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1995 Tarago Bull/nudge bar

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Hi fellow Toyotians.


I'm currently looking to purchase a nudge or bull bar for my 1995 Tarago. Just wondering if anyone may be selling one or knows of someone who is? 

Failing that, the most cost effective and trustworthy place to buy one/have one installed.


I'm located in inner western Sydney.

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    • By ToyotaDan
      Hi again everyone. This morning whilst on a drive I realised that my tarago no longer goes into 5th gear. Yesterday it drove beautifully but today when I put it in 5th it's like it's in neutral, doesn't even stall when stopped. I'm really hoping someone can confirm my suspicion that the gearbox has an internal selector pin for each gear and that I won't need to replace the gearbox? 
    • By Nvt31
      Hi everyone. 
      Im looking for a bullbar for my 2000 xtra cab ute. I'm finding it really hard to find one. Anyone know where I can or what type I should be looking for? 
    • By ToyotaDan
      So saw this and had to stop for this photo :P anyone got something similar? 

    • By ToyotaDan
      Hey guys and gals,
      My name is Dan, I own a van, oh look I rhymed, that wasn't the plan...
      I'll stop :P I recently bought this beautiful beast and have always had toyota cars. Only vehicle I've owned that wasn't was a Honda spada 250cc.
      Would love to catch up with people,I'm currently restoring the exterior (not completely but I'll do my best) I'll probably ask for a lot of help but I'll probably provide a fair amount as well. See ya on the boards!! 
      Man with a Van

    • By thetallbloke
      Hi All,
      I have a 2010 Tarago and the brake lights on one side don't come on.  They are in a cluster of LEDs that come on when the headlights are turned on, just brighter when the brakes are pressed.  These are the ones that are on the main body of the vehicle, as opposed to the boot.  Incidentally, this seems to be the same side that the towbar wiring has been spliced into.
      I'm just wondering what could be the issue and whether this has to go back to Toyota to fix or can I just replace a fuse (or probably an expensive black box) to get them working again for a rego check.
      The LEDs come on when the headlights are turned on, but don't go brighter (like the other side does) when the brake is pressed.  I've had a look at fuses that I can find in the foot area on the driver and passenger sides, but the labels are a little cryptic so I'm just guessing which ones to check.  I'm about to pull every one out and individually check them all.
      Does anyone have any clues on what to check???
      Thanks in advance.
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