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74 hiace motor home

turbo charging 12R 1600 motor

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Hello all - after advice, i want to turbo and old 12R motor, is there a bolt on kit available, or has anyone got any advice on how to go about it. Alternatively is there a late model (non computer) motors with a bit of grunt that will bolt in as a direct upgrade into a 74 Hiace van - your help is appreciated - cheers

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Mate you do realise these things ONLY run a 3 bearing crank,:sad:   save the heartache drop a 3y or 4y straight in, :smile: they will most likely exceed the final turbo figure of the 12r any way naturally aspirated.

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      Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, vans and also dual fuel which my new (second hand van) currently has!
      It is a Toyota hiace 1996 with dual fuel. As for engine model and other specifications I am not sure (I pick up the van this Sunday as it is currently getting a roadworthy). 
      However my last few cars I have always serviced myself unless there was a problem that I couldn't fix myself then I would have it checked out. But I have NEVER serviced a dual fuel vehicle or a van. 
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      And also is there anything on vans that I would need to lookout for? Anything that wears out more than cars? I have heard something about the radiator needing to be maintained VERY well more so in vans but not sure how true this is... 
      Thanks guys! Any help would be appreciated! 
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