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2000 Camry keyless entry

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Hello all,

First time user here, hoping someone can help.

I dropped the keys to my 2000 Camry the other day, not the remote will not work. The central locking etc still works but I have to unlock it with the key. Is there someway of buying a blank remote and programming it, or do I have to take my car to the Toyota dealer to fix?

Another question, my car smokes a bit on start up, what are possible reasons for this?

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Replacement remotes are available from Toyota. They are generally in stock at dealers and the last time I bought one, they cost around $40-$50.

You can easily reprogram the remote yourself using the instructions in the owner's manual or the dealer can do it for you (usually for a fee). Given it is extremely straight forward to program a new remote, it is not worth paying someone to do it for you in my opinion.

As for smoke on start up, you probably need to be a little more specific about the colour of the smoke.

Blue smoke could indicate oil burning and possibly worn valve seals, although I would think this would occur all the time and not just at start up. White smoke is likely to be condensation, usually you get this on cold mornings when moisture is likely to have formed inside the exhaust. I find condensation disappears once the car has reached normal temperature. I also find that it is possible to get a little bit of condensation on cold start up even when the weather is warm.

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Warren Toyota at Liverpool charge me $43 for a remote and programed it for free.

The smoke is most likely valve stem seals my does the same worse after a really cold night. i would not worry unless it is using more then a litre of oil between services. I used Valvoline oil but am going to try castrol next service to see if it makes a different.

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