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  2. This is what the car looked like when I got it
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  4. Not going to disagree but the discolouration is an indicator that the plastic is aging. I checked online and the best information was that the plastic wears from the inside and the life of a radiator is approx. 10 years. After about 15 years, the original radiator on my 1998 Camry started to have a slight leak around the top plastic tank so immediately bought a replacement from eBay. Radiator in my 2006 Aurion is about 12 years old and is only slightly discoloured/faded. Now got a radiator in my eBay watchlist.
  5. hello, just replaced the filter of 2005 corolla same as above and all went well but now smelling fuel outside the car, not inside but outside the car. any idea of the reason behind smell outside?
  6. I have a 2011 gxl prado, while I was driving in country Victoria my Prado charge light came on, Was trying to get back to Melbourne so I put a new battery in it but it ended up going into limp mode, I got it towed to the next town and they said that my alternator and the old battery where no good. I had them replaced and my Prado came out a limp mode, but I have now lost drive from my transmission and 1 power window is not working, I still have reverse but no drive in any other gears including when it's in four-wheel-drive. I had a mechanic look at it, and he said it all tested out fine. With no fault codes, Toyota have also had a look at it and are suggesting the tranny has gone. It sounds like a electrical fault to me but I am asking if anyone else has seen or heard of something similar that I can look into? Thanks Steve.
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  8. HeyMahBah

    Kluger lift kits

    Can I swap my 19 inch rims on my 2012 Toyota Kluger kx-s to 17 inch rims so I can get some off road tyres ?
  9. Rally Argentina opens a South American double-header this week (25 to 28 April), with each of Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team’s three drivers looking to repeat their past wins on the gravel event. It will be followed by the first WRC event to take place in Chile (9 to 12 May) The fifth round of the 2019 WRC, Rally Argentina is one of the calendar’s classic events, taking place on widely different gravel surfaces, from sandy valley roads to rocky mountain tracks. Watersplashes are common at river crossings, while fog can be a hazard on the higher routes. Kris Meeke, the Briton who scored his maiden WRC victory on the event in 2015, said: “I’ll be hoping to try and have a clean rally. Mexico and Corsica could have been a lot better for me, so I’m definitely looking to have a top result. I had three days of testing on gravel in Portugal last week and I think we’re in good shape for Rally Argentina. We’ve got five gravel events in a row coming up and they’re all rallies I go well on, aside from Chile which is new for everyone. As drivers, we won’t know exactly what we’re facing until we get to Chile and do the recce, but events in South America are always really well-supported with a great atmosphere, and I’m sure this one will be no different.” Meeke will be joined by his regular team-mates Jari-Matti Latvala and Ott Tänak. The rally follows its established format, based in the lakeside resort of Villa Carlos Paz, where the action begins on Thursday night with a Super Special stage. Most of Friday’s action is to the south in the Santa Rosa de Calamuchita Valley, while on Saturday the trio of Yaris WRC cars will move north-west to the Punilla Valley. Sunday’s route takes in three stages in the Traslasierra mountains, including two passes of the famous El Cóndor – the final one being the rally-ending Power Stage. Chile’s first WRC round will be based in the port city of Concepción and feature medium-fast stages on smooth and compact gravel roads through forests, together with some more open sections with views of the Pacific Ocean. Crews will have to make a full set of pace notes from scratch during the pre-event recce, and decide on a car setup without testing in Chile, in line with championship regulations. Rally Chile’s opening day will include two loops of three stages south of Concepción and will end with a stage through the city streets. A compact second day features three stages each run twice closer to the city. Sunday’s action comprises four stages, starting and finishing with a stage that begins by the Bio Bio river and ends at the Pacific coast. With a gap of less than two weeks between the two South American events, the team’s preparation is more complex and must take both rallies into account. They are defined as ‘linked rallies’ by the regulations, meaning that for cars classified in the final stage in Argentina, the same chassis, engine and transmissions (including spare transmissions) must also be used in Chile. Tommi Mäkinen, Team Principal, said: “We didn’t get the results that we hoped for in our last rally in Corsica, but confidence in the team is high going into the next two events in South America. Argentina is, of course, a rally that everybody knows well, including our drivers. Ott was very strong there when he won for us last year, and I think he is feeling good about his chances again. I know it’s a rally that both Jari-Matti and Kris enjoy too. Chile is a bit of question mark for all the teams, but we understand that the road conditions should be very smooth, and I believe it should suit our car.”
  10. Doing an engine swap in my celica.... the old 5s in it called it quits... I have swapped an engine in but Its a series one 5s From a 1990 celica and it has a different dizzy and a few different connections... I'll have to change the ecu as the connections are different but i'm assuming my ECT Button and Cruise control will stop working if I do this? I have no idea how to tackle the different connections... I think the connection from the ecu to the chassis won't connect to the older ECU... I had no idea the car had been changed so much in the facelift
  11. Hi, I have a Toyota 700 UP10 that I have owned and stored for many years, it is in original condition. It has very low miles on the speedo and the new car protective plastic on the rear interior trim. This car was owned from new by the Fogarty family who had been involved with the new delivery of these cars into Adelaide. I have many new and used parts including a rolling shell, fully rebuilt engine, genuine workshop and parts manuals. I understand that this car is difficult to value but I wonder if anyone would know what these cars are going for? Cheer Paul Stone.
  12. My radiator top tank on my sx6 had discoloured from black to a yellowish colour and my mechanic recommended I replace it immediately as he said because it's plastic it was about to blow, is this correct? I've searched online and can find no mention of plastic radiator tanks letting go after they become discoloured. I had him replace it as I trust him & it wasn't an expensive exercise for the peace of mind. However, I'm now living overseas for a few years and my camry v6 here has the same issue of the top tank of the radiator turning yellow in colour, and here it's proving very difficult to source a new radiator, so if it's not true I'll stop looking for a new radiator as the car's running fine
  13. Yeah checked the fuse for the radio system. Had a quick look at the manual and couldn't see any other applicable fuses. Had a quick look behind the glovebox too, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Happy for any ideas though.
  14. Hi All, I formatted the SD card, can anyone send me those files please, it is the basic model, no GPS, much appreciated!!!
  15. Hi Can you please me the files, email: thanks.
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  17. Hi all I'm not a toyota owner but I came across this picture of a celica while searching for colour choices for my torana and was wondering if anyone knew if it's an original toyota colour and what the paint code might be. Cheers
  18. CONROD

