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  1. Older, more kilometres and looks to be in worse condition.
  2. Read through this as well.
  3. Out of those two only. The gold one. Check the dash for a sticky residue.
  4. You can do it...but it will cost more. If you do it yourself, beware of the risks and be confident of what you are doing. You mess it up bad enough and you could end up killing yourself. I'm not joking.
  5. Buy V8, install V8 in [insert vehicle here]. Simple.
  6. I would like to see it done with drilled and slotted instead of slotteds.
  7. Buy them and hang onto them until you can afford new shocks. You will be paying twice the labour if you do one then the other and doing half a job is pointless.
  8. This is incorrect. They help to cool the rotor, which turns kinetic energy into thermal energy. The faster you can cool the rotor, the better it will perform. You probably won't notice this on a drive to the shops...unless the shops are on the other side of a mountain or a race track.
  9. This thread is temporarily closed to make the moderation process easier.
  10. Yes I can and it will result in this thread being closed.
  11. Sell it. It will save you money.
  12. I sorted my leak years ago.
  13. He really should have found the ball joint, it is a mechanic's bread and butter.
  14. Repco usually have good specials on CTEK stuff. They are excellent chargers.