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  2. I started reading the manual for the maps, but it would be so much easier if I could see a video (maybe on YouTube) that explains how to use it properly. Thanks
  3. Toyota getting ready for 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours

    Following their success at the WEC Spa 6 Hours race earlier this month, Toyota Gazoo Racing is getting ready for the 'big one', the WEC Le Mans 24 Hours which is taking place in three weeks time With their ace card driver Fernando Alonso taking a seat in the #8 Toyota TS050 and the #7 car being piloted by previous Le Mans winning drivers...what could possibly stop them from winning this year's race? Well, there is the problem of excessively high ambient and track temperatures as seen in last years race when Porsche and Toyota LMP1 cars retired early due to Hybrid drive failures. Or it could be like the race a few years ago when the weather changed from sun to rain to sun and back to rain at the same time around the circuit so deciding on the most suitable tyres to use was virtually impossible. So as they say 'it is anyone's race'. Also, there is the problem of new and existing rules and regulations such as the unauthorised fuel pump issue that held back the #7 Toyota for a pitlane start penalty. Modified bodywork and mods made to the car after scrutineering was also an issue last year which led to a podium placed car being disqualified. We hope Toyota do well and even better, they come in 1st and 2nd in this years 24 Hours of Le Mans. More information about the Toyota TS050 More information about the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours race Toyota Owners Club will be reporting LIVE from the 2018 WEC Le Mans 24 Hours so pop back here to read the latest news and race reviews
  4. Stud pattern is 5/114.3mm. If you are concerned about fuel economy, far better to check your tyre pressures and make certain that your vehicle is well serviced. I have increased my tyre pressure from 36psi to 38psi on my Aurion which would be similar weight configuration to your Avalon.
  5. The boomerang steering arm (example pic below) on our 1992 Hilux snapped into two pieces while making a tight turn. Upon inspection it appears to have been cracked for some time as there was rust present half way through the break line. No other evidence of a collision or impact. Anyone know what could have caused this to happen? Is it common? Thanks mates.
  6. Dashboard decals on switches etc

    Hi. Im trying to find out the best way (if at all possible) to 'restore' worn and faded icons/wording on the dash and door switches and buttons. Cheers
  7. Just read this article about electronic adaptive shocks coming in 2019.
  8. I can foresee the possibility when only self-drive autonomous vehicles will be able to travel on certain prescribed roads or highways. Remaining drivers/chauffeurs will then be highly skilled or professionally qualified similar to aircraft pilots subject to regular health checks etc. Then, when we are in our rocking chairs waiting for the grim reaper [or angels] we will be moaning into our herbal teas about the good old days of when cars had steering wheels.
  9. Noise when starting ignition

    Will do thanks for all you help
  10. I agree ZZT86..Tech is wonderful if it enhances the drive..The future is exciting if we are in control, to feel the road, feel the power, hear the roar and arrive enjoying the experience. Lets hope that the day doesn't come for a while when we MUST not take the wheel KAA
  11. Noise when starting ignition

    Hope this time it is sorted for you Sarah, Keep us updated KAA
  12. G'Day new ZZE122 Owner

    Welcome to the forum Roger KAA
  13. 2005 Remote Locking

    yeah, the current key is exactly that key. The workshop manual shows the receiver in the rear pillar behind the rear passenger pillar on the driver's side. Looking in there, there is no receiver, and no wiring harness for it. See Item D4 in the attachment. Is it possible it could be located elsewhere? It's not necessary to install an alarm on this car. I don't want to go to that expense. I want my missus to be able to walk up and unlock the car so she doesn't have to fiddle with a key on a busy street for example.
  14. 2005 Remote Locking

    Most ZZE model Corolla's came with remote locking keys. What trim level is your car? Also, does your current key look similar to this key? The best possible way to add the remote locking function would definitely be to invest in an alarm system with locking. It would be better than most factory locking systems. Price would be depending on what model and brand you choose.
  15. 2005 Remote Locking

    Hey Topdog, thanks for your reply... as it turns out, it looks like the remote key receiver unit is not under the rear driver's side lining. I also can't see a wiring plug or loom there for the unit. Perhaps my model did not come with a remote locking :( I find it hard to believe that the wiring at least would not be there, but maybe someone could shed some light on that.
  16. Which Oil for Toyota Kluger 2017 - 0W20 any good

    Just came across an article about motor oils, myths and a good explanation of viscosity.
  17. Excessive Fuel Consumption..2000 Camry Touring..Auto

    100/13=7.7 l/100 km
  18. Hi fellas, had a set of scales in the garage and was rotating tyres. Thought i'd pop the full size spare onto them. It came in at 40kg! Thats a substantial bit of weight to be lugging around considering fuel prices are 3 year high and climbing. Has anyone swapped their spare for a space saver? I was thinking of swapping them over but not sure if thats possible, the Avalon is a heavy car. Do i just need to match 5 stud bolt patterns with 110mm spacing? Anything to look out for?
  19. '95 Camry external mirrors vibrating

    Thanks for the info Ashley. I'm away at present in our other vehicle, but will try that when we get back home.
  20. 2005 Remote Locking

    Yes they do have a remote. I have the same model as yours and I thought I had lost mine. Got a replacement at one of those stalls found in shopping malls. Cost about $40 and comes with a set of instructions on how to program it for your car...After I did all that I found my "lost" remote. Left it on the counter in the Pro Shop :) So I now have an additional spare set. While I was at it I repeated the process for my 2001 Camry.. Hope this helps you...
  21. Noise when starting ignition

    Ok I will give that a try thanks for the help sending it back to the mechanic this afternoon so will see how we go, hopefully they can diagnose it this time!
  22. ^^ that looks sensational provided it's reliable. I'm all for any tech that increases driver enjoyment & safety, not ruin it.
  23. Noise when starting ignition

    If you're really keen you can buy a stethoscope from supercheap, otherwise with the screwdriver you pretty much have your ear against the end of it which helps you to hear if the sound is coming from the thing it's touching.
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  25. State Schools' Relief (SSR) is a Victorian non-profit organisation that exists to ensure that every student, regardless of their circumstances, can fully participate in ...
  26. I recently bought a 2005 Corolla hatch ZZE112R, and I was only given a single key, no remote. The questions are: 1) Did all these models have remote locking capability? Or was it in some cases an optional extra? 2) How can I tell if my model had it, and a previous owner had lost the remote fob? 3) If it didn't come with remote, how can I retrofit a remote module? Is it difficult/expensive? Thanks guys... RK
  27. Hi everyone... Just bought a 2005 Corolla Hatch for the missus second hand, and I got to say I want to keep it for myself! Looking forward to learning a lot about it discussing with you guys... All the best, Roger
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