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  1. C-HR Head Unit

    I updated the Startup Logo on my unit to a modified C-HR Club Logo of 1024 x 600 pixels.
  2. C-HR Head Unit

    I repurposed the speak button as a mute button. Other than that all buttons retained their original functionality. If I can find a way to use the speak button for "OK Google" I would be extatic. Total install time was less than an hour.
  3. C-HR Head Unit

    The install
  4. C-HR Head Unit

    I gave up waiting for the depinning tool and made one. I rewired the plug and plugged everything in. I now have the unit securely installed in the car with everything working.
  5. Replacing the speakers?

    Speakers sound pretty good in my car. I tweaked the sound with the equaliser. I'm in the process of replacing the head unit anyway and the new unit with the old speakers are pretty good.
  6. Customisation and Accessories

    My next project arrived in the post today :) I can get a start on these while I wait for my depinning tool to arrive.
  7. C-HR Head Unit

    woohoo. Congratulations. it all looks great
  8. C-HR Head Unit

    I purchased the tool from China... Could be here in a week or a month. I would hard wire the unit in, but I would rather take my time and do it properly with the correct pins and plugs. I did the rounds trying to find some new pins, Toyota Spare Parts said the shell was about $30. A set of pins was about $100 or more, way too expensive. One of the stereo installation companies said they only hard wire, I told them that is why they did not get my business, another said just buy an adapter cable that has the same square pins as the Toyota. I found a Mazda cable ($20) with the same type pins, so I will take the pins and crimped cables of the appropriate colours and join them to the Joying wires that do not have pins. I will end up with an easily removable adapter cable that looks neat tidy that can be disconnected in minutes if needed.
  9. C-HR Head Unit

    Go for it ;) I cannot finalize until I get the depinning tool to rewire the harness :( it was easier to buy one than make one.
  10. C-HR Head Unit

    The above shows the pinout for the plug going into my Toyota Head Unit This plug is connected to an adapter harness shown previously. The other end of the harness connects to the C-HR Vehicle Harness 28 pin supply side which has only 6 wires connected. Supply side pin 2 - Red to Harness - Green Supply side pin 15 - Purple to harness - no connection Supply side pin 17 - Purple to Harness - Purple/White trace Supply side pin 21 - Grey to Harness - Red Supply side pin 22 - Green to Harness - White Supply side pin 23 - White/Black trace to Harness - Brown
  11. C-HR Head Unit

    Cheers I should be able to trace the wires back from your pic.
  12. C-HR Head Unit

    I haven't been game to try the web site again. I would be interested in finding what the wires in the pic below are. I will test on the weekend but I think the green is reverse, purple maybe sw1 and sw2 but not sure on the red, white/black or grey on the 28 pin connector that the Toyota Head Unit connects into. I did a quick hookup of my unit last night with everything working except the reverse and steering wheel talk switch, which is to be expected as the reverse and switch wires into the new unit was not attached to anything. I will be depinning the Joying 28 pin molex connector so I can reconfigure to suit the C-HR wiring harness and the only thing slowing me down now is identifying what these Toyota wires are. I will drop into my favourite electronics retailer tonight to pick up some new molex connector pins for the job.
  13. C-HR Head Unit

    Excellent idea.
  14. C-HR Head Unit

    What are you waiting for? I bought a 2 wire rear camera voltage adapter, so everything is ready to go for the weekend. I will need to solder the adapter power and ground wires into the harness and it should all be plug and play.
  15. C-HR Head Unit

    My 1 DIN, 8" head unit has arrived 4 days early :) I removed the fascia panel from my car for size comparison. The screen will line up level with the top of the fascia, as expected. The bottom of the fascia curves away at the bottom but this should not be noticeable when installed. Now I have to wait until the weekend so that I can fit it :(