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Check Hybrid System - error message

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I got "check Hybrid System" error with all sensors are yellow on the dashboard of my 2012 Prius with 80k odometer reading. Toyota is telling that it will cost about $3000 for parts only. Trying to get free parts as  the warranty expired last year. Google search suggests that this is a common problem. Do you anybody had this problem?

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No, this is not Battery. They say that this is inverter related and will cost $5000. Toyota wants me to pay 50%! Still fighting. New Australian Consumer Law introduced in 2011 suggests that Toyota must repair this free of charge.

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I have the same problem with you. My car has low mileage, 70K and Toyota dealer said "what do you expect? This is a 8 year old car."

I didn't know Toyota cars are common to have a $10,000 bill to fix it, if it is 8 year old.

Anyway, I found that Toyota America recalled the inverter because of a manufacturing mistake.

So, I requested them to provide me the  details of the inverter manufacturer, but Toyota and the dealer refused to do that playing ping pong each other.

I guess their water pump has a failure and it overheats the inverter or a strong sunlight might do it.

I wonder how did it go for you.


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48 minutes ago, Prius_2009_Nov said:

I didn't know Toyota cars are common to have a $10,000 bill to fix it, if it is 8 year old.

Exactly why I have avoided Hybrid cars in the past; fuel economy now more than offset by these later bills.

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