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[QLD-BNE] JZX-100 MKII - Refuse to give up or grow up

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Seems like a bit of deja vu but here lies the start of yet another journey - one that I hope to complete in it's proper sense and reach that final goal. Some of you may remember my Chaser and would gather that it was more or less the 1st priority :P, dedicated a lot of time, blood (literally) and effort on that but much like the ending of Dexter finishing on the kind of anticlimax it did, sadly my Chaser had that too. Didn't quite reach my Breaking Bad spec ending on that (auto was the last thing to convert on it).

So I broke my leg, I was out of action for a while, quite down with losing my pride and joy which gave me a bit of time to think. The support from family/mates/work that was the primary catalyst that kept me going in the state I was. As much as my folks wanted me to stop this car modding, they knew well that a newish post 2000 NA car would not quite cut it and the itch would start sooner or later - but I wanted to make sure it was indeed what I wanted. I did all the kind of research you would, what cars are out there, what's available to import in the newer series, endless hours of yahoo and google translator and eventually I decided. I want to complete the original goal but make it twice the car and raise my own benchmark.

Key lessons learnt from the previous one, 'Have an identified clear exit point' - not having that on the previous one meant I kept going on and on and lost track myself where I wanted to end up with that thing lol. I enjoyed it no doubt, but it didn't feel 100% there.

The base would need to be clean, I'm talking cleaner than the previous plus that would mean less I'm spending in maintenance, refreshing the interior/suspension etc. Took me near 3 months of checking the daily auction listings (signed myself up with Prestige Motor Sports mailing list). Still in my bed and both legs wrapped up. I found it..



2000' - 32xxxkms, 4AA grade and not a single mod, well ok besides the silly sunroof visor and a Blitz turbo timer. Even has the pea shooter exhaust hah.

This was it. The usual import process followed (anyone who needs info on that can hit me up and I'm happy to explain and recommend people/places).

The day it came home:






Here's the list of parts that accumulated before the car reached home..

- The brand new 154 which was meant to go in the Chaser but clearly it was destined for bigger better things..


- ID1000cc injectors + USDM Supra fuel pump (I only got one, this was sellers original pic)


You'd be amazed at what you can find on gumtree lol. I was still wheel chair bound but I couldn't have someone just go get the engine I wanted .. I knew the place I wanted it from as I had dealt with them in the past so no trust issues there.. but hey sif not go to get your engine..


- yup you guessed it right. It's a 2j :)


Came out of a late model Aristo and did 170 cold comp across all 6 :)

- Twins and auto were sold not too long after:


- Picked up some Cusco upper arms:


- What's going to power it up? but ofcourse an i88 Vipec.


Lots more updates to post up :) - ZzzZ for now.

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YES!!! :D

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While it's quiet @ work here's a follow up...

The gearbox was here from the previous car and I was slowly gathering all the bits for the manual conversion. Apart from the tailshaft, transmission tunnel top section and the manual cluster, everything else is brand new straight out of Japan. I don't want any suggestion or hint of 'conversion' when it's done, has to be as good as OEM spec. I've got a really good friend in Japan who's been based there for a number of years. Last time I lived in Japan for 3 months, (Gifu area) he was with me too. We came back here, finished up uni and he got a job in Yokohama. So it had been quite some time now since I met him and with the legs recovering, I could walk - just can't quite run yet. So then this trip happened.

Point to note, the car and the goodies were at home when I left for Japan - I had registered/insured (Shannons ofcourse) and left it to park.

Some of you might know Mr JP , well I've been following his builds since 06' and learned a few things from his style of modifying. I've been lucky enough to be able to hit him up for advice now and then (ok maybe I pester him haha), he mentioned about LS2 coilpacks being used in 2js and producing good results + not paying a premium.

It would be done :)


Better pics





When it was in compliance:


The compliance work itself was done but the plate wasn't sent out in time - the compliance mob was rather packed out so they asked if I could please take the car back home but NO driving and NO modifying lol. Sigh ok!

Doesn't mean I can't chuck it on a dyno ;) - Godzilla Motorsports happens to be a 10 min drive from mine and he'll be tuning it too.







While I was at it.. eh why not.. This barge looked after me well as I couldn't drive manual for a little bit so thanks Daddiyo (for lending it)!



