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Paseo engine into starlet

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HI guys,


First time posting, just wondering if you guys could clear up a few questions I have, in converting a ep91 5 speed starlet and putting the paseo 1.5L engine in to it.


Question 1:

Is the engine loom in the starlet the same as the loom in the Paseo or will I need the Paseo loom?


Question 2:


The starlet is currently a 5 speed manual the Paseo donor car I have is an automatic, will the Paseo ecu run if I keep the manual transmission? 


Question 3:

Will the 5 speed starlet box bolt straight onto the Paseo engine? 


And are there any other modifications I need to do? 

Or any other info that would help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Ben,

I don't know about the wiring loom of EP91 Starlet and Paseo, but I did put a 4EFTE into my Toyota Sera which originally has a 5EFHE engine.
You're going the other way from 4E to 5E :)

So gearboxes should bolt up just fine.

However, I have to have a manual ECU because the auto in Turbo Starlets is electronically controlled by the ECU and my mechanical gearbox won't return the correct signals.

I think you'll need to find out if the Paseo donor has an electronically controlled auto box, or mechanical. Sadly, I don't know the difference except the wiring & ECU. So maybe that will be some help - auto ECU from Turbo starlet has 3 plugs, manual has 2. If your ECU's are both the 2 plug variety, you're probably safe.

Good luck & have fun :)

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