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  2. What made you buy a Camry?

    Love Toyota sedans. But couldn't afford a lexus IS at the time. But also did not want too much power through the front wheels...and the Aurion sportivo at the time was also in my opinion, pretty ugly compared to the 2012 camry atara sx. So I went for that. Next car will, hopefully, be the IS 300 f sport though...
  3. 97-05 hilux clock in dash

    cheers mate i will look for the plug again next week when i'm home from work. last week the mrs was badgering me when i would be finished. i got one off ebay out of the states for $75aud i searched 97 05 clock hilux and a few came up, but look on the ebay dot com site without the au
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  5. After an error is detected, the system does a number of "detection/checking" cycles which varies for each error type. The system is able to reset if the error is no longer detected.
  6. Help with Drivers Door Lock

    The key should turn to the left to unlock the doors. It was a little bit stiff on my Aurion. Just had to turn the key with a bit more force to the left compared to the right. Something I do occasionally is to spray the key with WD40 to help lubricate the lock barrel.
  7. Best battery ?????

    SuperCheap Auto has 20% off all Century deep cycle batteries in their latest sale
  8. Need help

    Or.... (dodgy suggestion coming) you could do what I did. Put a screw into that hose to seal it off. The vaccum thing it controls is to open a flap in the intake path before the air gets into the air cleaner box. I just pulled the whole flap out, it made no difference. There are 2 inlet holes into the airbox, the straightish one that is visable and another one that curves down and back up into the base of the airbox. I cannot see how restricting the airflow before the filter would be useful in any way. I also use a scangague and none of the numbers changed after I removed the flap - intake air temp, air fuel ratio, fuel per 100km. I have done over 30,000km with it out.
  9. Best battery ?????

    Think you nailed it pretty well there Trent :) Personally i favour Optima Yellow top which are not cheap but certainly good. Yellow will allow you to deep cycle as well as start on one battery - sounds like thats what you are looking to achieve. Rgds G.
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  11. Anyone interested in knowing how to allow the use of Phone function, sat nav & Divx while the vehicle is moving? Applicable to the units fitted to Altitude model Klugers, 86, Corolla's etc?
  12. Best battery ?????

    A new, charged one. Go to your local auto store, check catalogue, buy battery and fit it.
  13. Best battery ?????

    Hi I am new to the club. My battery just died on me and I was looking for any suggestions on the best one for my lux. I am looking for something with enough to run lights and a fridge. I will eventually get a duel but for now I just need something powerful I have a 140 series 2.7 4x4
  14. How great is the Hilux?

    If you want to know just how reliable, hard-wearing and capable a machine the Toyota Hilux is, you can’t do better than ask the people who drive them day-in, day-out. That’s what makes Hilux’s latest award, Professional Pick-Up and 4×4 magazine’s Working Pick-Up of the Year, announced today, all the more relevant and rewarding. Unlike many other awards, these honours are determined by people who rely on their pick-ups and all-wheel drive machines every day for their business. A more rigorous and practical judging panel would be hard to find, representing a wide range of professions and jobs including farming, fencing, plant hire, builders, road gritters, estate managers, agricultural suppliers and a professional hunter. Hilux had to prove its mettle in a series of driving scenarios, including driving off-road and towing, in a test programme at the Carlton Towers Estate in Yorkshire. Speaking for the team of 12 judges, Liam Campbell, Professional Pick-Up and 4×4 founder and editor, said: “The Hilux has long been regarded as the no-nonsense workhorse, and this continues into the latest generation with its fantastic residual values, a 3.5-tonne towing capacity and its highly regarded build quality and durability. However, it didn’t just impress in terms of productivity and capabilities; the jury also made a note of its comfortable ride and handling on the road.” James Clark, Toyota Press Relations Manager, said: “Hilux couldn’t hope for a better commendation than to be named the best in its class from the people whose livelihoods depend on a vehicle they can rely on to do the job, every time. With each new generation of Hilux we have made advances in performance, comfort and safety, but never at the cost of its fundamental abilities as a tough, robust machine that can tackle the toughest working conditions.”
  15. I recently purchased an 08 Aurion ATX as a second car. A family member borrowed it and the remote battery died, upon trying to unlock the drivers door it would only let us turn the key right which locks the doors, it wouldn't let us turn it left to unlock the doors. The boot would unlock but obviously didn't help. The keys we have are the black ones not the grey. At the same time we had a 2002 Camry in for panel work and it was the same, could turn it to lock the doors but not back to unlock Can anyone shed light on if theres an issue with the lock or something I am missing?
  16. Service Schedule GGN25R

    Have you looked in the warranty and service manual that came with the vehicle, or does that no longer exist?
  17. Service Schedule GGN25R

    Hi all, been searching the web for a service schedule for my 2005 GGN25R Hilux, but I can’t find anything? Anyone have a link that works? kal
  18. Hilux Un-BRAKE-able

