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Ratel    0


My Hilux submerged, deep enough for the key to stuck in the ignition. I have already done: drained, flushed, replaced all the oils; removed the glow plugs and got rid of unwanted water in the cylinders; stripped and removed the dash panel so all i can see is just wiring and all the different control units; removed every single plug on the interior loom, also opened all control units and cleaned it with electroclean spray. Now engine starts up fine revs up fine but has no power when in drive.The engine light stays on. Problem is no diagnostic tool(computer) is connecting with the vehicle so i am unable to see the fault codes. I have fitted a complete new wiring loom for interior with a new junction block and have tried with a new ECU still not connecting with any diagnostic tool??? Please help 

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trentmeyer23    467

You filled it with water, probably the worst possible thing to do to a car. This is probably not going to turn out well.

Have you checked the turbo and stepper motor? 

Have you ensured all connectors have gone back together correctly, especially to the OBDII port?

When water is involved, it is like a needle in a haystack.

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      well went to start my car and didnt complete the ignition( hand slipped off key), but started 2nd time round, but engine light came on, intermittent, have tried disconnecting the neg terminal...only works for bout 1 klm then light comes on any help would be great :)
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