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  2. Gday all new to the stout scene but eager to get stuck in I have a 1967 Toyota lite stout with 24,946 original miles on her and in pretty good nik has been shedded all its life but used on a farm im about to start the resurrection of this bute ute and any info or guidance would be great im not planning on respraying it just clean up the paint and run it as a survivor does anyone have a workshop manual for the RK43 Bit of info on it 1967 lite stout 2R motor 650x13 tyre will put up some photos when I get 2 mins cheers mugzy
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  4. Hi everyone first time posting. i have recently put a 2.8L (3L) motor in my 99 Hilux. Was. 3.0L (5L) but couldn’t find one for a decent price to replace it when it stopped working on me. All non turbo. my uncle who helped me replace the motor said he had heard of people flushing older diesel fuel systems with either a small amount petrol or kero when servicing. Ever done it himself but said it might be worth finding out Looked around on google and it’s mostly people saying can’t do it with newer ones so here I am seeing if anyone has any advice for me with this area? thanks
  5. Hey everyone, So yeah I came here to share my first big project and hopefully (humbly) get some feedback and pick a few big ole’ brains. First ride: ‘87 Toyota Corolla Current ride: ‘07 Toyota Prius Current farm ute: ‘88 Toyota Hilux YN58R Next ride: ‘96 Toyota Hilux RN105R First project: ‘85 Toyota Pickup RN65 So yeah I am trying to build the Back to the Future truck..! Have collected a lot of parts and info, and will start a thread in the right section soon. Cheers!
  6. Hi I have a 1999 toyota Camry sxv20r. I've had this car for 6mths. now 2 days ago my remote went flat, I went out and bought a new remote off eBay, but can't for the life of get it to program and it doesn't help my alarm keeps on going off. Please help, I've tried the off on method to no avail
  7. Hi, does anyone know the bulb part numbers for the front and real lights and indicators? I am after all - including indicators. cheers in advance.
  8. hummmm. Toyota production stopped in 2016. are you talking about 2017 first registered? Mine is a 2016, it was one of the last manufactured.
  9. In this session of The Verandah, Sammy White is our brand new 2020 Toyota Star Maker and her biggest journey is about to kick off. Past winner, Blake ...
  10. Blake O'Connor explains how winning the Toyota Star Maker changed his life completely, filling Sammy White in on what to expect.
  11. The 2020 Toyota Star Maker, Sammy White, tells us about her natural love for country music, inspiring her to write her own tunes.
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  13. The 2020 Star Maker performs her winning track, 'Drowning My Sorrows', a song written about taking life head.
  14. Potentially launching into Celica ownership (once more) good to be on board Cheers Pa
  15. Hi folks, my daughter has her eye on a 91 SX auto convertible. We`re both old car owners and reasonably tech savvy; cant seem to find too much on Australian convertibles of this year. Long story short - what significant issues should we be looking for with this model ?? says 165k on the clock.
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  18. hi,does anyone have part numbers for oil and air filters to suit a 64 700 up10 thanks andy
  19. Hi guys, does anyone have a carby for a 1990 corolla with a 4A Engine?
  20. hi forum, can anyone tell me if the wing mirror blinkers will work straight away or is there extra wiring??
  21. Hi All, I was about to replace my brake pads today and was going to lube the slider pins. When I attempted to remove one of the slider pin's from the caliper by pulling the boot cover (which is my mistake) instead of just sliding out the pin from the boot cover, the boot cover ripped off. Do you guys know if the boot cover can be replaced or would I have replace the caliper? I may have found the part which is part# is 47775-50010. Has anyone had to replace the slider pin boot cover before? Thanks. layzie
  22. Closest I will get to being on Mighty Car Mods...
  23. WELL.. its been a good long while. Ive done quite a bit since thelast update, but here is one pic of what my box looks like now..
  24. Do you have photos of how these were built and installed?? 😄
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  26. Awesome looks good, thank you so much again really appreciate it 🙂
  27. Hi Malko, sorry mate have never come across anything like what you have before, so sorry can't offer any advice about a head unit that would still give you those functions. All i can suggest is Toyota themselves but I would expect it would not be a up to date HU and would cost a fortune anyway..all I can think of is a new unit and doing away with those functions which really would not be a huge inconvenience as you can still lock or unlock the car, turn lights on and off manually. At least a new head unit would allow you to have up to date Sat/Nav and a great sound. Hope you get something sorted soon and keep us up to date KAA
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