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ST141 1988 Diff in a 1980 Toyota Corona RT132 Differential

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Hey guys,

Newbie here - Looking for centre or even the whole diff for a 1980 Toyota Corona RT132, this has been difficult.

i have come across a 1988 Toyota corona ST141, talking to the owner over phone he believes I could use the diff out of this maybe, is this true or wasting my time? 


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      Hey everyone, new to the corolla scene here, i've owned a 2005 Corolla Ascent Hatch ZZE122R for around a year now and was just wondering if it is possible to modify it and make it look nice and unique in a way? you know like the usual, body kit, exhaust, wheels, suspension setup and if worth it, some performance parts. I'm not sure whether the car is compatible with the usual 2005 levin/sportivo parts, so it would be much appreciated if someone can help me out! Mind me if this sounds all stupid lol. 
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      Hi there,
      I recently bought a Toyota Land Cruiser 2014 overseas and had a problem with navigation system, I am getting a message "A Program Cannot Be Read, Please consult a dealer" , I send it to Toyota official service centre but they cannot do anything about, tried to contact Toyota Japan but nothing as well. 
      I bought it second hand I do not even know who is the main dealer to contact, tried to search line using part number but was not successful.
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      I will really appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction.

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      Hi Everyone!
      I'm restoring a vintage Toyota Corona RT84 1707cc 6R of 1972.
      I'm trying to find an original carburetor, but it seems a difficult task.
      One of previous owners replaced the original carburetor with an electric one, which doesn't work properly. At low rpm the carburetor drowns  the engine with too much petrol and the car goes dead when stopped.
      The carburetor manufacturers need either pictures of the original carburetor or the OEM reference number, which I don't have.
      Can anybody help me!
    • By Jake Camplin
      G'day guys, 
      I own a '97 dual cab ln106 hilux which I believe came out of the factory with an open rear diff as it is not a top of the range model. Recently I went 4wding with a mate who owns the same generation hilux but he has an air locker in the rear and his car was way more capable offroad (mostly sand dunes/beach and hillclimbs). Now I would love to put an air locker or E-locker in mine but spending $1000+ on one doesn't sound like the greatest investment for a 20 year old ute that's worth about $4000.
      So after doing some research I found that welding the rear diff would pretty much the same job apart from that i wouldn't be able to turn it off/unlock the diff. I've only ever heard of people welding diffs on burnout/drift cars and I know I will get skipping when turning slow and sharp corners (e.g carparks) and increased tyre wear.
      But i wanted to know if anyone has experience in welding diffs on hiluxs or even any 4wds at all and if the axles and components will be able to handle the extra load and stress  
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      However my last few cars I have always serviced myself unless there was a problem that I couldn't fix myself then I would have it checked out. But I have NEVER serviced a dual fuel vehicle or a van. 
      My questions are, Basically what would give me a really good idea with servicing this is what would YOU do/change/check if you were servicing a dual fuel vehicle? (And if you say "change oil", if you could please tell me what kind (may be different because of lpg :/ )) 
      And also is there anything on vans that I would need to lookout for? Anything that wears out more than cars? I have heard something about the radiator needing to be maintained VERY well more so in vans but not sure how true this is... 
      Thanks guys! Any help would be appreciated! 
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