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  1. ABS not functioning?

    The car has done about 105000km. Transmission should have been checked at the 90000km service. But I don't know for sure if they replaced the fluid.
  2. ABS not functioning?

    Hi, I've noticed that on rainy days if I press the brakes a bit harder, the wheels would lock which causes the car to drag forward along the road. Yesterday I checked this in dry conditions and while I was only doing 40kmph, I still feel the wheels would lock. I never saw an ABS warning light come on. How should I proceed to resolve this? BTW, I have a 2007 Aurion ATX. Edit: Today I received a Check Engine warning and my OBDII sensor gave the P0500 error code. According to this, it could cause ABS to not function. Maybe this is the reason? Cheers
  3. Great, I will check it out. Thanks.
  4. Alright then. Out of curiosity, how much does one of these ECU scanners cost for the 2007 Aurion? Is the interface standardised (between series, manufacturer etc.) so that these scanners are compatible between multiple models? Or if you buy a scanner, it will only work with one specific model?
  5. An update on the situation. Unplugging the battery did reset the warning, and it never came on afterwards. I went for a ride for about 15 minute. Stopped twice on the way, to inflate the tyres. Everything is good for now. What do you guys recommend? I don't think anyone can do anything without the warning light on anymore right? So I have to wait for it to come on, right? I hope it won't come back on.
  6. i did not clean the engine bay. I just washed the body and was planning to clean up the interior after reversing into the carport. Except for checking for the engine oil level, I had no plans to touch the engine bay. The engine oil level is fine btw. I had the car serviced couple of months ago as well. I did not focus water on the tyres because it would splash everywhere. I only poured water with no pressure and simply brushed the outer (visible) side of the tyres. The car was running fine until this incident, except for the VVT-I house burst in January. We went on a trip and came back yesterday evening. No dramas during the entire journey. So sad that I didn't notice if the warning lights were on when I took the car out of the carport before washing. However if they came on, I think I would have noticed, but I cannot be certain. When the malfunction indicator lamp (is this the same as check engine light everyone keeps saying?) comes up erroneously, does it go away automatically if it detects the error is no longer there or do we have to reset it. I have the battery disconnected at the moment to try and reset the warning. I don't know if it is the right thing to do.
  7. Hi, Today I decided to bathe my 2007 Aurion AT-X in the morning and took it out the carport and washed. I didn't do anything special. Just hose, then two buckets, then hose off and wipe with micro fibre. Cleaned the wheels with a brush. Pretty standard. When I tried to reverse it back into the carport, I felt a serious lack of power in the engine. I had to race the engine to 3000RPM to get it moving. Mind you, there is about a 10-15 degree upward slope into the carport, but still... Somehow I managed to get it into the carport. I noticed the malfunction indicator lamp (as per the manual and the attachment) was on. I stopped the engine and waited a bit and started the engine again. It came on, but it didn't go off like it should. So I shut it off. After a bit, I checked the engine oil level and it was all good. I waited a bit longer and then started again. Same thing. This time, I let it idle for a few minutes and it never went off. I took it out the carport and drove for about 10 meters and then the VSC light and the traction control warning lights came on, without the malfunction light going off. Any thoughts what could be the problem?
  8. Thanks @campbeam. A lot of vital information. I ordered the following items. Nulon Long Life Engine Oil 5w30 6 litre x2 (SCA) Nulon Brake Oil DOT3 500ml x2 (SCA) Oil Filter x2 (EBAY) - as per your link Air Filter x1 (EBAY) - as per your link I will have to check with Toyota whether they replaced the spark plugs (is there any way to tell if they are new by inspection?) and the coolant. I also wonder if the brake pads have worn out. When I hit the brakes lightly, it sometimes squeaks. It doesn't happen if I brake harder though. They probably just need some adjustments. Any thoughts?
  9. SuperCheap also has a 20% off deal just for today. So I will be picking the cheapest. Yes, I'm saving for a house, but it will take a couple of more years before we have all the money for the deposit because my income is not very high and my wife isn't working. Is the Nulon Long Life 5w30 6 litre can sufficient for a complete fill? If I am replacing the oil filter (which I am), I would need 6.1 litres. Of course I should buy extra to keep in handy for loss of oil with engine usage. What would you do in my case? When you replace brake fluid, how much brake fluid do you need for a complete fill? What super cheap has is the 500ml can. The link you gave for the filter, is it the full filter? Why does it say "Set Fit" For Toyota Genuine OEM Oil Petrol Filter 04152-YZZA1 "Pack Kit"? I am unsure when the coolant was replaced. I tried contacting Camberwell Toyota for the service record (90,000km one which was performed at the time of purchase) but said the service department is closed today. In the service log book, it says only to replace the coolant if it is found to be bad, so it is almost a certain that they didn't replace it. Isn't the coolant good enough for 160000km? That's what is written under the bonnet. However, the car is almost 10 years old, so it might be about time I replaced it. They should have replaced the spark plugs at that service as well. It is always better to have few handy? Pretty expensive, aren't they? Does the air filter you linked fit model 2007 as well? It says specifically it is for 2006 model.
  10. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    Didn't you say the VVT-I line replacement would cost me $500-600? They quoted $520 for it. The extra charge is for the oil cooler hose replace with the full metal one and 4 litres of Castrol Magnatec 5W30 engine oil. I asked them to replace the oil cooler hose. They wouldn't do it free of charge if there was no damage sadly. I see. My bad. I'm a newbie when it comes to car mechanics :D Makes sense.
  11. Hi guys, The next service for my 2007 Aurion AT-X is coming up in a month and I am planning to buy parts for it (and for the future) at the autobarn 20% off sale this weekend. The service is going to be a general service, but if you are wondering, the last service I did was the 90,000km major service when I bought the car. I included it as a package when I bought the car from Camberwell Toyota. (The previous owner had not done the 90,000km service). With your advise, I have decided to just do a general service from here after. I will be getting it done from a mobile mechanic. What should I buy? Couple of Nulon Long Life 5w30 6 litre cans? Cheers
  12. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    I got the car back on Wednesday afternoon, but couldn't update the thread. They charged me $680 for the whole thing. I got the front oil cooler hose replaced with the metal pipe as well. A large portion of it is for the labour. Sadly, the replacement VVT-I hose still has a rubber mid section, albeit the improved version. They said that's all they have. *sigh* They had to top up engine oil with 4 litres of Castrol Magnatec 5w30. So there was some still left in the engine. I didn't mention in the first post, but the car port whe I park the car has a slightly forward slanted floor, so probably that's why I got it as zero oil. (i.e. an incorrect reading). I tested the car (actually I drove for like 200km since getting it back) and it still has the power just as it used to, so I don't think the engine was harmed. There aren't any strange noises or anything out of the ordinary. I will keep an eye for excessive oil consumption though.
  13. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    I thought they would do that in conjunction with the relevant road authority (i.e. VicRoads). Because one of my colleagues told me that he got a recall notice for his 2008 V4 Camry after buying the car from a private seller. My colleague had never done the service at a Toyota dealership. So how would they know how to contact him? Surely they got that info from the road authority.
  14. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    So the previous owner of my car probably ignored to get it replaced free of charge! I wouldn't be in this mess if this wasn't the case. *sigh*
  15. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    Did you get it replaced with an all metal pipe or the improved one with the partial rubber hose?