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Longer Lasting High Mileage Engine Oil

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Quite simply, I am skeptical of the latest new vehicle trend for increased servicing intervals e.g. 12 month or 15,000 kms. Admittedly, engine oils have improved in the past 40 years and there is ongoing R&D to meet motor vehicle manufacturer's engine demands.

In my internet travels, I came across the following article titled "Can Engine Oil Last 20,000 Miles? Here's How Engineers Test That Claim" with an embedded video by one of my favoured presenters.

Good to know that it is not all marketing hype. 

Pays to challenge your current thinking/bias based upon past practices of 5,000km oil change intervals to either reconfirm or consider a review of which oils to buy.



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The absolute maximum I will go is 6 month/10,000km(which I never get close).

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    • By PengNZ
      I bought a 2014 aurion atx recently and am wondering if i should use fully synthetic engine oil like Castrol edge 5w-30 sn in the next service. Before this car, I owned a bmw e90 320i. That's also a good car but just cost too much time to repair. I always treated Castrol edge 5w-40 sn for the old bmw, so want this aurion to be feed with that too. Wondering what kind of engine oils are you guys using and what kind of engine oil the dealers' service departments is using?
    • By AXwFS0OIUDoE
      I have a Toyota Camry Ateva 2004 V6 3.0L which has traveled for a total distance of 210,000 kilometers.
      My father used to own this car and he used to take it to a mechanic to change the oil so I have never changed the oil before.
      I decided to change the oil myself this time so that it is both cheaper and I know for sure what oil I am putting in it.
      I did some Googling and I read that the Toyota recommended oil grade is 5w30 but I also read that I should use 10w40 because the engine has done a lot of kilometers and so a thicker oil would be better.
      For the oil type and brand, i decided to go with synthetic Penrite or Castrol Edge. Are these good brands or would you recommend something else?
      Basically, I want to keep this car running for the next 4 years until I buy a Hilux so I want the most durable oil that will keep engine wear to a minimum.
    • By oldcruiser
      Hi guys,
      It looks like my mechanic may have overfilled the oil in my aurion. On the dipstick, oil reaches a good 3-4cm above the top point indicating "full".
      I have also noticed some oil on the floor where I park my car... Is this just oil leaking out of the oil filter gasket? What's the risk of damage to my car if I just left it over-filled? Does over filling cause the oil pressure in the engine to increase and cause damage?
    • By DrChicken
      Hi Guys,
      I know theres a few posts about oil but none relating to oil for high mileage (otherwise Im not very good at searching forums)....
      My 2003 Conquest has 220,000 kms on it (hasnt missed a beat :) ), and so naturally burns a fair bit of oil..... should the oil I use be thicker to counter this? like 20w50? Im more concerned about looking after the engine more than anything, theres no leaks in the engine either....also there seems to be alot of differing opinions about what the best brand is..... any general guidance about decent brands also?
      Many Thanks
    • By TRD340
      Hi all
      i recently bought a TRD aurion and i was thinking of changing the engine oil myself but not sure what is best for my car 10w-30?.i use to service my car with liverpool toyota but Crappy Customer Service and most of the guys working are kids apprentice learning on people's cars.i'd rather do the job my self. and I was wondering if a sport air filter is any good ? sports filter can improve the supercharger whine sound

      new pics taken at work

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