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Alexi Christidis

1KD-FTV White/Grey Smoke

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Hi Guys

Have been having this issue and wanted to run it by this forum to see if anyone else has had it.

have the hilux with the 3.0 Litre turbo D4D engine, 1kd-ftv.

White/Grey smoke on start regardless of car temp...worse in morning but if sitting there for half an hour will also smoke.

Mechanic pulled off intercooler, oil all through the turbo etc, turbo needed bearings, seals done. So did that. Still smoke...argh.

Had a closer look, number one injector buggared. Replaced all injectors. Got car back yesterday yet still smoking!

When i start it i notice that the times it smokes it has a little shudder after ignition like it's trying to 'catch up'. If it doesn't do that it doesn't smoke.

Any ideas?



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I have a Prado with the same engine and also produces white smoke on start up only, but please read my comments regarding blocked oil pump inlet strainer

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Water leak into exhaust? Check coolant level in bottle AND radiator-check bottle for brown scum. If present==cooling failure.

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Guys, its the injector o rings split and leaking into the combustion chamber, FACT, if the front one is split, noise down it will smoke badly on start up and i have had my own KUN hydraulic on start up, please do not let anyone tell you its the injectors or the turbo or the rings, they are uneducated on the subject, do not want to be a 'know it all. but i have been a mechanic for 35 years and had this problem with my own vehicle, happy to advise anyone needing assistance,, love to help.....

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