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  2. Depending on which part of Melb, North: Toyrolla, Epping All Toyo Parts, Thomastown West: BIP Toyota (although theyre a rip usually) Ravenhall Toylex , Derrimut/Sunshine Not sure about the east side as i dont got there much. Try checking gumtree as well, just type in "wrecking camry sportivo"
  3. Seeing as you're new to the forum, it takes some time to search for things; so welcome. unit&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&page=2 ive typed in "head unit" and came up with a few searches: Have a read through see if you can find what you need
  4. Hi Muz Bar,

    I just wanted to thank you for posting the step by step guide on how to fix a faulty digital clock on the Camry. I too had the issue and I was going to check with wreckers for 2nd hand clock to replace it and then just thought of looking at the Camry forum. I followed your steps and the 1st time no luck and then I re-touched those points as you've mentioned and it worked ! I had to buy the soldering iron and a hexagon screw driver (total came to about $30) and a bit of my time.

    Thank you again !



  5. Just wondering if anyone knows a wreckers in Melbourne that has a LOT of Camry stuff. I hope to find the following ... in black if possible: Sportivo lower rear valance (Aurion has dual pipes) Sportivo side skirts Sportivo front spoiler Camry lower grille (mine's missing) ... preferably NOT honeyocmb but I'll take it if I can't get anything else. Thanks!!!
  6. Welcome back to Toyota and the forum Chris KAA
  7. Hi Folks Just picked up a 2007 Camry Grande to replace my cherished 2003 Sportivo that got rear-ended when parked. I need to add: Bluetooth Streaming as a priority due to needing to listen to audiobooks (for work) via my iphone on my 80 minute trip to work and back each day. I have seen a couple of different units that claim to be a perfect replacement for the existing (which has touch screen based CD stacker, GPS, MP3/WMA capability ... just no BT streaming) Hope to add: Reversing camera if possible. Any help greatly appreciated. now, to dive into past posts to see if I can find any answers ... I did look earlier without success. BTW This is what I ran in my '03 - I custom made the shroud and sprayed it all to match. It worked great but doesn't suit the new chariot, so it has gone. The bluetooth on that thing was incredible.
  8. Hi, i have a 09 4.0v6 4x4, at times it takes a while to crank over and when i give it some throttle it seems to be starving fuel and goes no where being a v6, been told its fuel pump, any thoughts are appreciated
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  10. vouch for vmax, i have them on right now, but i have aggressive pads (qfm a1rm). ive also used rda rotors and dba t3s . rda and vmax come from the same person. but i wouldnt get anything other than slotted/blank discs from these guys, (even the dimpled ones will turn or look like a blank disc after) if you're in the northern suburbs of melbourne, you can pick them up from there. From experience the bendix general pads are okay for day to day normal driving, but the moment you take it on a spirited run, or even some downhills with some braking. Your fluid will cook, and your pedal will loose brake feel. i found remsa pads ($50) to be a bit better and cheaper compared to the bendix generals ($75) i may try the 2243 pad in the near future, thanks for the info !
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  12. I got these...
  13. Hi guys. I am Chris. I have come back to the Toyota family, and am a new owner of a 2007 Toyota Camry Sportivo. I would like to get to know some local members that also own the same vehicle, and am interested in any club events etc..
  14. RDA rotors is a good choice. However, I bought the following front rotors on eBay but have yet to fit them. I also bought the rear rotors too I also use the Bendix Ultra Premium pads [proven product] but the General purpose will also suit my driving requirements. I drive smart so trying to avoid any unnecessary hard braking and most of my driving is essentially urban. However, I do an annual interstate open highway trip so my vehicle is set up for an emergency hard braking. Long past experience was having to do a hard brake from 100kph down to a standstill to avoid a head on collision. Still remember the cloud of tyre smoke drifting by after becoming stationery. Also do not overlook having good quality brand name tyres to enhance braking performance and safety.
