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Found 27 results

  1. Hi! Is the oil residual on the engine cap (photo is attached) a warning on the condition of the engine? Also, when starting the engine, light white smoke comes out of the exhust, but it goes away after around 15 minutes. Thanks!
  2. Hi peoples ,I’m from Ukraine ,and love my car there’s Aurion from UAE ,2007 year engine is 2gr-fe, wanna ask a help about buy trd compressor to it becomes just leave dyno stand , and got 238,5 power ,and 320 torque , if some body can help how help my car thank you :) Maybe bad engine oil ,maybe bad another things..,hope grow it till 350 :) bcs I love it :)
  3. Hilux engine swap

    This question has probably been asked time and time again. I have a 92 single cab hilux that is raised it is also 4x4. Currently has a 2.4 diesel engine. I want to change it out for something with more go. Was looking at the lexus v8, any thoughts? My main worries are: -would I lose the 4x4? -fuel consumption -would I need to change the prop shafts and diff to handle the new engine. Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.
  4. HI guys, First time posting, just wondering if you guys could clear up a few questions I have, in converting a ep91 5 speed starlet and putting the paseo 1.5L engine in to it. Question 1: Is the engine loom in the starlet the same as the loom in the Paseo or will I need the Paseo loom? Question 2: The starlet is currently a 5 speed manual the Paseo donor car I have is an automatic, will the Paseo ecu run if I keep the manual transmission? Question 3: Will the 5 speed starlet box bolt straight onto the Paseo engine? And are there any other modifications I need to do? Or any other info that would help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Engine Swap

    Hey guys I have recently purchased a Toyota corolla 1999 CSI SECA Hatch and want more power under the hood. It was suggested by a friend that I engine swap the small 1.6L engine out for another model/ bigger one from a camry (1.8L - 2.0L) or Vienta (2.0L v6). Being on my P's I'm guessing there is a power to weight limit. Any suggestions with what engine i can fit and what would be legal for me to drive? - Thomas Are there any newer engines that may fit?
  6. Leaking oil

    Hi guys I've had my 2010 ATX aurion for about 8-9months now , I've run across a few problems so far list being castor bushes engine check light with no traction control light failure of intermediate steering wheel shaft (clucking and tapping noise) I always maintain this car as much as I can, I service the car (oil , oil filter and the rest myself ) every 7-8000km I use castrol edge k&n air filter genuine oil filter just did a genuine fuel filter and fuel pump filter change on it i have dba t2 slotted rotors (front and back) with bendix pads running on a set of Bridgestone potenza re003's ao my problem is that i drove off off my drive way today and saw a bit of oil on the drive way which scared me Abit , so I quickly jumped under the car and saw oil leaking from this location (I'll put up a pic) can anyone please tell me what's going on here ? Also the car is very loud like tapping noise when I cold start it and in general sounds like a tractor plus I get this loud pig like squeezing for about 10min on a cold start (😑) pls help
  7. Engine misfire/spluttering

    Hello all, was wondering if the forum guru's could help me. Out of the blue the old girl has decided that every time she goes around a right hand corner, it wants to misfire or splutter. It doesn't happen for left hand turns, but also happens under heavy braking. I have also noted that it doesn't seem to happen whilst in Neutral. Things I have tested are: Turning right slowly Dropping a gear whilst turning Placing it into neutral whilst turning (Didn't splutter) If anyone has any advice or may know a fix, let me know please. Has also just had a complete rebuild, if that information is necessary.
  8. Hey people, new to the forum here! Just picked up a new 2015 Aurion Sportivo and will upload pics soon. I would I like to know from other GSV50R owners if this issue is normal? Basically when I reach around 60km/h and let go of the accelerator, the car engine brakes (or downshifts?) and the revs go up slightly and you can really feel the deceleration. It doesn't just happen downhill but also happens on a flat road. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I drive manual Yaris 2007 (km - 120K, second owner approx 20K Km). Last two days I noticed strange knocking sound, from the front, just after the engine starts. Then all goes quiet and the engine runs smoothly. It does not happen every time at the start, and the noise varies in strength but usually it is one klang/knock. It could be bit on the left side (from driver's seat). I am worried that something sudden and terrible will happen and I might kill the engine on the way to a mechanic. Did anyone ever encountered anything like that? Thanks ps I tried to record that noise but at this particular time it was very soft. Next recording tomorrow.
  10. Engine Bottom Rod Knock

