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2006 RAV4 2.4 - Pulley Tensioner Replacement Parts

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Hi all,

I've recently joined the RAV4 world by buying a 2006 model with the 2AZ engine. It's in generally good shape, but the pulley tensioner makes a little noise and the water pump shows signs of leaking (although the coolant level hasn't visibly dropped in the 1500km I've driven it so far). So it makes sense to replace them both at the same time.


Looking at replacement parts for the pulley tensioner, there seems to be a fair price difference between the cheap ebay options (around $60) the brand name options like Gates and Dayco (around $250) and the genuine option (around $300). Repco also have a 35% off sale this weekend so I might investigate the repco options too.

Has anyone had any experience with the above options? I know that the pulley tensioners are a cause of trouble so the genuine ones might not be the best - would the Dayco or gates ones be better? Or are the cheapies OK?


Regarding coolant pumps, anyone have suggestions on brands? I've had bad luck with Gates in the past where both times I've used them they've failed (one was machined incorrectly and wouldn't mount properly, the other only lasted a couple weeks before the impeller sheared off).

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    • By yt1300
      My Rav4 has developed a problem where it starts, then immediately shuts off. Once it's done this, if I try cranking it again without turning the key back to the fully off position, it turns over, but never tries to fire. However, if I turn the key back to the off position, then try again, it will start just fine, but still immediately shut off. It also won't start even if I give it a little gas while trying to start it (unlike some other descriptions of similar problems that I have read). Also, when it starts, it sounds like a good clean start, it just won't idle afterwords.

      It did this once about a year ago, exactly like what I am describing, then half an hour later, it started fine and this hasn't happened again until a few days ago. When it happened again, it wouldn't start, then a a while later is started just fine. It also started fine the next few times I tried to start it, but it would occasionally do this (stop working, then magically start working later). Now it does it every time and I cannot get the engine to stay on. So this is something that progressively went out over the last week or so.
      Someone on Rav4World suggested that it might be the ignition switch and very kindly told me the pattern of continuity that I should see if the switch worked vs if it was bad (see attached picture). There does seem to be an issue with my switch, because I have no continuity between 2-3 when the switch is in the Acc or On position (and I should). However, that does not appear to be the source of the current problem. The correct continuity pattern for the car when running should be 2-3, 2-4, and 6-7 (see attached figure). The engine starts via a connection from 7-8.
      Therefore, to bypass the switch, I took the female end  of the plug that connects to the ignition switch, unhooked from the switch, and ran a wire from 2-3, from 2-4, and from 6-7 (thus creating the connectivity for the On position). Then, I hooked the battery back up and quickly touched a wire from 7-8. The car started, but it immediately shut back off, just like before. Further, one of the oddities about this problem is that once the engine shuts off, I have to turn they key back to the off position before it will fire again (otherwise it just keeps turning over but never firing). So, while I had the wires rigged up I played with this. As expected, if I connect 7-8 getting it to fire and stall, then immediately reconnect 7-8, it turns over, but doesn't fire (just like trying to turn the key again without first going to the off position). I tried to figure out which circuit needed to be broken for it to reset and let the engine fire again, and its the 6-7 connection. If I start/stall it then unplug and replug 2-3 or 2-4 and try it again, it turns over, but won't fire. However, if I unplug and replug 6-7 and try again, it starts then quits (just like if I had turned the key to off, then tried again).

      This makes me think that whatever is wrong is on the circuit for 6-7. Does anyone know what is on that circuit that could cause this?

      Just for reference, here are some other things I've tried:
      Checked spark plugs and wires (they were replaced fairly recently, and all seem to be in good shape, correctly gauged, etc.)
      Checked for vacuum leaks (I did this one of the times that I got it running).
      Cleaned the throttle body and idle air control valve
      Replaced the fuel filter
      Tried starting it with the MAP sensor disconnected (98's don't have an MAF)
      Tried starting it with the green coolant temperature sensor disconnected (it really didn't like that at all).

      Note: this is a cross post from Rav4World, and everything there has been and is continuing to be very helpful, but so far no solutions have emerged, so I thought I'd expand the collective brain pool a bit.


      I'm at my wits end here, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • By Dani-Louise-13
      Hi guys, I drive a 2007 Rav4. Sadly, I have never taken her to the limit; she's been a princess since the moment I bought her. So as soon as I sort out this stupid radio, it's time to start the muck running! The more the merrier. 
    • By phil19
      Hi, I would like to change my spark plug but have several questions:
      which spark wench to I need 16mm or higher? Some site and my Manual says Denso SK20R11, but when I check on amazon it says that this will not fit my RAV4 2010 model. Now I am confused. Any ideas?
    • By Jake Nowakowski
      My 2013 RAV 4 SD card seems to have been corrupted or wiped after a flat battery and battery change. The card is not readable when plugged in to a computer. The head unit display indicated that it was not able to read the SD card or program. Now it's asking for the pin code but is frozen on the code screen and does not allow any selections to be made. Please help!
    • By cbrown18
      Hey guys
      My front speakers are sounding pretty crap and I want to replace them.  I checked crutchfield and it says the size is 6 1/2", but I read somewhere that the size in the Aussie version of the car is smaller.  I don't really want to have to fit an adapter so I just want to buy the correct size first go.  Thanks!!
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