Comparison shot:



Got rid of those silly chrome bits:


Interior detailed:






TRD Strutbrace take 3:


hmm time for new plates:


First wash ever:



Ended up with these:



From the ex-Chaser :(



Got tints:



Mate let me borrow his ute, must say I enjoyed it more than I thought I would:



Couldn't separate these because of a 7 sided bolt and I didn't have the key:


Always looks after me, top shop:


As you would've seen from the damage pictures. Front drivers side was REKT

The good passenger side wheel is becoming a coffee table and I was left with a rear pair only. If any of you know Troy, from Iron Chef - I've bought 3 sets of wheels off him and had 2 cars imported through him. He came across a set of 6 BBS LM's and got me onto it straight away. They were in Melbourne, got intouch with the JZX guys in Melbourne who got the wheels for me and sent them up. Of the 6, sold 4 and now my own set was complete too.

18x9 +27 fronts (vs 18x8.5 +26 from last time)

18x9.5 + 26 rears (from previous setup)

Wheel centres were mismatching as the new pair was silver. SO!





I did buy Supra 4pot fronts and 2pot rears too but determined they were overkill for what I'll be using the car for - I've seen guys on the track sprint/drift with standard callipers but better pads, lines and fluids do just fine. Sold the Supra brakes and will get the DBA4000 fronts, braided lines and better pads.

I've got a clutch picture somewhere too but it's just of the box - it's an HKS LA twin plate.

Turbo and wastegate yet to be purchased - for the fabrication it will go to the one and only Extreme Custom Engineering, split pulse manifold and big flowing exhaust :)

The current 1j is sold and the new owner is just waiting for me to return to Brisbane and pass on the engine + auto. My coilovers from the previous setup were fine, except the drivers side so got a new one delivered. I'm working away from Brisbane, so updates may take a little time. Goal is have the 2j in by mid year, right now I'm focussing on getting bits to freshen up the 2j (harmonic balancer, 100k kit, tidy up the motor, paint the cam covers, maybe powder coat the intake plenum?).

That's all for now.

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Cant wait to see the wheels finished and on the car :) And everything else thats going on too.

Still cant get over how mint your door cards are, completely unmolested

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Man, you really take things to the next level.

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Did I say how much I love Jesse?

I **** love the mad dawg hella crazy.. never lets me down..

Sideskirts turned out to be cheaper than I thought. $360 delivered via DHL <3

Rear lip via EMS incoming too.


Will give it a rest for a little while as I troll YAJ for front lip and those pesky side trims.

Back to Brisbane in 16 days smile.png

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10 days as of midnight tonight - til back in Brisbane.

So I got jipped hardcore by this prick named Matt Hluszko (so if you're reading this, sincerely hope you collected a wall at Matsuri) - Unfortunately as these cars become more affordable, the more derps are able to buy them and abuse them. Must be in the breeding or never had the upbringing to start with ..

Long story short, agreed to sell this Matt bloke my rear diff cradle assembly, I was in a rush at the time as work had dropped it on me to make the flight to Gladstone. Mentioned this to the fella that I'd need the bushes back and willing to pay postage for them too. Told him specifically that they had minimal km's on them hence I needed them back (TRD diff mount bushes I got from NST) - yes sure sure, I figured we had a mutual friend so maybe that would be taken into account on his end and some courtesy would be demonstrated.. nope!

'sorry, gonna end up destroying the bushes and not much else I can do' I was told, as I asked the second time in a couple of weeks.. on debating a little further, he concludes the conversation at ' maybe you should earn some more if you're getting worked up about losing on ****ty $50 rubber mounts, I got no time for this' and blocks me.

Now unfortunately, being away, I can't confront him heck I'd have been happy to send someone there to remove them even, had he told me IN time rather than a day before he was going to wreck them. Whatever, the ******* will get what's coming for him eventually, they always do...

Tomorrow they get wrapped in new rubber, 225/40 Falken ZE912s upfront and still retain my 245/40s ZE912s in the rear.

