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  1. I have very recently cleared the code and waiting for it to reappear to review the freeze frame data especially the fuel trim readings. In the meantime, I am going to use carby/throttle body cleaner to try and decarbon/clean the catalytic convertor; inspect/clean the air/fuel sensor for bank 2 [because it is easy to access]; swap over the O2 sensors between bank 1 and bank 2 if that is possible; and possibly also try to reset the ECM by disconnecting the battery. I am assuming that if the error code then appears for bank 2 then it is the O2 sensor and if it still remains for bank 1 then it is most likely the catalytic convertor. Depending upon the fuel trim readings, especially if there is a marked difference between bank 2 and bank 1, then I will have to consider cleaning the air/fuel sensor for bank 1 which is presumably hidden away underneath the air intake body.
  2. Suggest that you do a Google search with the term "lube reference guide" then choose the various oil manufacturers. Most are recommending 10W-40 or 15W-40 for your vehicle. Nulon guide mentions 20W-50. I do a lot of short distance driving so I change my oil every 5,000 KM. If I wanted a longer oil change interval e.g. 7-10,000 KM then I would be using a full synthetic oil. However, I have found that most oil specials are for mineral oil and semi-synthetic oil so that is what I buy.Engine Oil URLs and GR4 GR5 Performance Comparison.doc
  3. For quite some time I have been resetting the Check Engine Light on my 2008 Aurion Prodigy. Finally, I purchased an OBD2 scanner and identified the P0420 error code for Bank 1 catalytic convertor efficiency. This is the only error code detected. I am still in the diagnosis/ trial and error process and avoiding replacing unnecessary parts. Google searches have indicated that replacing the O2 sensor is unlikely to fix this error code. Previously, the engine was smoking on startup and the vehicle was purchased with this known issue. Potentially, the catalytic convertor could be oil contaminated or have carbon build up. I have cleaned both post cat O2 sensors which had a white residue that easily wiped off. Latest bit of research indicates to also look at the long term and short term fuel trim readings. I am assuming that this could point the finger at the pre-cat Air/Fuel sensor/s needing to be cleaned or replaced. I have yet to check for any vacuum or exhaust leaks My main question is if anyone has had this P0420 or P0430 error code and what ended up being the solution. I am also a novice to using an OBD2 scanner so any advice on how to use it to solve this error code will be appreciated. Error Code P0420.doc
  4. Courtesy of a post in another thread, I located this URL for LED foglights for Toyota Camry/Yaris/RAV 4/Corolla. Best to check with your Transport Dept whether they can be legally fitted.,searchweb201602_2_10152_10065_10151_10130_10068_10136_10137_10060_10138_10131_10155_10062_10132_10156_10133_10154_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_10103_10102_10096_10148_10147_10052_10053_10142_10107_10050_10051_10084_10083_10119_10080_10082_10081_10110_10175_10111_10112_10113_10114_10181_10078_10079_10073_10070_10123_10120_10124-10119,searchweb201603_9,afswitch_1_afChannel,ppcSwitch_5&btsid=c8424815-a2a7-4c23-9926-def5de444284&algo_expid=ffa0fc95-e812-4782-bc4c-7881d83ee884-2&algo_pvid=ffa0fc95-e812-4782-bc4c-7881d83ee884
  5. After looking at the video, engine exchange or changing vehicles look very attractive options. Lexus IS350 would be on my shopping list just for easier maintenance access.
  6. There is a similar thread in the Aurion Forum titled LED Headlights. Check with your Transport Dept but I expect you may find that the conversion will be illegal. A better option may be to upgrade the halogen bulbs. Next option would be a LED light bar.
  7. Hopefully you will hear from RAV4 owners. I did a Google search and located this URL. Admittedly it relates to a different Toyota model but at least it is something to consider whether it may be applicable.
  8. One of my many dislikes about other drivers, especially those that sit in my left rear blind spot. Also did not think it was smart for that police bike to sit in my driver side rear blind spot oh so many years ago. Only happy when there are no cars within 100 metres then I can just look out for errant wildlife.. Recent experiences have reinforced the stereotype of female Asian drivers especially those driving SUVs. Also ongoing joke with my girlfriend to assess our parking results as either Australian park, Asian park or an African park.
  9. You may have already done a Google search and identified the attached Timing Chain Instructions. After reading these instructions, you will have to determine whether it is feasible to access the No.2 chain tensioner and lock it in position with a 1mm allen key etc.Otherwise, it looks like a big dismantle job to remove the No.1 timing chain. It was mentioned in another thread about diagnosing the underlying cause for the problem. Suggest that you read all of the attachments first, diagnose the cause then consider your repair options. Timing Chain Sprockets 3 Removal Installation.docx
  10. No direct experience but from my research I have assumed that it is a disassembly. Apparently, the timing chains have a life of 200,000+ kms. Toyota and Lexus 3 Engine Timing Chain Fitment Marks.doc
  11. Attached is some of my ready reference material. 2GR FE Water Pump Removal Information.doc 2GR-FE Valve Timing Tips.pdf
  12. Suggest that you do a search on eBay for OBD2 scanner. I think that I bought this one. The connector for the Aurion is under the dash on the right hand side of the steering wheel.
  13. Yes, you will have to wait for the warning lights to come back on before plugging in a scanner to read the stored fault codes.
  14. It is a process of elimination. I would test the foglights to confirm that the bulbs actually work, then go visit a friend who knows how to use a multimeter.
  15. Probably more stereotyping. Not enough Volvo owners wearing hats these days. Gee that sounds like me on the highway. Cruising along enjoying a relaxing safe drive [at a safe speed for the road conditions and not "qualifying" for a speeding ticket]. Sun visor is also deployed for the morning and afternoon Sun. Having a bit of fun with full throttle on the overtaking lanes to go past that slower traffic then back to cruising speed. Also "interesting" catching up to those speeding drivers who have recently overtaken me now waiting behind slower traffic.