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  2. Dear all Camry owners, I just sold my 2009 Aurion MY10 ATX (with 175,000kms on the clock, $7000 quick sell), I know, I gave up the V6 for a I4 is knid of nut, but the new camry is equiped with loads of safety driving assistance functions, (it's for my wife and my son is going to start to learn driving), the ATX Aurion don't even equiped with rear park sensor or parking camra.... I searched on carsales and realized that Toyota starts to offer 5 year warranty starting Jan 2019 ( that makes the new 2018 model owners bad I guess). Since I'm not a CVT guy and we mainly use it for hi
  3. Engine has 216k miles. 20201022_205413_589650846260360.mp4 20201023_182826_617569300519161.mp4
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  5. Yep. Good advice. I've heard )2 sensors are difficult to remove and you can risk damaging them. Is that generally the case Ash ?
  6. 🤣 Knowing that you readily admit to being OCD, I would have been more surprised if you had NOT stored it safely. I have got a ding on the bottom of the Y pipes and I was the one that did it. I should have been a bit more careful when parking up against raised concrete edging at the local Tavern. When you get a CEL for the O2 sensors then that will be the time to fit your standby assembly.
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  8. They were a bonus I thought. Not a cheap part either and there are two. There is also a ding on one of my Y pipes on the bottom. (not by me either) It was there when I bought the car and it has always bothered me, so win win for this replacement piece as not only will it do away with the cosmetic damage but refresh the potential flow restriction when that occurs. It's bubble wrapped from tip to toe don't worry and stored safely.
  9. I forgot about that Ash. Thanks for reminding us. I have experienced that also, which is why I don't bother doing searches anymore. Google usually yields all the posts from here strangely enough..
  10. I am thinking that it could be a long time before you will need to swap the pipe out. Very handy to have those O2 sensors which will eventually need replacing. Hope you have sealed off the openings to keep out any dust, insects etc.
  11. Errors, what errors. 🤞 Just prototyping going through a few iterations, very quickly. Noticed the header icons moving around, so quite pleased that they are back in the known position. Not that much into website design but I do appreciate the KISS principle. Just as feedback, I regularly use the search function and get 0 results even though I know the thread/posts exist. I also use Google to get more targeted results of the threads
  12. Interesting topic Ash. I'm not too fussed about exhaust systems these days as I was when I was younger. Remember when we ran around in our sporty versions of road cars and the exhaust sound was practically everything ? I had a few old Fords before I bought an XD 351 Fairmont. It had a 4 into one header system that merged into a single 3" system. It sounded great. Then as time rolled on I got more into the bikes and started driving regular cars till the M3 came along. That car is totally stock and I much prefer it that way to be honest. I did, however come across a good deal on Ebay recent
  13. I hate buying cars full stop. That's why, when I buy a car, I try and find the best one for the right money, look after it well and keep it as long as possible. I will NEVER buy from a yard. All my past purchases have been private. You can get better deals, as you know, buying private but you still need to do your due diligence when buying anyway right ? REVS check and a car history report should always be done regardless. I'm pretty good detecting accident damaged cars as I come from a spray painting/panel beating background so this is helpful for me and anybody I know who needs ass
  14. Just a suggestion that you contact Toyota Australia and confirm whether your vehicle is covered by the 5 year powertrain warranty before starting any repairs.
  15. I am terrible when it comes to buying cars and make lots of mistakes. It certainly helps if you can be indifferent and prepared to walk away from a bad deal/negotiation. A cheap buy can end up being more expensive in the long term with ongoing repairs. I think that used car warranties are not worth anything so more likely to buy from a private seller than a dealer. I am more concerned about a clear title and accident claims so will pay for a Car History Report and do a REVS check.
