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  2. My vehicle is Toyota Hilux Model: RZN149R-PRMDKQ, Engine: 3RZ - FE  2694 CC, 1997 - 2005. Petrol Engine, Dual Cab. My question is Does my vehicle have a ECU installed? Yesterday I installed 2x new Ignition Coil which I purchase from EBAY Australia and NO spark coming out from the coil through the spark plug  
  3. Hi All Newbie to this forum looking to buy a new 70 series Troopy in the next few weeks for a gradual build for an oz lapper. I loved my old BJ40 which I wish I still had. Flirted with a Maveric for a few years which was fun. Drove a few field vehicles in the cooper basin - always stock cruisers if you don't count the flag and IVMS. Looking at no crap enhancements for the stock 70
  4. Hi, Can I pair Yaris 2010 model with iPhone 11 via Bluetooth?
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  6. Mine has 251 000km. At 193 000km when I got it there was rattle on start. I use 0-30 or 0-40 oil and replace every 5 to 8000km. The rattle has pretty much gone, it happens less than once a month. I have no idea if it is the frequent oil changes but I cant think of any other reason for it going away
  7. If you have an owners manual look at Fuse Locations in the Index. It should be behind the glove box [on the passenger side] behind a flat unmarked plastic cover. Most likely you will have to remove the glovebox lid for easier access. Attached video is for a USA Camry just to give you an idea of the location area. Expect the cover to be just a flat plastic rectangle clip on.
  8. Hi everyone. Does any one has a pdf of 2002 camry csi (SXV20R) repair manual? I need to replace my side view mirror glass. I am not sure how to open the mirror housing. I would be glad if anyone could help me.
  9. Hello! I recently bought a 74 corona as a project car but don't have much experience with this particular make and model. Im intending to eventually swap the current 4 speed 18r gearbox and engine for something bigger with a bit more go and was wondering if anyone knew much about what options there are for a clean swap? Thankyou!
  10. Has anyone had any issues with their 2018 prado GXL losing oil?
  11. If anyone is interested I ended up getting the Tora pump and for the price was happy with the product. The cast was good quality and it came with the gasket.
  12. Hello, I used Tora calipers on my Pajero and have had no issues with them at all. I advise doing your rotors and pads at the same time so you don't have to go back in and do it all again. Looks like they have the matching set here
  13. Doesn't sound like rod knock to me, more sounds like something is loose in the bay or a off tension. Sometimes the idler tensioner can rattle if they are getting tired. (Which btw looks a bit oily... you might need a new cam cover gasket?)
  14. Hey Steven, Chipping i don't believe is a thing for ZZE Corolla, at least not as straight forward as some of the later Toyota models. There might be shops that might be able to "JTAG" it for you, but at the end of the day, for the costs you might be better off getting a replacement aftermarket ECU like a LINK or ViPEC.
  15. Brains trust. Anyone know where I can get my ECU rechipped. Japanese 2005 toyota corolla ascent sport. ZZE122R
  16. CHR2017

    Digital speedo

    CHR Digital Speedo not returning after restart. The display always stayed on digital speedo on restart but has all of sudden starting going to a different screen on restart, even if it was on the digital speedo when the car was turned off. Its pretty annoying to have to scroll through the options every time I restart the car. Any ideas on how to select it so it stays at that screen? Strange it has just decided to start changing screens??
  17. Might go to Toyota or a good parts store see if they find your parts online
  18. Does the noise come from the top or the bottom part of the engine? Where does it sound louder? under the bonnet or under the car? Have you used different fuel recently?
  19. Hi Guys, Does any know or have the steps on how to remove the front dis (Rotor) for a 2009 hiace? it easy removing the brake caliper but don't know what to remove next? Thanks
  20. Hi, I think you will find your car is ok. If you go down a long steep hill, and use the brakes to keep the ECO needle within the charging range on the dial. And start off at the top of the hill at low speed. You may find that it will go up to being near full.
  21. The park brake, abs , vsc trc ,vsc off all have come on and won't go away last few weeks the abs and parklight have been coming on and off but now have the 4 lights staying on any help would be appreciated
  22. According to the manual it requires the dealer to customise this. Then after locking, all windows can be raised by a long push on the key fob lock button.
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  24. Hi, If you go down a very long steep hill, And use the brakes to keep the needle on the ECO gage within the charging range. You will then be able to see the HV battery get fully charged.
  25. Hi all, The following links are to the Silicon Chip magazine article on how the Toyota Camry Hybrid Synergy Drive works.’s+Hybrid+Synergy+Drive%3A+it’s+brilliant!?res=nonflash
  26. How can I customise this? Thanks
  27. Can anybody please tell me where my fuse box is on a atx 2012 aurion. Looking for inside one to locate 12v fuse. Thanks.
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