    Hi Guys, I drive a 2004 Camry Sportivo 4cyl 2.4L (XV30) ACV36R. I had been waiting to hit the mileage amount of 157,500km (not the date of 22/7 - 2 months ago) to get it serviced next (along with my tax return) when at 155,700km disaster struck! I had a slow oil leak which I had spotted but benig naive thought it would be ok until the service. I was coming back from the Sunny Coast to Brissie on the Bruce and started to hear the dreaded 'knocking' sound coming from the engine. I pulled into a servo and it just so happened 2 seperate mechanic pulled up in the time I was there and diagnosed it as a bottom knock, most likely the bearings and a rod are shot. I was told to go to all jap auto parts and completely replace the engine. Because I only drove a couple clicks before I stopped driving the car is it at all salvageable? I saw a youtube vid of a guy pouring in 2 liquids which repaired the sound. Otherwise, what sort of cost can i expect for a new engine and labour? Also, if i go to the wreckers would the 3L v6 engine fit in the bay, as an alternative? TY in advance.
  11. My 1985 Toyota Corona

    Hi everyone I have just bought a Corona recently and I want to do a lot of modifications for example full engine and box swap , new suspension and lots more I need some help sourcing coilovers to suit and I'm struggling at the moment any help is really appreciated 👍 irishcorona 🔰
  12. Cressida

    I am in need of a 4M head or motor if need be - urgent
  13. Hilux 2.4D LN105 engine swap

    Hi all! I have a 1995 4x4 Hilux 2.4D (engine 2L, no turbo). Truck has some upgrades on it (diff ratio 4.88, dual transfer with 4.7, high steer, 33" tires) and now is the engine turn to be modified. I'm looking for ideas for which engine will be the best fit. I saw some pickups with 1kz engine (and transmission as well but with adapter to to original transfer case). didnt like to idea much. other option the i would like to have your input on is 5L engine (3.0 w/o turbo). what's your opinion? Matan
  14. in over my head

    I bought a 94 Celica as a bit of a project to learn about cars. With the help of my friend who has recently qualified as a Volkswagen tech we have removed the gunk that remained of the old timing belt and installed the new one several times. The engine still seems to knock at the top end. The few times the car has been running the car runs for about 20 minutes but underpowered and then it cuts out. It always seems to start again with a jump so in not too worried about that but last time it died the oil light came on despite the car having the appropriate oil levels and running cleaner through the engine. Removing the rocker cover has not revealed any blockages and as the title says in in a little over my head as to why this engine sounds like it is getting no oil. Everytime ii seem to try something it didn't seem to work so i was wondering if there was any Toyota pros out there around Parramatta area that might be able to take a look for me one day before i have to buy a whole new engine :/
  15. Hi All, Just recently replaced the dogbone "Steady Bar" on my old mans Camry (2AZ-FE) and noticed quite a few oil leaks down the right hand side of the engine, also some leaks around the valve cover and power steering very damp around the reservoir and hoses. Dad has been complaining about the oil level on the dipstick slowly going down.. Car only has about 70,000kms on it Firstly the power steering leak, the whole reservoir and both feed and return hoses were quite damp with p/s oil. The oil level seemed to be a bit below the low marker. I traced the feed hose all the way down behind the engine to the p/s pump and could see the pump and high pressure fitting were quite damp as well. From what I've searched online, it seems the hoses/hose clamps are the main culprits. Anybody here experience this problem? The other leak is the engine oil, there are small signs around the valve cover gasket which I'm planning to replace this weekend, but the more concering leak is around the timing chain cover - best described in the pics below. I haven't a clue where it's coming from, on one corner it looks like it's from the headgasket but it can also be seen behind the pulleys and down the cover. I'm also thinking the PCV valve needs replacing, as there's probably pressure build up in the crankcase (possibly causing some of these leaks) Any help or input appreciated. Cheere fellas
  16. Hi everyone, new to this forum. I recently crashed my 2002 Toyota Corolla Ascent Seca and am very disappointed in myself. Anyway, I'm looking for a decent condition body that I can fit my still good engine and gearbox into. Will pay up to $2000 if I can get it to Townsville. Doesn't need to be 02, can be anything around that age group. Not fussed on hatch back or sedan. Can arrange my own delivery also. Thanks everyone. Jake
  17. 80 series engine rebuild???!!!

