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  1. i had it done - It was free - why not ? - I organised it for first appointment at 8:30 and was over by 9:30
  2. Just took a run to Ballarat on Saturday to see the Doctor Blake exhibition The car pulled brilliantly up the hills with the wife and I aboard I was Hovering around 7.0 / 7.1 all week But car is on 6.7 today after that trip And Tradie's day off today made for a smoother run to work 5.9 Loving this economy
  3. Bumblebee ! It's a brave man that can pull this off
  4. Don't need the toyota link app for that - mine does without
  5. unless they remove the toyota link app and let the streaming service connect directly through the phone - as mazda do - I wont be touching it
  6. I got the new car survey in an email today so I gave them another serve Form the reviews on the Play store - Toyota links sucks - hasn't been updated in years and the only reason to get it - Pandora - are now closing their doors in Australia I bought a micro usb of Ebay - put my 1000 + songs on it - Watch out - 255 files per folder limitation - so you can't dump them all in the root dir The micro usb sits pretty flush - but if you want to close the door - the thumb pull pulls of easily and and then you can - you'll need tweezers to pull it back out to add more songs
  7. I'm sure if they were looking for a sale you could swing it. Not really much different for asking for other inclusions. I don't know the real price of this part number (86271-0E173 if you are interested) but can be found on ebay new for around $200 I found my wife's Mazda card on ebay for this price also - The dealer wanted $800 - for a SD card ! Anyway - I think it's poor form by Toyota - I don't want to have to pay again for maps when they do come out again Likewise - in my old car - I would put a new head unit in in a minute - I did. But my car is so shiny new - I don't want - and should not have to replace the Head unit I want that 8" from the Europe Models - Toyota Europe provides free map updates
  8. Got some sidesteps on there . They look good
  9. I sent two registered letters to the CEO and the Complaints Manager - I had a phone call a few days later from I assume another second tier rep saying - June 2015 maps are from the October 2016 Release - These are the latest available for the car - No They can't help me - I then dodged a complaint with Vic Consumer affairs who investigated on my behalf. They spoke to a more senior manager - and came back with the same story - They are trying to get whoever does the bundled sat-nav software to change or remove the date of the maps to the date of the software release - But this serves no purpose for consumers other to keep them in the dark how old the maps are. They have no idea when the next release will be. VCA advise me my next course would be Vcat small claims tribunal - But the costs to initiate this, and my time, would outweigh the price of the card. Toyota, being the behemoth they are, will just continue this practice I am sure. The only way to ensure you can an least get an upgrade is get the dealer to write something into the contact that they will supply a new SD card free of charge when new release is available, before you close the deal
  10. Exciting ! Don't wait - they should be able to tell you when can deliver
  11. I asked for min - expecting them to ad to the Contracted price - In the end there was no charge :) $170 is Vicroads Price - yes you should have been asked - Ask them now - maybe they can chuck something else you way Adaptive cruise control - don't think you can just set manual Yes 40kmh is the bottom mark But I set mine to 80 on the way to work - if the traffic is doing 70 - it does that If the lights change and the traffic stops - the car will slow and then eventually put the brakes on by itself and come to a stop The car is is a hold mode - You tap the accelerator when the lights go green and the care resumes - at the pace of the traffic - until it reaches its max set speed
  12. Nice Elie !!!! Looks great in White/Black ! See you got the Black Slimline pates too - Good call - Looks better especially on your colours Watch out for the cruise control if you use it about town (not supposed to) Quite unnerving as the car brakes quite hard when coming up to lights or a car changes lanes
  13. customisation

    Yep the back windows sure are darker - I am going to get a matching tint for the front eventually Here's what it should look like Here's a link where you spin the car in 360 view
  14. Hi Eric So sorry I've led you down the path on this Was not aware of this myself
  15. If you are desperate to have this feature Mr H There is an after market feature you can purchase as below link that I read about on the UK forum