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  1. After much deliberation I went with RDA rears and DBA fronts. RDA rears are solid discs and the DBA fronts are slotted. Will be testing them out with Toyota Original pads, front and rear. Now to get them fitted to the car.
  2. Anyone here using DBA T2 rotors. Please post some pics of what they look like after being used.
  3. I was just being lazy with the brake measurements. I was told by a retailer that DBA and RDA along with few others were made in Asia as opposed to locally. Not much choice there. I had a look at both Jap and Sth African ones. Jap-255mm and Sth African-258mm I always thought the rear brakes were smaller than the front ones but the Corolla has 269mm rear and 255mm fronts. The fronts being vented and the rears being solid.
  4. Do the RDA ones wear out faster? Having a bit of trouble finding the size of the front rotors. Apparently there were 255mm and 275mm ones that these cars were shipped with.
  5. Thanks. Have bought RDA rears. Will try to get DBA fronts.
  6. Looking for some feedback regarding brake rotors. How are RDA rotors? Was thinking of the RDA Dimpled slotted fronts and Solid Rears. Much thanks
  7. New Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch (TYK-7334) fitted to the car. Extra soft clutch engagement Also changed the rear main oil oil seal, genuine Toyota part used
  8. Ended up buying the car and have been updating and doing bit of maintenance on the old girl. You can check it out here:
  9. Hi guys, gonna resurrect this thread again. Looking to buy a belt for a 2004 Jap 1ZZFE. Can anyone confirm what the belt length would be. So far seem to be confused with the 6pk1810 and 6pk1815. Thanks
  10. New tyres. The Firestone F01 bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bridgestone Turanza AR10. Maybe just rebranded since Bridgestone own Firestone. Not sure if they share the same compounds though. Source: Comparison images from google.
  11. Car has gone from having 4 tyres, each from different manufacturers and sizes to one manufacturer and same size tyres all around. Had two 185/60R15 and two 195/60R15 earlier. Now 195/60R15 Firestone F01 all round.
  12. Which one would you recommend for longevity? Thanks
  13. Looking for suggestions for the serpentine belt. Which brand is recommended. Dayco, Repco, Gates, Bando, Bosch etc. Thanks
  14. Have begun updating the car and adding stuff to make it better. Also met the first setback when adding the new plugs. Oil in the plug wells. New rocker cover gasket(Permaseal not Toyota added) Few things added are 1)K&N stock replacement filter. 2)NGK Iridium IX plugs 3)Liqui-Moly MOS2 4)Liqui-Moly Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner. The joys of car ownership have begun
  15. I just bought a 10/04 Corolla Conquest Sedan ZZE122. It only came with a valet key. Whats the best method forward to getting a spare key made. Ideally would like to get a master key made. But I am not sure what keys came with the car. The owners manual lists two possibilities, one with the 2 button remote+key and one without(only transponder key). Not sure which ones came with my car. Ebay has a wide selection so not sure which one to go for. Thanks in advance.