    Hi guys, I just recently bought a Toyota land cruiser 1990 80 series petrol 4.5ltr for $4,000 as a spare time hobby thing.The engines running a little ruff, Its spitting oil out of the exhaust also. Its got a 4 inch lift already, 33x16x8 50/50 Micky's, $1200 stereo system, and LPG. My question is should i rebuild my engine and if so what is the best resource to use such as Manuals, DVD Guides, Tips and tools. Also i have a budget for this part of the build like most, so i would like some kind of idea on cost as well? thanks.
  18. Rav4 3S-FE engine

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time on the site so bare with me. My daughter's '95 Rav4 engine failed (hole in block) and I am in the process of sourcing a replacement. But after alot of google research I have found that all 3S-FE engines are not the same. The Rav 4 engine block is slightly different with an extra bracket? So this exercise is starting to get expensive as I may have to source a Rav specific 3S-FE engine. I don't want to scrap the car but if it's going to be too expensive I may not have a choice. Has anyone replaced this motor in a Rav4? If so can I just use a standard popular 3S-FE motor (not Rav4)? I can source a good 5S-FE motor out of a Camry cheap! Thanks guys.
  19. Engine Ticking Noise

    Hi All, My Rukus seems to have a ticking sound, like a tapet noise. You can hear it a idle after a drive when engine is hot on on highway when you sit on about 2500 rpm. ive taken to my dealing this morning and took one of the mechanics for a drive but they advised this is normal. This doesn't seem normal to me as my other Toyota does not do this. Just wondering if anyone else has the same noise etc
  20. Engine Conversion

    Hey All, I am looking to do a engine converstion on my 1998 S-XR Celica, changing from the 2.2l standard engine, to a GT4 engine of the same year if possiable, I was wondering if someone has done this or if someone know what is involved in doing it, at this stage I am just researching it to see if it a viable option for me If someone can help answer this that would be grate :) Peace out :) Cillygirl
  21. Toyota Rukus Engine Upgrades

    Hey everyone, just purchased a toyota rukus and due to me being in a wheelchair I will be getting it converted to allow wheelchair access into the rear of the vehicle, now to the more important stuff! I wish to upgrade the engine to get at least 150Kw, I don't want to turbo unless completely necessary even though that will put it up to almost 200Kw so I'm looking more for a tune with upgrades such as headers, cold air, cat back and maybe cam if I put an aggressive tune on it, I'm not a mechanic so any advice or feed back would be appreciated! if anyone has done any engine mods please tell me what you've done and talk about the difference it has made Thanks I eagerly await responses! ~Tait
  22. 93' Celica with a Rough Idol

    Hey Guys, I have a 93' Celica. When I start it up, it often idols somewhat rough and has quite a bad vibration either hot or cold, however, it doesn't always do it. It usually idles at around 900 RPM, but the tacho can tend to bounce around a bit. However once the car is going, it's no problem. It runs like a new car, it has power, it's responsive, I can find it a little heavy on fuel but it runs fine though. Now so far, the following has been replaced: - ECU - Spark Plugs - Spark Plug Leads - All the fuses - PVC Valve - Alternator - The injectors have been taken out and cleaned - The clutch - The throttle body has been cleaned out - MAP sensor - Cat Back stainless steel exhaust system And god only knows what else. To me, it feels like a miss fire. I'll take a video next time I cold start it and see if it does it. (which it most likely will) Any ideas guys? Thanks :)
  23. Hi guys, just bought a later model 2006 Camry Sportivo (Auto) and there's a whirring noise whenever I start it up or begin to accelerate from rest, however this goes away when it is starting to drive. I've been told it's a 'flexi-pipe' vibration, and that there's nothing you can do to prevent the noise, as a replacement will still do the same thing. Can anyone offer any more info on this? Thanks!
  24. 2008 aurion mods

    hey all just joined the club just bought a 2008 aurion just wondering what upgrades i can do engine was and what has worked for anyone around here and what hasnt? also is there any way to get the gear changes in the tiptronic system more responisive ?
  25. Hi from Seb !!! Info needed !

    Hi to all ! Im new on here and I actually don't own a Celica but It's in my plans as I recently smashed my WRX... I'm sure this has been spoken somewhere on here but I'm just having a little bit of trouble of finding things... So I apologise if I have repeated something for like the 50th time. I would like to know if the 3vzfe engine out of the 1991-1996 Camry will fit into the st184 celica ?? So far from the research that I have made, I have found that the Camry also had the 5sfe engine from the FWD st184. When I mean by fit I mean will it fit with minimal issues ?? (fit engine mounts, room of the engine bay, etc...) If this engine conversion is possible what gearbox (manual) would be best suited to the change ? Thanks for reading !! I'm super excited about owning a ST184 ! seb