    GO and GET an independent Brake specialist to take it for a drive and if its as bad as you say it is get them to put it in writing, or if they are feeling generous might even contact the service dept on your behalf and explain their finding. ( Doubt it though ) Seems extremely weird that Toyota don't want anything to do with it , especially if its the selling dealer, Brand New $50,000 plus vehicle, Is there anything else you need to disclose as to the use of the vehicle, before, during, and after the lead up to the brake failure
  19. Hilux Un-BRAKE-able

    Take it to another dealer.
  20. Toyota Corolla Zr 2017 Automatic. 46km on clock! Had an additional parking sensors installed on car-optional extra-after i went through with deposit. Tested fine-demo drove twice-no issue. My stepdad drove it back home, fine, my stepdad drove it to the pedal extension fitters-again no issue. i drove it home, worked fine for several months-no problems. Rev's extremely high and speed gets stuck on 40 or 60km at same time Brakes will work no issues. Worse when warm Strangely no fault lights on dashboard to indicate major issue or fault-and yet obvious is! Eventually car does function as normal, only to malfunction several hours later. RACV was called to work? No idea of problem and unable to recreate the issue. I was towed home , and was able to put it in drive way-and was able to reverse out of drive way on Wednesday in preparation for tow number 2. Have since had it towed to where i purchased. What are my rights? I since had dash cam fitted before problems occured. If the worse factor does mean car has to be replaced with another. Legally i have to drive with extension pedals-its in my licence now-which means i can't even test drive a car anymore! its also not toyota related-so that going to be refitted out of my own pocket. So working out how to get it down is going to be another issue! my stepdad did it last time, but he had hip replacement so can;t drive now! mum has 3 children with disabilities including myself-so abit hard for her to help me out! Dash cam will have to be reinstalled at cost from my own pocket-as that is also non toyota related. It is being paid off with loan through RACV but i am ahead of repayments so far. its still under NEW car warranty thankfully!
  21. Hilux Un-BRAKE-able

    Yes...i think they just don't want to deal with it. They even replicated the noise but it was nothing compared to the noise it made when i was driving. Seems no one wants to do anything about the fact that the brakes intermittently do not work so not sure who will be responsible if I have another accident.
  22. Daphne the ZRE182

    It was one of the main things stopping us looking at the SX, which sucks because up until last year or so you could still get the SX in manual
  23. Daphne the ZRE182

    Looks good. Glad you bought a manual.
  24. 2003 RAV4 Advice

    Has the fuel filter been changed? I would also look at having the transmission serviced to help rule out any possibility of low/burnt fluid.
  25. Daphne the ZRE182

    So whilst technically this is the wife's car, I'm the one burdened with modifications, taking photos, and posting of pictures/stories in the appropriate forums. Introducing Daphne. Yes, we like to name all our cars. However, the first name my wife chose (Artoo, since she loves R2D2 and the blue is perfect) didn't quite gel when we decided after the first few days of ownership that HE was actually a SHE. So far, Daphne has come out as the likeliest alternative, but we're still not 100% sold on the name so it may change again the future. Anyhoo, Daffers is a 2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport in Blue Gem metallic. She is kitted out as standard with 16" alloy wheels, fog lights, 7" full touchscreen infotainment system with 6-speaker audio, Bluetooth and the optional Sat Nav pack. Interestingly, all the petrol models (which all have the exact same 2ZRFE engine) are chassis code ZRE182, which means they have a torsion-bar rear end, whilst the Hybrid is a ZWE186 which gives it the same IRS that the Auris and the US-spec iM have. Sucks to be us sometimes. I'm yet to give her a really good wash (first road-trip to Sydney last weekend and a week's worth of daily commute for my wife has left her a little dusty), but figured I should at least get some nice photos to kick off the memories before we start doing anything serious to her. These were taken at the Walka Water Works, which is an old 19th-century Victorian/Italianate pumping station that used to supply water to the Maitland and Newcastle regions, but is now part of a public recreation reserve. Great spot for photos, although I wasn't taking too much effort and probably should have waited another hour or so for the golden hour light. by Ian Rigby, on Flickr
  26. 97-05 hilux clock in dash

    Hi mate I too was going down the same path to put one in my 2001 Work Mate. The plug for the clock is in place ready to plug in. Seeing how you already have the clock in place,you will see the plug sitting in a clip in slot directly BELOW where the clock will live, Push the tab down on the plug and it will release then simply pop it into the clock,how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking, I was quoted $150 from the wreckers ( if they had one),so I made do with the original one in the radio,
  27. Hilux Un-BRAKE-able

    Have you demonstrated the shuddering to them? You can always go to another dealer.
  28. Hilux Un-BRAKE-able

    Literally just picked up the car from the dealership again and it still shudders when i apply the brake but they tell me there is nothing wrong and nothing out of the ordinary!!???
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