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    • By warren cameron
      have camry 2015  2.5 pros/cons ading moly bond oil additive thanks warren
    • By Hamzstreet
      Hi guys I've had my 2010 ATX aurion for about 8-9months now , I've run across a few problems so far list being 
      castor bushes 
      engine check light with no traction control light 
      failure of intermediate steering wheel shaft (clucking and tapping noise) 
      I always maintain this car as much as I can, I service the car (oil , oil filter and the rest myself ) every 7-8000km 
      I use castrol edge 
      k&n air filter 
      genuine oil filter 
      just did a genuine fuel filter and fuel pump filter change on it 
      i have dba t2 slotted rotors (front and back) with bendix pads 
      running on a set of Bridgestone potenza re003's 
      ao my problem is that 
      i drove off off my drive way today and saw a bit of oil on the drive way which scared me Abit , so I quickly jumped under the car and saw oil leaking from this location (I'll put up a pic) can anyone please tell me what's going on here ? 
      Also the car is very loud like tapping noise when I cold start it and in general sounds like a tractor plus I get this loud pig like squeezing for about 10min on a cold start (😑) pls help 

    • By CheekySportivo
      Hi guys,
      I've noticed my Sportivo has left a small spot of red/pink fluid on the garage floor.
      As it was located at the front drivers side I'm presuming it is power steering fluid.
      Has anyone else experienced this type of leak on their Sportivo?
      Would it be best to take it to a dealer or can anyone recommend a professional mechanic in Sydney who knows what they are doing and uses genuine parts?
      Thanks in advance :)
    • By JDM101
      Seems like a bit of deja vu but here lies the start of yet another journey - one that I hope to complete in it's proper sense and reach that final goal. Some of you may remember my Chaser and would gather that it was more or less the 1st priority :P, dedicated a lot of time, blood (literally) and effort on that but much like the ending of Dexter finishing on the kind of anticlimax it did, sadly my Chaser had that too. Didn't quite reach my Breaking Bad spec ending on that (auto was the last thing to convert on it).
      So I broke my leg, I was out of action for a while, quite down with losing my pride and joy which gave me a bit of time to think. The support from family/mates/work that was the primary catalyst that kept me going in the state I was. As much as my folks wanted me to stop this car modding, they knew well that a newish post 2000 NA car would not quite cut it and the itch would start sooner or later - but I wanted to make sure it was indeed what I wanted. I did all the kind of research you would, what cars are out there, what's available to import in the newer series, endless hours of yahoo and google translator and eventually I decided. I want to complete the original goal but make it twice the car and raise my own benchmark.
      Key lessons learnt from the previous one, 'Have an identified clear exit point' - not having that on the previous one meant I kept going on and on and lost track myself where I wanted to end up with that thing lol. I enjoyed it no doubt, but it didn't feel 100% there.
      The base would need to be clean, I'm talking cleaner than the previous plus that would mean less I'm spending in maintenance, refreshing the interior/suspension etc. Took me near 3 months of checking the daily auction listings (signed myself up with Prestige Motor Sports mailing list). Still in my bed and both legs wrapped up. I found it..

      2000' - 32xxxkms, 4AA grade and not a single mod, well ok besides the silly sunroof visor and a Blitz turbo timer. Even has the pea shooter exhaust hah.
      This was it. The usual import process followed (anyone who needs info on that can hit me up and I'm happy to explain and recommend people/places).
      The day it came home:

      Here's the list of parts that accumulated before the car reached home..
      - The brand new 154 which was meant to go in the Chaser but clearly it was destined for bigger better things..

      - ID1000cc injectors + USDM Supra fuel pump (I only got one, this was sellers original pic)

      You'd be amazed at what you can find on gumtree lol. I was still wheel chair bound but I couldn't have someone just go get the engine I wanted .. I knew the place I wanted it from as I had dealt with them in the past so no trust issues there.. but hey sif not go to get your engine..

      - yup you guessed it right. It's a 2j :)

      Came out of a late model Aristo and did 170 cold comp across all 6 :)
      - Twins and auto were sold not too long after:

      - Picked up some Cusco upper arms:

      - What's going to power it up? but ofcourse an i88 Vipec.

      Lots more updates to post up :) - ZzzZ for now.

    • By Rollersk8r
      Hi all,
      Bit of a long story...
      I have owned this car for around 6 years and generally been pretty happy with it. However, around 12-14 months ago I began to get random warning lights coming up - mainly the engine and VSC (orange ones). They might come up a couple of times in a week, and then not again for months.
      Anyway - I have taken the car to Toyota dealers 6 or 7 times to chase up these errors, not including regular services - and basically got the same response each time: "Yeah we saw some error codes, couldn't find any problems during testing, cleared the codes, you're right to go".
      Then, about a month ago, I was finding the car would sometimes have a lag in engaging drive. The engine would rev and it would suddenly clunk into gear a couple of seconds later. So Toyota said this was beginning to sound like a transmission problems - and I should start by flushing and replacing the transmission fluid, which I paid around $200 to do.
      Then yesterday the engine starts making a horrible clattering sound. I was close to home and noticed it was leaking red fluid. I was fairly sure this was transmission fluid. Wasn't sure if I should drive the 5 or 6km to Toyota, but did anyway.
      Toyota are now saying this latest problem is nothing to do with transmission, it's leaking engine oil from a burst line, will be approximately $600 to repair - and they're not even sure if the engine is ok - because it did lose almost all of the oil.
      I have seen posts here and other stuff online about the V6 engine oil line and failures. But does this sound right to people??
      I take obsessive care of the car. It has done 160,000km - but has cost me well over $1000 this year in servicing and repairs. Was hoping to get at least a couple more years out of it but I'm starting to wonder... Plus I was sold on the fact that Toyota keep comprehensive service records of the car, since before I owned it, which might avoid these sorts of issues coming up.
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