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    • By GregWr
      HI all :)
      Looking to drain and replace filter in daughters Rav4 2004 ACA23R.
      However from what I can tell there are two filter options, one being square the other not.  How can I tell, before I drain the Auto trans, which filter it has in it.  I've had a look at the outside casing but nothing there to tell me which one.
    • By Robbo67
      Hi I have a 2016 ZRE182R Corolla Hatch CVT Auto.
      I have an issue that is doing my head in but not sure if it is just me or if it is normal.
      Firstly I've never had a CVT auto before so I realise they are a different to a normal auto. Secondly I'm a bit of a conservative driver so I don't drive it like I stole it.
      The problem is that I've noticed there is a distinct vibration which seems to be from the front of the car. It seems to occur mostly when the rpm's are in the low range of between 1000-1300 rpm. It is not overly bad it is more like a drone noise sort of like the sound of deep base tone that you get from your stereo (if that makes sense?). In fact as I usually have my car stereo on I thought the noise was coming from my speakers at first but it's not. If I tap on the accelerator pedal to give it a few more rpms it goes away but as soon as the revs lower to around 1000 or just above the droning/vibration continues. Even at around 100km/h at just over 2000 rpm I can hear it.
      The car has 18,000km on the clock.
      Now that I am noticing it more it is becoming more annoying and I've even considered trading it in for a manual. Although the good points I have noted with the car is I'm getting 5.8L per 100km which is outstanding.
      Anyway not having owned a CVT before I am wondering if this is normal or could it even be another problem not related to the CVT?  If it is not normal of course I would be worried that it might develop in to something major and costly down the track and would rather get it sorted sooner rather than later.
      Thanks in advance guys and girls :)
    • By Trentsa
      So it all stated about 12 months ago after moving house. The Car did a fair amount of work during the move and did give out on the last day. The trans would not grab any gear, and needed to be trucked to the local menchanic. They gave me the bad news that the trans was dead and needed to be removed, sent off and rebuilt. $4000.00 later i got her back. less than  a week into it i had a engine fault light appear, turned out to be a Tourqe clutch valve assembly fault. spoke to the person (i call him Tony) who rebuilt the trans. Tony said that he had seen this fault before but hasn't been able to correctly identify the cause, he has tried a few things in the past some with success but not always, at a cost of $500 I was not prepared at this point to throw that sorta coin at a guess. Tony had said to bring the car in and he will clear the code. Due to my work location i was unable to get to the shop quickly. Then the light turned off. I assumed it was a stuck valve and was now working fine. Fast forward about 10 months and then the code showed it self again. I took it to the mechaninc that had originally removed the Trans as i no longer had contact with Tony. This mechanic gave me the details of Tony again and suggested that returning there would be the best thing, they did check the oil in the trans only to find it was due for replacement. It was decided to wait until Tony could look at it as it might be a waste of oil. I was able to take the car to Tony and he checked the codes and other things then suggested that the best thing was to replace the oil for now which he would retain when he worked out what was going on and a possible repair. " ill have to check with my contacts and then get back to you" I left my business card and awaited his call. Atleast two weeks later upon returning home from work i had a new light pop up, this time it was a "A/T oil Temp". As i was traveling through country South Australia i didnt really want to get stuck. I also tow a tradie trailer which weighs in around 1.6 Tonne. So i reluctantly pressed on but gingerly driving. Then the gears started to slip so i pulled over and waited for about 45min. Restarted the the car and no lights, I assumed that the trans had cooled enough to press on. This happened one more time before i made it home. While i was waiting for it to cool again i remembered that i was going to change the oil. So when made it home i did that, better late then never right? I only put about 4lts in but my plan was to use this as a flushing oil while i went to work the next day then drain the oil and change the filter and put a good oil in. Test drove, all seemed fine. So the next day i headed to work, 40km later temp light turns on then trans slips at which point i pull over. The car was then flat bed trucked to Tony. The prelim assement (sight unseen) is he thinks i've burnt out the the front seal and possilbly the clutches. Not sure yet on the actual problem or cost. I am concerned that i will end up haveing to pay for a fix that i dont think is my fault. I suppose i am asking for any advice and experiences that you have had? or any input really?
    • By ZR6Sportbato
      Hi Guys, 
      Tried to do some research but couldn't find much, does anyone on here know if its a simple task to change the side mirrors to automatically fold when my 2012 Aurion ZR6 is locked?
      Edit: GSV50R
    • By madmaskbass
      Hey guys we recently purchased a nice 2007 Presara with 100K on it...
      i was on the highway and had just overtaken a few cars at a decent overtaking speed and upon coming back down some codes came up on the screen and I noticed smoke coming from the back.
      Pulled over straight away and shut it down...under the bonnet was covered in trans fluid that seemed to be fairly high up in the system. Would have lost a fair amount judging by the mess but it only seems to happen under high pressure (overtaking...) and my partner said that she had smelt the smell before after overtaking...
      Anyway towed it back to my mechanic mates and he said that it looks like it is coming out of the breather...anyway I have yet to get it diagnosed but I was wondering if anyone has heard of this happening??
      Please let us know if this has happened to anyone to help with where we are to go from here as I DO NOT trust the auto specialist( for want of a better term) that is looking at it (don't have a choice in small town)...
      I know that I will probably be up for a newy or a bench fix but fingers crossed that it can be resolved...
      TIA :)
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