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  2. Redline MT90 vs Motul Gear 300

    What are the specs of the rpf1s mate? The car looks great!
  3. What made you buy a Camry?

    Following URL demonstrates my thoughts about car design and safety.
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  5. Hi guys chasing info my hilux first of the kun26r series 05. I’ve lost my keyless entry,interior light,dash clock and my trip meter keeps resetting its self every time I start the car. I’ve checked every fuse in the car twice. I’ve replaced the battery in the keyless module. Any info would be greatly appreciated thank you
  6. Fuel prices in Cairns is around the $1.57 & that's just for unleaded. If you fill up at a PUMA you will receive a 4c off if you are a RACQ member. No need for those 4c off shopping dockets, the starting price is $1.55 so you get it for $1.51. But the funny thing was the station down the road was selling for a low $1.49 but you had to line up and the line was down the street. I would highly recommend downloading the app this will help you guys get the best deal. God knows we all need a helping hand. Cheers
  7. Hey guys & Gals I am back :smile: Yep still driving the boxy babe. It's been a long time i know but I would love to catch up with you all. I'm back living in Cairns. Would dearly love to catch up with any Rukus owners in Cairns or beyond. 

    hey check this out, arrived at work early one morning was just about to put the car cover on when i spotted a couple of flies making out on the roof. Try not too laugh :laugh: they christened if before i did. 


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  9. Supra Prototype makes its debut at Goodwood FOS

    Toyota’s hotly anticipated new Toyota Supra sports car to make its public debut in prototype form at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Car will make daily runs on the festival’s hill course (July 12, 13, 14 and 15), driven by Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada and Master Driver Herwig Daenens New Toyota Supra will be faithful to its heritage with an in-line, front-mounted six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept and the Le Mans-winning N°8 TOYOTA TS050 Hybrid also to be present at Goodwood, on static display Toyota Supra expected to reach the market during the first half of 2019 The new Toyota Supra, one of the world’s most keenly anticipated sports cars, will make its international debut in prototype form at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The development model will be seen in action for the first time anywhere in the world on the famous hill course at the Festival, making a fitting contribution to the event’s silver jubilee year. The prototype will be driven up the hill course by two of the people leading its development: Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, who has overall responsibility for the Supra project, and Master Driver Herwig Daenens. Following the announcement of a new Toyota Supra at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Toyota can confirm the model will be faithful to its distinguished heritage as a pure, thoroughbred sports car by using a front-mounted, in-line six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. The Toyota Supra prototype will be camouflaged in the black, red and white colours of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing – the same colours which adorned Toyota’s Le Mans 24 Hour winning TS050 this year, and will be in action on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Festival. Fans will also have the chance to take a close-up look at the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept. Created by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, this concept heralded the return of the Supra name when it was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It explores the potential for a high-performance competition model, featuring dramatic bodywork crafted in advanced, lightweight composite materials, lowered suspension, racing wheels and cockpit equipped to competition standards. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is the organisation which spearheads Toyota’s global sporting programme and the development of exclusive, performance-focused, GR-branded road cars, including the recently introduced Yaris GRMN. In the FIA World Endurance Championship, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing achieved Toyota’s first victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours with a one-two finish in this year’s race and the No8 TOYOTA TS050 Hybrid which claimed the historic victory will be on display in the competition paddock at Goodwood. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing also competes at the highest international level in the FIA World Rally Championship with the Yaris WRC, claiming two victories in its debut season in 2017 and scoring a win on Rally Argentina and a number of podium finishes so far this year. Toyota expects its new Toyota Supra to reach the market during the first half of 2019.
  10. Front End Suspension rattle

    That’s a lot of work.
  11. Hi folks! I have a Toyota Avensis ultima 2004, I need to have my engine mounts changed but I try to google it but I couldn't find, onle to corolla one that looks pretty similar, anyone know if they are the same? Or where can I buy it in Sydney? . Also someone have idea how much cost a new gear box? Or if is indicated to buy a second hand one? Thanks everyone!
  12. 2012 kluger tow bar wiring

    back left of the car under rear floor.
  13. Well said Ash, I too attempt to anticipate the nut bags out there in a high horse-powered lethal weapon, noticed thought they usually have a letter P on them.. our dash cam is always on in case.. KAA
  14. Front End Suspension rattle

    Thanks, always handy to know in case! Fortunately our Presara is ticking along perfectly for now..Good Mechanics & Good servicing KAA
  15. Do you put into practice the following quote from Quora relating to a driving course? " The biggest takeaway was what they called “defensive driving”. This is about rating the driving skill of everyone around you. If someone is not driving well, get away from them. If they are too close behind, pull over. Let them go crash into someone else, or something else, just make sure you are not involved. If you’re on the highway and someone in another lane is weaving, holding inconsistent speed, etc, just floor it and get away from them." A few years ago, I had a semi-trailer tailgating me on the highway leading into Wagga Wagga. I got out of his way by changing into the oncoming lane, braking so he could pass, then changed back. Definitely know that that manouvre puzzled him for a little bit but then I was giving him the opportunity to get what he deserved; a speeding ticket. Frustrated drivers can cause accidents, better to get out of their way.
  16. What sort of tyres (245/55/19) for Kluger these days?

