since purchasing, I saw plenty of potential to make it more enjoyable and practical for my needs. I've done all the basics which can be seen in my signature but, since I'll be keeping the beast for sometime I thought I'd go a few steps further with the type of modifications to be done. Here is the latest update. Recently I ordered some new DBA T2 brake discs to go in soon as mine are on the worn side along the QFM HPX brake pads. These will be going in later this year and I'll more than likely paint the brake calipers while doing so. Just need to decide on the colour I'd like really. So, as an early birthday present for myself I wanted to get some Recaro seats as I had purchased Bride RO type rails in late June. I've been interested in changing the seats since I purchased the car 2 years ago but never thought I'd ever get the chance too. I was primarily looking into black SR3 and SR4 Recaros along with Lancer Evolution Recaros for the last 3 months, found some good ones which I was too late to get or found some very worn ones. I finally got my hands on these. Lancer Evolution 8 MR Recaros. They have some usual wear and tear but were the best ones I found after months of searching. They are quite dirty as you can see which is where I returned back to my Honda roots for assistance. After a bit of research I decided to hire a steam cleaner from Bunnings and also perform the "Softly Method" (Basic mixing 6 parts water to 1 part softly, spraying on the seat, massaging in by hand, clean it out with a wet cloth/towel the using a vacuum to get the seats a bit dryer). It definitely worked a treat as it got most of the stains out and cleared out a lot the dirt and as MCM would say, "human slime". This is just after the first seat was completed. I only used warm water with the steam cleaner as I didn't want to risk damaging the seat material. Here's the first seat cleaned with just the steam cleaner. This was the end result on both seats after a steam and softly clean. They're still wet here so I had to let them dry over night. Also note the steam cleaning water after both seats were cleaned and also when the vacuum was used to get some so water out of the seats. Here's the results the next day after they dried out over night. The pictures don't show it all to well but they really did get a good clean with the methods used. Now the most annoying task was to remove the old rails and place the new Bride rails. The old rails had hex bolts which were nearly impossible to remove as my mates and I later found loctite was used to keep them in. After a few hours of working, researching, scratching our heads and using a few choice words we managed to get the old rails off. After we had the chance to mount the drivers seat, I removed the old leather seat, removed the seat belt and attached it to the new rails before moving it into the car. Without the help of my close mates and also my mates partners Dad, this wouldn't have been done as quickly as possible so a massive shout out to them. I definitely owe a few cases for this one that's for sure. Here's the drivers side seat installed. Passenger seat will be in later this week. Currently, I'm the only ZZE12# chassis I know of running Evolution 8 MR Recaro's in the world! The driving feel is amazing. The seats really hold you in and gives the car such a different feel from the leather seats. If you're interested in pushing the Sportivo through it's paces in twisties or on circuits, I highly recommend getting any sort of racing seat. It honestly feels like a different car to be in now. Other than that, just have a few little mods to get done and a bit of maintenance coming up. Also preparing the car for Toyotafest in the coming weeks so I'm fairly excited as it's my first year going and I've got my ticket for my car to be on show. Will keep this updated!
  7. Thanks for that Wixy, will definitely give that a go sometime soon hopefully!
  8. Thanks a lot Wixy! Really appreciate it mate. Yeah, I definitely wanted the face lift version just because of all the little additions over 03/04 (all auto windows, interior trim) and I preferred to more aggressive look as well. Yeah it's definitely something I really need to fix up on it but have never known what to get to fix it. Do you have any suggestions for the trim protectant? I actually like the black mud flaps to be honest. I think it's breaks it up a little although I've had temptations to paint them but I really like them the way they are for now.
