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  1. Your image isn't showing Mr H.
  2. Nice Mr H, very nice. I got told on Monday that my production date has been pushed back to June 1st which I was grumpy about. Dealer claims that I should still have it by the end of June.
  3. Angoth - it's a beauty alright!! Congrats! 👍🏻😁👍🏻
  4. Congratulations. That's very exciting. What specs did you choose? I wonder why I don't have a definite arrival date yet.
  5. Got to test drive again, but on my own, for about 90 mins today. I rang and said you've already sold me one but I'd really like another drive. They said all good, come in. Then when I went in the sales manager said do you mind taking it by yourself, we're short-staffed. Take it for as long as you want, just return by 5pm. BONUS!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻 Was enough time to really test a range of things that the regular half hour with salesman usually isn't. Merging speed/power (plenty), back seat room (fine if not behind me), comfort of driver's seat (really good lumbar support), braking (stops on a dime), voice control for phone calls (needs work), Bluetooth connection with my iphone (music doesn't go very loud), all round vision (back and sides for me were fine, front with mirror a little restricted, but I got used to it), cruise control (will need to get used to stalk instead of steering wheel control, and I think the lowest speed might be 45kph), LDA (love when it turns the wheel to put you back on track). I even wondered about the size difference in comparison to my current car. It's a bit taller, wider and longer. And it has better clearance for driveways. It dwarves my car slightly. I do like the driving seat height which is higher. And I checked that it definitely had artist and song with music through Bluetooth. Still in love!
  6. So exciting that you have a definite date Justin. I'm not sure about the bluetooth info. Hopefully it does.
  7. Congrats Justin. Maybe our cars will be siblings. Lol. It's nice to read a guy (assumption from your name) say that the car has enough power. 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. I'm going with the Toyota Access option, so 4 years is the longest I will have car if I'm unhappy, although I can't imagine it.
  9. Thanks for that as I've never only a car that took premium before.
  10. I was attracted to the unusual look of this car. I've previously owned a 2001 Corolla Ultima as my only Toyota. My dad has an Aurion and my mum has an older Corolla. The C-HR is unlike any Toyota I've ever seen. I wanted to upgrade my 2012 i30 to a small SUV. I looked at the Vitara first, then the C-HR. After test driving and being amazed with the huge range of safety features, I crossed the Juke, Qashquai, HRV, CX3 and Trax off my list. I'm not rough on my cars and I found the power comparable to my i30. I loved the adaptive CC, lane departure and blind spot monitoring. After reading reviews about noise and difficulty seeing out the rear, I was surprised that it was a quiet car and I could see fine. I was disappointed at no Apple Car Play and if the car didn't have voice activated calls I would've looked elsewhere, but I paired my iPhone and called my sister from the car to test it. 👍🏻👍🏻 I'm a little disappointed that it only takes premium fuel but I hope that means it's more economic? I've been told my car starts production on May 1st, so now I just have to WAIT!
  11. I ordered a 2WD Koba in crystal pearl with a black roof on March 11. I liked the car from the ads and I LOVED it after the test drive. Signed my contract the same day. But a 3 month wait? 😕 Told today by my dealer that production on my car starts May 1st. Anyone know how long after that? Are the ones for Oz made in Japan or Turkey? I'm dreaming about a darn car. 😜🙄
  12. Hi I'm Ellie. I live in Gippsland Victoria and I'm a primary school teacher.