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  1. i have the same issue and i found the panel impossible to remove. theres the heater and cooler coils at the back that i couldnt remove. got the clip undone but then theres a wire inside i couldnt seem to disconnect. im sure the bulbs are available online, if you can get to them
  2. the force is not strong with this one
  3. ok, swapped the batteries, started fine. so that and the voltages, its the battery
  4. Ok, I've got the wife to turn the ignition while i had the multimeter on the battery, and it went down to 5-6V. Gonna put the barrety from her car into mine and see if i can start it, or is that a bad idea?
  5. cheers. will test battery too.
  6. Starter finally died today, been getting progressively worse, and the battery is at 12.4V, so it does sound like the starter, right? Main question - been asking around for prices and they ask me if its the 10 or 13 teeth starter. Does anyone know? Will be pulling it off tomorrow anyway but thought i'd get a head start. Anything else I need to know for the replacement?
  7. in that case, replace the AUX cable and you should be right. Dont think my tweeters ever worked, and sadly still have all 4 stock speakers, 3 of which are blown...
  8. ha! thats amazing. I have an 04 camry with a DPX-5140BT. that sort of static is usually bad connections speaker <> stereo if its coming from all speakers. if a single speaker, that speaker may be dying
  9. they often need a security code entered, the code is usually in the manual. Also could be a dead/dying fuse either in the fuse box or dedicated one in the back of the stereo.
  10. All but one of the globes(or LEDs?) in the air selector unit have died. I had a quick look the other day, but the panel seem hard to get out, looks like the heating/cooling lines are stopping it. 1. how do you disconnect the hot/cold lines (or whatever they are holding it in, one on each side at the rear of the panel) 2. is it possible to replace the globes, and what would you recommend replacing them with (ideally coloured LEDs?) Cheers
  11. If I were you, I would pull the headunit out (its literally 4x 10mm bolts), find a wiring diagram online (google) and figure out which wires are for the tweeters (or front speaks as you alluded to) and test with a LED light if the connection is working. theres plenty of tutorials on youtube how to go about it. Diagnose from there.
  12. Here is a bunch of screenshots of my settings:
  13. cheers campbeam, will check the PCV next weekend
  14. I ended up getting Nulon 5W-30 as it was on sale, <$40 for 6L. Probably should have done a oil flush as well, but happy I at least did the change (and filter), it was getting a bit slugey
  15. Awesome, thanks mate