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Hi guys

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Hi guys. Just moved from the Nissan camp. Loving the lux. Duel cab diesel. Slowly setting up for travelling and adventures. 

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Welcome Darren


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    • By CooperLN106
      Hey everyone
      im in abit of a pickle I just recently bought my hilux from interstate (1993 LN106 single cab) and need to take it for a roadworthy in SA. Currently have aftermarket bucket seats but I need to chase up a bench seat but can't find any. 
      Called up a Toyota wrecker and they said they had a bench seat from a 1996-97 hilux and it should fit my hilux as the seats were made from 1989 till 1997 so it should fit, but I need to know if it will definitely fit or not or what bench seat will fit. 
      If anyone could help that would be awesome!!
    • By Stowy98
      Looking to replace the lid on my center console compartment in my 99 hilux, but can only find lids for models later than 2000.. My question is if they are the same and will fit my ute?
      cheers, Harry
    • By Bailye McCue
      Hi all,
      I bought a dual cab ln167r  and the fuse boxes in both the engine bay and under the dash don't have covers. I was hoping on of you guys who own one could send me a picture of both of them? I'm having a hard time figuring out what each fuse is for. 
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Mic Tomo
      I have just recently turned 18 and gotten my licence in Victoria, and was wanting to buy a hilux. 
      I've worked and saved about $30,000 over the past few years, and was looking at using this for my hilux. 
      I'm hoping to use my hilux for touring around Australia once i finish my building course, and also just camping and off roading. as i am doing building as well, i will be using it for tools, materials, and any other things required for building.
      if i could please have your great opinions on year, model, kms, price guide etc. that would be much appreciated.
    • By David Cox
      Hey all. I'm wondering if any knows...
      I have an 02 petrol hilux and I need to replace the transfer case and diff. 
      My model is RZN169R
      the donor truck is KZN165R
      any help would be great!! 
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