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Android Auto Head Unit

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Hi everyone

I am new to this forum/club.

I recently purchased 2009 Toyota Tarago Ultima. I wanted to hardwire 2 dashcams - front and rear. I also wanted to install a reversing camera. When I visited car audio guy, he suggested to replace the original head unit with a new system having these features. I am bit anxious with replacing the original equipment as I am worried; fiddling with it can create new problems. I am keen to install one with Android Auto. I am trying to search one with Android Auto but couldn't find one. I would love to have navigation in that but what I learnt that those systems will be $ >1000. 

Any one has replaced the head unit with a new one with these features:

Android auto


and possibly navigation

Which model would you suggest? Price?


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You could potentially look into something similar to this:


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      I'm having trouble connecting my Samsung Galaxy S6 to via bluetooth to my standard Toyota head-unit. 
      On the head-unit it says "This device is not supported" and on the phone it says "invalid PIN or passkey" but doesn't give you an option to put a passkey or PIN in. 
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