  16. MAF sensor wires certainly need to be cleaned. Suggest that you look at cleaning the throttle body, checking the air filter and the spark plugs. All help to have the engine idling and running nicely. I learnt the hard way that the condition of the spark plugs impacts the life of the ignition coils. Ended up having to replace one of the ignition coils when it failed then replacing the spark plugs. I reckon that if I had replaced the spark plugs much sooner then the ignition coil may not have failed. When the girlfriend complained recently about the engine not running the best, I repla
  17. The OP's ad says that the car is no longer available. Hmm, I wonder if he did buy it despite the excellent advice put forward here. Not sure why he was hell bent on buying a car with such high kays when he could find something else for similar money with much less kays. There's plenty out there if you have a good dig. I hope he made the right choice.
  18. Glad you like the new look forum chaps....sorry about the errors and we are fixing them as I type. Thanks for the feedback
  19. Thanks very much checking. The airflow out the filler cap sounds very similar to ours so I'm happy the PCV valve is working as it should. I pulled the MAF/intake temp. sensor out this afternoon and noticed that one of the two temp. sensor wires is very black. I'll try cleaning it once I get some MAF cleaner and hopefully this might improve the stalling. The stalling is very dependent on ambient temperature. It seems to need to be above about 35C for stalling to happen. thanks again
  20. Fully agree with what MATT36415 has posted. I also consider a scenario of where if I buy a vehicle today, what can I reasonably expect to sell it for in the next few weeks. If you are not prepared to accept the potential loss then do not buy. I just did a quick search on Gumtree Melbourne Region Toyota Aurion Sportivo. I think that this ad by a willing/emergency negotiable seller might be worth considering. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dandenong/cars-vans-utes/2008-toyota-aurion-sportivo-zr6-6-sp-auto-sequential-4d-sedan/1243774840 Suggest that you also have a lo
  21. Not knowing anything about your particular situation..... I wouldn’t be too confident in used car warranties, you might need a lawyer to make a claim. a 2007 with 260,000km but I know how its been treated for a lot of that. I would suggest that spending money on having a mechanics opinion is a good idea and that buying an unseen - un driven... car with those km is pretty risky. If you are taking a risk, there should be some reward... but the price doesn’t seem good enough to warrant taking such a risk.
  22. Hi all looking for a Club to join in Adelaide for my Sera. As I’d like to get club rego as I rarely drive it.
  23. Just checked the girlfriend's Yaris and there is air blowing out of the oil filler cap. There is not too much airflow unlike my previous Honda Prelude which showered me in oil when I was trying to top it up. Lesson learnt. Now I don't do any oil top up with the engine running.
  24. I thought that I would do a follow up after an experience this afternoon. I got a bit impatient waiting for a break in traffic while stopped at a T intersection. I had previously let an opportunity pass thinking that I would get a better opportunity soon. When an opportunity did finally come, I accelerated a bit harder than usual. Accelerator was probably at mid point and most certainly not to the floor. Anyway I got a bit of axle tramp. Last time that happened was well before this upgrade and I did have the accelerator flat to the floor and had to back off to get traction. Certainl
  25. I just knew from my experience 5 years ago that a 10mm socket with a uni-joint adapter would not have worked because not enough clearance. Anyway, I have just tested it [very quickly] with the car up on ramps and no go. However a shallow 10mm socket with a 1/4" drive wobble extension bar does work to loosen that pesky bolt. I was going to replace it with a M6 hex head bolt but decided to leave it as is.
  26. The software has changed quite a bit since the old days so this may of changed. I can tweak things. The only restriction we would need is video as these can gobble up a server in no time.
  27. Yes Tony that magic voice of Mike raymond..wow memories are flooding back just writing this..the misty Mountain top as that race started some years just added to the magic..yes slower cars, slow 5 nuts per wheel pit stops..watching cars running on fumes down conrod ..then running out as they entered pit lane..crews rushing to the point they could assist the poor damn driver who was pushing with all his might to get the car over the line so the crew could take over..wonderful memories..enjoyed this years race ..as you never know what is coming up..but to sit after a show one year and just hear
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