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  3. ZZT86


    @awatea It should run as good if not better than standard ULP although you might not get the same economy.
  4. Last week


    I would not be expecting any problems with E10. But experience shows you achieve less kilometres per litre (higher fuel use) and slight less response (power) from the engine.
  6. Zr6boi

    Any perth aurion drivers

    Hey mate add the Facebook group perth aurions
  7. OleGunnerTRD

    Any perth aurion drivers

    U guys got any cruises coming up? 😃
  8. awatea


    What's everyone's feeling on e10 fuel. i just happened to half fill the tank with it this morning. i was half expecting some sort of problem, but actually i think the car is running a lot smoother. Anyone else found this ?
  9. xr600r

    Aircon doesn't work on low setting

    Cheers jeffy, No air, no refrigerant, nothing, rest of the system on other settings is super cold
  10. jeffy

    Aircon doesn't work on low setting

    does the fan still blow on lowest setting ? and do you mean not blowing cold air ? -check if a/c needs to be regassed
  11. Hi Gary, Thanks for the quick response. I agree with the hose facing away from the belts. I will fit it the other way around, thank you
  12. GC_AUS

    Lift Kit for a 2011 SR dual cab.

    Sounds good - the other Lux guys will probably tell you this too but make sure you drop tyres pressures a bit to have a bit of give like this = different brand / ply tyres behave differently so a bit of experimentation might be in order for your specific set up. Patience & no rain - i expect you should have a great trip
  13. Welcome Steve- Hmmm…. Sorry no specific experience on that unit but looks to me like you want to flip that fitting 180° as you say - so the hose is heading away from the belts - that way the welded plate there is acting as a protector from the belts / pulley. Otherwise what is the little plate for…? - locator? Not sure if this thread can help at all? - & this one is probably no use but you might get something out of it =
  14. Hi Everyone, I working on a 98 3.0 Ltr Hilux thats had the Vacuum hose missing for quite a while. Decided to replace but not sure of the orientation of the hose on the bottom of the vacuum pump. There is a lug and only one flat spot on the bottom of the pump but the orientation of the hose does not look correct (see picture). But when looking at the attached exploded diagram it looks as though the locating lug goes on the rounded part of the pump and the hose should be turned around 180. Has anyone got a pic or can help regarding the correct fitting to the vacuum pump? Looks to me like the exploded diagram is the correct way to fit the hose. Thank You
  15. Drums72

    2013 RAV4 GLX - Alarm help

    Hi All, As the title says the wife RAV4 has started having the factory alarm going off at all times of the night, right pain in the proverbial. I've had a look around and all doors including rear are closed. Just so we can get some sleep tonight (its happened again about 1030pm) I've disconnected the battery (its now 2315pm). Any way this problem can be remedied Im all ears (and eyes lol).... thanks in advance.
  16. Thanks Warren. After giving it some consideration I will likely finish the installation and then have an auto elec connect the led to the existing high level brake light (noting that the original light needs to be disconnected). For info, the wire to the original high level brake light can be seen from inside the boot - under the rear parcel shelf. It is immediately under the brake light, but appears to terminate at a metal finger-like connector that doesn't seem to go anywhere else. The loom wiring also looks to contain more than two wires as it is relatively bulky. It has me stumped at the moment.
  17. Hi guys, just purchased 2003 toyota camry altise, great car, only thing is aircon doesn't work on lowest setting? Any help greatly appreciated
  18. OleGunnerTRD

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Just bought this: Thanks Zr6 supercharged 😀 Hopefully I'm able to chuck it on my 2013 Aurion without too much trouble. I wonder if the ECU will just be a straight swap too?! Has anyone else seen or upgraded a newer GSV50R Aurion with the Supercharger? Cheers 😎

    GSV50 Aurion rear spoiler brake light

    LED lighting uses very, very little energy (voltage) you will see the brake light in the spoiler has very thin wires. My aftermarket rear spoiler was wired in by my local Toyota dealer. Here in Victoria it is illegal to have both the rear window stop light and the rear spoiler operational at the same time. From the rear back shelf stop lights, the cable was detached and then the spoiler wiring was connected to that. So in fact the LED applies less drain to the brake light circuit than original set up. From which exact area they performed the disconnect and re routing from I am not sure, possibly passenger side above wheel well near seat back.
  20. Toyota Owners Club

    Video: Toyota | C-HR: Leap. Live

    Don't miss a thrill. Open your eyes to the Toyota C-HR.
  21. Yes - thanks. I assumed that a forum member would already have "been there done that" and save me a pocket full of dollars by giving me a heads up on the fix. But that doesn't appear to be the case.
  22. Hiro

    Engine Power Ratings

    Which Hiace? All the 1KD Hiaces I can find are 100kw, and they have a lower compression ratio than the 126kw Hilux (15:1 vs 17.9:1) There is an 80kW Hiace but it has the 2.5L 2KD rather than the 3.0L 1KD.
  23. Big Pete

    Howdy All

    I am a newbie, we have a 1990 80 series and a 2005 4wd extra cab Hilux in the family. Along with a 1954 Morris. I am an older fella thats been playing with cars since 1978. still having fun. cheers
  24. Big Pete

    Engine Power Ratings

    Wondering what parts are different on a 1kd-ftv that result in a different power output. The Hilux puts out 126 kw and the Hiace 80 kw. Has anyone got any ideas. Thanks
  25. Hi i have a trd aurion supercharger complete kit for sale. Item: trd supercharger kit Location:sydney (nsw) Website: Item Condition: used Reason for Selling:had it for a project but no longer going ahead Price and Payment conditions: $3500 paypal Any additional information: perfect running order with ecu pulley assembly transmission cooler drive belt blower and intake manifold with injectors and ruel rail. Everything needed to supercharge your N/A AURION or other 2grfe motor. Shipping: can ship at buyers expense Pictures: Contact Details: Contact adam 0414186627. Prefer text please.
  26. Honestly I would just take it to an auto sparky
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