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  1. Oooooo what's the surprise? I'd be keen to see the double Halo Angel eyes in action, that sounds so mad! Loving all these new pics man.
  2. I have recently purchased the Energy Suspension engine mount inserts from Monkey Wrench Racing. I've heard many success stories but also many complaints about the vibration caused from them. I've heard of people using Sikaflex in the past as campbeam has stated above but haven't seen any in person. I'll be adding a decent review of them once I have them installed. Parts numbers for engine mounts, courtesy of forum member Blacksheep. Front engine mount 1236122080Rear engine mount 1237122170 EDIT: Link for inserts -
  3. If you have Facebook, there is a Melbourne Sportivo group and there are a few other Sportivo related groups where someone may have the front lip and also side skirts.
  4. Best is to probably check Gumtree and eBay first, probably the easiest thing to do. If you have no luck, you may need to search for specific Toyota wreckers in Melbourne such Toyrolla Spares based in Epping.
  5. Headers - Ported Stock (Best for performance gains, not much change to sound) There are also Hurricane and Wildcat headers which give the Sportivo a deeper tone but a prone to cracking. If you plan on going crazy, PPE headers. Cat - 100 or 200 cell high flow catalytic converter. Catback - 2.5" piping with mandrel bends is best, a decent resonator or even 2 smaller ones, a decent rear muffler (Magnaflow, x-Force Varex, Remus etc). The larger piping will mean it can be a bit more droney on highways, hence why most people including me went with the Varex. Has the ability to be loud when you want and as quiet as stock. See my signature for my exhaust setup which I've been running for the last on the stock ECU with no issues. I went with mild steel as it is doesn't sound as raspy as stainless. In saying that, stainless will always out last mild steel.
  6. UPDATE TIME Thought I'd update the thread after a bit. I have done over 3000 kms on the new synchros and they honestly feel awesome. Feels great now after taking it very easy on the gears for the last few weeks. I've yet to give a bit to see how it goes. I've been fairly busy in recent weeks and with the unpredictable Sydney weather, the car hasn't had a good clean for a month or so now. Hoping I can get it cleaned up again this weekend. I've had a bit of assistance with getting information about installation of the new engine mount inserts and I'm hoping to get this done ASAP along with fixing my oil leak which is becoming more of an issue. Haven't taken any recent photos but nothing has really changed in recent time. Will keep this updated!
  7. Also this. The Celica 6th sits the car at a lower RPM which is handy for highway driving. Have talked to Bil (Xoom) about if before when I saw him last.
  8. The 2ZZ's are identical between the Celica and Corolla. Main differences are the gearbox linkages, the ECU's and other smaller things (intake, engine cover etc.) See the video above for the screen clean. My Corolla just ticked over 185 000 the other day and the oil generally only goes a dark golden colour, haven't seen many with black before. It may need an engine flush.
  9. Could be a few things like lift bolts, the lift screen been clogged in the lift solenoid or even the engine just needing a good service (filters, flush, fluid change etc). I think Toyota should be able to diagnose the issue but, recently I've heard one them didn't even know what a lift bolt said he needed a new head as opposed to 2 $2 bolts. I think it depends what Toyota mechanic you go too.
  10. What's the exact issue that's happening with your Sportivo? The high idling issue you mentioned before?
  11. I'd more than likely try a wrecker of some sort to find one. Don't think they're any complete stock ones on eBay or Gumtree at the moment. Try King Wreck, they usually have a lot of Corolla Sportivo parts there.
  12. Have a look through these threads mate, should be some guidance in them. I know that this issue isn't totally uncommon for the 2ZZ.
  13. I'd definitely start of with the cheaper solutions before thinking about anything expensive. Can save a bit of time and most importantly money.
  14. - Check Lift bolts. Very common on the preface lift 03/04 models for them to wear down quicker, although the design has since been corrected. - Check oil level, make sure your engine has enough oil. - Check the VVTLi solenoid as the filter/screen inside of it can get clogged and cause lift to not engage, see below: If these look all good, probably best to take it to a mechanic to check what could be wrong. Best of luck!
  15. It will look this with no skirt. All the skirts between ZZE's will fit between each other with ease. The levin has slightly higher sitting side skirt and front lip compared to the sportivo one.