    What I would recommend is to only buy known quality brand tyres. My personal preference is for tyres with characteristics of a shorter braking distance, good/excellent wet weather performance and longevity. I regularly look at tyre reviews on the internet and recently saw a USA video where used tyres [possibly Michelin, maybe Perelli] having a shorter braking distance than a new tyre from a competing brand [e.g. GoodYear]. This URL may be a starting point for your own internet searches.
  17. Hi Rex, I have an 08 Hiace KDH221R, 3L, 1KD engine. As Toyota don't tend to change anything unless they need too I assume your oil filter like mine is behind the exhaust manifold, I find it easiest to locate and change from under the left side of the van, behind the wheel. The filter is angled vertically and horizontally towards the front of the engine. Greg
  18. Don't go wider, I did and it felt like a snail off the lights. Though one of the biggest benefit for me was the wider tyres plants itself very securely when turning corners compared to the stock width. Fuel consumption wise well it's a wider tyre so it naturally goes up further. I've done Toyo Teo Plus, supremely quiet and now ridding on Pirelli Verde All Season who are just as good with the exception of 'less' racing trend pattern compared to the Teo Plus.
  19. Fuel consumption TOO HIGH what do I do?

    Very surprised you can't get 400km out of it. Fuel consumption is about right on the money similar to mine if yours is also the AWD model, thing with this engine bring rev happy but lacks torque on pure highway speed I always get below 10L/100km (based on the onboard readings) but I have good tyres and pumped it to 40 psi. I've also drove my Kluger in various terrain too including bogging it after snow melt!!!
  20. Front End Suspension rattle

    After many headaches and stomping my feet and pocket burning I will preach to only buy Very well known brand shocks and genuine mounts. Turned out to be two issues on the struts. The first was the seat at the bottom of the thread was machined too much (too much of a bezel). The Second was the threaded shaft was too thin as well. And even the warranty replacements we exactly the same but i have since got my money back. All tho i have had issues with the product I will say their customer service is impeccable. There was also a third issue and that was the poorly designed aftermarket mounts the hole was too large. I wanted Genuine mounts but Toyota NZ had changed to a new part number but had not bought any yet and the first guy i spoke to didn't check for obsolete part numbers. Turned out they had 7 in stock under the old part number. So after 12 removal and installs and issues and with other suppliers supplying miss matched parts i am glad to finally have it all sorted. and hope this is of help to anyone else. Knowledge is priceless.
  21. Hi, i currently have a Camry Sportivo 2010, which has been a great and faultless car. I also looked at the Subaru Liberty Premium but I felt the Subaru dealerships were very arrogant in there selling technique. I’m just glad I checked out the new Camry, more so the SX. I have purchased the SX in steel blonde, with tinted windows and Toyota genuine dash cam which should get delivered around the 29th July. Do you own a current model?
  22. Who is waiting on there new Camry SX 2018

    The SX is lovely,I saw a Red one being delivered the other day when I was at the dealership. what car do you currently have ,and what others,if any,did you consider .
  23. 04 Camry 4CYL, high idle on cold start

    High idle on cold start is normal. Older vehicles used to have a manual choke, Modern vehicles have an automatic choke or equivalent functionality. After the vehicle has warmed up, the idle should drop down to normal approx. 750-800 RPM for a 4cylinder. Just started my Aurion [initial start for today], 1500 rpm with outside temperature 18C and after a minute or so dropped down to 1200 rpm. Fully expect after a few minutes of driving idle will be around 700 rpm.
  24. Questions hilux 2017 workmate

    Hi John, I drive one for work 2017 model. I guess it is like having a day time running light. Now all cars by law, you cannot switch it off. Cheers Noel
  25. Hi everyone, just wanted to know whether these cars idle a bit high on cold starts, or is there something wrong with my car. It was around 6 degrees Celsius that morning.
  26. 1995 Rim Colour

    Cheers mate. I build 1/72 model aircraft & airbrush them (a man can't have enough hobbies ), so 1/1 size Hilux wheels are a snap when it comes to painting.....apart from having to lift the buggers on and off the saw benches. Geez I was sore! BTW, this is how to mask off the tyres while spraying the rims.
  27. 1995 Rim Colour

    Love your work mate, looks like they just left the showroom floor
  28. Outer Window Weather Seals

    Went to toyota, overnight $52 each.. Job done. MATT
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