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Bluetooth issues in-car?

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Hi all, new owner and new to this site so forgive me if this is either a known issue or already raised in another thread :wacko:

Was just wondering if anyone else is having Bluetooth issues with their mobiles connecting to the Toyota in-car multimedia system? My 2015 86 GTS blackline and my phone (Samsung S3) connect just fine but then randomly disconnects, then connects again, then disconnects then connects then disconnects etc..etc....  Alert of the connection/disconnection displays on the multimedia screen in-car and I can see the Bluetooth icon 'connecting' & 'disconnecting' up the top of my phone screen as well. Hasn't done it to me mid-call as yet so not a huge problem but irritating nonetheless. Same behaviour with my iPhone 4. At first I thought it might be the android OS but it's doing it with an iPhone as well. Worked fine with no issues for about 2 months and only now only recently having these issues. Up to now really pleased with the functionality because voice control was good, text message playback (both on screen and via audio) was good and overall calling/receiving calls worked well. Neither of these 2 mobile handsets have recently had a software upgrade or new apps installed. Issue presented itself in the last week. Anyone else having same or similar issues? Any help, advice, suggestions appreciated. Cheers :rolleyes:

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Welcome to the forum Rob..I have had similar issues if my wife is using her phone for bluetooth system..however we thought it was moving from one cell tower to the next..I use my phone roaming turned off and not an issue..maybe something to ponder until someone on here gives you the correct it is probably something else than mine..but all I know is it fixed my issues


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Thanks Rob, I'll try that, much appreciated. At this point I'm open to any suggestions given that now my phone is dropping out even during a call. Happened twice yesterday during a short 5 minute connection. I have contacted my Toyota dealer and awaiting a response. Cheers

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Update: Checked handset that Bluetooth wasn't pausing or stopping visibility to car. No change. 

Received reply from Toyota dealer to disconnect entirely (including erasing from handset link to car) from Bluetooth and then start from scratch reconnecting handset to car which I did from the car but not from the handset just yet. Will try and then see how I go....

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The Bluetooth in the 86 is terrible.

I have to manually connect bluetooth on my phone most of the time even though it's on Autoconnect on the headset.

Most other cars with in-built bluetooth connects automatically.

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Hi Guys,

This model had  bluetooth issue but try this, " Always turn on your bluetooth from your phone first before you switch on you car"

It work with mine all the time.


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Personally not had an issue with BT in my 2013 86 GTS although I often have the BT switched off on my HTC1 M7 which is currently running v5 (lollipop) to save power - should hack it & switch to iOS cos I hate android. When ever I switch the phone BT on the car picks it up immediately, music is instantly available & the phone book etc is available about 1-2 minutes later. It's an average HU but OK, just aswell as I prefer to listen to the rich uel sounds resonating through my STI axleback :yahoo:

Would suggest try different versions of phone OS deleting the previous save on the HU if it fails. Other step is a new HU - complain to Toyota.

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