  9. NEW POST! Has been a little too long since my last update but I've been really busy recently with life really. So, the parts that were ordered from Japan were a set of Bride RO type rails for both drive and passenger seats. I ordered them through RHDJapan when the AUD to Yen wasn't too bad and ended up getting the best deal compared to Nengun, PerfectRun and a few other sites. Would highly recommend them and happy to answer any questions about ordering through them if anyone is curious. In other news, I've been getting a lot better fuel economy as of recently. Used to run Vortex 98 but for nearly a year now have switched to BP Ultimate 98 which gets better kms for me and runs a bit nicer. I drive it a lot more these days and I haven't seen kms this high for well over 9 months. For about a 2-3 weeks, I also had an air bag light come on. While on a drive with some mates down to Wollongong, we parked and an hour later we returned and when I started my car it randomly came on. Luckily enough it was fixed when the car went in for it's passenger air bag recall. The guys at my local Toyota were very keen to see a Sportivo with one of the older team members falling in love with it! He said "We rarely see cars like this come in to the shop" While it was in, I also got a new key cut and programmed for an amazing deal as I only had one car when I got the car. The older team member told me it would be over $3000 if I was to lose my key!! When my engine mounts were changed, an oil leak was also fixed but sadly a week later oil was continuing to leak. The car went back to my local mechanic where it was discovered to be the valve cover. It has since not left any leaks so fingers crossed it stays like that While in the shop, they were also able to raise the car just enough so it doesn't scrape everywhere I go. Safe to say it's much nicer to drive day to day now. My local mechanics are absolute legends to say the least, even managing to get a photo of the engine while the valve cover was off. Anyone want to play a game of guess the kms? Now for reference, here was the old height which I managed to daily for over a year and a half. I definitely know it probably wasn't legal. Took these when I decided to give it some TLC at the car wash. Safe to say it was cleanest it had been for a long time! Here's how it currently sits at the new height, haven't done the coke can test just yet so I will compare for the next post. Height all round is now much more daily friendly without looking too high. To be honest, I don't really notice a major difference in the way it looks anyway! The most recent work done was last Saturday when I decided to address something hard to see in my shots. The windows and mirrors had water marks all over them when I purchased the car. I thought the car was just dirty at the time but after the first wash I realised it was an issue. I used the Rain-X Xtreme Clean on all windows and mirrors along with Rain-X water repellent once all the marks were removed. I also thought it would be a good time to replace the window visors with some ordered late last year so that was done after all the windows were done. It took me about 6 hours all up and turned out amazing! It feels a lot cleaner and visibility is a lot better now too. A massive shout out to my mate Jacob for letting me borrow his buffer and tape to use for the job. Definitely couldn't do it by hand alone. Here's some before and after pictures, a little hard to get the marks on camera but in person they were very noticeable. Imagine those marks, on every window and mirror! Progress shot: Final results: Other then that, that's how the car sits today. I recently got a knock off TRD duracon gear knob from eBay pretty cheap and it's actually a really nice gear knob. Still in the process of finding seats for the rails and have looked at about 5-6 different sets with none been just right for me yet. Oh well, better waiting for something anyway. Still have a lot to do before I can finally say it's done, then again project cars are never done! Will keep this updated!
  10. Photobucket sucks! Re-posting again
  11. Failing internal lights

    This may have some information as the issue seems similar. Apparently it's common on the earlier ZRE models also, possible a connector issue.
  12. Depends what you are after. Are you after a single or double din head unit? A good bang for buck option is getting a used newer model double din OEM Toyota unit which generally has AUX, Bluetooth and sometimes even GPS and USB. I run a Clarion VX404au head unit which I got really cheap at the time about 1.5 years ago. Has all nice options like AUX, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI etc and has the ability to play movies, have GPS and also came with a reverse camera to wire up (never used it as it's quite bulky) At the time I got it for roughly $300 or so but you'll also need the surrounds for the head unit that only cover sides instead of all around the headunit (Heard people call them ears?). You'll also need to make sure you get the wiring adapter harness which isn't too pricey and makes installation a breeze. Best to check on reviews for some headunits and see if it's what you are after.
  13. It is possible to put lowering springs on the standard shocks but, I've heard some rumors that it can also wear the shocks out quicker (not sure if that's true though) If you do it yourself each time, the only thing you'd need to put money on is getting a wheel alignment. The job is roughly 2-3 hours at the most but I'd say it's definitely best to wait until all the parts are gathered.
  14. A great combo I've seen is the Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks along with King Springs. Not too expensive from what I've seen but you can get a nice lower stance along with improved handling. Also having the ability to stiffen the shocks is a bonus.
  15. No lift #2

    Any Toyota dealer will have the bolts in stock. Some of them may not refer to them as lift bolts so they'll get confused. If you give Toyota there part number (9010506293) they will be able to supply it to you. Both bolts are the same size and should be easily replaceable unless, one has broken.