  15. I'm using RDA discs with Bendix GCT DB2243. Be aware on Aurion there can be 2 types of pads, DB1474 or 2243. See this article: I'd avoid the really cheap Chinese nonames and stick with the brands.
  16. Looking at replacing front discs and pads. Anyone have some up to date suggestions re good prices, including parts to avoid? Family car, doesn't need performance gear. Cheers
  17. Have a look at this eBay listing for the part number. It is a time consuming task to replace the Aurion alternator so my recommendation is to buy a best quality new alternator.
  18. Check the front camera, it might only be a clear plastic protective sleeve on the camera eye used for protection whilst transporting and that black you see is probably the tab you pull on to remove it
  19. Welcome to Australia and the forum Scott I am sure you will love your Aurion..Looks a nice one too, Like Ashley I love the luxurious sweet comfort and the quiet and powerful experience of ours.. KAA
  20. Hi guys, Anyone know what the part number for a 2006 Aurion Sportivo ZR6 Alternator is? Thanks, Tom
  21. Hi, wondering if anyone knows how to get the "home" screen to automatically load and be the first screen displayed when turning on the vehicle? I find it weird that it automatically loads with the navigation and you have to hit a button to get to the home screen
  22. Much like yourself, my Aurion is also my first V6 and first sportsmatic transmission, Absolutely love the acceleration on the open highway when overtaking. Aurion cruises very nicely all day. Nice to know the engine outputs 200KW and quite amusing [to me] to watch all those cars with 4 cylinder engines being worked hard to show off. I prefer a stealthy whisper quiet sounding exhaust so also amusing to be beside a vehicle with a loud exhaust and to be well ahead of them from a standing start with just normal acceleration.
  23. Hi Everyone, my name is Scott, I recently moved to Brisbane from NZ where I was born and raised. Finally decided to move here with my partner and have had my mind set on purchasing a Toyota Aurion ZR6 which came a reality to me last Friday when I purchased one and must admit what an awesome machine they are. However on Monday night i was driving back home when I noticed smoke from the engine bay and was pouring out oil under the car so got it towed into Toyota where they are replacing the oil cooler hoses (common issue on the 2GR-FE engines) but hope to have it back today! But apart from that I love my new car, first V6 I've owned and can't fault it. I've attached pics of the car. Thanks!
  24. G’day all I just bought a 2008 Yaris YR. Hoping to do a few upgrades in theft few months.
  25. Hey Guys, Couldn't really find any info after lots of digging around. As the Toyota Aurion were pretty much the Aussie equivalent of Camry V6's, does anyone know if we are able to fit Camry body kits onto the Aurion? Have a 2016 Aurion Sportivo and as it is impossible to find their body kits - was hoping that kits for 2015+ Camry's could be interchanged instead. More specifically, hoping to change up the stock rear bumper/diffuser for something less bland.
  26. Minor update. Finally got the chance to catch up with @Blacksheep not too long ago for a drive through Mccarrs Creek Road, not too far from Ku-Ring-Gai Chase. I had never driven on the road before but it was amazingly smooth and had plenty of twisties. Although it's short drive, it's still one of the nicest roads I've driven on in some time. I got the chance to take some quick pictures when we stopped off near Church Point. We also took turns with Go-Pros driving to get some shots and did some walk around shots with them too, well Blacksheep did of course. So this week I've got some preparation to do which I will cover in more detail in my next update for the event that I'll be entering. I definitely will be on of the slowest cars there but my mate and I entering are super keen to have a fun night out. Stay tuned!
  27. Hi there, I have a 2008 Aurion. The "melting dash" has been getting progressively bad over the years, but has now reached the point where the reflected glare from the sticky glue when driving at night is a serious distraction and the slightest touch will leave an indentation. It's a great fly trap, though! (problem is that you cant get the little critters off 🙂 Was there ever any resolution with Toyota. I would have thought this would have been a recall matter . . . .
  28. No, 'I' and 'O' are not allowed in Australia either (neither is 'Q'), it is just that some systems have the smarts to normalise them to 1/0 as needed when you type them.
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