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  1. C-HR Head Unit

    Sorry I didn't notice but my GPS is accurate enough.
  2. C-HR Head Unit

    A couple of pics with the plugs in.
  3. C-HR Head Unit

    Cool, I'm still procrastinating but keep coming back to the Joying. My search continues for a solution that is a perfect fit. Keep us informed as you go.
  4. C-HR Head Unit

    The difference would be enough for an 8" unit to not overlap anywhere. :(
  5. C-HR Head Unit

    I will be interested in seeing if the app suddenly works on my phone. In reality in this modern world a standard Android Operating System with direct access to the app store would provide the best user experience and save Toyota a lot of dollars on custom app development. What does a modern car really need? A touch screen of decent size and resolution Octacore processing chip 16/128GB internal memory + expansion options Connectivity - Bluetooth and USB amplifier / speaker driver A screen link app Prefered built in: DAB+ receiver Video decoder GPS receiver 3G or 4G connectivity Telephone SIM for independent data and dialing XYZ axis information Direct Connection to the vehicle CAN Bus Software app developer interface port
  6. Customisation and Accessories

    I am thinking of adding the extra lights which are available as a 5 light pack. Are there any legal ramifications by installing these lights? I asked the seller and the front lights are white LEDS and flash orange with the blinkers.
  7. Any technical problems with Chr?

    Eric, You need to vacuum the carpet before putting features on public display... The aftermarket bling looks good though :) RANT MODE: When is Toyota Australia going to start penalizing the dealerships for having DUMB sales people who obviously have no idea about the product? What happened to the FAMOUS TOYOTA QUALITY PRODUCTION SYSTEMS? Lucky I am not a Toyota Japan or for that matter, Australia executive, or a dealer principle because DUMB salespeople wouldn't last five minutes in my world, they would be banished to used car sales, commission only. Krystal, Electric heating will become standard in all newer cars, the cabin heater in the C-HR is also electric and works within seconds of starting the car. Electrical heating is a safety feature, especially on those mornings when the windscreen wants to fog up on the inside. Hit the Start button, hit the front defrost switch and no fogged up windows when driving off a few seconds later. GRANDFATHER MODE: (also known as school teacher or safety/risk manager mode) Scalding hot water from old tech cars is very dangerous to have in the cabin in a crash. A broken water heater line or radiator in the cabin may leak or spray many liters of scalding hot water at well over 100DegC inside the cabin area. These temperatures will cause immediate third-degree burns to any skin it touches and as a result, the scalds could kill you, or at least make a very long and painful burn recovery with skin grafts, and other associated scald burn problems such as secondary infections etc. HAPPY MODE: I love the car and all the safety features and the dealer and aftermarket accessories I have bought, with more on the way :) PROFESSOR MODE: I had to design and install my own USB Charger Port because there is no factory option. This is a real oversight in 2017!!!! ANGRY MODE: I am very angry that we are forced to use Toyota-link, a third party app which does not work with modern phones and has not been updated for 2 years. I am also angry that the GPS maps are 2 years out of date. I will be replacing the radio head unit with an Android unit that works with modern phones. Terry
  8. C-HR Head Unit

    Don't break your new car... I luckly had a couple of socket extensions. I also used a piece of string across the socket to ensure that the bolt does not drop off when removing and replacing. The Joying 8" Toyota unit would be OK width wise but is too high at 127mm. The max height without overlap is approximately 115mm. f I used the Joying 8" Universal unit I could potentially adjust the screen position to minimize overlap as it has adjustable screen positioning. The Joying Toyota unit does not have an adjustable screen position and would rise above the top of the trim panel and may not fit because the C-HR radio has a step. Using the Joying Single DIN 8" unit which also has adjustable screen position I could potentially fully customize the fit so that it sits directly below my carbon trim at the top and minimizes the overlap at the bottom over the air vents. I am confident with a rose gold screen edge the overlap would not be an issue for my wife and if she does not like the rose gold I could carbon wrap it also. Comments or suggested alternate units would be appreciated before I commit cash.
  9. C-HR Head Unit

    That and the one on the other side are the welded tabs on my car. To me, not that I explored very hard, looked like they were designed to snap very easily as a tamper indicator. Maybe I am just a bit paranoid but have a look at the trim panel you removed and see if it appears to have been connected at those points.
  10. C-HR Head Unit

    Excellent. It will save me some time.
  11. C-HR Head Unit

    There are/were welded tabs either side of the trim plate that you removed. I only observed the welded tabs after removing the whole top trim and considered breaking them when setting up for the carbon wrapping. I kept the tabs intact as my concern was security of the trim plate and the potential for future rattling or the trim plate falling off on corregated roads or pot holes. You can see where the welded plastic tab was on the right side of the photo just above the bolt, there is a second one opposite. They looked small and easily broken and this is obviously the case as you have demonstrated. If the trim plate went back in securely then I may just have been overcautious. It took me a long time and lots of procrastination to remove everything the first time. If all is well and it is holding in properly, I will consider your shortcut next time. Based on design I am working on the theory that the wiring harnesses on the C-HR radio is the same as the Corolla and most other late model Toyota's. At the moment I am procrastinating over a 7" or 8" replacement. If I can find an appropriately sized 8" that can sit flush against the radio trim plate without overlapping the clock, sides or top, I will seriously consider it.
  12. C-HR fuel consumption

    A work colleague told me yesterday that their uncle imported a hybrid Koba into Singapore and is trying to break the 1000k before refuelling. Seems like lots of people enjoy the economy.
  13. Complimentary Service, worth the bother?

    I did the 1000k check up. I used it for them to fix the stuff ups with the non-scratch clear plastic door handle guards and fix the bolt they didn't have installed correctly on my side steps. They still didn't install the guards correctly the second time around so I gave up. The car also had a clicking noise I wanted them to check out, it is a known problem on the rear sway bar blocks on some C-HRs and the noise transfers into the body. They removed, photographed and refitted them but they started clicking again a few Ks down the road. I'm not sure if the noise has gone away or if I have become used to it and now block it out.
  14. Customisation and Accessories

    I never even got a response from them and cannot be bothered putting up the money again to check.
  15. C-HR Head Unit

    I had put in my original email to Joying that it would be good I could remap the talk steering wheel button could be mapped to start "Hello Google". The units suggested have key mapping so I am thinking that the comment is in relation to that. I don't want to pull the dash apart again to check the rear camera plug size, EBay has them from $20+ upwards.