Got some more packages delivered @ home:

- manual tail shaft

- sideskirts

- shift boot cover

- smoked indicators + clear bumper indicators

I can't wait to get the 1j out and delivered to its new owner >.<

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A rendezvous has been setup and it's confirmed - 30th March is when the engine + auto come out and get collected by it's new owner the next day :)


Edited by JDM101

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Loom is taking shape :) - thanks to my good mate putting in the time. Above progress was 4.5 hours in, now the Vipec loom part.

Edited by JDM101
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I'm back in town and got straight into it.





A couple of hours later


Massive shout out to Scott and Andrew @ Cleveland Exhaust. 100/100!!


oh yeah while that was going on - got the barge tinted too



The loom and base map are ready too.


The setup I'll be doing:

GTX3582r 1.06 divided housing

Split pulse manifold

3.5" dump

Single piece aluminium cooler pipes, HPI cooler kit is home but will sell the pipes

50mm tial wastegate

Turbosmart plumb back bov

No afm

3SGTE oem map sensor

AEM wideband o2 sensor

SS Magna flow cat + mid muff + rear muff

Nothing extraordinary, might not be the turbo everyone thought, but I don't want to make the previous mistake of going laggy setup then responsive lol. A high power figure is not gonna mean **** in reality, even more so if I can't put it down properly on the road. Low boost will be 20 psi, high will be 30. Let the fun begin!

Edited by JDM101
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That turbo should spool pretty damn quick on the 3.0L.

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Been a while >.< this thing is still going on.

Delay was experienced as a result of sourcing oem goodness from the motherland and that taking its sweet ***** time in getting here.


How it looked like for a little while


Some cleaning




LS2 coil pack brackets:


New harmonic balancer:





Did Valve stem seals while at it:











Then I got done for taking it too far and losing my car :(


not really..


Manual tunnel section IN.jpg





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List so far:

- Vvti 2jz gte

- Oem water pump

- Gates timing belt + belt tensioner

- Gates drive belt

- ID1000cc injectors

- USDM Supra denso fuel pump

- LS coil packs

- Radium fuel regulator

- BPP fuel rail

- VK20 Denso iridium spark plugs

- All new seals (cams, crank, cam covers)

- All new bolts (cam covers, timing belt cover, cam valley cover)

- New Vvti solenoid

- Valve stem seals replaced with Ferrea brand seals

- DBW retained

- Vipec i88 ecu with custom loom which is a merge of a 1j and 2j to suit mine

- Oem 3sgte map sensor

- AFR500 wideband

- Turbosmart e-boost aem 30-2400

- New r154 from North Shore NZ

- HKS LA twin plate clutch

- New Oem manual transmission tunnel section

- New clutch assembly, brake pedal, foot rest, seals, hard line, clutch master, slave,

- manual tail shaft off a donor JZX100

- 4.1 torsen diff from my previous JZX100

- manual speedometer cluster which will house my 320 speedo from previous JZX100

- new oem gearbox mount

- Fortune500 coilovers with new lower bushes, drivers side coilover is complete new unit

- Adjustable upper front Cusco control arms

- 501 works diff brace

- TRD strutbrace

- KTS rear sway bar

- BBS LMS 18x9 +27 fronts and 18x9.5+26 rears, polished lips and centres painted with red BBS caps

- 225/40 Falken ZE912 fronts 245/40 Falken ZE912 rears

- OEM S2 front bar + lip

- OEM S2 rear lip

- OEM sideskirts + aero trim to suit originally non aero sides.

Edited by JDM101

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This makes my pants happy.

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It's back home smile.png bit of deja vu really.


cracker rego on this tow truck though lol



Fkn rain - chamois dried the car up good




I been using the same tow truck driver for some time now - dude started off with a crappy truck but always rocked up whenever I needed (sometimes even 2-3 hours notice) so it was nice to see he had worked his way up into a bigger better truck.

Now to get wiring in, interior back together, get my manual cluster in with the 320 fitted - few more small bits to do smile.png

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What do guys - been a while. My daily is sold, I'm back from the States and I got a few updates to pos lol





The height they will be on the MKII 




Time to make it an oem manual interior :p lol



Satin black housings for these soon:






So the wiring is all in and car goes for fabrication work this Thursday :) 






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No shortcuts here, 99% all new oem parts used in the conversion to manual:


Yup, WIL80 was there too :) 





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Good news everyone! 











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Type 5 dual port BOV? Or plumb back?

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