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  1. Happy for you man, if you get the chance let me know on FB how much you got the rebuild for, would be keen on one day getting my gearbox done aswell just for prevention.
  2. Yeah i've got a few scrapes on the side skirt thanks to the previous owner, isn't took bad though so i'm not worried hey. Front scrapes underneath the lip is pretty normal tbh, luckily i've got a new one ready to go on after a nice coat of paint and polish. Find a height that suits you best i suppose, i'm 80mm off the ground and its a reasonable height tbh and i wouldn't go any lower.
  3. >raising the car to a more suitable height mate if you can get over curbs whats the point in existing ;)
  4. Thats so maaaaad!
  5. I don't drive like a gimp really, i've dealt with bad gears and rev match a fair bit so i do my best to prevent it If you're dropping your car into second @ 90kms and **** then eventually you're gonna have issues, if im having a bit of fun ill drop from sixth to third because on freeways that's straight into lift and alot of fun to surprise people. It's not doing harm and i wouldn't do it unless i knew it was fine. At the end of the day it's all for fun and i drive it the way it's meant to be driven. It's so good man!
  6. Exedy HD Extreme Lightened Flywheel Greddy V-Manage piggyback ecu, gonna be mad ;) Anddddddddd a recent photo (2 months old) but a personal favourite of mine. I have got rid of the lowdown banner and replaced it with my own glossblack banner with a few neat stickers, will be putting photos up no doubt soon.
  7. Thought I'd make an update with the few mods I've done in the last week and will be doing over the next month or so! i have installed the extended pushrod for the clutch, a TWM short shifter and am now chasing a weighted knob! Any reccomendations would be appreciated ! i also installed a set of BC racings coilovers which I got for a fantastic price, could not believe the change in the cars handling. Easily the best upgrade I've done for the car. Greddy V-Manage ecu has arrived and will be installed in the car hopefully by the end of this week, just when I have time to do it! I have a new clutch for no reason but I desire an upgrade, chose the Exedy Heavy duty clutch with the Xtreme lightened flywheel. In the future I'd love to build the engine and the gearbox, but this is quite a time away I believe. hope everyone is doing well and modding hard ;) thought it was worth a note I had a pricey mechanic trip, had both front driveshafts replaced with new hubs and bearings to go aswell!
  8. Sorry to hear man, i had the same **** for my third gear. Look forward to your mad modz
  9. Yeah man, my stepdad's stivo has 200kms on it and hasn't had any major issues what so ever. I'm thinking that one day i'd rather buy a low km engine and swap it into my sportivo then have to scrap it/sell it if one day it goes. Do love this car.
  10. I've seen them on there, just not too fussed about all that too be honest, i'll get a decent set of rims one day.
  11. I've seen 290 on the Sportivos from Sydney, the 2zz Celica's that are daily'd by people who have no idea what lift is would have a stupid amount of Kms i reckon.
  12. Fuark i'd love some coilovers one day hey, but the kings do alright until then Keep it up man, gloss white rims would look mad as btw, i wanna paint my stepdad's Red 03 white but he won't let me hahaha
  13. Sorry for the long post but well overdue for an update. It's frustrating really because i've got all these mad photos and they're missing things i've done since then! I've vinyl'd my foglights in yellow as many have done and also painted both front and rear Toyota badges gloss black. hope everyone's doing mad modz and hitting lift safely ;)
  14. You joined the WA corolla Sportivo club man? Look it up on Facebook if you can, we're having a cruise in a few weeks and would love to see you there! WA rep mate ;)