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Chris Hull

Performance Upgrades and Important Maintenance

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Hi - Hopefully I am not repeating an old post.  I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on popular performance modifications?  Tune up possibilities for the Kluger?  I have the 3.5v6 and I am sure its possible to get more Oomph out of the engine with a bit of tweaking : )

Also - Is there any basic maintenance people recommend other than the usual servicing?  I have a 2008 model.  Its going great at the moment.  I've seen 'engine sludge' mentioned on other posts though?


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Some forum members have done a muffler delete on their Aurions for more decibel gain than kw gain. Kluger owners have upgraded the rear sway bar to reduce body roll.

Being an old school, stock standard sort of guy, I am more into efficiencies and regular/preventative maintenance.

Use quality brand tyres for better traction and braking distances.

Use quality engine oils and do regular oil and filter changes. Not a fan of extended service intervals so staying with 5,000 km intervals particularly for mineral based oils. Semi-synthetic and full synthetic oils required for longer service intervals of 7,500 km to 10,000 km.

Regularly check/clean the engine air filter, clean throttle body.

Use long life iridium spark plugs. Life is about 190,000km but better to change earlier [which I have yet to do].

Consider using fuel injector cleaner. I use a product called “Fuel Doctor” plus whatever fuel injector cleaners are on special.

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I've had my 2011 Kluger Grande for about 3 months now and previously owned a Aurion for 5 years which uses the same engine.

I'm not mechanically minded but I do the following:

- 6 monthly and 12 monthly servicing at a Toyota dealership.

- I change the engine oil myself in between those services. Just the engine oil, not the filter. It means the oil gets changed 4 times a year, no bloody chance of sludge there! I use Penrite HPR 5 Engine Oil -

You can get it in 6L which is what the Kluger engine needs (slightly less as I don't change the filter) and I usually buy it when it's on special which is about 40 bucks rather than the usual price which is double that. I know the oil change is excessive but my rationale is I'd rather spend 40 bucks on new oil than more than that getting rid of engine sludge. 

- I've also had a carbon clean on my car

What I find by doing the above is the engine is smooth and quiet which is a priority for me over horsepower and performance. My car just cruises and does it's thing without a fuss and the ride is peaceful and effortless.

(btw the file is on it's way :-))



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If you want to make power, sell it and buy a turbo Territory. It is not financially viable to modify a 2GR in a stock platform.

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Thanks guys. I was thinking about this today and I think I've reached the age where I would pay for a quieter exhaust, not a louder one ☺

If there was an easy way to get more power I would... but its pretty quick as it is.

Thanks Kombi. That file will be a lifesaver.

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