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  5. The All-New Corolla Hatch features a suite of Toyota Safety Sense such as Road Sign Assist. Road Sign Assist was developed to help recognise road speed ...
  6. The All-New Corolla Hatch features a suite of Toyota Safety Sense such as Active Cruise Control. Active Cruise Control is designed to help keep a constant ...
  7. The All-New Corolla Hatch features a suite of Toyota Safety Sense such as Automatic High Beam. Using a camera to sense either approaching headlights or the ...
  8. The All-New Corolla Hatch features a suite of Toyota Safety Sense such as Pre-Collision Safety System. Pre-Collision Safety (PCS) System with pedestrian and ...
  9. The All-New Corolla Hatch features a suite of Toyota Safety Sense such as Lane Departure Alert. Lane Departure Alert with steering assist is designed to help ...
  10. The All-New Corolla Hatch features a suite of Toyota Safety Sense such as Lane Trace Assist. When driving on highways and freeways, Lane Trace Assist uses ...
  11. Yeah got it mate, and thanks for that. There was times years ago when I thought 19 was cool, but not anymore these days. I do want to go back to as much stock as I can, and those I mentioned are some of the choices I managed to find for sale. Those are stock wheels that are pretty new at quite okay price and around the area that I can go pick up as well. That’s what lead me to start this threat.
  12. My 83 supra

    2jz too expensive
  13. My 83 supra

    2JZ not fit ?
  14. @nickio hey just trying to help bud, but at end of the day you can put on the car whatever wheel & tyre combination you like. Heck some guys in the 86 community go nuts & put a 215 tyre on a 9.5" rim, it's just madness until they get pinged by the popo or it pops off altogether. Personally I see the Camry/Aurion as a comfort/cruiser & would keep the setup close to stock, as DJ has mentioned can work out to be cheaper also.
  15. It's lowered.

    looks good, how much did you lower it by ?
  16. How long will my Aurion last?

    I think it was piston rings.
  17. @nickio Just look on Facebook marketplace or gumtree for second hand ones. I'm sure you can find a set cheap that are in good nick.
  18. How long will my Aurion last?

    What has most likely happened is lots of oil sludge which has ultimately caused the blue smoke. When it starts to block oil circulation, Oil sludge is an engine killer. Best preventative measure is regular oil and filter changes.
  19. Yeah, looks like 215/55/17 is a much better option. It's time to look for some wheels now. I can get some 17x7 for about $600 and 17x6.5 for about $400. I really don't want to spend too much on an almost 10 years old car. As the 18s that suit Aurion is not a common size and is quite expensive.
  20. How long will my Aurion last?

    A friend's mum just got rid of hers which had around 350,000km on it. The reason is because it started burning oil (blue smoke). I was also told that she very rarely serviced it which was ultimately it's demise. I would say the engine, if properly serviced, could make around half a mill, easy.
  21. Have a look at what are the most common wheel sizes for the available Toyota rims you're looking to get. 215s already have heaps of grip, ever 205s are plenty. Larger side wall will give you a smoother ride, smaller side wall will feel slightly more rigid but more responsive. I'd chose the most common size as it would be cheaper and less hassle to find good rubber for them.
  22. It might be worth checking you mudflaps and mud guards on the passenger side front wheel. What's probably happening is water is being pushed past the mud guard and spraying the floor pan and fire wall. Which would eventually find it's way into the driver's compartment and ultimate wet the carpet which will start to rot. I'd start there.
  23. GSV40 Factory Reset Head Unit

    I've looks for firmware updates, but there doesn't seem to be any publicly available. Mine works without any issues so I don't believe it needs one. For the reverse camera, I'm not 100% on this, but I think the camera is just an RCA input. Even if it isn't, it would be very easy to just splice in the correct plug as the video feed will just be analogue. I'd suggest to get a proper camera with infrared capability so you get better night legibility.
  24. GSV40 Factory Reset Head Unit

    Nice one. I upgraded my 08 Touring to this head unit about 18 months ago. Got it from a wrecked 2010 Camry Hybrid for a good price. Plugs straight in for anyone wanting to do the upgrade. Just make sure you get the surrounding shroud as well. Mine did develop a small 'line' in the screen though, which doesn't effect operation and it's mainly me that notices it. Perhaps a reset will clear that? Is there firmware upgrade available? Does anyone know if there is an after-market reversing camera that plugs into these units? Cheers
  25. Hi, My Aurion 08 has developed a leak on the passenger side. It may have been going for a while as I did notice some mouldy smell a few months ago, but perhaps it's worse with of all the rain NSW sent over to WA recently. Anyway, I have tested with a squirt water bottle many times and it's definitely NOT the windscreen, but it leaks when I get the water squirted just below the bottom left of the windscreen. It's hard to see where it's coming in from the inside as I can only get so far up the left hand side of the firewall under the glove box. Anyone else? Any ideas? Any help appreciated.
  26. Yes, you are correct. 225/45 and 235/45 both are very close to stock. Thanks for the feedback jtfoto. I think 3km/h is quite normal on most car’s speedo.
  27. Sorry, my bad. I am using 235/45-18's. Speedo is only out by 3km/h compared to GPS.
  28. ZRE172R Corolla Sedan

    Corolla sedans sold here changed to 5x100 for the ZRE172 when they shifted production to Thailand - the Auris-based hatch built in Japan stayed at 5x114.3. The Prius also had 5x100 wheels and it was on the same chassis platform as the ZRE172.
  29. My 83 supra

    The dash is out at the moment. I'm only using the front seats roof lining & dash with factory instrument cluster. The will be no carpet or rear seats & after it's been to the track the fan & heater will come out as well. The supra is still got the auto box in it & as I can't find a M series bell housing I won't be using this running gear. Not sure what I'm going to use right now but I'm always thinking about it.
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