    2007 v6 4.0

    When was the last time you shouted it a new set of plugs ? NGK Spark Plugs LFR6C-11 Whilst changing them out disconnect the battery, letting the ecu to reset, See if it clears the codes afterwards
  19. Thank Conrod for your reply and enjoy your Easter Break
  20. I have noticed the same improvement but my Aurion does not pull that hard to the left. Attached file is my ready reference notes for the Pull to the Left issue. Something else to consider is to replace the front lower control arms on both sides with polyurethane bushes. Toyota Aurion Pull Left Issue.docx
  21. joshgreen

    2007 v6 4.0

    Ute coming up with 3 and 5 misfire codes have tried changing coil over and injectors but codes still there???
  22. Does anyone know where you can buy a hard copy of this service manual? I have search but to no avail
  23. Don't go near pedders and their pin,you need to do bushes.
  24. Done exactly that recently to my little 2001 workmate, picked up the original Bucket seat setup out of an 04 Hilux, drivers and 3/4 passenger seat, out with the old and in with the new, on mine the holes for the new seats are already there just blanked off with bitumen type tape, just a tip, make sure the inner seat belts buckles come with the seats, I got the Lot for $80 from the wreckers, all in bloody good condition just requiring a good clean, which the wife helped do when we got them home prior to installing, that way you can let them dry out in the sun rather than sweating in the ute and I managed to sell the original reupholstered bench seat for $150 no questions asked The difference is bloody amazing to sit in rather than on, and your back will thank you too, If you only want 2 buckets and a consul you will be looking more to a dual cab for what you require Cheers Conrod
  25. i have a 1994 hilux 3 seater and i would like to replace with bucket seats and centre console - which would be the appropriate bucket seats and console - sorry an i'm an office worker Thank you
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