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FZJ105 Engine issues

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Hello LandCruisers,

Firstly, thank you to the forum and it's members for providing a platform for Toyota owners to work together.

Now for my lengthy intro post.

I have a 2000 Landcruiser FZJ and currently have some engine issues that I hope the brilliant minds out there can help sort out.

With 330000 Km's on the clock we had the misfortune to have a crack through the head associated with one of the exhaust studs. We decided decided to have the bottom end rebuilt along with the new head.

The new engine had initial problems with the check engine light and a scan showing a knock sensor issue. The knock sensor (rear) was replaced and the check engine light cleared.

However despite the new donk, the vehicle we got back is a sad reflection of it's former self. Low power, very slow engine acceleration, under load (almost no throttle response), moving off there is a very obvious flat spot till around 1800-2000RPM when there is a short lived surge in performance only in really noticeable in first gear, in higher gears at the same rev point you can feel some acceleration but it is very sluggish.

Ignition timing is good, the mechanicals of the engine, bottom and top end are new, fuel pressure is good.

Any suggestions as to the next things to work through?

Note:  I don't wish to go back to the engine builder, despite their advertised we won't stop till the problem is solved, the customer is our number one concern, your satisfaction is our best advertisement blah blah blah they have stated not our problem etc. Frankly I just want to get the car back to it's former performance level and am not interested in the buck passing and paddock excrement.

Thanks for reading this far, if you have some positive suggestions please contribute to the discussion.

I'd just love to find and resolve the problem.



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