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  2. I recently bought a 2005 Corolla hatch ZZE112R, and I was only given a single key, no remote. The questions are: 1) Did all these models have remote locking capability? Or was it in some cases an optional extra? 2) How can I tell if my model had it, and a previous owner had lost the remote fob? 3) If it didn't come with remote, how can I retrofit a remote module? Is it difficult/expensive? Thanks guys... RK
  3. Hi everyone... Just bought a 2005 Corolla Hatch for the missus second hand, and I got to say I want to keep it for myself! Looking forward to learning a lot about it discussing with you guys... All the best, Roger
  4. Active Suspension System developed by Bose and recently sold to ClearMotion now headed for production.
  5. Noise when starting ignition

    Its done 140000
  6. Noise when starting ignition

    And it doesn't do it on first start in the morning when at its coldest so not sure 🤔 so hard to pin point this one!
  7. Noise when starting ignition

    Sorry what should I do with the screwdriver? We just replaced the battery yesterday as when they tested it it failed came up as 400 so we replaced it as they said the battery could be causing the starter not to work properly which could cause a noise, but it didn't help but atleast that's one suspect out if the way lol
  8. Front End Suspension rattle

    Try one thing at a time, go for decent test drive & see if it worked so you can pinpoint exactly what caused the noise. I wonder if it could also be the strut top mount/bearing isn't properly torqued/seated ?
  9. Noise when starting ignition

    So perhaps only when engine cold ? If you can get someone else to start it whilst you listen to the suspect area using a long sturdy screwdriver touching part in question like a starter motor. It's going to be difficult to pinpoint without a helping hand. I hope you have a CTEK charger or similar as you will kill your battery after many repeated starts & little to no drive - leave it overnight to charge if you can. How many kms has it done ?
  10. Noise when starting ignition

    Just realised cvj means cv joints it isn't making a noise when turning or any other time only straight after pushing keyless push button could it still be the cv joints?
  11. Noise when starting ignition

    Nope no noise at any other time only on start up and only randomly🤔 like I have started it a few times today as been on school run and shops etc and it only done it once after sitting for 2 hours then not again today, everyone I have spoken to mechanic,toyota etc are saying starter motor but when I tell them it's only happening very random they are unsure , when I listened it sort of sounded further back not to the front of the car where the starter is located, is the cvj u mentioned in that area? Sorry I have no idea lol
  12. Front End Suspension rattle

    I have had a couple of other mechanics have a look and they are adamant it is the shocks and that there is no play in the cv's. So i have used a brand called ultima (which i have used before with no issues) but I have decided to trust my initial instinct and have ordered a set of KYB for the front only since the rears are all good (at the mo). So they should turn up tomorrow .All going to plan round eight coming up yay NOT. I will also try the wd40 on the sway bar links. Will just have to see what happens fingers crossed.
  13. Dash wiring loom

    Hi all. After some info for a 2013 SR Hilux.. Is there a plug for the 12v power out socket in the dash wiring loom.. so i can just plug in to it... Or doing I need to run new wiring Thanks
  14. Noise when starting ignition

    Mechanical rattle like a CVJ, not sure it could make such a racket at startup though . . . something loose, does it make the racket when you rev it from idle, try revving slowly.
  15. 2016 Camry Fuel Tank Capacity

    You'll never fully empty a tank in real-world driving, the pump will starve and cut the engine out whilst there is still a few litres sloshing around in the bottom of the tank. When you fill up at a servo, the bowser pump cuts out when it senses pressure returning up the vent line, which is caused by the tank reaching it's presribed fill volume and compressing the air left in the top of the tank. There should always be a small volume of air left in the top of the tank (this is called ullage). If you try and top-off the tank at the bowser by continually pulling the handle after the first few clicks (depending on how fast you are filling the sloshing fuel can sometimes cut-off the bowser too soon), or in your case going home and gravity-filling with a jerry can, you are forcing extra fluid in to this ullage space which can then cause dramas such as liquid petrol being forced up the vapour recovery system and saturating the charcoal canister (bad)
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  17. Hi everyone, I've been given a towbar for a 2004 corolla wagon, and need the bolts & mounting plates etc. I've tried to purchase these from one of their stockists, but was told that Hayman Reece will not sell replacement parts. :o| Does anyone have any ideas or advice please, e.g. alternative parts, contacts, or should i take the bar to an installer and see if they have parts to fit it? Advice and suggestions are appreciated, thank you!
  18. Hey all, My 2016 camry takes 5 litres of fuel less when full tank is filled. How do I know? I can fill another 5 litres of fuel when I drive back home from the server which is 2km away. This has been the case from day 1 of purchasing the brand new car. The fuel consumption is 7.3l/100km.
  19. Hi, I have just joined and would like to ask a question to anyone that may be able to help me. My car has started making a clunky grinding sort of noise when pushing the push start ignition, the noise only happens for a few seconds and then it's fine no other issued just an intermittent noise at start up. Have taken it to the mechanic who said he cant really tell me much as it didn't make the noise for them however had the battery tested and that failed so replaced that yesterday and when first starting it after new battery it started but turned off after about 20 secs but restarted again straight away but its still making the noise. If I can give u any more information please let me know I just have no idea what it could be and its driving me crazy ad I don't want to break down somewhere with my kids in the car! Thanks in advance for any replies really appreciate, I have a video of the noise and will try and attach it. TRIM_20180523_171753.mp4
  20. 2014 7th Gen daytime running lights

    Check out what TJM, ARB, IRONMAN has on offer when it comes to after market DRL,s
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  24. Going from a 2005 Corolla Sportivo to what ever comes next, AEB has definitely saved the car plenty of times with some emergency stops. Traction control would be a bonus, although the European ZZE123 models came with traction control. I have driven various newer model cars recently, one thing I do find quite annoying is the lane departure assist. At times I find even when travelling in a straight line in the middle of a lane, it will want to correct the steering.
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