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  2. Also read in Aurion/TRD thread there are a few article's from Campbeam about the P0420 issue as well KAA
  3. Hi Samiii, try the link below to see if that is of any help, it does suggest further checks to ensure it really is the 02 sensor P0420 code in a,sensor (before the converter).&text=Service Engine Light– Often%2C this,the Toyota Aurion P0420 code. Good Luck KAA
  4. I'm currently using this stuff I mix it to 1/2 tank fuel & find it works well. An alternative would be 1/2L of metho in the tank. I used to use Toyotas D4S Injector cleaner which is awesome but it's also expensive.
  5. Hi My Tarago is doing the same thing. The code will come up P0171 which is a mixture fault. I've replaced O2 sensors filters fuel pump and cleaned the MAF. I'm thinking maybe the throttle body or the fuel injectors.
  6. Hi fellows I am owning Toyota Aurion sportive 2006, I am facing issue it's engine light comes on I put the scanner and got the code P0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1 as my research it's O2 sensor if I am not wrong but can't not locate which sensor is bank1 as it have 4 sensors is any one in this forum can help me out so I will get straight to change that sensor. Thanks in advance
  7. Digging up an old thread... I was wondering how you folks going with the ebay headunit? I'm thinking of getting an aftermarket headunit for my Presara after my OEM unit got locked due to battery change and isn't holding the map CD in to initiate the system reset. Any advice on how to fix the OEM, or if not then which headunit to look around for?
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  9. I want to remove the centre dome console to replace the door activated courtesy light which I believe to be dislodged behind the unit. I have removed 2 screws at the front of the unit but it still does not come free. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thankyou. Kevin
  10. The centre dome console. How do I remove the console. I have removed 2 screws at the front of the console but it will not come free. The door activated courtesy light is missing presumed behind the unit. I want to replace it in its correct location. Thankyou for any assistance. Kevin
  11. P0171 tried replacing sensors filters. Loses Power and stutters when driving.
  12. O2 sensor car chugging and loses power.
  13. Hi I have a Landcruiser 76 series and notice the low fuel indicator light comes on with about 30 litres left in the tank. Can I rely on there being, at least, access to another 25 litres.
  14. Hey Everyone, Toyota recently gave me a Rav4 Edge to review and I thought as owners/enthusiasts you guys would enjoy it most 🙂 Link here: I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might about the car and my experiences with it! Cheers - Matt
  15. My other half has RE003 which I like, and they have lasted fairly well on it. They are stock 215/60/16. The price was great in that size, $130 each.
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  17. Not sure if anyone can help but the RAV4 (2020 hybrid model) screen kept asking to ‘update’ the suite. Tried to do this without success and now the map has disappeared and the ‘navigation’ icon is no longer illuminated and can’t be selected. Can’t see how to troubleshoot this problem in the manual.
  18. Good to know I'm on the right track, thanks for your opinions and advice. I'm useing Ryco oil filters too, by the way. Also, Some of the gents on this forum recommend cleaning the MAF sensor, to perhaps improve the fuel usage.. I'll get my mechanic to do that, as I have no experience in mechanics,
  19. That's pretty much my oil service schedule Big Mike. It usually takes around 6 months for my car to do roughly 8 -10 kays so it is in fact two oil services per year. Nulon 5w-30 has always been my oil of choice. Fully synthetic too of course, and will transition over to the Penrite because of the higher Zinc content. Like you said, Oil isn't that expensive, especially when you have several opportunities during the year to take advantage of the specials that pop up. Ashley and myself chime in when possible to alert you all when said specials are upon us and to take advantage. I've got enough oil for 4 services so I'll refrain from purchasing until another year or so and top up my stock then.
  20. In regards to sludge build up; On oil changes, I've decided to change every 6 months regardless of kilometres.. Oil isn't so expensive that 6 months oil changes will affect my budget. I'm using Penrite 5w40 full syn, but will soon change to 5w30 spec and also stick with this Aussie Brand. So I'll do 2 services a year on my 09" Presara, That's 1 log book service and 1 just the oil and filter..
  21. Hi all, Just had the same experience on my way back from WA. Load siren sound above 1500rpm. Had the Hilux flat towed to Penong (400ks) and $2500. Fitted a new Toyota turbo for $3000 at a great mechanical workshop there.Lux only done 190000ks. so was a bit shocked. My thoughts?? not worth risking the front of the turbo going and then one is up for a new engine.So bit the bullet and got home, all going like a train again.
  22. hi redracer I've got a new remote for my 96 camry and I'm having a problem reprogramming it is it the same as putting in the slot in the glovebox or no please help
  23. Wow ! Expensive owning a Patrol. For the Aurion you would have to buy another 10 litre to make it work, but it gets expensive if it's not on special. Holden and Ford owners would have to buy bulk too.
  24. 10 litre drums are ideal for 4WDs Engine Refill capacity for a Nissan Patrol is 10.5 litres. Only know this because my son mentioned that he uses 10 litres for an oil change. Engine Refill capacity for a Holden Commodore V6 is 7 litres and 6.8 litres for a similar Ford. 2x10 litres = 3 oil changes for the Aurion [plus occasional top ups, if required].
  25. I've been on Primacy LCs and found them to be excellent all round. They are especially quiet too. I am also considering going to the 4's next like you Big Mike.
  26. I've never really used any fuel additives and would be interested to see if the claims stand up Ash. My thinking is that the fuel delivered to the injectors is already filtered and the need for injector cleaner would be counterintuitive. Not sure really.
  27. I'd say there wouldn't be all that much demand for stickers on that model vehicle. If it were a Landcruiser there are many options. Perhaps you could go to a Toyota dealership and see if they have anything in their archives. This is all I can think of unless you can approach someone with the same model vehicle and ask to grab a photo of theirs. I know it's frustrating but I wish you well in this search.
  28. It would be better if the manufacturers made them in sizes that help us. The price for the 10L is great but you'll still be short that litre or two so you'll end up having to spend more to save. Kind of defeats the purpose and is very frustrating. 10lt drums are a waste for most. Why don't they market a 12lt for example I wonder ??
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