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  2. There are a few recent posts about STEDI products for upgrading the T10 parking and reversing lights plus LED light bars. Not sure if the member also upgraded their headlight bulbs. My Aurion has projector type low beam headlights and I have fitted these LED bulbs from a China supplier. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/H11-4-Sides-LED-Headlight-Low-Beam-Globe-Bulb-for-Toyota-RAV4-06-18-Aurion-06-12/324163761700 They perform the same as high performance halogen bulbs, put out a nice white light and are long lasting [50,000 hours]. I have had these fitted for many months and so impress
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  4. Here you go. Just got this done. Tyre size is 245/65/17.
  5. Hi guys, I’m new here. Just want to ask whether this headlight bulb is suitable for my Toyota Camry 2007. It’s Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 https://www.morimotohid.com/morimoto-2-stroke-2stroke-h7-led-bulbs?quantity=1
  6. Good to hear, the rear sway bar on it's own really does make a difference, I drove a 50 series recently that was completely stock.. yeah nah, full boat. New shocks also do make a difference if you're using like 5+ year old ones, upgrading to new ones with same stiffness still gives a noticeable improvement over worn ones
  7. I won't discourage you from replacing the head unit. If this suits you then by all means go for it. I understand what you mean with the phone holder, which is why I have mine mounted to the right lower corner on the windscreen. Your view is unobstructed, and always in your periphery so you don't really need to look across and down like you would with the head unit. Your eyesight is always up as if you glance at your gauge cluster. I've never had an issue and will continue to use Google Maps. The latest incarnation of google maps always gives you the fastest routes and with live traffic updates
  8. Same comment really as you Tony, the thought that I have to pay exorbitant prices for a new maps disc or even more for Toyota to update me send's my blood boiling, which is why when I bought our Clarion unit it came with 2 free updates I did one when we had it fitted and did another last year as I was bored at home and thought may as well. Considering they want you to fork out huge money now days for a tech filled vehicle, they continue to want you to empty your pocket yearly to have the latest maps that will probably lead you to a dead end road or miles out of your way as the system freaked o
  9. Hey Tony, The idea of having to pay for map updates is ludicrous, you pay for the car, then again, and again... I am chasing a head unit for my wife as we are new to our area and wouldn't have a clue where we are going. There was a phone holder to suction cup to the windscreen in the car when we got it but my fife finds that is in her line of view even when we shifted it, I was pretty much the same. I have also found the stock unit pretty lame. lots of problems with the Bluetooth connectivity.
  10. Thanks KAA, Will sus them out! 😁👍
  11. I have a 2007 prado that has a cracked dash also, I just thought it was the sun. Doing some research as I’d like to replace it and come across this conversation, to realise it’s obviously a manufacturing issue. 😟 Toyota won’t want a bar of this, it would be nice if they took responsibility for it, to think of the money they sell them for even the secondhand ones they would do so.
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  13. I totally agree. Once you start fiddling with too many things, you can induce more issues going forward. Sometimes the long way around is better and the challenge is more fun I reckon.
  14. Tony Prodigy


    Short answer, I would say yes, but you have to consider offset and clearance for lock to lock turning. The wider you go, it may rub the inners when steering full lock. Toyota design their wheel tyre combos for a reason and deviating from this can cause issues. It may be possible to go one up in size but Kluger wheel/tyre assemblies are quite hefty being 245/65/R17 and so not sure if this will work. Something to keep in mind. Hopefully someone here who has attempted this here can chime in, but that's my 2 cents worth.
  15. The idea of having to pay for map updates is ludicrous to begin with. I think any car that has a factory fitted GPS should get free map updates for the life of the vehicle. The time for gouging the customer should've ended a long time ago, which is why I'm not even remotely interested in factory GPS head units. Google maps is superior to anything I've seen or used and will continue using this free service. I don't get why people feel the need to upgrade their head units other than to upgrade the stereo quality and connectivity. The rest of it seems like one big extra distraction for road
  16. That's good value. So is the discount coupon on top of the already discounted price then ? So it will be $53.10 for the jack ? I wish they could could a proper deal on the 3T variant or even an aluminium jack. I don't need another back breaker of a jack.
  17. Latest Repco catalogue has Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 5Litre for $22 [1/2 Price]. Because their website is currently unavailable, there was this notice " Here's a 10% off* coupon, use 10OFF at checkout, expires in 24 hours. " Expect that that will only apply for online orders today, Thursday 4th March 2021.
  18. Just noticed the email from Repco for their latest catalogue featuring the Mechpro Blue 1700kg Low Profile Trolley Jack for $59. Clicked on the link to go to the Repso website which is down for maintenance. Good news is " Here's a 10% off* coupon, use 10OFF at checkout, expires in 24 hours. " so I expect that this will only apply for today Thursday, 4th March 2021.
  19. Will Toyota yaris gearbox internals fit in a Toyota echo gearbox case?
  20. What exactly are you say "Yes" to. A more detailed specific reply will be helpful. Personally I am terrible at misinterpreting statements unless they are very specific.
  21. Hi John, Congratulations on the buy for the lady in your life, I would suggest looking online at specialist audio stores, example MONSTER Audio( who I used locally and would recommend as never had an issue since they fitted ours) it really is a personal choice as no idea what your tastes are, fitting will depend on your ability but I went with the business fitting it as they had all the harness connections for steering controls back up camera and head unit surround for the neat fit, plus with all the modern wiring I let the experts deal with that. There are a lot out there once you begin
  22. Hi, My wife took possession of a very low kilometre 2014 Rav4 GLX last Thursday and she's very happy but I would like to put a different Infotainment unit in it, one that has a GPS and still works with the steering wheel buttons... any suggestions please? Thanks!
  23. Hi Tony, Yes, I thought the same. I will give it a try. Much apricated again.
  24. Bucky


    Hi I’m wanting to upgrade my pizza cutter spare, could anyone tell me if a Kruger 17” wheel will fit my current model RAV4 which has a 17” ?? cheers Graeme 0409824564
  25. A quick update - the bulbs are fine, both elements are as they should be - it would appear then that it is due to the error alone that the brake lights are not coming on at all. If anyone can confirm this to be what they have experienced also then that would be good to know. Thanks. Mario.
  26. Thanks Ashley. I realised just now that I did not mention that the brake lights do not come on at all. I haven't checked the bulbs as yet to ensure they have not blown as a result of the trailer fiasco, but unsure if they simply do not work due to the error alone. Perhaps you could enlighten me on that one but I will go and check the bulbs anyway - it wouldn't hurt to do so. Regards, Mario.
  27. Thank you for the feedback. One of the reasons for being active on the Forum is that you learn and re-learn a lot of useful things. Hopefully, the tow fee was not too much. Last time that I needed a tow was because I did not follow through with my back up plan of having a spare battery. Another one of life's lessons of not to assume that all was well. Toyota Dealer should certainly be able clear the error codes. A mechanic with a professional OBDII scanner is more likely to be able to clear those error codes than my basic low cost scanner.
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