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Hi guys I've had my 2010 ATX aurion for about 8-9months now , I've run across a few problems so far list being 

castor bushes 

engine check light with no traction control light 

failure of intermediate steering wheel shaft (clucking and tapping noise) 

I always maintain this car as much as I can, I service the car (oil , oil filter and the rest myself ) every 7-8000km 

I use castrol edge 

k&n air filter 

genuine oil filter 

just did a genuine fuel filter and fuel pump filter change on it 

i have dba t2 slotted rotors (front and back) with bendix pads 

running on a set of Bridgestone potenza re003's 

ao my problem is that 

i drove off off my drive way today and saw a bit of oil on the drive way which scared me Abit , so I quickly jumped under the car and saw oil leaking from this location (I'll put up a pic) can anyone please tell me what's going on here ? 

Also the car is very loud like tapping noise when I cold start it and in general sounds like a tractor plus I get this loud pig like squeezing for about 10min on a cold start (😑) pls help 


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The squeal is probably the belt slipping from being coated in oil.

The oil leak appears to be around the power steering pump, but could be dripping down onto it.

Does the rattle last for a few seconds then vanish? If so it is the notorious VVT-i rattle. Expensive to repair, requires engine removal.

Intermediate shaft is common, there are a few temporary fixes on Youtube.

Pedders and Superpro make caster correction bushes.

You are only missing a few items off the list of issues with the Aurion. If you do a search you will find more results. 

Would pay to check if your dash is sticky as well.

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In regard to the tractor/diesel engine noise on a cold start, this is common on the Aurion, don't have an explanation for it though.

like Trent said the VVT-I rattle is when you first start it up, for a second or two there is a fast taping/rattle from the engine, I didn't know there was a fix though so hopefully Trent can direct us toward the answer? And when you say expensive... it worth while getting done?


i was hoping the facelift and 50 series had these bugs worked out.

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The fix involves replacing the intake camshafts and some other components. Due to poor access to the rear cylinder bank, it requires the engine to be removed.

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