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warren cameron

additives oil

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Duplicate topics moved and merged, please refrain from posting the same question in multiple areas on multiple days

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Use a good quality oil and you won't require additives.

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    • By Aref62
      Is the oil residual on the engine cap (photo is attached) a warning on the condition of the engine?
      Also, when starting the engine, light white smoke comes out of the exhust, but it goes away after around 15 minutes.

    • By PengNZ
      Hi guys, i just replaced my engine oil with 6.1L Nulon 5w-30 SN Long Life. But the oil level is higher than the high dot on the dipstick when the engine was stone cold. Just wondering what’s the best time to use the dip to check the oil level? Stone cold or after warming up? Cheers
    • By Canon_Spec
      Item: HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Pro Kit 86/BRZ - Part No: 15004-AT011
      Location: Sydney, NSW
      Item Condition: Brand New in Box - Only opened to inspect contents
      Reason for Selling: Selling I as I no longer need it.
      Price and Payment conditions: Price is $1000 - Can post at buyers expense. Pick up at 2000 BH, 2560 AH.
      Feel free to PM for more details.

    • By Hamzstreet
      Hi guys I've had my 2010 ATX aurion for about 8-9months now , I've run across a few problems so far list being 
      castor bushes 
      engine check light with no traction control light 
      failure of intermediate steering wheel shaft (clucking and tapping noise) 
      I always maintain this car as much as I can, I service the car (oil , oil filter and the rest myself ) every 7-8000km 
      I use castrol edge 
      k&n air filter 
      genuine oil filter 
      just did a genuine fuel filter and fuel pump filter change on it 
      i have dba t2 slotted rotors (front and back) with bendix pads 
      running on a set of Bridgestone potenza re003's 
      ao my problem is that 
      i drove off off my drive way today and saw a bit of oil on the drive way which scared me Abit , so I quickly jumped under the car and saw oil leaking from this location (I'll put up a pic) can anyone please tell me what's going on here ? 
      Also the car is very loud like tapping noise when I cold start it and in general sounds like a tractor plus I get this loud pig like squeezing for about 10min on a cold start (😑) pls help 

    • By CheekySportivo
      Hi guys,
      I've noticed my Sportivo has left a small spot of red/pink fluid on the garage floor.
      As it was located at the front drivers side I'm presuming it is power steering fluid.
      Has anyone else experienced this type of leak on their Sportivo?
      Would it be best to take it to a dealer or can anyone recommend a professional mechanic in Sydney who knows what they are doing and uses genuine parts?
      Thanks in advance :)
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