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  1. You could potentially look into something similar to this:
  2. As you can see, aftermarket has varying levels of quality. OEM body panels almost always fit better.
  3. No one makes aftermarket transmissions for them, so it sounds a bit suss to me. Odds are it may be a second hand transmission. It probably just needs to be serviced and have the filter replaced. If GSU45 model, do a search on Aurion(same drivetrain) transmissions on these forums and you should come up with some answers.
  4. Yes.
  5. This is the first instance I have heard of with an Aurion or any other Toyota model shattering without a direct impact.
  6. Welcome.
  7. There are plenty of aftermarket ones for sale on eBay. The best option quality-wise is something like this genuine Sportivo one. I'm not sure of any local shops that sell aftermarket ones though.
  8. Short answer, no. If you want to make noticable power, you will need to fit a turbo or supercharger. You would expect depending on the quality of work for it to range in the vicinity of $10,000-$20,000 for parts and labour. If you want noise only, with minimal at best power gains, then a CAI is for you.
  9. Bodykits are usually more of a problem than they are worth. Most of the time they are poorly built, don't fit very well and are easily damaged. At most, fit a lip spoiler. Sound system can be purchased from any car audio business. There will be nothing vehicle specific. What performance upgrades did you want to make? A "cold air intake" rarely gives any performance improvements. That being said, it is not the case every time. You will get fully sik brah induction noises though. What is your budget?
  10. That is quite expensive, especially with the current exchange rate.
  11. I can't see it being a costly vehicle to refuel. The difference in price will work out fairly minimal.
  12. O2 sensors, if not cleaned/checked already.
  13. Probably not to the point that it would make a large difference. It would; however, keep the engine cleaner internally and potentially increase longevity of some components.
  14. The modification listed here is not a plug and play modification. You will need have a reasonable understanding of electrical wiring to complete it.
  15. It's a busy time. It seems like the C-HR might be quite popular.